Daddy, I Know You Want To Ch. 02

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Note : All characters are of or above legal age of consent.

Special thanks to Stephen and Charlene.

Chapter Two – There´s another girl in Bills bed.

It was Sunday afternoon. Sara had been gone for three days. Three really hard days for Bill.

He missed his precious daughter. He was really worried that perhaps something bad had happened. In a way he knew he was the reason she had run off. Hopefully she was with Blondie, although he wasn’t sure.

He had tried to call Sara´s cell phone, but it was turned off. Even if he had had Blonde’s number he wouldn’t call her. Blondie hated Bill, and she did nothing to hide it. Every time Bill tried to talk to Blondie in person, she turned her head and walked away.

“Stupid cow!” she would remark.

“Bill, my friend. I can’t see the problem in this.” said John smiling .

Although Bill didn’t like the fact that John was fucking his daughter. Bill had swallowed his pride and chosen to talk to John about his encounter with Sara. After all John was the only one who knew about it. At least that was that Bill thought.

“But, John. This is all wrong. It was stupid .”

“Listen Bill. Sara is a beautiful, sexy girl. You love your daughter and she wants to have sex with you. I don’t see why you’re hesitating. Don’t tell me she doesn’t turn you on.”

“For Gods sake! Its incest to fuck my own daughter.”

“And…,.” John couldn’t see anything wrong with the incest thing. He continued. “If I had a daughter like Sara, I would fuck her every single day.”

Just then Trisha came into the room as the two friends sat and talked. She was as sexy as ever. Bill adored the beauty of Trisha. She wore a long brown leather skirt and a tight fitting top. A top that made Trisha´s tits looks even larger than they were.

“What about Sara?” She asked as she sat down in front of her husband and his friend.

“Bill is having a problem.” John answered.

“You are?” Trisha looked at Bill and reached for her cigarettes on the table. Bill just nodded slowly. If there was one thing that made Trisha look even sexier in Bills eyes, it was when she smoked her long sexy 120 mm cigarettes. It was like she was giving her cigarettes a blow job every time she sucked the smoke into her lungs. Bill just stared at Trisha as she lit up her cigarette taking a deep drag and then exhaling a thick stream of smoke.

John noticed Bills hesitation. “You can tell Trisha all about it. She´s cool with it.”

“Yeah, tell me big boy. Has Sara been bad to you?” Trisha smiled her sexy smile and took another deep drag of her long cigarette.

With his eyes fixed on Trisha and the cigarette in her hand, Bill started to tell her what had happened a week ago. Trisha listened carefully as Bill told about how he’d fucked Sara.

“You really fucked Sara! Damn, you are bad Bill.” Trisha smiled inside, she already knew. But she tried to sound surprised.

“I know.” Bill lowered his head. He felt ashamed. “What should I do?”

“Give her what she wants:”

“Trisha, you know me. I always give Sara whatever she wants. I spend all my money on her.”

Trisha burst into laugh. “I didn’t mean you should buy her another skimpy outfit or some new thigh high boots.”

“You didn’t? So, what should I give her then?”

“That!” Trisha pointed at the bulge in Bills pants. The combination of watching sexy Trisha and talking about Sara had caused Bill to become visibly erect.

Bill looked down between his legs, red faced. “That…?”

“Yes, Billy boy. Isn’t it obvious? Sara wants your daddy cock. Give it to her. Fuck her whenever she wants.” This was not the kind of advice Bill was expecting. He was stunned and speechless.

Before Bill figured out what to say, Trisha continued in her sexiest and naughtiest voice. “Sara is such a lucky girl. I wish I had a great dad like you Bill. The only one in my family I’ve ever fucked is Roger, my brother.”

Bill dropped his jaws. “What?”

Trisha smiled a wicked smile. “You don’t know?”

Bill shook his head. Trisha took another long sensual drag of her cigarette, as smoke drifted from her lips she started to tell her story.

“When I was 19, Roger had a girl friend named Angela. I really liked Angela. she was my age, and we became really good friends. Back then I was bi-curious and after awhile Angela and I become lovers. She was the one who taught me how to pleasure another women. I still think about her lovely tongue between my legs. We often ate each other out and had earthshaking orgasms together. My brother and I were sharing the same girl, although Roger had no idea what we did when he was not around.”

Trisha continued, “Anyway, Angela had a really handsome older brother, named Jack. I knew he had the hots for me. He used to spy on me and Angela when we were tanning in their back yard. Every time, we put on a ‘special’ show for him. We both knew he was jacking off when Angela and I made love.. One afternoon Angela did something that left me speechless bostancı escort but also horny as hell. In the middle of our lovemaking, she called out.”

“Jack, I know what you’re doing. Don’t fucking waste it. Come here and fuck me instead, big bro. Your li’l sister needs a good cock.” What happened next was so unbelievable to me but even more so exciting. Jack came out of his hiding place. His rock hard cock in his right hand. Without even looking at me, he walked up to his sister who had laid down on her back and spread her legs wide.”

“Fuck me Jack. Li’l sister needs your incestuous cock.”

“Watching Jack fuck Angela made me crazy with lust. I just had to finger fuck myself. It was so fucking hot. “

“Angela noticed my excitement and turned to me asking “Wanna try my brother?”

“I moaned a yes. Jack was amazing. For half an hour he fucked both me and his sister. He took turns in our dripping pussies. And he finished off by shooting his load into both our hungry mouths Sharing Angela´s brothers cum. was heavenly.”

“After that, Angela and Jack told me all about their families secret love sessions. The whole family was deep into incest, and everyone was fucking each other.”

Bill was listening with great excitement to Trisha´s story, and she could easily see the bulge in his pants. With a naughty look, Trisha leaned forward and looked Bill deep in his eyes.

“Bill, you can’t believe how much pleasure Angela and her family have brought me.”

“Did you…?” Bills voice was low and filled with excitement.

“Did I join in the fun? Trisha laughed. ” You bet I did, Billy boy.”

Although it was almost 10 years ago, Trisha remembered the day like it was yesterday. The day when Angela´s dad fucked both her and Angela.

It was Saturday evening, four days after the adventure with Jack. Trisha and Angela were in Angela´s room making plans for the evening. They were sharing a bottle of wine and having a great time together. When Angela was trying on her fourth outfit in twenty minutes, Steve, Angela´s dad, opened the door without knocking.

“Hi girls. Do you want to eat before you go out?” Steve asked.

“No thanks. We just ate, daddy.” Angela answered and smiled teasingly at Trisha.

“I see.” Steve smiled. He knew exactly what the girls had been eating. He had clearly heard the moans and screams from his daughters room. It had made him really horny, and he had fought hard to hold back the urge to jack off. He wanted to save his load of cum.

“So do you want something for desert, my beauties?” Steve continued. This was all part of the plan Angela and her dad had set up. His sudden entrance was not unplanned.

Angela turned to Trisha and smiled her naughty smile. “What do you say, Trish? Shall we order some good cock for desert?” She moved to her dad and squeezed him between his legs. “Daddy has a really nice cock for us in his pants. Shall we use him?”

Trisha felt the wetness dripping from her pussy. The scene was so exciting. She opened her mouth for an answer. Before she found the words Angela had taken her hand and moved it to the bulge in Steve´s pants.

“Do you feel it? Daddy is hot for us.” Trisha felt Steve´s hard on through his pants. He was so hard already.

“Take off your pants daddy. Trisha wants to see how big you are.” Angela said.

In a flash Steve was standing in front of the girls, completely naked. God, he is big! Trisha thought as she looked at Steve´s hard piece of meat .

“Desert is served, Trisha. Suck him off. I want to see you sucking my daddy.”

Trisha looked at Steve for a response. He nodded and smiled saying. “It’s alright baby. Go ahead.” Trisha got on her knees in front of Angela´s dad and opened her mouth wide. Steve guided his cock into her sexy mouth. Slowly and tenderly she begun to suck his pole. This was the first time 19 year old Trisha had had an old man’s cock between her lips. Until this day her oldest sex partner had been just six years older. Steve was twenty years older than she.

“Suck him harder.” Angela coaxed her friend. “Take him all the way down. Deep throat him. You love sucking my dads cock. Don’t you, bitch?”

Trisha was unable to answer. Her mouth was filled with Steve´s cock. But she did love it. And hearing Angela calling her “bitch” made her even hornier.

Steve closed his eyes and moaned loudly. He was ready to cum.

“Stop!” Angela shouted. “Don’t waste him, you horny li’l bitch. He’s gonna fuck our young pussies before he cums.”

Angela walked up to her dad. Pressing her young body against him, almost making Trisha fall as she pushed her aside. “Fuck me daddy. Lets show Trisha what incest is all about.” She took her dads cock in her hand and guided it to her dripping pussy. “My pussy is waiting for your hot daddy cock.”

Standing up Steve pushed his cock deeper and deeper into his daughters pussy.

“Do you see it?” Angela turned to Trisha. “Daddy is fucking me. Gawd! He is so fucking ümraniye escort bayan good.”

Angela was moaning loudly. “Touch yourself, bitch. I can see how hot this is making you. Get your pussy wet and ready. Daddy wants to fuck you too.”

Trisha reached under her skirt and slid two fingers inside her hot hole. The scene playing before her eyes was so fucking exciting. Angela pushed her dad backwards, causing him sit down on the chair. She sat on his lap facing him taking his cock deeply into her young pussy. Turning her head she saw Trisha finger fucking herself..

“Ahhh. Look at that li’l bitch, daddy. She´s so fucking hot. She seems to need some daddy cock. Give her a taste of it, daddy.”

“Yeeaaah.” Steve groaned.

“Take your clothes off and come over here, you horny li’l bitch. Dad is gonna give you the ride of your life.” Angela humped her dads big pole as she talked. She loved riding her dad, and soon her friend was going to do it too.

Trisha´s legs were shaking as she walked over and stood beside the fucking dad and daughter.

“Mmmm…….look at that pussy, daddy. So sweet.” Angela slid a finger into Trisha´s dripping pussy. “Taste the li’l bitch, daddy.” She said holding her finger out to her dad. Steve wasted no time in licking Trisha´s juices off his daughters finger. She did taste wonderful.

“Wanna take my place, bitch?” Angela asked between moans.

“Yes.” Trisha nodded.

“Yes…what, bitch?”

“Yes, I want your daddy to fuck me just like he fucks you.” Trisha looked down at Steve´s cock ramming in and out of Angela´s pussy. God it looked so hot.

Trisha could almost remember the feel of Steve´s cock inside her pussy as she was telling Bill about the first time Angela´s dad had fucked her. That had just been the start of a long encounter with Angela and her family. Later on, Angel brought Roger in to join the fun. Everyone was fucking each other. Including Trisha and her brother. Bill knew why Trisha was telling him about it. He now knew Sara had asked Trisha for help. And it had had an effect. The story about Steve fucking his daughter in front of his daughters friend was so hot. It still was incest. But, it made Bill think. Sara had been a really great fuck. If others could do it. So…why not? Sara was a damned sexy woman. So, maybe he should be flattered that she wanted to have sex with him. Damn! Bill wanted to fuck Sara right there and then.


It was 3pm the first time Sara opened her eyes on Sunday afternoon. Her mouth was as dry as a desert and her head was about to explode. What the hell had happened last night? She looked up to see Blondie entering the bedroom. Sara´s girlfriend had only a t-shirt on. Like Sara, Blondie never wore panties. When she was at home she didn’t find a reason to hide her pussy.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Blondie smiled. “Care for your morning cigarette, in the middle of the afternoon.” Sara eagerly took the cigarette offered by her girlfriend.

“Oh God. What the hell did we do last night, sweetie?” Sara asked as Blondie lit her up.

“I can understand if you don’t remember , baby. Gawd, I have never seen anyone drinking like you did last night. If you weren’t used to it you could very well be dead by now.”

Sara nodded. “I can tell I drank too much. I feel that my head could explode.” She took a deep drag of her cigarette before she continued. “I just hope I didn’t do anything stupid.”

“Well, that depends on what you call stupid.” Blondie smiled at Sara, watching her inhaled smoke escaping her sexy lips. “At least I know two men who were happy last night.”


“You don’t remember them? In the mens room?”

“In the mens room? What the hell was I doing there?” Sara looked shocked. She couldn’t remember but she had a bad feeling about what she’d been doing in there.

“I’m not sure you wanna hear. Just lets say there were two lucky men in the mens room.”

The truth was that Sara had walked into the mens room at the bar. Closing the door behind her she shouted out. “Any horny men in here who want to fuck a young pussy?”

Two stall doors opened almost at the same time. Two men walked out to see who was asking. Sara had already let her leather skirt fall to the floor. The two men were looking at a sexy girl wearing only a top and black leather knee high boots. Her bald pussy completely exposed.

The men looked at each other unsure what to do. They were both in their late 40´s and a girl young enough to be their daughter was asking to be fucked!

“So how is it going to be?” Sara asked, “Don’t you losers find me attractive?”

She walked over to the stunned men. “I know you old men always fantasize about fucking your daughter. Now, here´s your chance. Pretend I’m your daughter and fuck me.”

Grinding her pussy over the bulge in one of the mens pants she said teasingly. “I see you’re hot for me, big daddy. I’m your slut tonight. Don’t fucking waste my time. I need a cock in my kartal escort young pussy. Sara turned to the other man. “And you. I love it up my ass. Little girl wants both big daddies to fuck her slutty holes at the same time. NOW!”

Sara had been gone for half an hour and Blondie couldn’t find her anywhere. She looked all over the bar. She noticed a bunch of people outside the toilets located at the back of the bar. As she came closer she saw them looking inside the mens room. Blondie made her way through the crowd. Why wasn’t she surprised to find her girlfriend sucking off a man while another one was pumping her ass hole from behind?

A couple of men were standing around, jacking off to the hot scene. “SARA! What the fuck is going on?” Blondie yelled at Sara.

Sara looked up at her girlfriend and smiled. “Daddy is fucking his baby-girls ass. And I’m rewarding daddy for just having fucked my pussy.”

Blondie shook her head in disbelief. Just then, the man behind Sara moaned loudly. “I’m gonna cum!” Sara smiled like a child at Christmas.

“Yeah. Shoot your load up my ass, daddy.” As the man behind filled Sara´s ass with his hot sperm, the man in front asked for some attention. He too was ready to cum. “Mmmm…” Sara smiled and licked her lips as she swallowed the salty drink served by a man old enough to be her father.

“Those lucky men. Were they handsome?” She asked her girlfriend.

“Handsome? It was two fucking old men.” Blondie laughed. “I wouldn’t even had looked at them. Sara, you’ve got a thing for old men, don’t you?”

“Guess so.” Sara nodded slowly. That was so right. She loved older men. Especially if the man happened to be her dad. God, she missed her dad. When she had left home she had been really pissed at Bill. He had hurt her feelings for not wanting to fuck her again. Sara had been angry and sad when she left. But now she just really missed him. “Honey, I think I’ll go home today. Daddy must be really worried.”

“Ok, baby. But first you have to eat my pussy for me.”

In a flash the two blonde girls were cuddling in Blondie´s small bed. Pressing their tits together, kissing deeply, Sara felt hungry. She hadn’t eaten anything yet. It was time for breakfast. She kissed her way down her girlfriend’s body. Kissing every inch of her soft skin. As she found her goal both girls moaned. She spread Blondie´s pussy lips and pushed her tongue deep inside her lovely pussy. Blondie grabbed Sara´s head and pushed her harder against her dripping pussy. “Yeah, you’re eating me sooooo good baby.” She moaned. Sara already felt much better. She played with her own pussy as she ate Blondie out.


Kimmy picked up the phone and this time she dialled the number. The whole weekend she had been thinking about calling him. Since her boyfriend had left for rehab she was the loneliest girl in town. She hadn’t any real friends. Just her drinking buddies. They had been out yesterday night. Kimmy had been drinking too much, as always. It hadn’t been a fun evening. No happy dancing, no guy to kiss and hold tight. The bottle had been Kimmy´s best friend. It had been just another boring Saturday night. Except for one thing.

At one bar there had been a special “show” in the mens room. Everyone in the bar went to see the “show”. So did Kimmy. A crazy leather-booted blonde girl was doing two men at the same time. They fucked the sexy girl in all her holes. The girl looked Kimmy´s age, but the men, seemed to be around 50 years old and the girl called them daddy all the time. She was one of the sexiest girls Kimmy ever seen. She wished she could join the game. Join in and play with those perfect round tits, bouncing up and down as the men pounded her pussy and cute little ass. Discretely Kimmy reached down under her mini skirt and furiously she began to play with her dripping pussy. She finger fucked herself among all the people looking at the “show”. The scene made Kimmy crazy with lust. And she couldn’t help herself from screaming as she came.

As she waited for him to answer the phone. Kimmy thought about how it would be to have sex with a man old enough to be her father. “Just call me any time, baby.” He had said as he gave her his number. “Whatever you want or need, I am here for you.” He was the sweetest man Kimmy ever met. She really loved him. In what way she wasn’t sure . Only as a real good friend? Or..? She didn’t knew what to say if he answered. She wasn’t sure what she wanted. Just talk with him? Meet him? Enjoy his company? Or maybe, seduce him? Kimmy was hungry for sex. She hadn’t had a cock in her pussy since her boyfriend left. That was two months ago. She was lusting for a real cock, instead of her pink dildo. But she couldn’t do it with him. She knew he thought she was hot. He told her so every day. And Kimmy thought he was good looking too. And most of all he was a real gentleman. But it would be so wrong. He was 48 years old and she was only 18.. He was older than her own dad and besides he was her boss.

Bill almost jumped as the phone rang. He had just tried to call Sara. She hadn’t been at home when he had come home from John and Trisha’s. He had just hung up the phone when it rang. He prayed that it was his precious daughter calling. He looked at the display. It was not Sara´s cell number.

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