Cucked… But No Regrets Pt. 02

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Lexi lay on the floor recovering from an intense orgasm. She looked up admiring the man who had given her immense pleasure just moments before. She had only met Ross that night after a few weeks of messaging and chatting on the phone. His body was toned and muscular and his cock was still large and swollen, glistening in the light as it was covered in a mixture of Lexi’s pussy juice and his hot semen.

As she looked up at her lover, Lexi rubbed a hand over her nipples making them tingle. She bit her lip as she stared intently at Ross’ swollen cock, imagine how good it would feel to have it inside her again. Her hands slipped down her body and began to rub at her clit, as she did so, Lexi opened her legs and felt Ross’ hot sperm running out of her pussy.

Ross looked down at his new conquest. She was clearly still turned on and had not been fulfilled from their initial hard fuck on the floor. Lexi now had two fingers deep inside her pussy and was caressing her right nipple with her spare hand. Ross walked around Lexi as she looked up at him. He stopped when he was above her and then knelt with his legs either side of her head. Lexi arched her neck and opened her willing mouth.

Ross’ cock was still swollen from the previous fuck but it was bigger than what Lexi was used to and as soon as she began to suck it into her throat it began to grow by esenyurt otele gelen escort the stroke. Lexi reached up and grasped the base of the shaft, pull Ross deeper into her mouth. She began to gag on his shaft but tried her best to provide her man with deep pleasure as his cock continued to swell.

Ross looked down at Lexi and was highly impressed at her ability to swallow such a large proportion of his cock. He felt bad that she was giving him intense pleasure and had stopped fingering her own pussy – he knew such selflessness deserved rewarding and he knew exactly how to proceed.

Lexi felt a little disappointed when Ross pulled his cock from her mouth but was happy to feel the pressure relieve in her throat. She allowed Ross to pull her up to her feet and then stood in front of him. Lexi suddenly felt a slight ting of vulnerability. Ross towered over her with his 6ft2 frame and muscular body on show. Lexi stood naked in front of him as he stepped forward and caressed her bare ass with his left hand before using his right hand to pull her face and lips to his.

The couple kissed hard as their bodies came together. Lexi grasped Ross’ cock with both hands and began to stroke the entire length before cupping his balls in one hand and using her other to work up and down the length. By esenyurt rus escort this point Ross was fully grown and precum oozed from the tip and down over Lexi’s hand as the pair kissed and their tongue began to intertwine.

Ross took his chance and pushed Lexi back towards the sofa, turning her as she stepped back and positioning her onto her knees. Lexi grasped the back of the sofa and looked back over her shoulder to allow Ross to kiss her from behind. As he did, Lexi felt Ross’ large swollen cock push against the opening to her ready wet pussy. Ross placed a hand on each of Lexi’s hips and positioned himself to fuck his new lover harder than she could imagine.

Ross had no difficulty in sliding every inch deep into Lexi’s tight pussy and at the moment his balls touched her, he held his posed, pushing deeper and allowing Lexi to acclimatise to the fat shaft now splitting her open. Not a word was said, Ross just knew Lexi was ready and began to thrust into her hard and controlled.

“Oh my god he is so big from this angle, i can feel every ridge!” Lexi thought to herself as she grasped the sofa harder.

Ross looked down at this hot redhead girl riding his cock as he began to thrust into her. He could see her holding onto the material of the sofa, her knuckles were white and her wedding ring stood esenyurt türbanlı escort out as she started to moan and groan. Ross was smashing his cock into her G spot and she couldn’t control her vocal enjoyment.

“Fuck, I’m cumming already” Lexi said in her head as she let out a long orgasm that rocked her body.

She could feel her pussy gushing and as Ross continued to thrust the sound became noticeably more wet. Ross didn’t relent. He had found a rhythm and was going to continue rocking his new woman until he tight pussy milked him dry. Ross grabbed Lexi’s hair and pulled her up so that she was resting her weight on her knees. She placed a hand on the back of Ross’ head and the other on his hand that was now planted on her left breast.

This altered position gave Ross the ability to slam into Lexi’s body as they kissed harder and more passionately. He squeezed her breast as Lexi’s orgasm began to build a second time. It built and built as they kissed and Lexi let out her moans as she tipped over the edge. Ross knew he was close and was about to shoot deep into Lexi.

“I’m going to cum” Ross looked into Lexi’s eyes as he slowed his thrusts.

“Please don’t stop” Lexi gasped.

Ross held Lexi in his arms and against his muscular body as he pushed his big cock into Lexi a few more times. Lexi stared into Ross’ dark eyes as she felt her new man begin to cum. Again, she could feel every pulse of his cock as he shot his sperm deep into her pussy.

Lexi knelt on the sofa as her pussy oozed onto the material. Her mind wandered to her husband sat at home waiting but soon turned back to Ross as she sat beside her. The pair kissed again as they recovered for another round…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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