Craving Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Authors Note:

This story is a work of fiction and depicts a sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If this offends you, read no further.

I would like to thank everyone who read the first part of this story. Your support and encouragement has meant more to me than I can put into words. Due to the number of requests for a follow-up piece, I put this story together. I hope you enjoy it as much as you did the first piece. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Thank you. XxXx


“The criteria for internal thermal and mechanical equilibrium are well known, they simply require uniformity in temperature and pr…”

I jumped when my bedroom door suddenly swung open. She appeared in my doorway and seemed to freeze when she saw me, as though she wasn’t expecting to find me in my own room, her hand still on the door knob. Her jaw wrenched to her left as she looked at me, her eyebrows furrowed with what looked like dread. She looked from me to the ground and back again several times. I watched her nervously fuss with the hem on the bottom of her white tank top.

“Did you want something?” I asked as I raised my head from my textbook and knitted my own eyebrows as I examined her anxious form. She shifted her weight from her left leg to her right and seemed to be studying the wood panels on the floor. Her toes scrunched against the floor inside her socks. She resembled a child trying to muster the courage to confess breaking something to its parents.

When she didn’t answer me I sighed and returned to my textbook, still aware of her restless figure in the doorway. I tried not to look up at her when she slowly floated forward enough for her to slide the door closed behind her. She leaned back against the door, I could feel her eyes on me and I shifted slightly with uneasiness.

“… criteria for thermal and mechanical equil…”

She pushed herself from the door and paused for a moment before slowly walking towards the bed. The muscles in my neck strained as they fought to keep my head from following her advance. Her own eyes followed the progress of her feet, her fingers curled and straightened at her sides. There was something different in her walk, as if she were a new born doe doubting her ability to take the next step. The unexpected look of innocence tugged at something inside me and my hand twitched.

She slowed even more when she reached the foot of the bed, now swishing each foot in front of the opposite before taking the next step. She moved to my side, her hands twisting in each other behind her back. She raised her left knee and placed it on the edge of my bed, inches away from my waist. My eyes travelled the distance from her knee, over the edge of her kneecap and the slight dip where it ended, up the smooth golden sand dune of her firm thigh to the crease where her thigh became her hip. I noted that her hot pants were a light blue. She stared at the book standing upright and open on my stomach and gulped. Her breathing was deep and the muscles in her neck seemed to tense with each new breath.

The shape of her right thigh sharpened as she placed her weight onto it and lifted herself onto the bed, lifting her left leg from the ground and extending it over my body. Her knee made contact with the bed in the curve my waist and her body centred over me. Her bright-blue cotton clad hips gradually descended onto my pelvis. The round of her pussy pushed into my pelvic bone and my hands immediately quivered. Determined to keep my focus, I clenched my jaw and stared intently at my book as if trying to pull the words off the page with my mind.

“… mechanical equilibrium are well known,…”

Her thin fingers ran up and down in slow, transfixing lines on her upper thigh. I felt her gaze on me again as I watched her fingers move towards her inner thighs and her fingertips walked the remaining distance to lightly caress the material of my boxers. I felt every hair on my body stand on end, sending sparks shooting through me. No! I told myself.

“Renee, what are you doing?” I asked, not trusting myself to look directly into her eyes. She shrugged her shoulders and pursed her lips. I scanned the page again to find where I’d left off.

“… they simply require uniformity in temperature and pressure…”

My fingers gripped my book when she pushed her knees further apart and her mound pressed harder into me. My eyes squeezed shut. I slid my feet up closer to me, bending my knees and forcing her menacing hips forward and away from their perilous position. I rolled my eyes upwards to glare at her without raising my head. There was something in her eyes. A look I had never seen before, insistent and unwavering. It unnerved me and my stomach twinged as I pulled my textbook closer to my face until it obscured her completely. My heart was racing. I was acutely aware of every inch of her that was consuming my senses.

My bahis firmaları eyes shot open when her fingers made contact with my legs and I was suddenly frozen with both yearning and dread. Her nails scraped harshly over my skin and the book fell flat on my chest as I convulsed underneath her trying to get away from the persecutors banging on the door of my darkness, sinking down onto the mattress and my legs flailing about. My pelvis shot upwards, lifting her body off the bed with them and she gasped loudly at the abrupt thrust against her. I came to my senses just as quickly as she had stripped me of them and I reached across to her hips and shoved her backwards until her nails left me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled as the intoxicating feeling of the cool air hugging my now burning skin sent shivers up my spine. Her hands shot towards me and roughly grabbed my wrists and she used all her strength to pin them to the bed above my head. Her eyes were closed, her facial expression almost that of pain as she began to grind her pussy into me in hypnotizing circles. The pressure of her thrusts against me was pulling my underwear firmly against my pulsating nub. Her arms were trembling and her breath escaping in sharp quick bursts of molten lust. I had to get away from her, before I lost the capability to restrain the shadows inside me that would invade and corrupt the unbounded spirit that was writhing against my body.

I pulled my arms down the bed until my hands were next to my head. Once I had the necessary leverage I pushed the blonde’s body upwards and turned my hips sideways, pulling her from her salacious reverie.

“No!” she growled in a low and raspy voice as her eyes burned into mine, their usually golden brown colour now a dark and heavy almond brown. She violently pushed my arms back to the bed and my head swirled with heady excitement at being unexpectedly overpowered. Again I felt her hips skim across my own in direct and harsh back and forth movements, an intense heat searing the skin on my pelvis. Whether it was caused by the friction or simply emanated from her, I couldn’t discern.

Pulling my hands above my head, she crossed them at the wrist and held them with her left hand. She looked at me deliberately and watched my face contort as she scraped her hard nails down the length of my left arm. The exquisite sting traversed my arm and proceeded to bolt through my being causing my back to arch, lifting my chest from the sheets to graze against her breasts. My vision went dark and my hearing vanished as though the only thing my body wanted to process was the fingernails tormenting the sensitive skin on the underside of my arms. I blinked rapidly until I regained some semblance of self control.

“Damn it Renee, stop it! You don’t know what that does to me.” I pleaded with her, desperately trying to resist the soul wrenching burn that crept closer to the surface in me.

“Actually I do.” She whispered, her voice hoarse as she pulled the bottom of my grey t-shirt, stretching the material until it sprung loose from the death-grip her pussy had on my pelvis. “You’re not giving me much choice but to use it.” The warmth of her voice stung my lips and her hand slid underneath my shirt and her fingernails raked down my ribs.

“Fuck!” my vocal chords involuntarily murmured and my body was struck with a pulse of enthralling agony as my chest expanded to elongate the distance her provocative fingers could cover. My head pushed into the mattress and my body was propelled into the air again and she scratched harder. “Aaahhh!” I yelled as the divine pain set my passion ablaze. I frantically needed her to stop. For her own sake. For both our sakes. I ripped my hands from their captors and rushed them to her rib cage and shoved as I bucked my hips and her torture instrument was boosted off of me, landing next to me on the bed and bouncing a little. I quickly turned in the opposite direction and bounded off the bed, I stumbled a little as my feet hit the wooden floor. I headed for the door, my body quivering and my heart beating so hard I could feel it in my throat. I reached for the rounded knob and turned it forcefully, pulling the door open. The cool air rushed through the open fragment, pointing out that my room had gotten much warmer without my noticing.

The door was barely open when a hand whizzed passed my head and collided with the door, tearing it from my hand and demolishing my only hope of escape. My body was suddenly pinned to the closed door by her surprisingly strong muscles. Her breasts pressed into my back just below my shoulder blades and her hands pulled on my hips as she drove her pelvis into my butt, forcing me against the door again. Her essence stung my neck as she came achingly close.

“Lia, please. It’s been almost a month. You’re not the only one that needs this.” Her moist breath trickled over my neck and ears and goosebumps formed all the way down my back, increasing its sensitivity to kaçak iddaa the agonizing contact her body was making with mine. Her hands squeezed my hips, “Amelia,”. I froze at her use of my full name, the supplication in her tone completely disarming me. “Amelia, please. I need you. I can’t take it anymore, please. I need you so badly, you’ve made me need you and I fucking hate you for that but I can’t help it.” I was still frozen as the sincerity and barefaced yearning of her voice flowed through me. Then her hands were under my shirt, my mind wracked with anticipation. “Please Amelia. Please!” she whispered breathlessly as her taunting fingernails razed a path down the length of my back. My own fingernails scraped against the paint of the flimsy wooden door and my core quaked with desire, obliterating any command I had left over the lust-driven demon that exploded into my skin.

I whipped around in her arms and bent my knees enough for me to wrap my arms around her legs and hoist her up. Her legs folded around my hips and she held onto my shirt which was bunched in her fists on my shoulders. Doing a three feet semi circle I turned and slammed her body into the mirror of my dresser, the collision caused whatever bottles were standing to tumble and roll from the surface to give us our space. My left hand swept across the dresser and the air around us suddenly littered with sheets of paper, my right hand was on her thigh holding her up. Our eyes were locked and the dazed look in her eyes fuelled the animal inhabiting my flesh.

Releasing my grip on her she fell onto the dresser with a grunt, her fists still clung to my shirt. I pulled away from her and grabbed at the top of her hot pants, hardly giving her any time to lift herself enough for the blue cotton so slide smoothly from her glorious legs. I flung the underwear away and my left hand seized a handful of her blonde tresses and yanked firmly, angling her head to the left and exposing the tender flesh of her neck. My right hand proceeded to violate her depths without preparing the decadent folds for invasion, only to find a smouldering, wet welcome. When my index and middle fingers plunged into her, she screamed and pulled on my T-shirt. My body was sent flying towards her and she took hold of me, one hand tangled in my hair and the other clawing into my back. My lips fell upon her neck and devoured the salty skin in a flourish of lip, tongue and teeth caresses.

“Oh god, yes Lia. Oh god yes!” She whimpered as my fingers thrust deeply and hard into her velvet pussy, my fingers crooked to rub against her g-spot. Her nails sunk deeper into my skin with each increase in tempo. The hand in my hair tugged painfully at it when my lips sucked intensely on her pulse point. She was panting in my ear, her hips began to thrust to meet my fingers and with every stroke the dresser banged against the wall. My sex was throbbing by the time her pussy began to tighten around my fingers. Too soon. It was happening too soon. I slowed my hand and pulled back slightly.

“Oh god, don’t you fucking dare. Fuck me Lia!” Her right hand abandoned my hair and reached between us and, grasping my wrist, began to thrust my fingers into her. My head spun at the eroticism of her lustful action. I lost myself watching her fuck her swollen pussy with my fingers. The animal reared itself again and my aggression was drawn from its vault. My left hand pulled the thin straps of her shirt until they snapped and pulled her shirt below her breasts. The perfect globes bounced at their release from captivity. They were magnificent, firm and full with the most superb light brown nipples and areolas that could not have extended more than a quarter of an inch in radius from the tantalizing peaks. Before she could protest I lowered my lips to greedily feast on the delight I had never been permitted to taste. I pushed my face into her left breast, taking the nipple into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the sensitive tip. When my lips closed around and nipple and I sucked firmly, both of her hands grasped my hair and pulled my head further into the supple tissue of her breast.

“Oh god Lia, please. Please make me come.” She begged, her voice drenched with desperation as though she were about to cry. My mind responded with ‘Fuck patience!’ and fuelled my hand like nitrous oxide to the engine of a performance car. My Fingers bent further and I pounded them into the front wall of her vagina, lifting her from the varnished wood surface.

“Oh fuck yes, just like that. Ah fuck yes Lia!” She sputtered in breathless tones. Her eyes watched me as I pulled an erect nipple between my teeth and rolled it between them while my other hand imitated the ministration to the neglected counterpart. Her nails scoured my shoulders as she drew her nails into fists, clutching my shirt and pulling on it so hard that the seams cut into my underarms. “Oh god Lia, just like that. Look at me. Please look at me.” She begged, her voice rising higher in tone. kaçak bahis My eyes glued themselves to her glazed-over pools of yearning. The moment our eyes connected her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth opened wide, allowing small grunts to escape. Her body went rigid and her legs shook at my sides. I sucked sharply on the nipple between my teeth and fucked her so hard that the legs of the dresser began to creak and moan with the strain being inflicted on it. Her orgasm hit with a deafening scream shot in my direction and her pussy forcefully pushed my fingers from its sanctified embrace and covered my lower stomach with its life saving nectar. It wasn’t until my fingers began to flash across her inflamed clit that her eyes left mine. Her fingers released my shirt only to replace their vice-grip on the skin of my back and used it to pull my body upwards until my face was nestled in her neck as her hips jutted up and down against my fingers, spraying what remained of her juices in every direction.

When her brutalized pearl could take no more, she wrapped her legs around my hips and squeezed so tightly that my hand was locked in place. She panted heavily as she held me, her body twitching as though being touched repeatedly by a shock-ring used by practical jokers. My head rested on her heaving shoulder as I summoned every trace of patience, as though from the objects around me, to allow her a moment to recover.

To my astonishment, she apparently didn’t need a moment. Her right hand found its way to my neck and her fingers closed around my throat, applying enough pressure to the sides to reduce the amount of oxygen flowing to my brain. My eyes burned once more as she used this hold to push me backwards enough for her to lower herself off the dresser and it trembled at her departure. Her gaze fixed on me, she manoeuvred my powerless carcass backwards until my legs hit the foot of the bed. Once I was where she wanted me to be she released my throat and both hands shoved my shoulders, propelling me onto the mattress. No sooner than I had landed, she pounced onto the bed and straddled my hips again. She grabbed my wrists and paused, looking into my eyes and making me question what I thought she was about to do. A questioning she reinforced when she pinned my arms to the bed but this time positioning them directly above my shoulders so that my elbows were pointing to opposite sides of the bed.

She firmly trapped my hands and flashed a disconcertingly smug smile at the powerless shape below her. Her knees then pressed into the mattress as she shifted her weight onto them, lifting her off my pelvis. She began to slowly shuffle up my body until her shins replaced her hands, jamming my hands to the soft sheets. Her knees spread wide across the mattress and she lowered her cum-covered pussy onto my face. Oh god, that smell. My mind was reeling. She managed to slide herself gently over my lips, spreading her ambrosia over the willing victims.

My tongue slid between my heaven-coated lips in search of more of the forbidden flavour. As I made contact with her slick folds, the expanse of her chest rose with a sharp intake of air. My tongue moved back and forth and covered itself in the tangy sweetness only given to the worshippers of this alter. I paused to pull her full labia between my lips and sucked firmly on them which caused the lust-consumed blonde to moan deeply in her throat. My tongue resumed its dalliance with the silken inner folds of her pussy, relishing the unique smoothness only found between the clit and the opening to her alluring depths. I toyed at her opening, tricking her into relaxing the post-orgasmic tension the muscles held and allowing me entrance. My tongue slid as far into her as it could, farther than usual thanks to the position, and caressed her most sacred walls. Her hands landed on her thighs and gripped them harshly as I swirled my tongue in circles and darted in and out of her. Her hips began to roll in time with my tongue, her breathing getting louder and quicker.

I opened my mouth wider, my top lip grazing her sensitive pearl before my tongue followed it and delivered a strong lick over it. I pointed my tongue and placed a few rapid flicks against the nub. Her back arched as her neck bent backwards. The curve of her body was a sun-kissed path which melded into a valley running between two heavenly peaks, begging to be explored. I wished she hadn’t immobilised my hands and wondered if it was some sort of strategy on her part. Was it meant to deprive me of filling all of my senses with her or was it a form of protection from my now unhinged lust? The thought tempered me. I stopped everything, breathing included apparently, as I looked up wanting her to look at me and expecting her to be scared and hurt. Oh god, does she really need to be protected from me? Look at me! The pressure building in my oxygen-deprived lungs was now accompanied by the pressure building in my tear ducts. It seemed to take forever for her to look at me.

Her dark eyes fell to meet mine. For the first time in my life I doubted my ability to read the look in someone’s eyes. Was it fear? Was it need? Was there anything? Her expression changed to a blank one.

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