Confessions Of An Indian Shrink Ch. 1

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Dr. Anil Menon folded the Malayalam newspaper and looked around at the fellow passengers in the air-conditioned compartment of the train. There were not many and most seemed to be sleeping. Looking out through the window , he was yet again captivated by the natural beauty of Kerala. Now for the information of the readers, Kerala is a southern state in India renowned for its natural beauty, high literacy etc. Not many people know that the same Kerala, perhaps because of the heavy westernised influence it always had, is also the state with the highest number of alcoholics, mental patients esp. With depression and patients with psycho-sexual problems.

Being the state with the highest number of expatriates, it has an affluent society with all its associated baggage. There are many families where the men slog it out in the middle east, UK or US and the women and kids live in palatial houses with all luxuries. While it opened up a world of unrestricted luxury for the kids, most often the young women were left emotionally insecure and sexually frustrated.

Their sexual life was limited to the 2 weeks of holiday their husbands would have in a year and not surprisingly some of them looked out for other ‘avenues’ to vent their sexual frustrations while the unlucky majority ends up in the psychiatrist’s couch! Anil had gone to Malappuram to attend a ‘shrinks’ conference [at least that’s what his wife thought!] While his main purpose was to meet some of his ‘favourite’ patients whose husbands were digging gold in Dubai!! 3 days of multiple ‘sexual therapy’ had left him drained and satisfied. Sitting comfortably in the quiet train, he went down the memory lane how it all started.

Being the only son of a doctor couple, his parents were shocked when Anil expressed his desire to become a psych. After he finished his medical school. Unlike in the western world, psychiatric diseases are still considered a social stigma in many parts of India and the patients as well as the doctors in that branch are looked upon by the public as if they were aliens or social outcasts. However Anil was always fascinated by the mysterious ways of the human mind and that interest grew after reading the works of Sigmund Freud. When he joined the specialty, he remembered, all the senior professors were very skeptical of Freud saying that his theory of sex being the root cause of most mental diseases were a reflection of the western society’s obsession with sex! They believed that such problems did not exist in our Indian society, where sex was not a main issue for our people brought up in a traditional way!! How far was it from the truth, which is that man wherever he is has only two basic needs-food and sex!

Anil used to get excited and frustrated at the same time, when his friends in the medical and surgical specialties used to boast about their exploits with the young ladies attending the outpatient clinics of the medical college, complaining of vague chest and tummy pains, while all that they wanted was a good fuck! His friend Tony, intoxicated with all the local liquor, in fact said that they were lucky to practise in kerala with all its sexually frustrated women who saw doctors as a source of free ‘safe’ sex, as no-one would ever be suspicious of regular visits to the hospital!

Anil was at that time posted in the elderly unit with mental diseases and he started to wonder whether he had chosen the wrong ‘field’. Everything changed in the second year when casino şirketleri he was posted for 3 months to the smaller psychiatry wing in the outskirts of the city! He realised that in the teaching atmosphere of the medical college, patients were treated with adequate staff in a scientific way, while in the small periphery the hard-pressed staff had only one way of dealing with these ‘mad nuisances’ [as they called them!] -sedate them and live peacefully!! The message was driven home to him the first day by Sister Annamma-a bossy lady in her mid40’s-who was in charge of the unit for more than 10 years.

She told him that while all the talk of dealing with the patients with mania without over sedating them was ok for a big hospital, that would never work in ‘her’ ‘hospital with a permanent shortage of staff. Anil initially found it difficult to accept but after his first on-call duty he realised that this was totally a different cup of tea! The on-call room for doctors was inside a ward-a patients room converted for on call purposes!! It contained small rooms with patients with all problems ranging from simple depression to frank mania!!

The duty nurses room was in the other end of the unit and since the night staff included just 1 doctor, 2 junior nurses and 2 assistants, it was inevitable that everyone had to pull in their weight. How easy were the previous on-calls, Anil thought. Sister Annamma’s therapy was simple-give sedative tablets to the potential ‘troublemakers’ at 10 PM and then hit the bed at 12! However there would be some ‘bastards or bitches’ [her language was very colourful!] Who would refuse to get knocked out, disturbing other patients. These pests would then be brought to the room close to the doctors or nurse’s so that someone could keep an eye on them.

It was his 3rd on call night and Anil was dozing off in his room when Annamma came in-‘Anil doctarae’, aa molly, panna pulayadi mole, shalyam thodangii’ [that bitch, Molly has started trouble] . She gave Anil the case notes-Molly was a patient with bipolar disease-which means that she could be depressed at times and on other occasions she could be in a state of hyperexcitement and mania.

Annamma: give her some sleeping tablets.

Anil: let me see her, what if she doesn’t need it.

Annamma: can I then keep her in the next room, I have already lots of trouble in the other side of the ward!

The assistant, Raghavan [who would invariably be drunk on nights] wheeled in the patient to doctors room for assessment. Anil looked at molly-she did not look 40 as written in the notes. She was wearing a shriveled yellow saree and black blouse. She did look in a maniac state-she was staring at him and around the room restlessly. ‘Saar, can I go, Sister is busy there, she wants my help’: Raghavan. Bastard, he wants to sleep, Anil thought. ‘No. Stand here while I talk to her and examine her’. ‘Saar, these bitches, they dont take the tablets, how will they get better’:Raghavan.

Everyone is a doctor here, Anil thought! Just then Annamma came in the room with some notes and a jug of coffee. ‘Raghavaaa, neee poykoo [you go] ‘. Doctorae [that’s how she speaks!] , kaapi kudi, evaludae kaaryam njan parayam. Evaladdue asakhum mattayathaa’ [have coffee, this molly’s problem is ‘the other one’] . Annamma looked at anil with a wicked slutty smile. For the first time Anil looked ‘properly’at annamma -her bossy nature had put him off before-but casino firmaları suddenly she looked different. She was 45 maybe, but looked much less. She was dark, slightly on the plumper side with unmistakably big boobs which she used to thrust in front of her when she walks.

Annamma:entho nokkuvaa, doctorae, aalu kochu kallananalloe’ [what are you looking at, you are a cheeky fellow] . Anil blushed and said-‘oh, I was looking at molly’s file’. Annamma:she doesnt take tablets and we dont have time to see whether she takes them. Anyway what she needs is ‘some other medicine’. Again that sly, sexy smile and strange tone. Anil:let’s see whether we can manage without tablets’. Annamma got up irritated-‘Ok, you do what you want, can I go and sort out the other maddies? ‘She left the room in a huff.

Anil looked into molly’s notes-as with most psychiatrist’s notes, her social and sexual history was taken in detail by Dr. Rema, a lady doctor. Her real name was Sitalakshmi, a brahmin girl from palghat. Interestingly her sexual history column was filled in by Dr. Rema as ‘multiple sexual contacts with both sexes’. Her first experience was with a woman! Now that;s not something common here, Anil thought. Lesbianism was his favourite fantasy esp. While choosing porno. Boobs and videos and he thought it was mostly or only in the western world! ‘How wrong I am’.

He looked up at molly and was surprised to see that suddenly she looked normal and in fact was looking at him in a strange way. Her saree top was carelessly displaced showing off her big boobs stretching the old cotton blouse already just holding on with a couple of safetypins! ‘Doctor, I am feeling restless, can you give me something to sleep’. Anil was about to say ‘no’when a devlish thought got the better of him. Here was a chance that his friends were talking of-the only problem was he had never done it before with a patient [or any woman for that matter!!] .

He could not pluck his eyes of her sexy body and could now feel his ‘kunna’ [penis] struggling against his underwear. The sheer audacity of his plan and the taboo he was going to break made him more excited. He gave her 2 sleeping tablets and asked her to lie on the couch in the room. When Raghavan later came to the room, Anil told him that he did not want to examine her as she was settling anyway and that once she sleeps, he will call Paruamma, the female nursing assistant to take molly to the adjacent patient’s room. [the two rooms had a connecting door which was blocked by a small, easily removable almirah!] .

Anil stood at the door and looked outside. The adjacent rooms were quiet and he could hear Annamma shouting at Antony, a schizophrenic, at the other end of the building. Now, Antony will keep her tied up there, anil had a sigh of relief. He came back to the room. The curtains around the bed/couch were only half-pulled around. Molly was in deep sleep and was starting to snore! Anil stood near the bed with his eyes looking at the door and again back at molly’s body.

The bitch was really sexy! With every breath her 2 big breasts were heaving up and down. He could now clearly see the bra and the 2 massive nipples underneath them. Her body between the blouse and waist was exposed [that’s the beauty of wearing sarees!!] And her tummy was scaphoid with some hair around her navel. She, in fact seemed to be a very hairy person! The saree was rolled up to the knees, showing off her milky white legs. güvenilir casino [these brahmin girls have a very fair complexion with smooth soft skin] . His kunna was now in a state of ‘mania’!! There was no sound nearby his room and with hands shaking like a leaf, Anil shook her ‘molly, edi molly’.

No response. He gently stroked her face and then her neck. How soft was her skin. His hands now rested above her breasts-this was the big moment. With shaking hands and body shivering like a malaria patient, anil pressed softly against her breasts. They felt so nice, firm and rounded. His confidence growing with every passing second, he slowly squeezed her ‘mula’ with one hand while the other hand was holding the curtains in case he had to pull the urgently!

No sounds from molly or fro outside the room. Now he pressed both her ‘mulaghal’ with nice milking movements. There was a small moaning sound now from her. Anil stopped for a moment, but now he was beyond control. He pinched her nipples from outside her blouse-they seemed to be getting bigger and bigger! Now he slowly opened her buttons and took off the safety pins holding the blouse together. Like two polar bears released from a cage, her two big whitish ‘mulaghal’ sprang out.

He had seen these things before in smut books and videos, but never in real life, such beautiful ones and that too so close! Anil could not believe his luck. When he started to play with her nipples again, a bit roughly this time! , she started moaning again. He rubbed her boat-like tummy up and down. She seemed to be pushing her pelvis forward, but anil was sure she was heavily sedated, so he wasn’t worried. Now he wanted to see her ‘pooru’ [cunt] . He stroked her ankles and slowly started to roll her saree up up to her waist. Her white cotton ‘jetti’ [panties] was wet? Urine? Cum.

He could see her pubic hairs jutting out of the jetti. Her legs were milky white and plump and the thick growth of dark hair made them even sexier! Anil was now panting and could feel the pre-cum leaking from the tip of his kunna and wetting his inner thighs. He looked at the door-no problems there. He slowly pulled her jetti down.

Wow! What a sight! Her pooru was red and very fleshy and there was a thick ‘black forest’ of pubic hair trying desperately hard to hide it?! The tips of some pubic hair were wet and there was a very intoxicating smell of urine and cum emanating from her pooru. Anil started to stroke her pooru and now molly’s pelvis was clearly squirming. The wetness of her pooru seemed to drive his hands mad and he inserted a finger into it. Ooooh, it was as if putting your finger into a mug of warm oil! The vaginal walls started to contract trapping his fingers inside!

Anil put more fingers now and slowly started to finger-fuck her. He could feel her pooru squeezing his fingers. With his left hand, he unzipped the trouser fly and tried to release his poor kunna form its misery, but it wouldn’t come out that way! He was now in a state of frenzy and ripped his pant belt off and lowered the trouser and underwear and yanked his kunna out.

He had never seen it so engorged and the tip was a flaming red with small amounts of whitish precum oozing out. With his left hand he started jacking off while fingerfucking molly with the other! ‘Doctorae, enthoo chaeyyuvaa? ‘ [what are you doing, doctor?] . Anil froze and wheeled around but there was no-one at the door. He turned back and realised that the noise came from the head end of the bed. Molly, the apparently ‘heavily sedated’ patient was wide awake.

The bitch had a slutty smile on her face and was biting her lips with sheer unadulterated lust! Her eyes were drooping with the pleasures of the flesh!

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