College Massage Experience

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First I want to thank whoredinarygirl for reading and editing this story and giving me some very valuable pointers. This is a true story of mine from college, although names have been changed for anonymity.


This story takes place in December of my sophomore year in college. At the time, I was a single, 20 year old, standing six feet-one inch, and weighing a slim 185 pounds. I was very proud that I had not gained the “freshman 15” and was very proud of my body, and definitely not too shy to show it off to whatever girl wanted to see it! I was also very proud of my good sized, seven inch, circumcised cock.

Nearing the end of the semester, everyone was stressing out about finals and finishing all the work required to pass our courses. While in a conversation with one of my friends, she mentioned that she had found one thing that really helps: a massage. It helps to help relax, relieve some tension and just reset to focus on studying.

Later that night, while studying and feeling my back knot up, I decided to give it a shot. Being young and naïve, I had no idea where to look for a massage, so I decided I would sent my friend a text asking who she went to. She promptly texted back, “So glad you asked. You have to go see Michael, he is the best. You will not be disappointed; just make sure you go with an open mind and go with the flow.”

Thinking this was a little weird I thought to myself, what the hell. This could be fun. I’m all for going with the flow. Hell that’s what college is for! I then shot Michael a text…

“Hi, Michael, my name is Eric. My friend Becky gave me your number saying you give a great massage. I sure could use one before finals.”

“Hi Eric, I would be more than happy to give you a massage. How does 2:00 pm tomorrow sound?”

“Sounds great.”

He gave me his address and then asked, “So what all did Becky tell you about the massage?”

“Well all she said was that I won’t be disappointed, to go with an open mind, and to go with the flow. Whatever that means.”

“Ok, great. So are you going to do all that?”

“Yes, definitely. I’m a pretty laid back guy, and heck, college is all about going with the flow, so sure.”

“Perfect. I look forward to seeing you, Eric.”

I went to bed that night wondering what tomorrow might bring, very excited to experience whatever came up.

I got to his house right at the scheduled time. He answered the door wearing athletic shorts and a baggy, cut off sleeve shirt. I thought it was a bit odd that I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear because of the outline of his partially hard cock was clearly visible as it ran down his leg only being held back by the mesh of his shorts. Seeing this instantly made my heart race. I was getting nervous, anxious, very excited, and even very horny. Michael looked to be in his early thirties, 5’11”, 210 pounds, and I’d describe his body as athletically muscular, not over done but having plenty of tone.

He led me back to his massage room. It was a regular bedroom that he had converted into his massage studio. It had two full walls of mirrors, one that ran parallel with the side of the table, and another that ran across the head of the table. The lights were turned down low, a space heater was running (making the room quite warm), soft, soothing music was playing, and it had quite an aromatic and slightly aphrodisiac smell in the air.

“Thanks for coming and being on time, Eric. Feel free to get undressed as far as you would like. Most prefer to be nude, and quite frankly, underwear can get in the way depending on its size, but it is up to your comfort level. When you’re done lay down under the sheet and begin to relax. I am going to step out and get myself ready; I’ll knock when I am about to come back in.”

Feeling my heart racing I managed to respond, “Thanks Michael.”

As he closed the door I began to take off my clothes, starting with my shirt, then my shoes and socks, then slid my pants down and finally took off my boxer-briefs. Standing there naked I couldn’t help but admire my body in the mirrors. As I felt the blood begin to fill my cock, I decided to lie down in case he came back in and saw me semi-erect. Taking deep breathes, I began to try and relax my entire body, knowing full well that being relaxed and letting him manipulate my body as he sees fit will ensure the best massage experience possible.

Hearing the knock, I look up to see Michael coming in with a bottle of lotion in a pouch wrapped around his waist. I turn my head and watch him walk to my side, beginning to squirt the oil in his hands.

“You ready, Eric?”

“Yes, absolutely. I’ve been looking forward to this massage. Believe me, I am ready to have your hands relax me… Boy, that probably didn’t come out right.” I was kicking myself for being so forward, hoping I didn’t come off wrong.

“It’s ok, Eric. I think I know what you mean. I’ve been anticipating getting casino şirketleri my hands on you as well.” Yet again, I see his cock twitch in his shorts, and begin to think he has more on his mind than just a massage, to which I am very open to.

He steps closer to me, “Go ahead and put your head down in the holder; relax, I’ll take good care of you.” I adjust my head and begin to feel his hands rub my back, starting with my shoulders. He steps to the head of the table rubbing my shoulders and my back, sliding his hands down me further and further each time, until eventually they slide under the sheet with each stroke and then back up my back. As he bends over to reach my lower back, I can feel the warmth and slight stiffness of his penis rub and rest against my head.

Next, he slides over and stands on my right side, continuing to massage my back. I again feel his cock rub against me, but this time on my arm and hand. I don’t say anything, wanting to see where this goes, and being very turned on by the feel of it. He works down from my shoulders to my lower back and then right up to the top of my butt. He then adjusts the towel so it is folded in half, completely exposing my right butt cheek. As he continues to fumble with it I decide to go out on a limb, “If it’s easier, you can just push the whole sheet to the floor.”

“You sure?”

“Yea, I’m sure plenty of guys have seen my ass in the gym locker room over the years anyways.”

“Yes, but seeing and touching are two different things.”

“It’s ok, I’m sure it will be worth it.”

I feel him fold up the sheet, hear him place it on the floor, step back to me and begin rubbing my thighs. He lifts the right one, spreading it to the edge of the table, and does the same with my left leg. I feel myself being exposed and get even more turned on.

“Do you mind if I take my shirt off? I am getting warm in this room, but I have found that the heat creates a much better massage environment and adds to the experience.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. Like I said, I’ve been in plenty of gym locker rooms. Get as comfortable as you’d like.”

I peek to my side as I see him strip off his shirt. As I am admiring his body, he catches me looking, smiles, and tosses his shirt to the side and goes back to massaging my legs. He starts on my right foot. Working his way up my calf, I feel one of his hands running up the inside of my leg. As he continues up my thigh, I am so relaxed that I can’t help but to let out a soft moan the instant his hand reaches the very top of my thigh, just under my butt. His hands are running all over my thighs and up and over my butt. With each stroke, he gets closer and closer to my crack, until I finally feel his fingers run down the center and across my hole. He runs his hands up my thigh gently across the bottom of my scrotum then up my crack and again passing over my hole. This time though I feel him slightly push against it as he passes over it. Again I let out a moan, a bit louder than the last.

“That’s good, just relax and enjoy your massage. I promise to take great care of you.”

“I’m sure you will. And don’t worry, you could do whatever you wanted to me I’m so relaxed.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

His hands are now working my left leg, and as they travel up my inner thigh, he stops at my balls and begins to massage them with one had as I feel his other hand come around and begin to rub against my butt hole. He softly begins to work his finger into me. First I feel just the tip, then the first knuckle, but he keeps pressing until his entire finger is inside me.

“Oh, God, that feels so good. I’ve never felt anything like this.”

“This is only the beginning. I’ll show you so much more before we are through.”

“Yes, please do. I’ll do anything you want me to.”

As his finger is slowly moving in and out of me, I feel him begin to press another finger in and soon he is fingering me with two fingers. The feeling is amazing. It hurts a slight bit, especially at first, but soon I become accustomed to it and feel only the pleasure it is causing. His other hand has snuck its way under my body as he slightly lifts my hips, causing his fingers to go into me even more as his other hand wraps around my cock. My left hand is still at my side, until I reach up for his cock, stroking him through his shorts. The heat, length, and hardness of his cock turn me on even more.

I softly whisper, “These are just in the way,” as I begin to tug his shorts down his legs. I feel his cock come free and immediately wrap my fingers around it. “God, you are so big,” and I look over my shoulder I estimate that he is at least nine inches, if not bigger!

He continues fingering me as I pull him toward the head of the table. He manages to keep his fingers in me and I begin to lick up and down his hard cock. The taste is magnificent and it’s only moments before I have his head in my mouth. He moans and begins casino firmaları to slowly slide his hips forward, putting more of his cock into my mouth until the head hits the back of my throat and I gag. He pulls out, steps away from the table, slides open a drawer and pulls out a narrow butt plug/dildo.

“I’ll use this to warm you up some more.”

“Yes, please, this cock is huge.”

While still on my knees and elbows, I go back to sucking his cock, trying to work as much of it into my mouth as possible, without gagging too much. I end up using one hand to stroke him as my head bobs back and forth. He puts some of his massage oil on the dildo and I feel him reach around me and begin to insert it. There isn’t much resistance at first since his fingers have already been loosening me up some, but when it starts getting thicker, he slows down. With one hand, he holds my face down on his cock so I can’t pull off and tell him to stop or scream as he pushes more and more of it into me. Finally I feel the base and can’t believe the sensations. I am so horny at this point my cock is leaking pre-cum onto the table. I feel his hand begin to push further on my head and his cock begins to slip into my throat. For the first time in my life, I am deep-throating another man. All the while, he is working the eight inch dildo from tip to base all the way in and out of my ass. I am being completely used and loving every minute of it.

“Roll onto your back, Eric.”

“You sure you want me to stop?”

“You’re not stopping, just re-positioning.” He pushes the dildo all the way into me. “Don’t worry, the dildo is made to stay in place so we will keep this there for a bit.”

I roll over, and as I do, he removes the head support from the end of the table. This causes my head to hang off the end of the table. I realize what he has in mind as he puts his cock to my mouth. He now has an almost direct line through my mouth and into my throat. After a few slow movements in and out, again deep-throating his cock, I feel his balls hanging down and resting against my nose. He now has his entire nine inch cock in my mouth. Never before have had I felt a feeling quite like this and it only makes me wonder what it will be like when I have this same feeling with his cock in my ass.

“You are a very quick learner, Eric. You are a natural born cock sucker, that is for sure.”

With his immense girth and length in me, all I can do is moan my approval. For only the second time, I feel his hand reach out and grab my cock and begin stroking it. With my head in this position I cannot do much on my own, and Michael begins moving his hips in and out, sliding his cock through my mouth and throat. He pulls out occasionally, allowing me to breathe, and causing streams of saliva and pre-cum to follow, connecting the tip of his cock to my mouth. He grabs his cock by its base and slaps me several times on the cheeks and nose with it.

“You ready to feel this cock inside you?”

“I don’t know, it’s so big.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slowly. It will probably hurt a bit at first, but you’ll get used to it. Now, how ’bout you stand up, spread your legs a bit, and bend over the table at your waist.”


As I bend over, I look to the side and see the image in the mirror: me bent over and him sliding the dildo out of me.

“Hold your cheeks apart a bit as I lube you up some more.” I feel him squirt more of the oil and lube down my crack and work it into me, and he applies a generous amount of lube to his cock as well, stroking it with his other hand from base to tip. The scene is so erotic. The anticipation of being fucked for the first time is overwhelming.

“God, this is so crazy. I can’t believe you are about to fuck me.”

“I can’t wait to feel your tight, virgin ass. I hope this won’t be the only time I do.”

“I doubt it will be.”

I see him in the mirror step up behind me. He places one hand on the small of my back and guides his cock to my hole with the other. I feel the tip touch me, sending a jolt of excitement through my whole body.

“You ready, Eric? I’m about to start entering you. Just relax, take deep breathes and just let it happen.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best. Just go slow. I’m ready for you.”

He begins to slowly apply pressure. I feel his head begin to open me up and it breaks through and enters me with a pop. I tense up; he strokes my back and my butt, whispering, “Relax, I’ll hold it here until you’re ready for more, just let me know.” I take a few deep breathes, move my hands up and rest my head on them, close my eyes and tell him to go ahead, I’m ready for more. He puts both hands on my hips and I turn to watch in the mirror as he pushes his hips into me, causing inch after inch of his cock to spread me open and bury itself into my now not-so-virgin ass.

“Oh my God, this feeling is amazing.”

“Ya it is, you are so tight. Does it hurt at all?”

“Yes, güvenilir casino it does slightly, but the pleasure is amazing.”


“How much of you is in me? It has to be all the way in, right?”

“No, almost half. You’ll know when my entire nine inches is in you, believe me.”

I can’t believe he is only half way into me! I already feel so full and can’t imagine what it will feel like when he is completely in me. I relax more as I feel him press into me. With each inch that goes in me, the ecstasy gets greater and greater. The pleasure is overwhelming. I am moaning more the more I feel of him. The skin of his hips presses against my butt; I feel his testicles rubbing against mine. He is now fully inside of me. All nine inches of his cock is buried in my ass.

“Oh my God, this feels so good. Please fuck me. Please. Please fuck me now, Michael.”


He grabs my hips with his long, muscular fingers and slides his cock slowly out of me. All but the tip, and then works its length back into me. Working up a rhythm. Sliding in and out of me. I feel him squirt some more lube down my crack and it gathers on his cock as it slides into me.

“You ready now, Eric? I am about to really fuck you. Like you fuck those horny college girls. You are going to love this.”

“Yes, yes, please Michael. Please fuck me. I need this. So bad.”

His tempo increases. He is now fucking me. Rocking the massage table that I am leaning on. I reach up and grab the edge of it on the sides of my head. I am moaning uncontrollably. Watching our reflection in the mirror I see his ass flexing, his mouth open, the sweat rolling down his face and over his well-defined pecs. He is moaning as well, telling me how nice and tight my ass is.

He speeds up even more, really fucking me hard. I can’t even remember if I have ever fucked any girl this hard. Both hands move up to my shoulders, pulling my body onto him as he thrusts into me.

Breathlessly, I say “Mike… Mike… I think… I’m going… to cum… I haven’t… even… touched my cock… yet!”

“Don’t, don’t touch it. Just let it cum. You’ll love it.”

I feel my cock begin to spasm, look in the mirror and can see it shooting spurt after spurt of cum under the table. As I’m cumming I feel my ass spasm as well; tightening and loosening on his cock.

“God, I think I’m going to cum, too, Eric.”

“Please Mike, please cum in my mouth and on my face. I want to taste you.”

He pulls his cock out of me, “Ok then, get on your knees.” I turn around and fall to the floor, watching him stroke his cock. I open my mouth and slightly stick out my tongue, just in time to see his cock head swell, spasm and start shooting his cum in my mouth. He has quite good aim as most of the warm liquid makes its way into my mouth, with only some hitting my cheeks and chin. I hold as much of his cum in my mouth, waiting for it all to come out. I look up at him and make one big gulp of a swallow, feeling it all slide down my throat. It’s warm, somewhat salty, but tastes very good. I scoop what had hit my cheeks and chin and bring it to my mouth and swallow it as well.

Feeling exhausted, I look up at him. He asks me, “You ready for a shower now?”

“Absolutely, just hope I can stand. My whole body is tingling and spasming. This is amazing.”

“I’ll lead you.”

We go into the bathroom, he turns the water on, leads me in and proceeds to wash me off from head to toe, front and back. He drops down to his knees to wash off my legs and while down there, puts my semi-erect cock in his mouth and gives me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. “I wish you could fuck me one more time, Michael.” I say as I look down at him. “I will, Eric. Just not today. But feel free to come back whenever you like. I loved fucking your tight ass. And now am loving sucking this gorgeous cock of yours.”

As he goes back to work, bobbing his head up and down on me, I feel one hand reach around and him insert a finger into my tender ass. He reaches right for my prostate, presses against it, and I feel another orgasm coming on.

“Oh Mike, whatever you are doing, don’t stop. Oh God, I’m going to cum AGAIN!!”

I feel the cum rushing out of me and straight into his mouth. He swallows it all, stands up and finishes washing me off. He shuts off the water, steps out, wraps me in a towel and dries me off. He dries off and we step back into the studio room. We put our clothes back on and he leads me to the door.

“Like I said Eric, feel free to come over and get a massage whenever you like. Hell, feel free to come over even if you don’t want a massage. My door is always open. And don’t be afraid to bring Becky with you. I love playing both sides of the field!”

“That sounds great, Michael. Thanks for this. That was amazing. I’ll definitely be over again.”

As I’m leaving I text Becky, “Just finished my massage with Michael. It was amazing. Will definitely be going back.”

“Oh ya? Did he rub you good?”

“You have no idea Becky.”

“I bet I do. I’m waiting for you at my apartment, hurry up and come over here so you can tell me all about it!”

To be continued?

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