College Break at Home Pt. 04

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Jamie laid in his bed, trying to figure out his next move after getting fucked by the bartender.

His chest and dress shirt were soaked in his own cum, while his asshole was leaking the bartender’s. Still tipsy from the strong drinks he’d been poured earlier, he clumsily got out of bed, grabbed a towel, and tried to clean up. He dabbed water on his shirt, trying to get out some of the strain before it set in. It mostly worked, and he threw on his tuxedo once more to return to the party.

When he got back downstairs, he found that a lot more people had arrived. The house was now packed with his parents’ friends dressed to the nines, talking loudly over the music and clearly having fun. Jamie glanced over at the bartender, who was so busy making drinks he didn’t notice Jamie’s stares.

Over the next few hours, Jamie began to chat with some of his friends’ parents. Most of them hadn’t seen Jamie since he was in high school, so they made small talk about his college experience, what he was studying, and if he was still running track.

Eventually, Mark showed up to save Jamie from the monotony, drink in hand.

“Hey Jamie, the bartender asked me to give you this,” he said while leading Jamie away into a slightly less crowded area of the living room. It was a tall, clear drink, which Jamie realized was nearly entirely gin after taking his first sip.

“Damn, that’s boozy. But honestly, exactly what I need after making small talk with all these people for two hours.”

“Well, at least it seems like you made friends with the guy that caught us earlier,” Mark teased.

“Yeah man, you have no idea,” Jamie replied back with a knowing laugh, already feeling his inhibitions lower after a few sips.

Mark got the picture. “Oh no, don’t tell me you fucked the bartender too!” He was clearly a little drunk as well, talking slightly too loudly for such a sensitive topic at a crowded party.

“Shit dude, keep your voice down,” Jamie said in a hushed tone, checking around him to see if anyone heard. “But to be honest, he fucked me.”

“Impressive, Jamie. How was he?”

Jamie began to tell Mark about the encounter. He detailed how the bartender had taken control, fucked him hard, and left him covered in cum. He even showed Mark the cum stain on his dress shirt, which his drunken self took as a badge of honor.

When he was done, Mark looked like a dog in heat. Jamie noticed a slight bulge in his pants and a sultry look in his eyes. He was clearly turned on by the story.

“Well, you’ll be happy to know you’re not the only one here who’s been getting some interest,” Mark added with a smirk. “Turns out, some of your dad and I’s friends from high school are closeted gays.”

“No way, I don’t believe you,” Jamie replied incredulously. “Like who?!”

“Well, I guess I’m not entirely sure. But I definitely got the feeling that our old buddies Jack and Steve are at least bicurious.” He discretely pointed them out from the crowd as he said their names.

Jamie recognized them both from his dad’s old college dorm photos. They obviously looked much older now than they were then, but they were still quite handsome. Jack was easily 6’4″, a little husky, dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. Steve was more of an average height, with black hair, a well-kept stubble, and soft features. Still, Jamie could tell he was pretty jacked even with a tux on.

“Wait, so why do you think they’re into guys?”

“So I was telling them about the divorce, and they naturally asked what had happened. Since we’re buddies, I was pretty honest about how I had been unhappy for a while, sleeping around a bunch, and how she caught me a few times.”

“You just love to brag about your conquests, man,” Jamie teased.

“Of course,” Mark replied back like it was the obvious thing to do. “So at this point they started joking about how ugly the girls who are willing to sleep with me must be, so I busted out my phone to show off some of their pictures. And since I’m an honest dude, I showed them some of the guys, too.”

“No way,” said Jamie. “And they seemed cool with that?”

“I honestly didn’t know how they would react, but turns out they didn’t mind at all. In fact, they were really curious, asking me about what it felt like and how many guys I’d been with.”

“Fuck, that’s wild. But sounds like they’ve never been with a guy before?”

“Yeah definitely not,” replied Mark. “But I guess we’ll see…you know how I get!”

Just then, one of Jamie’s dad’s coworkers interrupted the conversation with some questions about his plans after college, so Jamie couldn’t follow-up with Mark on his plans for the evening.

Damn, he thought. He was so curious about what was going to happen. Could Mark really seduce Jack and Steve? Were they even curious, or was Mark just horny and reading too much into their responses? He would have to find out later.

The party continued, and Jamie began to get drunker and drunker. He slowly sipped on drinks poured for him by the bartender, who was clearly casino şirketleri being heavy-handed. To be fair, it seemed as if he was a little heavy-handed for everyone. As midnight rolled around, the party was still packed and people seemed more than a little drunk. Voices got louder, the mood became more energetic, and people began to dance to the music.

Eventually, Jamie spotted Jack and Steve across the room, chatting between themselves. He realized this was his chance to scope out the situation and see if they were actually interested in men. With his liquid courage, he walked over to them and broke into the conversation.

“Hey, I think you two went to college with my dad? I seem to recognize you both from his old photo albums.” Jamie was playing dumb.

They quickly realized who Jamie was and seemed enthused.

“No way! You look just like Peter,” said Steve. He had a deep voice that matched his tough-looking physicality. “I’m Steve, and this is Jack.”

“We lived with your dad and Mark all four years,” Jack added as they shook hands. “So we heard you’re in college right now, too?”

“Yeah, this is my senior year.”

“Well I hope you’re taking full advantage of the experience,” said Steve. “It’s a great time to learn, but also to make a ton of mistakes.”

“God knows we did!” Jack added with a fond laugh, patting Steve on the back boisterously. Jamie could tell they were kind of drunk too.

“So we were just chatting about Mark,” Steve said, changing the subject a bit. “Sounds like you’ve seen him quite a bit over the years. Did you know he was bisexual?”

Jamie wasn’t sure if he should continue playing dumb or be completely honest about their fucking. He ended up going somewhere in the middle.

“Yeah, I found out this weekend. We chatted a bit about guys since I’m actually gay too.” He wasn’t going to tell them that he’d fucked Mark, at least not yet.

They both looked pretty surprised at Jamie’s coming out.

“Oh, that makes sense then,” said Jack. “If I’m being frank, I would never have expected you to be gay. I guess in my mind, you don’t really fit the stereotype.”

“And what’s that?” Jamie asked with a smug smile.

Jack continued nervously, “It’s probably just a generational thing, but you mostly just hear about really flamboyant gay men. I don’t mean to be weird, but you look pretty masculine and fit, like an athlete.”

“I completely get what you mean,” replied Jamie. “I’m mostly just messing with you.”

Jack and Steve smiled, looking relieved that Jamie wasn’t offended.

“So I have to ask,” Steve said, obviously with something on his mind. “Is the sex really as good as Mark makes it out to be?”

Fuck, thought Jamie. That was pretty ballsy for the first time meeting someone. At this point, Jamie felt pretty confident that both Jack and Steve were actually curious about men, and maybe even him. He was even feeling a little horny around them, too. But he had to be careful in how he responded. If he was too obvious, they might get weirded out and turn off. But if he let on too much that he was interested, they might never act.

“I mean, I always have a great time,” said Jamie with a smirk. “Guys know exactly what feels good, I guess”.

“Damn, that makes sense,” said Jack. He seemed intrigued but not yet convinced.

“Honestly,” Jamie continued, “guys are just a lot tighter than woman, if you know what I mean.” Maybe he’d said too much now, but he had to sell them on the best parts of gay sex.

The look on their faces changed from curiosity to desire. Plus, the tents pitching in their pants made it clear what they were thinking.

“I need the men’s room,” said Steve abruptly, clearly hinting at a different intention.

“As a matter of fact, I do too,” Jack added, looking over at Steve to ensure they were on the same page. “Could you show us where that is, Jamie?”

It had worked. Without a word, Jamie casually led both Steve and Jack upstairs, away from the hustle of the drunken party. It seemed as if no one had even noticed them leave.

When Jamie got upstairs, he peeked around to make sure no one was up there. With the coast clear, he brought them directly into Mark’s bedroom and shut the door.

“I don’t think anyone will find us in here,” said Jamie.

The two men looked a little nervous, as they had never been with a guy before. But Jamie knew that would change the second they got their dicks sucked, so he got to work.

First, he got on his knees and unbuckled Jack’s belt. In one fell swoop, Jamie pulled down both his pants and underwear, exposing Jack’s erect dick. It was 7 inches long, with a slight upward bend and fully shaved pubes. Jamie grabbed the shaft with his hands and then enveloped the head with his lips.

Jack shuddered, clearly loving the feeling of a young jock sucking his cock.

“Damn he was right, guys really do know what feels good,” he said to Steve, who started to remove his own pants and underwear.

When they fell to the floor, Jamie checked casino firmaları out his dick curiously. If Steve’s average height was to be taken as a sign of an average penis, he was mistaken. It was a monster, just as long as the bartender’s 9″ cock but girthy too. Matching Steve’s tan skin tone, veins protruded beautifully along the shaft and accentuated the bulbous head. His pubes were trimmed but dense, a thick black bunch of curls that blended into his hairy legs and torso.

Jack was surprised too. “Fuck, that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, man! Who knew you were packing all these years.”

Jamie shifted over to Steve, giving the massive cock a few strokes before wrapping his lips around the tip. Steve seemed equally pleased with Jamie’s blowjob, moaning loudly as he grabbed Jamie’s head, gently guiding him deeper and deeper along his shaft. At the same time, Jamie stroked Jack’s cock, not wanting him to be left out of the action.

With help from Steve’s muscular arms, Jamie slowly pushed the entire cock down his throat, holding back his gag reflex as his lips brushed against Steve’s pubes. Steve’s head rolled back in pleasure, as if he couldn’t believe that a blowjob could feel that good.

“Shit, that’s the best I’ve ever had. Who figured Peter’s son would get us off like this?” Steve asked Jack with a wide grin on his face.

At this point, both men began taking off their tuxedo jackets, bowties, and dress shirts, showing off their muscled torsos and arms. For being in their late 40s, both men were in remarkable shape. Jamie knew this would be a good time.

Jack pulled Jamie up from his knees, making sure he got a good look at them.

“It’s your turn now,” said Jack, indicating Jamie to remove his clothing too.

Jamie knew he could tease them, letting them soak up his young, fit body as they stroked their cocks. After sliding out of his jacket and bowtie, he started at the top of his dress shirt, slowly removing each button one-by-one. As he went, he pulled open his dress shirt, showing off his defined pecs and slim, chiseled abs. He flexed his arms as he pulled off the shirt, and they looked at him desirously.

Next, Jamie removed his shoes and let his pants fall to the ground, leaving on only his tiny briefs. He turned around as he removed the back first, exposing his tight ass. As he turned back front, he noticed their jaws hang limp. Lastly, he pulled down the front of his underwear to reveal his hairless groin and cock , sticking out at full attention from his body.

Steve and Jack were speechless.

“So who’s gonna fuck me first?” Jamie asked them both flirtatiously.

Jack took the lead, following Jamie to the bed. Jamie was secretly happy that Jack had volunteered, because it would give him some time to stretch out before Steve could enter him.

Knowing it was Jack’s first time at anal, Jamie laid down on his stomach and propped us his ass, exposing his tight, hairless cherry.

“There’s some lube on the nightstand. Rub that on your cock first, then slide in,” Jamie instructed Jack.

Jack coated his dick in lube, then got on his knees directly on top of Jamie’s torso. He smiled as he lowered his groin, letting his cock rest directly on Jamie’s crack as he gently slid back and forth, enjoying the sensation of Jamie’s skin on his shaft. After a few seconds, Jack began to prop his dick up against Jamie’s hole.

At the foot of the bed, Steve crouched down to watch up close as Jack pushed inside Jamie.

“Fuck yeah, Jack, enter him!” Steve encouraged his friend jocularly.

After a moment of tension, Jack slid inside Jamie all at once. He moaned loudly, almost surprised at how good it felt.

“Oh my god,” was all he could muster, as he began to thrust long and slow inside Jamie.

Jamie, on the other hand, felt almost no pain from Jack’s quick entrance. After all, he had already been fucked twice in the same day and had both Mark and the bartender’s loads still inside him, lubing up his hole. He tried to encourage Jack to keep going.

“How do you like my ass? I bet it’s the tightest hole you’ve ever fucked.”

“Yes, Jamie,” he replied, “my dick feels incredible inside you. You’re so much tighter than my wife.”

Steve had moved directly in front of Jamie, jerking off to the sight of his friend pounding Jamie’s fit, college-aged body. But then, he got on his knees and brought his dick to Jamie’s face, letting him suck it once more.

“You’re a sex machine,” Steve encouraged Jamie, obviously impressed at his ability to pleasure two guys at once. He began to thrust more forcefully inside Jamie’s mouth, letting Jamie choke a little on his huge dick.

Pounding him faster, Jack reached out his hands to grab Steve’s, over Jamie’s back, to Eiffel Tower Jamie as they both thrust inside him in unison.

“Goddamn man, I’ve never felt this good.” Jack seemed convinced of man’s sexual perfection.

Just then, the bedroom door burst open and all three men turned their heads. It was Mark.

“No way, I güvenilir casino can’t believe I was right!” He was clearly a bit drunk, but excitedly shocked to see two of his married, college friends fucking a guy. “Seems like you discovered the pleasure that is Peter’s son.”

Mark slammed the door behind him and hastily removed all his clothes.

“Hell yeah, man,” Steve replied. “My dick hasn’t been this hard in years.” He must have been drunk enough that being caught didn’t phase him one bit. He grabbed Jamie’s head again, changing his pace to long, slow thrusts inside his lover’s mouth.

Now in the buff, Mark began to masturbate his quickly growing cock. He got on the bed beside Jack, who continued to thrust inside Jamie hard and fast. His balls clapped against Jamie’s taint as sweat rolled down his chest.

Mark, horny as ever, wanted to get in on the action. As he stroked his cock with his right hand, he began to rub his left along Jack’s shoulders, then back, and continued to move down. Finally, he massaged Jack’s butt cheeks, guiding them back and forth while they thrusted toward Jamie.

“Just like that, Mark, keep grabbing my ass,” Jack moaned to his buddy.

Mark then moved directly behind Jack, now using both hands to massage his friend. He pulled apart his ass, then rubbed his index finger along Jack’s asshole. Jack shuddered, unable to handle all the attention.

“Fuck man, I’m gonna blow my load!”

“Breed me, Jack,” Jamie begged. “Cum inside me!” He couldn’t wait.

“I’m cumming!!” Jack screamed as he thrust one final time into Jamie. His cock unloaded, pumping hot cum deep inside Jamie’s cavity. Jack collapsed on top of Jamie’s back, then rolled over onto the bed exhausted.

“My turn,” exclaimed Steve, moving from Jamie’s head to his ass quickly. At the same time, Jamie flipped over onto his back, hoping to jerk off as he got fucked this time.

“Go slow, man, your cock is massive,” Jamie cautioned Steve.

“Good thing your hole is all lubed up with Jack’s load,” said Steve with a smirk.

“Plus, the cum of two guys earlier today,” Jamie replied, winking at Mark.

Steve put Jamie’s legs over his shoulders, then positioned his cock at the entrance to his hole. Jamie admired the sturdy, chiseled body of the man who was about to fuck him. Every muscle was massive and well-defined. Sweat glimmered off his tan skin, which appeared even a bit darker from his trimmed, black hair.

Steve admired Jamie back. His tall, skinny frame showed off every muscle in his hairless body. He had never been interested in men until today, when he suddenly felt anxious to blow his load inside this college hunk.

Steve began to push his dick inside Jamie’s hole. It went in easier than he had anticipated, in part because it was slightly gaped open from Jack. Still, he had to press hard, stretching out the cavity as his full 9 inches slid inside.

“Goddamnit, Jack was right. This feels so fucking good,” Steve grunted. He felt a constant, even pressure around his cock. Jamie moaned, partly in pain, as the bulbous head ballooned along his prostate.

Jamie stroked his cock slowly, wanting to savor the feeling of a god fucking him. He saw his own abs inflate and deflate with each thrust, the sign of a huge dick. At the same time, he noticed Mark moving to his left, positioning his cock near his face. He opened his mouth to swallow up Mark’s member.

“Suck my dick, Jamie. I wanna blow my load in you,” he groaned deeply. Jamie moaned back in agreement, the sounds stifled by the cock enveloping his mouth.

Steve’s fucking got quicker, until he was pounding Jamie. He leaned over him, effectively using the full weight of his body to slam again his lover’s ass. If Jamie wasn’t so boozed up and Steve’s dick didn’t feel so incredible, Jamie would have been in enormous pain.

Again, Mark reached over and grabbed his friend’s ass. Steve lapped it up, his strokes getting shorter and quicker as Mark began to massage his asshole with his finger.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum too!” A fiendish look came over Steve’s face as his cock erupted inside Jamie. After the first pulse, he yanked out his dick, allowing the next four ropes of jizz to shoot onto Jamie’s body. Cum showered Jamie’s chest, abs, and cock.

Mark wasted no time in taking Steve’s place, quickly sliding his penis inside Jamie’s gaped asshole.

“Get ready for another load,” Mark grunted as he quickly picked up steam.

Jamie continued to stroke his cock as Steve and Jack went to either side of his body, beginning to lap the cum from his torso.

“I’ve never tasted cum before, Steve,” said Jack, “but yours tastes incredible.” Steve grunted in agreement, enjoying his salty load as it mixed with Jamie’s sweat.

The combination of Mark fucking his ass, two straight men licking his chest, and stroking his own cock was enough to make Jamie erupt. Without saying a word, semen rushed out of his dick, spraying Steve and Jack’s heads.

“Fuck!!” said Jamie and Mark in unison, as Mark thrust a final time inside Jamie.

“I’m cumming too!!” He kept his dick deep inside Jamie’s hole as his third load that day streamed into his lover. His seed trickled out onto the bed, leaving Jamie in a massive heap of men, sweat, and semen.

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