Cold War Between Wife , Mom Ch. 04

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“When mom finishes her shower she is going to want me to come to bed with her.” Dan said sheepishly, sitting in a chair across from his wife sitting on the sofa. “She said you told her you would not be joining us?”

“Not tonight.” Gail replied, sitting tight-lipped with arms folded tightly across her chest staring at the TV.

Dan felt uncomfortable and without words, sensing that something was wrong once more between his mother and his wife. He sat with his forearms resting on his knees, twiddling his thumbs and studying the floor. His eyes followed a tiny spider until it disappeared under the sofa.

Hearing the bathroom door open, Dan swiveled his head towards the hall. Waiting, he saw his mother poke her head around the wall. With a smile, she winked at him and nodded her head towards the bedroom.

Knowing her son would take a shower before he joined her, she waited just inside the bedroom door until she heard the bathroom door close.

She returned to the living room and stood at the coffee table across from Gail, blocking her view of the TV.

“So you’re really not going to join us.” She stated. “He has more than enough cock for the both of us. I had no intentions of locking you out entirely.”

“No! He’s all yours. You can fuck him all night if you want to!”

If Gail had been truthful with herself, she would have had found it difficult to admit that it was not the sharing of her husband’s cock that had her withdrawn and sulking, but the need for her mother-in-law, a woman, to strap on the dildo and fuck her was at the root of her stubbornness. Daniel, her husband and a man, would have first shot at either one of them.

“Have it your way!” Ethel sighed. “Daniel told me he was taking off tomorrow.”

“The hell you say!” Gail exclaimed.

“Just joking.” Ethel said with a knowing smile on her face. She turned and headed for the bedroom, knowing she had head hit the nail on the head with her comment, knowing tomorrow would be an interesting day.

Daniel finished his shower and started to turn left out of the bathroom door to wish his wife a good night, thought better of it and swiveled right.

Entering the bedroom, he closed the door and made his way across the 18 feet of dimly lit room. As was his habit, he pulled the thin curtain slightly open to study the backyard.

‘Thank heavens the neighbor’s security light is not own tonight’ he thought, ‘I don’t think I could keep a hard on if I had to be reminded who I was fucking every time I open my eyes, knowing mom is expecting me to perform like a stud. And Gail out there staring at the damned TV, mad as hell that I’m in here having incestuous sex with his mother and enjoying it. Too much pressure!’

Finding the bedding folded neatly at the foot of the bed, he entered the bed and lay on his back with his arms folded behind his head.

“I’m glad you took a quick shower.” Ethel said, turning on her left side, bringing her body within inches of his, and reaching with her right hand to rub her son’s belly.

Ethel, after a short minute, slid her hand down to her son’s cock, finding it, to her dismay, only partially erect. He did not move his arms from behind his head. He did not turn to snuggle.

“You’re a bit tense tonight?” Ethel stated rather than asked.

Dan answered anyway, “What’s wrong with you two?”

Ethel did not want to explain the lengthy explanation of the fight for dominance between her and Gail, or, as she suspected, as she knew, that his wife had found that being with another woman, eating pussy and being fucked with a hefty dildo was confusing for the younger woman. She wondered if her daughter-in-law would go seeking aFWB.

Neither, did Ethel have a “Reader’s Digest” version, so she told the truth.

“She’s upset because earlier I told her point-blank that your peter was not up for grabs tonight. I would get it first and she could have seconds. It ended in a tussle and I had to whip her ass.”

“You two physically fought!” Dan whispered with surprise.

“Just a wrestling match, really.” Ethel explains. “My weight won out fortunately. She’s a little scrapper.”

Ethel was instantly aware of her son’s cock becoming rigid. Her smile went unseen in the semi-darkness.

“Boy! I wished I could have seen that!” He whispered. “I would have fucked you right there as you held her down!”

Whatever the visions her son was having, she cared not as he was maneuvering atop her.

She spread her legs and he slipped between casino şirketleri them as they lifted. She still had hold of his cock and guided it into her. The conversation had caused lubricant to flow and it slid easily into her, not so snug, pussy.

Dan began to fuck his mother slowly.

“Oh Lordy! Your cock feels good in side me.” Ethel cooed.

“Your pussy is always so warm and soft.” Dan whispered near her ear.

“Isn’t Gail’s pussy warm and soft?” She quizzed.

“Warm enough, I suppose, but she keeps the damned thing waxed. The lack of a bush makes it seem hard and cold.”

Ethel started to say she would have a talk with Gail, but she liked Gail’s hairless twat and so decided to say nothing. It was after all to her benefit.

Her hands roamed over her son’s back and shoulders, pulling him tightly against her ample breasts. Her hands slid down to caress and squeeze his buttocks.

“Suck my nipple.” She whispered.

Dan pushed himself up slightly, sought and found a firm nipple to his right. He sucked on it softly at first, then, hearing her moans, sucked harder.

Ethel’s ass pushed a bit more quickly to transmit her need for a quicker rhythm. Her son responded and lightly bit his mother’s nipple sending her ass into a frenzied hump. He soon left her nipple, and, cradling her tightly against him, himself aware of her compressed breast against his chest, began a quick paced rhythm that soon had her breathing with her mouth open.

The labored huffing and puffing so close to his ear only spurred Dan to hammer his mother’s pussy with abandonment, her puffy Mons Veneris, aka, Hill of Venus, acting as a shock absorber, making the experience extremely pleasurable.

“Fuck mama!” Ethel pleaded, then, praised, “You’re a good mother-fucker! I don’t think I could ever get enough of your hard cock. To hell with that dildo!

With such praise for his manhood, Daniel’s mind dipped towards the bizarre.

He envisioned his wife and mother in a heated and passionate wrestling match, the winner of which would have the pleasure of his cock.

They pulled hair, slapped relentlessly at each other’s heads, shredded shirts and blouses and called each other whores, cunts and bitches.

In his deluded fickleness, he rallied behind and voiced his support for the one who seem to have momentary superiority over the other.

Their strength was such that the jeans that both women wore ripped and gave way to be thrown to the side, soon leaving only panties and bras to be mauled with long sharp fingernails.

Bras and panties remained intact long enough to give him a tawdry view of the adversaries’ posteriors, the silky cloth pulled tight against their pussies. The bras had holes at the nipples allowing them to poke through in their lustful firmness. Then, they too vanished leaving mother and wife totally naked as they brawled, intertwining legs and arms in their attempts to subdue the other.

It could be theorized that because Dan, in real time, had his cock buried in his mother snatch that she should be the victor in this sexually bizarre fantasy.

His mother managed to straddle his wife’s midsection, holding her arms outstretched over her head. His mother’s head pressed hard between Gail’s breast holding her fast and nearly immobile. A count of 10 and his mother voiced her victory and asked for her prize.

He stared wantonly at his mother’s fur-lined labia as he dropped in behind her, magically naked too, and guided his cock to her very easily recognized fuck hole.

To be fair to Ethel, she had no bizarre visions, but the incestuous knowledge that it was her son pounding her pussy

Let it be known that all of this culminated into two explosive orgasms, with mother following son almost instantly, he filling her belly with warm cum, which she so desperately wanted.

Mother and son continued fucking. Dan had had a hard day at work and Ethel had been fucked to exhaustion.

They soon uncoupled and Dan was soon fast asleep. Ethel, on the other hand, found sleep elusive.

Gail continued to stare at the TV for nearly 3 hours. She soon figured that Dan and Ethel had probably fucked themselves to exhaustion and was now fast asleep.

She took her own shower. Naked, she retired to the bedroom and reclined on the couch with a light blanket for covering. Studying the two bodies on the bed she confirmed her thought of them sleeping. Again, the bedding would have to be washed.

Ethel was casino firmaları not sleeping and was very much aware of her daughter-in-law entering the bedroom and taking a position on the couch. She was wide-awake and thought, ‘why wait until tomorrow’. She slipped out the foot of the bed and again went to the tote bag and withdrew the dildo.

Gail was aware of her mother-in-law’s move passed her but was unaware of her strapping on the dildo.

Ethel felt a wetness drop on her left thigh and realized she was dripping cum. She reached into the bag not knowing what garment she pulled free, but only that it had a cotton feel. She wiped the wetness from her thigh and then pushed the garment against her pussy for a long moment, tossing it on top of the bag to be dealt with in the light of morning.

She approached the couch and lifted the cover off of Gail. Gail snatched it back. Ethel seized the covering, yanked it clear, tossing it behind her and out of Gail’s reach.

Gail sat up quickly pushed her torso forward, neck and face extended in a belligerent way and glared into the darkness at her mother-in-law.

Ethel placed her hands on her hips, extended her face downward, and glared back.

Both women seemed to be of one mind not to wake Dan.

In due time, Ethel sat down on the couch and Gail became aware of the dildo strapped to Ethel. She bolted up but Ethel grabbed her wrist and yanked her, turning her, causing her to tumble. In falling she came to rest straddling Ethel’s legs. Ethel struggled with her daughter-in-law’s efforts to escape but soon Gail stilled but sat defiantly, her arms crossed. Ethel pulled tenderly at Gail’s arms repeatedly until Gail dropped her arms to her sides.

Ethel put her hands behind Gail’s head and lightly pulled her face forward, kissing her lightly, lovingly and seductively

Gail was passive for long moments but soon returned the kiss. Soon, their tongues were fencing and they began playing with each other’s tits, thumbing the nipples. Long minutes later, Gail withdrew and turned her head towards the bed. Both women studied the snoring Daniel.

Gail’s head turned back to Ethel. Her maneuvering and lifting her ass transmitted her desire to mount the dildo. Ethel took hold of it and held it stationary and vertical.

Ethel watched the younger woman moving into position, probing, then, slowly lowering herself onto the long and thick rubber cock.

It took perhaps 20 seconds but Gail’s body relaxed and Ethel heard a brief, soft moan.

The shaft of the dildo barely withdrew from Gail’s pussy as she very slowly pushed her ass forward, letting it settle backward.

Within a minute or two, Ethel could discern Gail’s elevated breathing. Concerned about causing her daughter-in-law pain, causing her to yelp, Ethel remained perfectly still, allowing Gail her rein.

As her arousal strengthened, Gail placed her hands on her mother-in-law’s shoulders and lifted her ass up two to three inches off the shaft, then dropped onto it. The need to vocalize the pleasure was so great that she placed her forehead against her mother-in-law’s forehead and exhaled strongly.

When Gail began to lift repeatedly, riding the rubber cock, Ethel placed her hands under Gail’s ass to assist and to share in the girl’s euphoria.

It must be noted that when one assists in another’s sexual adventures that one’s state of arousal might surface. The strapped on dildo applied pressure to Ethel’s crotch but not enough to cause her own physical euphoria.

The soft spongy cushions of the old couch did not transmit any sound of the sexual activity happening within 4 feet of the sleeping Daniel.

Gail’s right-hand left Ethel’s shoulder and dropped to her crotch, her intent to take matters into her own hands and bring herself to orgasm. Ethel pulled her hand away and, making a fist, bending her forefinger in such a way as to allow the first knuckle to extend about a half-inch beyond the other folded fingers, placed the knuckle against Gail’s pussy.

It took a few moments for Gail to adjust. She stopped lifting her ass high off the dildo, leaving it entirely embedded in her, and began minuscule movements, scrubbing her clit against her mother-in-law’s knuckle.

Short minutes later the orgasm shook Gail. She could not squelch the moan, try as she did to subdue its volume.

As the orgasm abated, she dropped forward placing her forehead in the middle of Ethel’s breast. As reality returned, she lifted her head güvenilir casino and kissed her mother-in-law passionately.

“Let’s go to the bathroom.” Gail whispered.

She rose off of the rubber cock slowly. Standing, she gazed at her husband once more and headed out of the bedroom. Ethel followed.

The ever-burning nightlight was sufficient as Gail sat on the toilet un-strapping the dildo from her mother-in-law. Placing it on the counter, she turned Ethel around and began pecking on her butt. Ethel bent forward slightly to posture her posterior and to show her active participation.

Gail’s right-hand reached between Ethel’s thighs, causing Ethel to widen her stance a bit.

Ethel bent ever further and used a towel rack in front of her to support her weight.

Gail toyed with her mother-in-law’s fuzzy labia a long minute and then slid her middle finger into her pussy, causing Ethel to moan.

“You’re making me crazy, girl!”

Ethel’s mind returned to the earlier thought that after she returned home her daughter-in-law would most certainly search for a female FWB. She wanted desperately to be able to be that FWB!

After probing Ethel’s pussy a few long minutes;

“Here, you sit on the toilet.” She directed.

Ethel did as directed and Gail lifted Ethel’s right leg to place it on the edge of the bathtub. Retrieving a thick Towel, Gail placed it on the floor in front of the toilet and knelt down between Ethel’s legs, putting her lips to Ethel’s pussy as Ethel joggled her ass to give better access to her pussy.

‘This gal is hungry, eating my soiled pussy!’ Ethel thought.

Ethel was soon bathed in her own sexual euphoria, moaning continuously but conscious to keep the volume low.

Gail took her time not wanting her mother-in-law to come too quit.

Ethel steadied herself with her left hand on the bathroom counter while she toyed with her daughter-in-law’s hair with her right.

When Gail reinserted her finger into her pussy, Ethel lasted less than a minute before the orgasm seized her.

Gail washed her face with just water and took a swallow of mouthwash, spitting it into the sink. Ethel lifted the toilet seat and sat down to pee. Gail replaced the towel.

She waited for her mother-in-law to wipe herself and stand. Gail stopped her hand before she flushed the toilet. Then, initiated a long and passionate kiss.

“I wished you lived near us or at least not so far away.” Gail said forlornly, before turning to exit the bathroom.

Again, Ethel followed. She felt not the least put out when Gail past the couch and proceeded to enter the bed from the foot to be with her husband. With a smile, she retrieved the light covering from the floor and took her normal position with her head close to the bed.

Soon, all three were sleeping soundly.


The next morning, Ethel was awakened by “whatever”!

She was instantly aware of movement on the bed and craned her neck back to see her son’s naked ass. Smiling, she watched and listened.

“Bend your leg a little, Gail!” Dan whispered. “Lift it up just a little!”

Dan was trying to raise his wife from slumber enough to allow him to get his cock into her. She lay on her right side and he had succeeded so far to get her left leg bent. If he could just get her to lift her leg just a little, he would be able to enter her.

Gail wanted desperately to be left alone so she could sleep a bit more. It had been an exhausting night.

Still, she felt obligated to give Dan what he wanted, more so, knowing, should Ethel be awakened or already conscious, she would get brownie points for letting Dan fuck her after their own sex play just hours earlier.

She lifted her leg and reached between her thighs to assist in his penetration.

Dan pushed inside of her and began a determined fuck. Gail drifted off to sleep again.

Ethel pondered why her son had gone for his wife rather than she. She would have been more than willing to give him an early morning fuck. Maybe, she thought, it was for the best as she had not cleansed her pussy and it was probably downright raunchy!

Horny Dan ejaculated in less than five minutes. When the orgasm hit, Dan shoved his cock deep. He was breathing hard.

The deep penetration brought Gail back to semi-consciousness. She knew not how long her husband had been fucking her, but she was satisfied that she had done her wifely chore. Ethel could not bitch at her!

“That was good baby!” She muttered.

She felt his cock withdrawal. She went back to sleep.

Ethel closed her eyelids loosely and felt his presence as he walked by the couch. She craned her head once more to look at Gail on the bed.

‘That’s a good girl!’ She thought.

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