Coffee and Cream

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I work in a coffee shop. Not a big, plush establishment, instead its just a small shop with a few regulars and people who sit and mooch off of the wifi. There’s rarely anything interesting going on in the small shop off of the bookstore, but last year’s Valentine’s Day was different.

Last year, right around Valentine’s Day the boss hired a new manager. Her name was Elise and she was all business. The last manager was a thirty five year old man who always had a scraggly week old beard that grew all the way down his thick neck. Elise whipped the lazy attitude of the coffee shop back into an establishment that looked almost as good as she did. We had everything clean and fresh, the stockroom was even cleaner than most businesses ever kept the counters and did Elise ever push her employees.

It was just a few days until Valentine’s Day, and Elise had the idea of decorating the entire shop for the holiday. Of course the other employees didn’t like the idea, because that meant staying late. Personally, I thought some extra time with the boss would earn me some brownie points, and boy, did it.

“Dave,” Elise was talking to me, “Dave?”

“Uh, yeah?” I was pretending to be busy scrubbing the counters clean. They didn’t really need it, but Elise would always notice the hard work that we put in, even if it wasn’t needed.

“I’m looking for volunteers to help set up the shop for Valentine’s Day. So far it looks like everyone else is busy. I’d hate to have to force someone to stay to help, but I’m running out of options. Would you be interested in helping out?”

“I guess so,” I responded, “Who all will be here?”

“It looks like it’ll be you and Richard.”

I groaned inwardly. Richard, a local college kid who hadn’t a clue in the world, was not exactly the kind of company I was interested in before Valentine’s Day, but I had already said yes so that was decided. I thought about backing out, but instead I just smiled.

“Thanks, Dave. I owe you,” she winked.

That evening after closing I stayed to start decorating. There was a big box of cupids, hearts, and arrows, along with some pink and red glitter and confetti. Richard still hadn’t shown up and was already fifteen minutes late. I poured myself some of the leftover coffee, put in my earbuds, and got to work.

Only a few minutes later, I felt a tap on the shoulder.

“It’s about time,” I canlı bahis şirketleri said as I turned around. “What took you so long, did you need to stop and ask Siri for directions again?” Instead of Richard, Elise stood there, smiling. Her short hair had both highlights and lowlights with a sexy bob cut that was longer in the front than in the back. She pushed her glasses up and continued to smirk at me.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I thought you were Richard,” my normally white skin turned a deep shade of red.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I could smell a touch of alcohol on her breath and noticed she had brought a bottle of wine with her as well. “Richard couldn’t make it, he had some bullshit excuse for not showing up. I was at home, in the bath with a bottle of wine when he send me a text saying he wouldn’t be here. So I came to help.” She winked at me again. “So where were you?”

“I, uh, was just getting these hearts and cupids out to put on the walls.” I pointed to the decorations strewn on the tables. She took off her jacket and I got a glimpse at the blouse she was wearing. It was the same one she had on during the day, but it was obvious that she hadn’t bothered with a bra after getting out of that bath. Her bosom, which normally was confined in some bra or another, was free and her erect nipples were teasing through the thin fabric of her white blouse. The top few buttons were undone and her perfect melons were peeking out and enjoying the evening air. I felt a surge beneath my belt, but I tried to pretend it hadn’t happened; she was my boss for crying out loud.

“Do you like them?” Elise had seen me ogling them. “I bet you do, I know I do. They have gotten me more drinks than I care to remember.” She flicked her tongue out and it slid smoothly over her upper lip. I felt another surge in my pants. She leaned way over, right in front of me, to pick up one of the hearts for the wall. Her boobs were now in full view, gloriously tanned and perky as ever. I guessed her to be about mid twenties, with C cup breasts. I was now sporting a raging erection, which she could plainly see. She picked up one of the hearts and held it up for me to see.

“Did you know,” she asked while caressing the edge of the heart in her hand, “that the heart shape we decorate with isn’t made to look like our heart? Instead it’s supposed to look like a woman’s canlı kaçak iddaa ass.”

“Really?” That was the only thing I could think to say, “I can’t see it.”

“Hmm,” Elise replied. She hiked up her black pencil skirt and bent over. “How about now?” She asked, holding the paper decoration beside her bare ass. I noticed that she hadn’t bothered with panties either. I wondered exactly how much wine she had already had with that bath, but I decided to enjoy the fun while it lasted. I swallowed quickly and took a step toward her.

“I still don’t know,” I replied,” I can sort of see it, with the curves on the top,” I reached out to fondle the top of her prize ass. I started with the left cheek and glided my hand over her crack and started up the other mound. “But I don’t know about the point at the bottom. Maybe I just don’t have a good angle.”

She took the cue and stuck her ass out further. She arched her back and her pink pussy came into view.

“Here, let me trace it and see,” I said. I started back on her left ass cheek and worked around her lovely butt just like before, except now when I finished with her right cheek I moved down and slid my finger over her pussy. She clenched in excitement just a bit and I felt the pussy juice already coming out of her. I continued back up her left side. “There,” I declared, “Now I see it.”

She wasn’t done with me though. She took one of the other decorations and held it up. It was a heart with an arrow through it.

“Some people think that this is a sign of a broken heart, but that’s not what it reminds me of,” she turned back around to face me again. I was sad to see her skirt cover that fine ass, but now she was at my cock. “I want to see your arrow,” she purred. “I think it would fit in my heart nicely.” Just sound of the words made my cock bulge out again. Elise noticed and smiled as she undid my pants. She pulled them down and yanked my boxers down with them. My stiff package greeted her excitedly, and the pre on the tip was already visible.

“Looks like your arrow is already ready to fire,” she started to undo the few buttons left on her blouse. “But I’m a firm believer that arrows need a bit of warming up before launching.”

She tossed her blouse to the side and let her breasts hang free. They were the perfect size for a boob fuck and thats just what she began to do. She took my member between those canlı kaçak bahis two tan mounds and got down on her knees. She slid me back and forth between them licking the tip every once in a while. I started to moan and a shiver of ecstasy ran up my back. Just as I thought I was going to blow my load all over those tits, she stopped and turned around.

“Remember the heart?” she asked, “the one with the arrow?” I took me a second to realize that she wanted me to put it in her ass. She was already spread over one of the tables we had put the decorations on. I stepped up and lifted her skirt up and admired that fantastic ass. Her hand was already on her pussy and she was massaging in with fervor. I guided my dick to her puckered ass, but she stopped me.

“Not yet!” she cried, “don’t you want to get that wet first? Stick it into my pussy for a bit.”

I did as I was told and readjusted my angle. I was planning on entering gently and slowly, but she was in a sexual fever. As soon as my dick was even just making contact with her pussy she pushed back against me. She was madly horny, I could tell. She gyrated against me and started to moan.

“Oh, Dave, Oh, Dave!” she cried. She started to pulse with passion. I continued to ram it into her. Her moans increased and she grabbed my hand and put it onto one of those lightly golden tits. “OH, YES, YES, YES, YES!!” She sprayed a bit of pussy juice onto my cock and pulled forward, forcing my cock out of her. I thought that that was all I would be getting, but instead she arched her back and relaxed her asshole.

“Well?” she asked, “Is your arrow ready for the heart?” I pushed my manhood up to her open ass. It was as tight as I expected, if not a bit more. I worked the tip in slowly and heard her gasp and wince involuntarily. But by this time I was to far invested in this to stop. I gave her a moment and felt her ass relax a bit and I started to thrust in rhythmically. Her hands grasped the edge of the table and she started to moan, to scream in delight as I started to pound her ass harder. “OH! OH! OH!!!!!! That’s it! Give it to me!” she cried. “I continued to ram it inside her as she continued to cry out in delight and pain.

“I’m coming!” I cried.

OH!! Ah, Ah! Oooh!” was the only reply she gave.

I exploded inside her ass and felt my warm goo start to flow backward. The warm sticky mess covered her ass and started to drip onto the table. My cock was quickly receding, and I pulled it away from Elise. She was just laying there, exhausted from the ass pounding she had received. Finally, she opened her eyes and said, “Now that’s what the arrow is for.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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