Cobalt Blue Ch. 06 Pt. 02

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6: New Year, New Experiences 2 of 2

Stewie smiled at the blue sky overhead as he lay pillowed on Jaze’s shoulder. However, as beautiful as the room and its view were, they couldn’t compare to the sheer male masculine beauty of the man who shared their bed. In sleep, Jaze’s face was relaxes, making him look younger. Stewie shivered as he gazed hungrily at the broad expanse of lightly-haired chest before him. With a widening smile, Stewie straddled Jaze’s powerful thighs and leant down to gently suck at a prominent nub. Stewie felt it tighten under his tongue as he lapped and nibbled. He turned his attention to its neglected twin to bring it to similar hardness. Although Stewie heard Jaze moan softly, the older man didn’t awaken.

Carefully Stewie moved lower. He trailed his tongue through Jaze’s body hair, relishing the musky, male flavour. As he reached the abundant pubic pelt, Stewie rubbed his face into the curls, inhaling the more potent musk of his mate. Jaze’s long, thick shaft had already arisen to greet Stewie and the younger man obligingly rubbed his face against it. Stewie’s tongue laved lower to bathe the furred sac before running from root to tip of the alluring rod. At the head, Stewie lapped daintily at the pre-come pooling there. He moaned softly with desire as his mate’s unique taste flooded his senses. He began to suck at the head more insistently, encouraging it to release more of the addictive liquid.

“Stewie!” Jaze awoke seconds before his orgasm thundered through him.

Valiantly, Stewie tried to swallow all that his mate could produce, but some of Jaze’s crème escaped to trickle towards the smaller man’s chin. Stewie sat up, but before he could do anything further, he was enfolded in strong loving arms and Jaze’s tongue licked away the excess. Stewie parted his lips with a sigh as Jaze moved to kiss his slender lover and his tongue slid inside Stewie’s willing mouth.

“Love you, baby,” Jaze smiled as they broke apart.

“Love you, too,” Stewie replied.

“Now what can I do with this little plaything?” Jaze teased as he stroked the slender shaft that jutted from the small nest of blond curls at Stewie’s groin.

“Not so little,” Stewie gasped as Jaze’s thumb traced over the head to spread the gathering liquid. Stewie groaned as Jaze slowly licked his thumb before stroking Stewie again.

Jaze lay on his back and encouraged Stewie to straddle him, knees either side of Jaze’s shoulders. Jaze then ran his tongue over Stewie’s needy flesh. He flickered his tongue over the reddened head of Stewie’s sex, probing at the tiny slit to encourage more of the tantalising pre-come. As addictive as this was, there was a thicker creamier nectar Jaze desired. Hollowing his cheeks, Jaze swallowed Stewie’s shaft to the root, simultaneously grasping each nether cheek to pull the younger man to him. Jaze heard Stewie whimper and he felt the rocking of slender hips as his mate thrust into wet suction. As Stewie rocked gently, Jaze traced the downy declivity between the spread cheeks. Jaze managed to slide a finger beside Stewie’s hardness and wet it thoroughly. Reaching behind Stewie again, he teased Stewie’s opening with the finger before pushing it inside and curling it with expert precision.

Stewie rocked his hips into Jaze’s demanding mouth. casino şirketleri The wet heat that sucked at his flesh was bringing him closer and closer to completion. Jaze’s hands on his cheeks, playing at his stretched entrance made him rock faster, panting with need. As the finger breached him, Stewie threw back his head and screamed Jaze’s name as his seed flowed into Jaze’s mouth.

Jaze greedily swallowed every drop of his mate’s salty sweet crème, sucking insistently to ensure none was missed. Once satisfied his lover could produce no more, his allowed the sated organ to slide from his lips and he arranged the smaller satiated man to lie nestled close to his chest. In sated silence, the lovers lay watching the clouds chase each other through the bright blue sky.

Once up and breakfasted, Jaze never left Stewie’s side. This time, everything they did was as a couple. They walked and sat a little in the manicured gardens. They swam and had a joint sauna and massage. Stewie was treated to a facial whilst Jaze settled for having a shave. They had a light lunch and again walked in the gardens. This time, however, Jaze kept a tight hold of Stewie’s waist. He began to nibble at Stewie’s ear and a bold hand slid to caress his cotton clad endowments.

“Let’s go back to our suite, love,” Jaze purred into Stewie’s ear, before caressing the small shell with his tongue.

Inside the suite, Jaze led Stewie to the bedroom. He pulled the unresisting younger man into his arms and kissed him passionately, his tongue ravishing Stewie’s willing mouth. Stepping away from the lithe body, Jaze retrieved their case and removed a black silk scarf. He watched Stewie carefully as he allowed it to flow through his fingers. He wrapped it over his hand and caressed Stewie’s cheek with it feeling his groin tighten at the sight of the black fabric against Stewie’s pale skin. He felt the shudder that ran through Stewie’s body.

“Do you trust me, Stewie?” he asked voice thick with desire, the scarf held out towards the younger man.

Stewie looked at the scarf. This was something discussed but as yet not acted upon. The new experiences that he had already shared with Jaze at the spa had proven to be enjoyable to both. He wanted to experience this.

“Yes. I trust you, Jaze,” he replied huskily, knowing what he was implicitly agreeing to.

“Let me do this?” Jaze asked wanting to ensure there were no misunderstandings.

“Do it,” Stewie nodded.

Almost reverently Jaze stripped the lissom body of the leisure pants and top and the briefs that Stewie wore. He teased the chocolate discs that surrounded tiny cinnamon nubs with the silk and then rubbed silk-clad thumbs over the erect peaks. Next his silken hand ran over Stewie’s sac and along his rising shaft. Jaze smiled proprietarily at the soft sigh of pleasure as the silk erotically caressed Stewie’s body.

Jaze momentarily left Stewie as he went to arrange the pillows on the bed. He led an unresisting young man to the bed and settled him face down, his hips cradled by pillows to cant him at an ideal angle for Jaze’s attentions. Jaze slid a scarf-clad hand under the raised hips to stroke Stewie once more and then tied the scarf around Stewie’s eyes.

Unable to see, Stewie tried harder to hear what his lover was casino firmaları doing. He decided Jaze had returned to the case. Stewie was aware of Jaze returning to the bed. Silk once again caressed his erect flesh. This time it moved to tease between his spread cheeks and Stewie felt his intimate opening flutter in anticipation. A silk scarf was then pressed between Stewie’s teeth and tied securely leaving Stewie blindfolded and gagged.

Jaze heard the hitch in breathing and the tensing of the smaller body that he knew was not due to excitement. He leant in close to Stewie’s ear.

“You can stop this at any time, love,” he said stroking the slender thighs and taut buttocks. He pressed a red silk scarf adorned with a bell into Stewie’s hand. “Drop this and I stop; immediately. No questions asked game over. Understand?”

Stewie nodded as he grasped the scarf.

“Do you want me to continue?” Jaze asked. Again he received a nod.

Jaze secured Stewie’s ankles and then his wrists to the bed-posts with more black silk scarves. He could hear Stewie panting through his silk gag, but the safety scarf remained tight in the smaller man’s hand. Jaze stood back to admire his work and almost came from the sight alone. Stewie’s pale, slender body was stretched to its limits, restrained by black silk and trembling from anticipation. His tight buttocks were angled for Jaze’s pleasure; open and vulnerable. Jaze’s arousal was red, hard and weeping, his pubic pelt glistened from pre-come and he hadn’t even begun to pleasure them.

He nipped at Stewie’s ankle just above its restraint and Stewie bucked against his restraints. Jaze repeated the action on the other ankle and then worked up each stretched limb. He sucked a mark of passion and possession on a smooth inner thigh, his groin jolting at the muffled moan. His tongue laved the hairless sac before thrusting hard against the tiny pink portal. Stewie’s stifled scream encouraged him to plunge his tongue into the small opening again and again. Pulling back he coated a finger with lube and slid it effortlessly into the relaxed opening. He added a second and began to scissor his fingers, stretching the slender channel. As he added a third he leant over the captive body to lick and nip at Stewie’s shoulders, sucking hard to leave another mark.

As he coated his engorges sex, he stroked a scarf over Stewie’s erection and then tied it in place as a makeshift cockring. He didn’t want his beautiful boy coming just yet. He lined up hid aching flesh to the glistening portal and sank inside. Searing heat enveloped his shaft. The velvet walls clung tightly to every inch of his erection as he thrust as deeply as possible, rubbing effortlessly over Stewie’s sweet spot. His thrusts were slow and sweet, although his body screamed for hard and fast. Stewie’s muted cries of pleasure ensured Jaze kept Stewie’s welfare and pleasure foremost in mind. It soon became too much for the older man. With supreme effort he withdrew from slick, tight heat to a muffled wail from Stewie.

Jaze rapidly undid the scarves and flipped Stewie onto his back. He locked eyes with his younger mate seeing his own desire reflected in sapphire blue eyes.

“I want to see you, hear you,” Jaze said roughly. “I want to see and hear your pleasure.”

“Inside güvenilir casino me, Jaze,” Stewie begged shamelessly. “Please be back inside me.”

Jaze draped Stewie’s legs over his elbows and drove back inside the beloved body. This time his thrusts were met with Stewie raising his hips to meet them. Jaze released Stewie’s legs to reach between their bodies and Stewie wrapped them tightly around the solid waist of his older lover. Heated hazel met impassioned indigo. Their mouth mated and parted to pant wetly and moan softly. Their movements were perfectly synchronised to bring mutual pleasure.

“Close, Jaze, so close,” Stewie groaned, his head thrashing from side to side.

Jaze undid the scarf from the flesh he’d been stroking and Stewie arched and wailed as the blood began to flow.

“Come, baby,” Jaze commanded as he pounded at Stewie’s already sensitised hidden jewel.

Lights were dancing before Stewie’s eyes and waves of pleasure crashed over him again and again until he finally crested. He screamed Jaze’s name as pulse after pulse of his thick crème decorated their joined bodies.

Jaze moaned as his erection was subjected to intense contractions in the wake of Stewie’s orgasm. Jaze managed to thrust twice more into the spasming channel before his own climax was upon him. He roared Stewie’s name, a primal sound of his passion and possession. His seed filled the willing body, branding Stewie as his and his alone. As Jaze’s head dropped he met the sated eyes of his mate. Slowly their lips met and they traded slow, soft kisses as their bodies recovered.

Jaze nuzzled at Stewie’s throat and the younger man instantly inclined his head to offer better access. Jaze kissed the vulnerable flesh before sucking more forcibly, wanting to leave a visible mark on his boy. Stewie moaned and writhed under the attention of Jaze’s mouth and teeth. Finally he released the succulent morsel, smiling possessively at the vivid mark.

“Love you so much, Jaze,” Stewie murmured softly.

“Love you, Stewie,” the older man affirmed. “It wasn’t too intense for you was it?” he asked. As much as he enjoyed this kind of love-play, if Stewie didn’t they would never do it again.

“I was nervous to start with,” Stewie confessed. “But you were so careful with me. You looked after me so well and being restrained did heighten the pleasure. I would never have lasted if you hadn’t used that last scarf,” he added blushing adorably.

Both men moaned as Jaze’s flesh finally became too soft to stay inside Stewie’s body.

“I’ll ready the Jacuzzi,” Jaze smiled.

As he returned from the bathroom, his sated sex twitched dryly at the sight of his beautiful young lover. Stewie lay sprawled on the bed. His legs spread wide and inviting. Black silk trailed from wrists and ankles and he had slipped into his normal post-coital sleep caressing the red safety scarf to his cheek, a soft smile playing on his lips. Jaze tenderly removed the scarves and awoke his lover with soft loving touches.

In the Jacuzzi Jaze sat Stewie astride his thighs and lovingly washed the slender body. They laughed and talked softly, enjoying the intimacy. Their sated sexes nestled comfortably together, too drained for anything more intense.

“Have you enjoyed your New Year treat?” Jaze asked as his hands cupped Stewie’s buttocks to pull him close.

“I’ve loved it. I love you.” Stewie reached behind Jaze’s head to pull him down for a long slow kiss.

Happy and sated, the men relaxed into the gently bubbling water.

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