Chuck Gets Fucked

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I was a few days shy of twenty one, just off a bad break up and sitting pretty flush with cash, so I decided to get away for a few days, take a vacation. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going or how long I’d be gone, I just took a week off, threw a few clothes my hiking gear into a back pack and headed out.

I picked a direction and drove out of the city. I wanted a change. I figured the best way was to find a place out in the woods, throw up my one-man tent and just hide out for a while.

It was mid afternoon when I found myself pulling off at a trail head and getting my backpack ready. There were a handful of other cars and a few motorcycles in the lot, but it was a beautiful day late in August and I expected I wouldn’t be the only one wanting to get in a good hike before the weather turned.

I was fairly familiar with this particular trail, having hiked it with some buddies earlier in the summer, and I knew where a fairly secluded camping spot was. That was the destination I had in mind as I set out. Little did I know that the quiet couple of days alone with my thoughts and my post-break up blues that I had planned was never going to happen.

I hiked up the main trail for better than an hour before the turn off toward the spot we’d found before. The terrain was a little rougher on the side trail, and an hour later I was sweating pretty good, my legs telling me I hadn’t been hiking in a while and I was ready for a break.

The camping spot wasn’t far, just a half mile or so from where I stopped to take a hit off my canteen and catch my breath. Voices carried to me on the light breeze, deep voices that I couldn’t make out exactly. It was enough to pique my curiosity and I found myself slipping around a tree and peering through leaves into a campsite.

I was startled at first to see a young man, maybe my age, naked and tied to a tree, but as I watched for a second, he didn’t seem to be in distress and when one of the two big biker dudes approached him, he seemed eager enough for the very noisy kiss the biker laid on him.

It was obvious I had stumbled on a private party. One I should forget about and move on. But I was intrigued. One of the reasons I had broken up with my girl was over wanting to add some spice to our sex life. I’d wanted to try some new things and I had confessed to her my curiosity about being with a guy. I’ve had an attraction as far back as I can remember to a certain kind of guy, big, strong, demanding. It had seemed to make sense that since she was attracted to the same kind of guy, we could have some fun exploring that.

Yeah, not so much.

So, instead of minding my own business, I hid in the bushes and watched as Biker

grabbed a fistful of the skinny kid’s hair and shoved his head down until the kid could reach the biker’s groin. His tongue licked over the leather and I felt something in my stomach tighten.

This was a little too real for me, not like those porn videos I sometimes watched online when I wanted to test out my theories about what it would be like to have a man as a lover. The kid seemed to be into it, if I could judge by the hard on he was sporting as Biker

came into view.

Unlike the first biker, his dick wasn’t covered in leather. It was hard and huge and he grabbed the kid’s head and pulled him over. I watched that mouth open and the biker shoved his cock into it, stretching the kid’s lips wide to take him.

Despite everything, my body responded. My cock was hardening inside my jeans and I dropped one hand to stroke over the denim. I knew better. I should leave. I should stop watching and leave, forget seeing it at all, just get to my own campsite and get set up.

And yet, I was casino şirketleri leaning against a tree, watching as the two bikers kissed while the skinny kid was choking on cock, unzipping my pants to get my hand around my own dick. I did my best to be quiet, biting my lip to keep from making noise. My hand moved up my shaft, thumb wiping over the head at the top of my stroke, then down again, my eyes closing briefly as I imagined those big hands Biker

was using on the kid on me instead.

“Well, well, well…what do we have here?”

My eyes popped open and I tried to shove my very hard dick back into my pants, but I was shoved through the brush and into the camp by a guy I barely saw, but clearly outweighed me considerably.

I am not a small man, not like the skinny guy tied to that tree. I’m not huge and bulky either, not like these guys. I stumbled into the picnic table, my dick banging against the wood hard enough to make me see stars. I grabbed at it, hoping it would cooperate, trying to cover it up.

The guy behind me had a hold of my backpack and yanked me back as the other two turned away from the skinny kid to face me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“He was whacking off in the bushes watching.”

“Is that so?” Biker

came toward us and it was only then that I realized just how big he was. He had to be 6’2″ at least, and he was built. He towered over me by at least six inches. “You get off watching, boy?”

I tried to back away as he leaned in on me, but the guy behind me wasn’t budging. I jumped when his hand closed over my cock, which was just starting to lose it’s hardness, and sprang back to life at the touch. “No. Just….stop.”

“Here that Joe? He wants us to stop,” the guy behind me said, laughing.

“Oh, we’re just getting started.” Biker

, who was apparently Joe, said. He squeezed my cock until I yelled, tears burning the corner of my eyes. “Why don’t you get that backpack off him so we can have a look.”

The guy behind me reached around to unsnap the buckles, and I fought for a second, at least until Joe yanked on my dick again, and suddenly, the weight of my pack was gone and I sort of stumbled forward into Joe.

“I think we got ourselves a live one, boys.” Joe said, using his hand around my cock to pull me further into their camp. There were two tents and a fire pit, the picnic table that looked pretty weathered, and a beat up trunk.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble.” I said, trying to gain some control of the situation.

“No trouble at all.” Joe said, grinning at me. “Hank, check his wallet.” He turned me, shoving my ass back at Biker

, whose hands went directly to my back pocket, pulling out my wallet.

“Charles Daton.” Hank read from my ID. “Oakland.”

“Seriously, just…let go of me and I’ll get lost.” I raised my hands in a surrendering gesture, but instead of letting me go, Hank crowded into my back, his hard cock pressing into my back. He had a good couple of inches on Joe, and he was broader across too.

“Now, why would we want that?” Hank asked in my ear, his hands petting over my chest.

I was really starting to panic at that point. I put my hands on Joe’s chest and shoved, hard enough that I took him by surprise and he let go of me. I didn’t get far though, Hank caught my waist and pulled me back to him.

“Now, now…can’t have you running away. Not before we’ve had our fun.”

“I’ll scream.” I said.

The third guy chuckled. “There’s a reason we camp here, Chuck. We’re an hour off the main path. No one comes up here. Scream all you want.” He stepped in, where Joe had been, both big hands catching my face and holding me. His mouth covered mine, casino firmaları his tongue pushing past my lips before I could even think to try to keep him out. He tasted like beer and his tongue explored my mouth quite thoroughly as Hank held my hips.

“Get him naked.” Joe said suddenly. “I wanna fuck Chuck.”

“No!” I yelled it, renewing my struggle, but I was easily out matched with these guys. It didn’t take much for them to rip my t-shirt off of me, and once they had, Hank pulled my arms behind my back, holding me in an iron grip.

I kicked the third guy in the shoulder as he pulled my jeans down, but really, it just made him angry. He backhanded me across the face and finished yanking my jeans down until they were around my ankles.

Hank shoved me down over the picnic table and I felt cold metal slide over my wrists. I was handcuffed tightly. “Please…don’t…”

“Tommy, shut that fuck up.”

“Gladly.” A fist in my hair dragged my face to the edge of the table and suddenly there was a cock rubbing across my lips. “Open up, Chuck.”

“No.” I pressed my lips closed, tried to turn away. He pressed in closer, slapping my face with his dick.

I fought. Hard. I bucked up, but got shoved back to the table, and then suddenly there was something shoved into my ass and I yelled. Tommy used that to shove his cock into my mouth. His hand in my hair held me as he shoved in until I was choking. I struggled, but there were two fingers inside my ass and when I tried to get away from them, I just got shoved harder onto the dick inside my mouth and it was too much all at once.

Tommy pulled his cock out and leaned in, licking a line up the side of my face, up to my ear. “You hurt me, boy, and I will rip those teeth right out of your head.”

Honestly, it hadn’t even occurred to me yet to try biting. Before I could respond, the fingers left me and Joe’s cock rubbed through my crack. He’d lubed it, I could feel the slick as he moved, but I still screamed into the wood table under me as the head of his cock breached me.

At first it was just the head, just in past the rim. When I stopped screaming, he shoved in a little more.

“Please. Stop.” A gasped out the words as Joe pulled back, then shoved in again, his cock taking a few more inches.

“Shit, I think Chuck here was a virgin.” Joe grunted. “This is one tight fucking ass.”

“Won’t be so tight when we’re done.” Hank laughed.

I squeezed my eyes shut as Joe pulled out again. My hole burned, the skin around it hot and sore even as he shoved in again. I gasped as he grabbed my hips and yanked me back, until he was fully inside of me, and I could feel his stomach and thighs against me.

I shook my head, wanting to deny what was happening. Despite the pain and the humiliation and the fact that these fuckers were raping me, my cock was still rock hard and starting to hurt with need, though at least in this position they couldn’t see that.

Tommy’s fist tightened and his cock slapped against my face. “Come on, fucker, open that hole.”

When I didn’t immediately comply, Tommy lifted my head and slammed it into the table. Tears leaked out of my eyes as I opened my mouth and he filled it again with his cock. My hands twisted in the handcuffs, trying vainly to escape. Joe’s cock was fucking in and out of me faster and faster, his hands hard on my hips, pressing me into the table. There were going to be bruises from his fingers along with the hard line of the table against my stomach.

Suddenly he shoved in deep, groaning so loud the table shook, and I felt the first hot spray of his come inside me. Tommy pulled out of my mouth and Joe pulled back on my hips, making güvenilir casino me take him even deeper as his cock pulsed out his load. He pulled me up, off the table and to my dismay, my own cock was now visible.

Joe was still inside me as Tommy realized I was hard and moved closer to grab my dick. “Looks like Chuck likes getting fucked.” His mouth covered mine, his tongue invading my mouth while his hand stroked over my cock, scraping up it dry and fuck if I wasn’t panting into his mouth, my hips jerking forward into his hand.

“My turn, Chuck.” Tommy turned me and shoved me at the table. I squirmed to get away, only to my pants, still around my ankles, trip me. I fell and hit my head on the table, landing in the dirt slightly dazed. Hank and Joe were pulling at my hiking boots and jeans and succeeded in stripping me of them. I was naked now, my hands still handcuffed behind my back and there was blood on my face from hitting the table.

I tried to get up, managing to get to my knees before I felt hands. Tommy shoved my head down, kicking my knees apart before his hands grabbed my hips and he shoved his cock into my already abused ass. I screamed and lurched forward, but Hank was there in front of me, his hand grabbing my hair and hauling my face up.

“We all know you want it, Chuck. Open up and be a good little slut. Maybe we’ll let you come.” Hank got a thumb between my lips and pressed my mouth open, sticking his cock inside. Tommy thrust into me with his huge cock, bigger than Joe’s, thicker at least…and as he pulled out, Hank shoved into my mouth. He got two deep strokes in before I managed to pull my head away and cough.

“Stop.” I gasped, fighting his efforts to put his cock back into my mouth. He yanked on my hair and slapped my face.

“Fucking open your mouth, slut.”

I was already bleeding, my head ringing. I didn’t know just how much these bastards were willing to hurt me, so I did open my mouth. Hank held my head in both hands and proceeded to fuck my face, keeping time with Tommy’s slamming into my ass, bouncing me between them.

Hank was the first to start to come, his cock spurting its load across my tongue, though he didn’t stop thrusting was he finished. The bitter taste made me gag and I wanted to spit it out, but he didn’t let up and I was forced to swallow around him as the thick stuff burned my throat.

Tommy bellowed as he came, starting inside me and finishing by smearing it over my upturned ass. I figured at least it was over, but that was before I felt a tongue on my ass. Hank was still holding my head so I couldn’t see, but that tongue was sliding over my skin, cleaning the come from it.

A hand snaked between my legs and stroked my cock too. I groaned, not wanting to come, but knowing I wasn’t far from it, no matter what my head wanted. That tongue slid into my now gaping as, lapping at the come inside me.

“That’s it, slut. Show us how much you liked it.”

My face burned with shame, but my body tightened and I was rocking between the hand stroking my cock and the tongue in my ass and before I could figure out how to stop it, I was coming, spilling a thick, heavy load into the dirt under me.

The men all laughed at me and Hank shoved me down into the dirt as they walked toward the fire pit, leaving me there, naked and used and lying in my own come. I lay there, tears and blood on my face, trying to make myself move, but my head was throbbing and my ass was raw. Somehow I had to get out of there now that the worst was over.


I looked up to find the skinny kid squatting beside me. “Let me go.” I said softly.

He sort of grinned and shook his head. “They aint done yet, so you best get some rest.”

“Jerry, leave that slut be and get over here.” Joe yelled, throwing rope at Tommy. “Best get him secured so he don’t try to run off.”

It wasn’t over. I had a sinking feeling it was only just beginning.

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