Cheerleader and Friends

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To start, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Colin. I’m nineteen and attending University. Some people refer to me as a nerd, but I don’t consider myself to be one. I’m highly intelligent and currently studying for a double degree in IT and Electrical Engineering. I play chess and dabble in martial arts.

Rowan is one of the cheerleaders at the University. Say blonde cheerleader and whatever description pops to mind would be fairly accurate of Rowan. She’s eighteen and also studying IT.

Rowan and I hit it off like cat and dog, right from the very first meeting. Since then we’ve tended to pretend that the other wasn’t there.

I was ambling home after my various classes were over one day and took a short cut through a park. By a coincidence, which I suspect wasn’t a complete coincidence, Rowan entered the park right behind me, escorted by friends, two of those slabs of beef they call football players.

Now, right then, Rowan was feeling slightly pissed off at me. It appears that she overheard a remark I made about some people who were all boobs and no brains, and she’d taken it personally. Some people are so sensitive.

Strolling along behind me, Rowan was talking loudly, denigrating certain people that she categorised as nerds and geeks, socially inept idiots who understood nothing about real life.

Knowing that she couldn’t possibly be referring to a fine upstanding chap like myself, popular with all I meet, it was a simple matter to ignore the innuendo. This seemed to upset the girl, and her remarks became somewhat more pointed. I ignored those as well. Why should I lower myself to get into a squabble with a bimbo?

The trouble started when we reached a part of the park that was rather devoid of human presence. Apparently irritated that I wasn’t biting on her barbs, Rowan picked up some acorns from under a nearby tree and started pitching them at me. Typical of the female throwing arm, the first several missed. Then she managed to bounce a couple off my back but, the way she threw, they barely registered, though I was starting to get irritated. Then she managed to hit me on the ear, and that stung.

I spun around to face her and the two slabs of beef stepped around her and stood in front of me like a human shield. The idiots apparently thought I’d be impressed by all that muscle. They were smirking and Rowan was giggling, and I grabbed the Muscle by the testicles and tried to pick them up.

They left themselves wide open. If I’d wanted to I could have just booted them in the cods before they could defend themselves. As it was I had ample time to get a handful in each hand and then I heaved upwards, crushing my hands closed at the same time.

Now I did persuade the two gentlemen to stand on their toes, but there was no way I was going to actually pick them up. I gave a final crush and push and let them go and they just sagged to the ground, trying to console their balls with the knowledge that I’d let go.

I stepped past Rowan’s fallen heroes and was next to her while she was still trying to work out what had happened. I flicked up her skirt, grabbed her panties and just pulled them straight down. Travesti I had them around her ankles before she knew it, and when she started to react and step back it assisted me. As soon as her first foot lifted I had the panties off it, and completely off moments later.

I stood up, pushed the panties into my pocket and started to walk away. I figured I’d take three steps before she started after me, and I was spot on.

“Colin, you pig. How dare you? Give those back to me.”

I just ignored her and kept walking. I wanted a bit of distance between us and the muscle before their balls stopped hurting and they came looking with blood in their eyes.

“Don’t you ignore me,” Rowan wailed. “I need those. I can’t go wandering around without them.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Why do you think why not? The slightest breeze and I’ll be showing everything. Give them to me, you asshole.”

We’d gone around a turn in the path by that stage, out of sight of the beef. I figured that they’d now go staggering away, vowing vengeance for another day. I stopped and looked at Rowan. She had a point. The skirt she had was rather short and loose and a nice breeze would have fun with it. I’m sure Rowan had fun with the breeze, too, but that would be while she was wearing panties. Not wearing them was another thing.

“What does it matter?” I asked her. “According to legend half the school has seen what you have to offer anyway.”

“That’s a lie,” she said, sounding shocked. “I’m not that sort of person and you know it.”

“Really? Well, I’ll make a deal with you. You show me what you don’t want the world to see and I’ll consider giving you your panties back.”

“Are you mad? Do you expect me to lift my dress in public with no panties on?” Her voice sounded a little shrill. Nerves I guess.

I looked around.

“Um, apart from thee, me, and some bushes, there is no public here. There is a very nice oak tree, but I don’t think it cares about your panties or lack thereof.”

I could see her weighing the pros and cons. She didn’t want to flash me, but on the other hand I’d probably seen her when I took her panties off. (I hadn’t because I hadn’t really been looking. No time for sightseeing at that stage.) Also working against her was her ego. It always flatters a girl, knowing a man wants to see her naked.

She suddenly pulled her skirt up, showing some very shapely curves, and just a tiny little arrow of blonde fur.

“Very nice,” I said appreciatively, reaching out to stroke the fur before she could drop the dress. “OK. I’ll give you your panties tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What do you mean, tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, the day after today. I can just see it. There you are, walking down one of the corridors, surrounded by a bunch of your friends. Then I come up, dangling a pretty pair of panties from my finger, and hand them to you, saying something like, Rowan, you left these behind in the park yesterday. It’ll be hilarious.”

Rowan didn’t seem to think so. She turned pale.

“You can’t do that!”

“Why not? It’ll be fun.”

“Because everybody will think I’ve been sleeping with you. That’s why not. izmir Travesti I’m not having people think that.”

“Hey,” I said, spreading my hands. “Who cares what other people think? We’ll know it’s not true.”

“I care. I want my panties back, now.”

All the time we’d been talking I’d been edging closer to Rowan while she instinctively backed away. We were now under the big old oak tree, with Rowan almost leaning against the trunk.

“If you want them today you’re going to have to yield just a little,” I told her. “Lift you skirt again. I want to touch you.”

I received a really filthy look, but Rowan slowly lifted her skirt again. I eased closer and she eased back, and then she was up against the oak tree and not moving back any further. I kept my eyes on hers as I started slowly rubbing her mound.

I took my time, just gently rubbing her mons and then slowly branching out, sliding my hand between her legs to softly massage her whole mound. I gently squeezed and stroked, not trying to be invasive, just letting her know I appreciated the feel of her female flesh.

I could see on her face when she stopped feeling resentful and started to get aroused. I didn’t let on that I’d noticed the change, just continuing in the same manner. Maybe my stroking was a little firmer now, and maybe when I squeezed, my fingers dug in a little deeper, helping to build her arousal.

I didn’t try to slip a finger between her lips until I felt the gentle kiss of her inner lips as they swelled and started to protrude slightly. Seeing as they wanted to be entertained it would have been just plain wrong to ignore them. I slipped a finger inside, watching Rowan’s eyes widen slightly, but she said not a word.

From that point, things progressed a little faster. I worked Rowan’s vagina, building on her arousal. I could feel the heat within her, and her passage was wet and slippery.

“Lift your leg,” I murmured, patting her right thigh.

Hesitantly, Rowan did so, looking shocked when I caught it and continued lifting it. Her cheerleading and acrobatic training came to her aid and she did an almost perfect vertical split. As a by-product, it left her fully exposed.

Holding her leg high I backed away just a little. Just enough to let Rowan see that I was unzipping and letting my pet out for a run. Satisfied that she knew what was coming and wasn’t protesting I eased back towards her, letting my erection press lightly against her slit, right where her inner lips were pouting, inviting entry.

“Ah, are you really going to. . .?” her voice trailed off.

“Unless you tell me no, I am most certainly going to,” I assured her. “Are you telling me no?”

I could see the struggle she was having. She was aroused and wanted me, but I was Colin, and she didn’t want Colin. She seemed unable to give an answer either way, so I saved her the trouble.

I pressed forward slightly, my erection pushing past her lips, which eagerly closed around me. Rowan flushed, opened and shut her mouth a couple of times without speaking, and then pushed to meet me.

I slid inside her, smoothly sliding in deep, her passage ready, willing Konya Travesti and able to take me. With one long thrust I was fully inside her, my groin pressing firmly against hers. I let go her leg and it came snaking down and around my waist, helping to hold me inside her.

Rowan had a slightly stunned look on her face, as though she wasn’t quite sure how this came to pass. I started moving, gently rocking back and forth and, with no hesitation, she moved with me.

I would dearly have loved to strip her completely, getting my hands on every part of her lovely body, but not really appropriate right then. I did lean forward slightly, taking her lips and kissing her.

Her lips clung to mine, and we rocked against each other, with the pace slowly increasing. I banged her hard and she was just exquisite, pleasure racing through me with every thrust. She was moaning low in her throat, and my hands sought her breasts, squeezing them through her blouse.

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her blouse loose from her skirt and my hands rose up under it. She twisted against me slightly, and then I felt her bra come loose, leaving her breasts free for me to claim.

And still we were coming together, while I caressed her breasts and ravaged her mouth. Lustful excitement was in full control of us both, and we didn’t give a damn if anyone came, as long as we were together.

It was all becoming too much for me. I started driving in even harder, wanting more, wanting it to finish. Rowan’s hands were tangled in my hair, holding me, as she continued to move with me, swaying urgently against me.

Then I was moving even faster, unable to hold back. I pumped frantically into her, feeling myself going, ejaculating deep within her, ecstatic and, at the same time, relieved to hear her screams muffled by my mouth as she climaxed.

I rested against her for a few moments, holding her pinned against the tree. Then her eyes opened and she stared at me in a slightly dazed manner. I disengaged, zipped up, and started to help her tidy her clothes. As the last item I produced her panties, which she accepted with a glare.

“If you ever mention this to anyone, you know I’ll kill you, don’t you,” she remarked in an angry little voice.

“Rowan, love,” I said soothingly, “if I mentioned this to anyone I’d become a laughing stock. No-one would believe me. I have no particular wish to be a figure of fun. You’ll find my lips are sealed.”

She gave me an irritated look, but seemed to accept what I said. Why not? It was true. The way we fought, who’d credit us with having a timeout?

“There is one thing,” I said. “One tiny little detail I should mention.”

“What’s that?”

“I couldn’t help thinking how much nicer it would have been if you had been completely naked. So when can we get together to find out if it’s so?”


“Well,” I said, as I turned her and started her walking back through the park, “now that we’ve broken the ice, and in such a spectacular fashion, it seems to me that we’d be cheating ourselves if we don’t follow through. Why should we deprive ourselves of future pleasures because of past arguments? Think of the future arguments and the fun we can have while making up.”

I spoke on, gently persuasive. I was arguing from a position of strength, after all. Rowan would never be more inclined to say yes than right now, so I set about convincing her.

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