Chance’s Fantasy Ch. 03

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All disclaimers apply. This work is purely fiction. I wrote this story for a reader that requested I write something involving bodily fluids. WARNING This story involves watersports and or scat.

Chapter 03: RimJob Feast

I have this little hole-in-the-wall bar just across from my apartment complex called Jenkin’s Bar. There are never more than 6 or 7 people in there which is exactly why I go there. I like to control the jukebox and relax with 5 or 6 pints a couple times a week. It has never come up to anyone there that I am homosexual. One of the regulars, Chance, was really liquored up when I went in one night and he was attempting to play pool. I loved watching Chance play pool. He was late 20’s, 5’11” and pretty well built. He worked for an asphalt company and always wore tight jeans. I don’t usually like the tight jeans thing but he just looked so damn good in them and a T-Shirt.

My regular bartender Kasey, told me Chance had been there for almost 4 hours now and was trying to drink himself stupid. I just smiled as I watched him lean across the table and I salivated at the perfect view I had of his amazing bubble butt. Chance had finished knocking all the balls in and sat next to me at the bar.

Chance leaned in real close and asked, “Can you help me with something?”

I replied, “Sure, Chance, we are all family here.”

He said, “I got piss all over myself last time and I got to piss again. If you won’t get off on it, would you help me aim my lizard?”

Trying not to sound too eager, “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

We went to the restroom and I stood behind him at the urinal. He was leaning up against the partition and I heard him unzipping his fly. I was so excited thinking about getting to hold Chance’s dick. He tried twice to fish his dick out but it proved a little tough for him since those jeans were so freaking tight. I took a step toward him and placed my crotch right on his perfect ass and I slid my right hand into his jeans. I had my left cheek against his right cheek and I was resting my chin on his right shoulder. I was in the most perfect place in the whole world. I quickly found his dick with my hand and I pulled the 4″ soft cock out of his fly. He was uncut. I had never been with anyone that was uncut before but I had wanted to. I slowly pulled back his foreskin and pointing his cock at the water he casino şirketleri let go a stream of piss. It was mostly clear and was coming out with the force of Niagara Falls. It felt so good to be holding Chance’s pissing cock. When he finished, I stroked his dick a couple times while shaking it off for him and 2 drops of piss landed right on my hand. At first I thought this was disgusting but then I felt really turned on.

Chance pushed my hand away and said, “I can handle my own dick from here.” He pushed that beautiful cock back into his pants and began zipping up his fly. Out of impulse I put my hand to my mouth and licked up those 2 drops of piss off my hand. It tasted like nothing I have ever tasted or imagined. I didn’t really like it but I was getting so hard. Chance, turned around in a flash and said, “I saw that.”

I replied, “Saw what?”

“You just licked my piss off your hand.”

I replied trying to sound shocked, “That is completely disgusting Chance. I would never drink piss.”

“I know what I saw and I could feel your dick on my ass while I was pissing. You are gay aren’t you?”

I stammered. “NO!”

“It’s ok if you are, just tell me. I would feel weirder not really knowing.”

In a defeated voice, “Yeah, I guess I am. I don’t want everyone in here to know though.”

Chance smiled and walked out of the bathroom without saying a word. I followed him and we took up our seats at the bar and the place was empty save for us and Kasey. Kasey was doing some cleaning stuff in the kitchen and Chance put his arm around me.

He said, “I want to ask you something.”

“OK, go ahead.”

“Have you ever given a rimjob?”

“Yes I have, it is probably one of my favorite things to do to be honest.”

“Well, I have always wanted to have someone lick my ass because I hear it is awesome but I have never found a woman that would do it. I am definitely drunk enough to be able to blame this on the booze and I would buy you a beer if you would do it for me.”

“No beer required, Chance. If we walk over to my place now we can be back before they stop serving.”

Chance and I got up and told Kasey we would be back. We walked over to my apartment and it was kind of awkward at first. I could tell Chance was really nervous and I didn’t want to rush him or seem too aggressive. Chance followed me to my bedroom casino firmaları and I started to undress.

Chance said, “Don’t take your clothes off Kai, (my name is Kai. It is pronounced like “bye” but with a “K” instead of a B) I will be more comfortable if you aren’t naked.”

I replied, “Ok, Chance. This is your fantasy tell me exactly how you want it.”

Chance took off his work boots and tight jeans and stood there in his underwear and Reds ball cap for a minute before shedding his remaining clothes and getting on all fours on the bed.

Chance said, “Well what are you waiting for? Spread my ass cheeks and start licking my ass like there is no tomorrow.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I took one perfect ass globe in each hand and gently spread them revealing the pinkest puckered asshole I had ever seen. I could smell his buttstink immediately. I knew Chance had worked all day in the sun and hadn’t showered after work. I had never eaten a dirty hole before but Chance’s ass was too glorious to pass up. I made my first lick from his scrotum all the way to the top of his ass crack. It was the most delicious ass trench my tongue had ever touched. I’m sure he had taken a shit or two throughout the day. That mixed with all the sweating he did all day and I was in heaven. His buttstink was so rank and tasted so bitter. I made a couple more full licks before I started focusing on his tight ass lips.

I started circling his dime sized rosebud with my tongue. Chance was in a full out constant moan and he was grinding his ass into my face. He rose up and told me to lie on my back. I was eager to comply because I thought I knew what he must be up to. Sure enough before blackness the last thing I saw was Chance lowering his ass onto my face. Now chance was sitting on my face and grinding his ass on my mouth. I was trying to force my whole tongue up his ass like it was life or death. Having this raunchy perfectly shaped ass on my face was heaven. I would have forced my whole head into his ass if it were possible.

I knew Chance was having a great time. He was moaning, groaning and coughing so loudly and I could tell he was stroking his dick too. I wanted to taste Chance’s dick so bad but I knew I would have to wait for him to ask me. Chance stopped riding my face for a minute and said,

“Would you mind doing me another favor?”

I said, güvenilir casino “Anything at all Chance, just tell me.”

Chance told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. I was so excited. Chance was going to cum in my mouth or let me finish him off. But something hadn’t changed. Chance was still in the same position. He was still sitting on my face. Before I knew it the nastiest thing I have ever smelled filled my nostrils. A hot wetness hit me in the face. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know Chance had just shit on my face.

I started gagging. It smelled so gross. Chance told me to eat it. He said he had some more and he wanted to shit it directly into my mouth. He didn’t want it on my face he wanted it in my mouth. I was so disgusted. I had never been used as a fucking toilet but it didn’t seem so bad all of a sudden. His shit still smelled terrible but I pushed some shit off my cheek into my mouth. It tasted incredibly bitter but not gross. The texture was really nice. It was soft but kind of melted when I rubbed it between my tongue and roof of my mouth.

Chance told me to get my lips around his asshole because a second shit stick was coming and it better land in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his flaring asshole and gently sucked. Chance loved that and with a loud groan I felt a turd passing between my lips. I tickled the shit with my tongue as Chance deposited his waste into my mouth.

Chance said, “Wow. That was so hot. Don’t eat it right away I want to watch you eat my shit slowly.

Don’t waste any either. When you’re done eating all my shit you can use your talented tongue as toilet paper and clean my hole for me.”

I had never felt so disgusting and used but I loved it. Chance watched from a standing position as I swallowed all of his filth and wiped shit from my face and licked it off my fingers. True to his word, as soon as I had finished eating all the shit on my face Chance squatted over my mouth and made me use my tongue to clean his shit smeared hole.

Chance said, “Next time I wont be so nice. I have big plans for my little shit eater. See you later.”

I laid there thanking my lucky stars and savoring the taste and smell of Chance’s shit in my goatee. I wondered what his future big plans were. I didn’t make it back to the bar that night. Not a big deal, they keep a running tab for me. I was sure hoping Chance would be there when I went back the next night though.


Hope you enjoyed.

Open to all criticism. Feel free to e-mail me and or comment. I often write stories for people so if there is something in particular you would like to read…just let me know.

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