Caught in the Downpour Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This work is entirely a work of fiction and in no way represents real life experiences. The characters are based upon the authors knowledge and observation of people and do not represent actual persons. The characters actions in this story are also fictional and represent fantasy and possibility rather than actual events. Enjoy the story and pay attention for more stories from 69writer.


I could not believe this was happening. I got caught outside and was now standing in the rain outside my townhouse unit on what I thought was a fine summer day, in a now soaked t-shirt and shorts with nowhere to run and my door locked. How many times had I told my kids to make sure they had their keys before they left the house. My frustration and stress mounting as I considered my options. You see I still have one of those old locks you shouldn’t put on your front door, or any door for that matter. You know the one, it locks if you press the button on the doorknob.

My name is Gina, my husband describes me as short and cute as I stand around about five feet tall and here I stand humbled before my door, feeling even shorter. Once I assessed my situation, I realized that I had limited options. You see I was just going to run the garbage to the courtyard, so I figured that it would be quick and there would be no need for concern. Little did I know at that time that forces were conspiring against me that day.

I just happened to get stuck at home alone that night, my (second) husband was trapped away from the city because of the weather and my kids were at their fathers for the weekend. As I left my house carrying the garbage bags I accidentally hit the lock button and did not realize it. As I arrived at the bins the skies decided now would be the perfect time to open up and drench me. No thunder or lightening, just a sudden downpour of rain.

I began running back to my house hoping to get out of this immediately and found out that fate was intervening in my destiny. You see this just happened to be the day that my best friend / sister (I’ve known her for thirty years, we are sisters) took her kids away for the long weekend. I also made sure that my landlord did not have a key to my unit, so there was no help there. What could I possibly do, was my dilemma at the moment that I was standing outside my house getting soaked.

I had no choice but to knock on my neighbors door. The reason I hesitate is that my husband is uncomfortable around them because we know they are lesbians. Not that he dislikes them, I think he just doesn’t know how to behave around them because any thought of them turns him on (and me as well). I think that worries him too, losing me to a woman. So after making the decision that I had no choice but to try and solicit their aide for my predicament, I knocked on their door. Unfortunately, lack of response made me knock harder.

It took some time but Liza finally answered the door to see me standing there completely soaked from head to toe. She was wearing a tiny tight white t-shirt and boxer short. I found myself thinking that she looked kind of cute, answering the door dressed like that. She assessed my appearance and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were beginning to harden as she looked at me. She grabbed me and “get out of this rain”, and pulled me into the house as she shouted for Shannon, her lover to, “Get down here, we have company and bring towels”.

Shannon arrived at the bottom of the stairs wearing a similar outfit, but a tank top where I could see her boobs spilling out the side of her shirt and a longer loose fitting pair of boxers. I found myself becoming aware of the change in my mood and I went from frustrated to embarrassed by my thoughts. I was becoming aroused by my neighbors’ state of dress. She immediately turned upstairs again. I thought it might be that she needed to go put on more clothes. She returned seconds later with towels and some clothing for me to wear.

At this point I should describe my neighbors as you can probably see where this is leading. Shannon is a tall but stalkier girl, who weighs probably close to 200 lbs, Short blond hair cut into a pixie style cut. She is very curvaceous for a girl of her size and has about a 42″ waist and 44C breasts that jiggle when she laughs. Liza is a little sexpot with flowing red locks, a cute dimpled smile and can’t weigh more than 110 lbs, soaking wet. She has a tight little ass and nice perky breasts that you wonder when they will grow to full size.

My neighbors began to fawn over me and my situation. They were soothing me with their words of sympathy. I’m not sure if it was the sound of their combined voices (because it certainly wasn’t that I was being touched by these two women at the same time), but I was becoming very at ease with the situation. I began to observe the scene and noticed dinner plates still in the sink and half-filled wine glasses on the table and a delicious aroma in the air. I don’t remember when but I think I tasted casino oyna it before. I realized that I might have intruded on a romantic evening.

“Thank you so much for helping to take care of me like this ladies and I’m sorry if I cut your romantic evening short.” I said to them. They each said it was nothing or no big deal and I couldn’t help feeling guilty. “Well, it looks delicious, and it certainly smells tasty.”, I even licked my lips. They just snickered at my comment while they shared a look between them.

“Thanks”, was the reply from Liza.

As their hands were warming me Shannon suggests that they need to get me out of these wet clothes and get me warmed up. Before I knew it she was removing my top, this was followed quickly by my bra. Now I began to be concerned if this was to take advantage of me but quickly realized, I was the one who came to them with my problem and not the other way around. I quickly got over my apprehension and shyness and was naked in no time(nipples very erect). I thought I would feel uncomfortable and ashamed to be naked in front of these girls like this but I was not.

As Liza was toweling me to get me dry and warm, only the towel separating her hands from my naked body. I started to shiver, whether from the change in temperature, or the closeness of another woman to my skin I was unsure. Shannon came over with a shot glass filled with a dark red liquid.

“Here, drink this”, she told me.

“I don’t drink. Hardly ever anyway.”

“This is just to help you warm up quicker”, not forcing me but stated with some authority.

I dank it down and almost choked. “What was that”, as I tasted that it was strong alcohol, but sweet tasting.

“Brandy, the quickest way to warm the heart on a cold night”. She laughed and I couldn’t help but feel a shudder.

Then she turned to Liza and said that she should help me get into the dry clothes and she would go, “get something ready to sit by the fire”. Liza brought forth the clothes Shannon brought earlier and as I got started dressing I realized I would have the same outfit as Shannon, though it would be a pair of short boxers and a tank top. Liza gave me another shot of brandy to help, “warm you up, ’til the fires get burning”. I wondered if this was intentional or if these girls were as innocent on all counts, as I might have originally thought.

Well, Liza got the fire restarted as I could now tell it was lit earlier, and we sat in front of the fire with some gentle 80’s heartthrob music playing when Shannon returned. I took note of the way her full breasts bounced as she hopped from step to step, barely hanging inside that tank she had on. The one they gave me was smaller and could not in any way belong to Shannon, thus it was tight on my 38C’s. I had a blanket around me that Liza had tossed me from the chaise nearby to keep me warm until it got hot in here. I might have some idea why, yet I began to get hot, in one particular region of my body. Once again I felt intrusive and said so, but they just said nonsense and waved me off.

So Shannon sat close to me, with us leaning against the front of the couch and Liza against the chaise on our right facing us so we were all closer to the fire We sat there and it was quiet so I began telling them about my predicament. As I was getting to the part about Liza opening the door to a soaking wet neighbor, I noticed that she was breathing quickly and staring away as if in a trance. As she regained her composure, she told us she couldn’t help but notice how helpless I looked. I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples were right now.

Shannon asked where my husband was tonight that he was not here to help. I explained about my husband being stuck in Ohio because of the weather there and my sister, as they knew her was away with her kids for the weekend. Hence, no keys.

“Yeah, we figured it had to be an emergency, or the cops, from the way that banging was going on. So, as much as we hated it, I sent her to get the door.”, Shannon stated and nodded toward Liza who was dreamy again.

I now mentioned again “Sorry again that I interrupted your romantic dinner”.

“Oh, we finished dinner hours ago. We were just too busy to clean up the dishes, although I was eating recently.”, then silence as that suddenly sank in when I noticed that Liza was slightly red-faced. I realized then that these girls were somewhat open sexually and actually might be flirting with me. I also sympathized with my husband who as I said, was concerned with me getting to know the neighbors.

At this point I became aware of the temperature in the room and casually tossed the blanket on the couch behind me. We continued to talk about triviality, when Shannon brought out from between her boobs a joint that was thicker and longer than a pen, (you know the see through ball-point BIC pens that are round and thick). She offered that if the brandy and the fire, “haven’t gotten you warmed up yet, this certainly will do the trick”. slot oyna I wondered what she was trying to get me warmed up for but quickly banned that thought when I once again calculated that I imposed upon them.

“What do you think we are going to do with that huge thing?”, I asked quickly.

“I’ve got something huge to show you but this is not it. This is just to help you relax for the night.”

“I’m not so sure about this.”, not picking up on the subtlety.

“You do smoke don’t you. I’ve seen you and your husband sitting outside for coffee or walking the dogs.”, she mocked me and I then thought again of fate as I thanked the lucky stars I did not bring my dogs.

“Yeah, of course. It’s just that joint is rather large and I am not sure of being able to maintain my faculties.”, I now thought of the two shots of brandy which was rare for me and noticed that I was a little woozy.

“Aw, no big deal. We’ll just smoke as much as we need anyway, and when you say we’ve had enough…then it’s enough.”, she argued convincingly. She gave me a twinkling smile and I caved. She sparked it up. At this point I knew I was going to get FUCKED-UP, somehow tonight.

The air began to get heavier and the conversation took a turn toward the inevitable, when combining all of the conditions I was under. “So um…your husband must be quite the lover, to keep you from being tempted from a couple of hotties like us?”, There was no doubt now of where Shannon intended this night to go. At least now I knew why she was getting me to relax.

“Oh yeah, he is. God, he satisfies me. He really does know how to perform.”, I returned her question.

“Yeah, we know. Sometimes we can hear you as he’s giving it to you. You can be loud, it’s hot.”, Liza burst in and we all suddenly turned red.

I tried to play it off like it was nothing so I said, “Uh Huh, I’ve heard you sometimes too, usually right after we, have sex.”

Shannon asked, “How does that make you feel, hearing us?”.

“Oh, I guess it was because you heard us. So, I don’t mind. Ray must have better hearing than I do and he wakes up often in the middle of the night. He’s told me that he can hear you as clear as in the next room.”

She thinks about what I said and wonders, “What has he heard?”, “Does he Say?”.

“Sure, He has this fascination that he can hear you guys shouting at each other, “…eat me baby. Eat me you wonderful bitch”

“That’s enough, take me now.”


“Please baby?”

“You’re not ready yet.”

Shannon interrupted then asking, “Do you really believe he can hear all that clearly?”.

“No, I told him it was his overactive imagination. He told me that he has no imagination. I had to agree with him on that though, and he went back to sleep.”

“Was that all he heard? I know I interrupted there.”, Shannon was quizzical now and she was on me like a sweaty shirt.

“Well no, he also said he heard her pretty little voice screaming her head off.” I pointed toward Liza as I made that statement, offering no more comment for a moment too long. I noticed that her legs were parted and her tiny boxers allowed me to see her very glistening pussy. She was definitely enjoying this situation, I was curious now as to what was on her mind. She always seemed intriguing and dynamic. I knew that she was hot now.

“So, tell us.”, in unison.

“He said he could hear her clearly shouting, “Fuck me baby, Fuck me with your big, hard, fat cock. I love your cock. Give it to me.” He quoted you and he could hear this kind of thing for hours, so he says,”

“Wow, um…what did you do about his…imagination then.”

“Nothing, but after he drifted off I thought I could hear pleasant and enjoyable, sometimes even painful moans in the distance.”

“Did that get you turned on?”

“Hell yes, I had to masturbate to get to sleep that night. It was so hot with my husband sleeping next to me and hearing you two moaning in the background. Well let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I can tell you’re enjoying this right now.”, as Shannon leaned in closer to me making me drip a little from below, as I could feel her breathe on me, close to me. Unlike a man’s, it smelled sweet and spiced. It was hot and sexy. Something inside me told me the dynamic here was changing.

“What do you mean?”, I asked getting embarrassed but turned on nonetheless.

Liza spoke up then offering, “Shannon has a talent for observation. We call it her heightened senses.”

“I have this gift of heightened awareness. Like for instance, right now I can sense that you thoroughly enjoyed telling us about your sleeping escapades. Perhaps you’ve even heard us or fantasized about it more than once after that.”, she piped in eagerly. Somehow I began to feel like I was being set-up.

“How you could you possibly tell that?”

“Well, aside from the fact that your excitement has become very apparent recently with your newly created peninsulas. There is canlı casino siteleri your breathing that has intensified especially every time I lean close to you. You also can’t stop looking at my Bitch(at this Liza fluttered visibly) over there and…”, she said as she brought her pointing finger slowly up toward my buxom, and then my face and I noticed the aroma on her fingers. “…I also have this wonderful aroma creeping up to me that let’s just say, smells as “tasty” as our dinner did for you earlier.”

At that moment I remembered their amusement at my mentioning of how tasty their dinner was and suddenly I remembered where had I tasted it before, back in my younger, wilder days and it was the scent of feminine arousal. She was saying she could smell my arousal and I had said they were “tasty” earlier. I really became embarrassed and I’m sure I was red and tried to hide my face from their intense gaze. I was stunned, not sure how to progress the moment only knowing that I wished to be out of there. I wished for my bed and realized the possibilities that brought with it and became further aroused. I was frozen in time, unable to think because of my thought process and no other thoughts would enter my mind because of where it wanted to be. I was on the verge of a meltdown.

I think the ladies sensed my hesitation and my sudden mood change because Liza quickly tried to perk us up saying, “Hey, at least it’s good to know that I smell tasty”.

This brought a laugh to all of us and burst all of the tension in the air. That was the ice-breaker we needed and Shannon lit up the remainder of the joint after receiving no protest from me. It was as if we had agreed to get comfortable after we had made an unspoken decision, separately. It was as we were getting comfortable again and having laughed at something, she was so close I happened to place my hand rather high up on her upper thigh. I jerked back reflexively as I felt something hard and out of place.

“Wow, was that…?”

“Uh-huh”, she piped in quickly anticipating the question and now feeling the moment.

“Um…”, I hesitated. Knowing what I was going to ask, she waited. “…Can I see it?”, my breathing almost uncontrollable.

“Of course, I’ve been waiting for you to ask.” She slowly began to move the hem of her underwear aside to reveal this fat, long cock that stretched almost to her knee. I was entranced and she knew she had me. “You want to touch it?”

As I grabbed I found that it was not warm and soft to the touch like a man’s cock but still felt large and heavy in my hand. It was not fake of course, a strap-on but not like a 1990’s hard rubber dildo but was somewhat soft and looked like it would feel forgiving inside my cunt. I was watching it with utter fascination and maybe even a little desire, trying hard not to lick my lips. Reluctantly, I let go of her cock.

I took the joint, had my turn and passed the joint to Liza she asked me, “What would happen to your marriage if you were to join us tonight?”. I could tell that just as Shannon could how excited this stunning little red-head really was.

That established how she wanted to end the night. It also put me in a predicament as to how I could retain my moral integrity. I knew at this point that I wanted these girls as much as they just declared they wanted me. They must know it too, the aura of it was certainly understated at the moment. What would I do about it. My husband always told me I have a standing arrangement of consent for an encounter of female companionship, as long as I filled him in graphically after the event. I often told him it would be unnecessary but he knew my protests were feint.

My resolve weakening, I knew it would only take a little more convincing before I joined these ladies for the all-night fucking we had often heard from next door. I was now hoping for that to happen but could not simply offer myself to my neighbors. Sensing my wavering position Shannon soon took things in hand, metaphorically and physically. As if she knew what the answer would be and where it would ultimately lead us.

“How would your husband feel if he knew you spent the night here with us?”, to which I explained to them our pact of complete honesty and the open pass I held. I also explained my reluctance to use it, fearing of where it may actually lead. She thought about this for some time before she made her offer. It is also when things really started heating up.

“Well, I will tell you what, I’m gonna make you an offer. I believe it will be the answer that gets you into our bed tonight, at least. By the sound of it, your husband is a great fuck. If you agree to join us tonight and of course you may relive that moment with your man post-coitus, then we will let you both join us here for a future tryst. It has been some time since I have had a real warm, fleshy cock fucking me, and I must admit I have thought about your husband.”

I let her request settle in my mind and processed just what she was offering. The more I thought about it the more I became aroused of course. Just the suggestion having its desired effect on me. I did not know how to safely say yes to this without seeming too eager. She sensed my hesitation.

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