Caught in the Act

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Big Tits

I approach your closed bedroom door, but hesitate before going in. I can hear quiet moans from within. I open the door a crack, as silently as possible, and peek into the dimly lit room.

You are relaxed on your back in the center of the bed, naked and warm from a recent bath. One hand is groping at your breasts. Your legs are splayed apart, a few fingers of your other hand are curled inside your pussy. Your head is relaxed back, and your eyes are closed.

I push the door open further and enter without a sound, so as to not interrupt your self pleasure. I stand just inside the doorway and watch your hands exploring and pleasuring your body. I begin to rub my swelling cock over my shorts.

Your thumb finds your clit and you rub back and forth over it vigorously. A few of your fingers are still plunged deep into your small cunt. The moans from your mouth grow in volume and frequency.

I drop my shorts to the floor, along with my underwear. I grip my precum tipped cock and stroke slowly up and down its length as I watch on in fascination.

Your fingers glisten with your lubricant as they dip in and out of your slit. I need to get Travesti closer, I need to taste. I pull my shirt up and off, and walk towards the bed.

I hesitantly climb onto the bed, laying on my stomach between your spread legs. Despite the mattress shifting as I climb on, you are too focused on your pleasure to notice me just yet.

I watch your fingers disappearing between your pussy’s lips, my face only inches away. I inhale the sweet aroma of your arousal, my cock stiffly throbs beneath my body. My breath blows softly on your excited flesh, and the new sensation surprises you.

You draw your hands away from your pussy, and lean your head up to see what caused the warm air against your sex. As your hands retreat I take the opportunity to bury my face against your wet cunt.

I suck your pussy lips into my mouth, and moan with content. I slip my tongue along the length. You moan happily. I focus my attention to your clitoris, flicking it with the tip of my tongue before sucking it between my teeth.

I pull my head back, “I think I just found my new favorite taste.”

You reach out with your hands to pull my face Antalya Travesti against your body. You grip my hair in your fists and grind your sex against my mouth. You can feel an orgasm quickly rising.

You moan. “Mmm, just like that. Make me cum.”

You clamp your legs around my back, and mash my face tightly against your body. I can feel your muscles tense up as the climbing orgasm explodes.

You unwrap your legs from behind me and release my hair. I push myself up on my arms. My cock throbs almost painfully from the lack of attention. Rolling onto my back, I wipe the mixture if your cum and my saliva from my mouth and slather it on my hard rod.

You climb on top of my body, facing me. You reach behind and grip my cock, guiding it as you lower yourself onto my shaft. As you start to slide your hips back and forth, I reach behind and grab your ass.

I allow you to set the pace initially. I admire your body atop mine. My eyes travel from the joining of our two bodies to your face smiling happily at me. I admire your breasts rolling softly as you slide up and down the length of my cock.

I start to accelerate Bursa Travesti the pace, thrusting my hips up to meet your body as you bounce up and down. I give your ass a rough squeeze as I fuck even faster. My thrusts slam into your body over and over.

I pull my cock out of your tight cunt. I throw you off of me and onto the bed beside me. I roll you onto your back before climbing on top. I plunge my cock deep inside your slit without hesitation.

I fuck your cunt hard, your body rocking below mine with each hard thrust. You let out a little moan each time my cock slams deep inside. I groan, feeling an orgasm building quickly.

I look into your eyes. “I’m going to cum on your tits. Tell me how much you want it.”

Your attempt to form a response results in a jumbled mess of moans and unfinished words. I accelerate my thrusts, bringing the climax to my orgasm closer.

I thrust in hard one last time, before pulling out entirely from your wet pussy. I grip my cock in my hand and furiously pump my hand. You squeeze your tits together, providing my target to cum on.

“Nnng. I’m cumming!” I announce. My cock begins to pump strings of cum over your wonderful breasts. Spurt after spurt of hot ejaculate lands across your chest as I groan with the intensity of the climax.

After the sixth and final shot of cum I flop onto my side beside you, exhausted after the hard fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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