Carvella Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Lunch at the Polo Lounge


I go into my roommate’s room while she’s sleeping. It’s a hot night and she’s sleeping without any covers. She has on a loose tank top and cotton panties.

I’m naked and already wet. I seem to recall that I do this every night but know that tonight will be different somehow, although I don’t know why.

I sit down on the hard wood chair next to her bed and put one foot on her bed and the other I drape over the arm. I scoot my ass out a bit so that my pussy is easily accessible all so that I can masturbate while looking at her sleeping form.

I begin by rubbing my clitoris in gentle circles, it’s crazy but I’m already wet, and I remember that I have been masturbating for an hour getting ready to do this. I approach orgasm but just can’t get over the hump.

I insert two fingers inside my vagina and try and finger fuck myself to a cum, but it doesn’t help, I just can’t orgasm.

I need more.

I have to touch her.

I carefully crawl on the bed. She’s on her back and I spread her legs a bit and kneel between them looking down on her taught body. I play with my clit again. And then convince myself that just a peek at her pussy wouldn’t hurt.

I ever so carefully pull aside her panties and get a glimpse of her cunt. It gets me sooo close to cumming but something isn’t complete. I need more.

Then somehow I feel myself grow, I feel that I naturally get a penis. It seems normal and right somehow, I still have my pussy, but now I have a rock hard cock too. Now I know why I haven’t been able to cum yet. I was meant to fuck her tonight. I know what I am supposed to do in this dream.

I pull her cotton panties to the side, lean in and effortlessly enter her pussy. She moans in her sleep as I penetrate her vagina with my dream cock. She’s underneath me now as I begin to fuck her…my roommate. I thrust and thrust and thrust, biting my lower lip. It feels glorious.

I roll her over and take her from behind, and still she doesn’t wake. I’m fucking her like a piston now, ramming,ramming. I look down, her cute ass still inside her panties, my cock sliding along side, almost secretly into her quim.

I grunt with each thrust. Ungh, ungh, ungh.

Still she doesn’t wake.

I am so close to cumming that I pump into her for just a few more quick seconds rocking the bed with my thrusts my breasts bouncing with the rhythm and then I ejaculate my woman seed inside her.

I collapse on top of her, twitching as my sticky female semen is expunged from my magic cock. I must have a quart of fem-cum in her pussy by now. The last of my fem-cum makes me almost black out with the effort to inject it inside her.

I drool on her back.

She is still asleep, how can this be? Although I see her face contorted in ecstasy, I wonder what SHE is dreaming of?

I pull out and my cock vanishes, but I can see my woman semen leaking out of her pussy. I move her panties back over her teen quim and sneak back out of the room sated.

I wonder what she’ll think about when she wakes? Will she want a reduction in her share of the rent for already paying with her body? Or will I be able to charge more for “services rendered”?


Linda and Dania rushed through the job of cleaning the house. While cleaning Linda couldn’t help but catch a few glimpses of Dania as her loose sweater rode up on her: as she cleaned a toilet, or picked up under the coffee table. It confirmed Linda’s suspicions, Dania was naked underneath.

Linda casino şirketleri was curious about Dania, what was her relationship with Miss Carvella.

[I called her Miss Carvella in my head, why did I do that?] Thought Linda.

But Dania didn’t speak much English. Linda let her mind wander, were they lovers? Probably. Was there a dominant submissive thing going on there? Certainly. The glimpses of the girl’s nakedness kept Linda unsure of herself during the house cleaning. She was tantalized by the peaks.

[How old is she? 20? 19? Certainly no more than 22?]

At 11:30 they have the house clean. In fact it’s the cleanest that Linda can remember it being since her husband left her.

She only has 30 minutes to get ready, for some reason she starts becoming incredibly nervous.

Dania notices the time and says, “We hurry…no make Mistress mad.” She motions Linda upstairs.

They re-enter the master bedroom and Linda sees the orgasmic painting again. She tries to push it out of her mind as Dania tells her, “You shower, I clothes.”

Linda doesn’t argue she knows she is going to have to hurry if she is ready on time for her date

[…date? It’s not a date, I’m just going to lunch with my neighbor.]

She heads into the master bathroom and strips and gets into the shower. She shaves her legs and around her bush, keeping it to a nice looking triangle of hair.

[I don’t want to look messy down there… …why did I think that?]

She finished up anyway making it nice and trim and then got out of the shower. She dried off and headed out to the bedroom.

Dania intercepted her there and quickly had her sit so she could get her ready.

“I know what she like.”

Before Linda could argue Dania was blow drying her hair and styling it for her lunch. Linda concentrated on putting on her makeup.

“little little, not many.”

Linda took this to mean to not put on a lot of makeup. She kept it light.

By the time they were done it was 11:54, they only had 6 minutes to finish getting ready. Linda came out and saw what was laid out on the bed. It was her nicest summer dress. She hadn’t worn it in years. With it were her only set of lingerie, she hadn’t worn that since her husband had left paired with her only pair of stockings, she never wore those either and lastly her only pair of 3 inch heels.

“I can’t wear this?” Started Linda as she picked up a plain pair of cotton underwear.

“No.” Said Dania stealing the cotton panties from Linda’s grasp, “She no like. Mad, make mizztrezz mad.”

[What the fuck do I care about the mizztrezz.]

But she ended up not fighting and just put on the lacy undergarments and stockings. She didn’t have time to argue and to be honest she was pretty excited about going to the Polo Lounge. It was very swanky, she would never go there on her own.

Dania helped her with her dress and she had to trot downstairs to be there right at noon.

She made it as the doorbell was just ringing.

She opened it and there stood Tatiana. Linda’s heart skipped a beat involuntarily.

[Why does she do that to me?]

She had just come from the parlor and her hair was perfect, a flame of red that was like her personality, overwhelming. Her eyes were hidden though, behind silvered sunglasses. She was wearing an expensive pantsuit with no blouse, it was tailored impeccably and accentuated Tatiana’s figure superbly. The jacket was cut low enough to entice but stopped short of provocative.

“Good casino firmaları afternoon Miss Moore.” Said Tatiana smoothly.

“Good afternoon Mistress.” Linda shocked herself, she had meant to say Tatiana or maybe Miss Carvella, but Mistress.

[Mistress why did I say that? Dammit.]

Tatiana smiled, “Good you accept your role and the benefit it will provide you.” She entered the house and immediately started an inspection. She walked from room to room, commenting on the house. Finally she stopped in the bedroom.

“Well Miss Moore. You have satisfied me, but I doubt you would have accomplished all this without Dania’s help.”

Linda blushed and smiled, “Yes Miss Carvella, she was a great help.”

Tatiana was quiet and looked at Linda pointedly. The smile left Linda’s face as she looked up at Tatiana. Tatiana looked angry, “You peaked didn’t you.”

Linda didn’t know what to say, she glanced at Dania.

“Don’t lie now, it will go harder for you if you do. But you did peak, yes?” Tatiana’s voice had gone quieter and her accent thicker.

Linda struggled with herself, how did this woman make her feel so small, “…y-y-yes mistress.”

“Didn’t I tell you that you were not allowed to peak?” her teeth were clenched.

“Yes Mistress.” She kept saying mistress, somewhat unconsciously, hoping that it would help the situation.

“What should be your punishment?”

“m-my punishment?” Linda didn’t know what to expect.

“If you want my help, my guidance to help you improve your life. Then you must learn to obey my commands. There needs to be negative reinforcement for bad behavior.” She sat down on the chair by the door.

“Now, come here.” Linda walked up to her. Tatiana grabbed her and threw the other woman across her lap before she could react. Linda squawked, “What are you doing.”

“Spanking a naughty girl who peaked at Dania’s bottom, no?” Tatiana held tightly onto Linda as she struggle to break free. “Stop struggling Miss Moore, this is for you own good.”

Linda settled down, a spanking, she couldn’t believe it, she hadn’t been spanked since she was six. Once she was satisfied that Linda was going to stay still Tatiana flipped her dress up out over Linda’s head exposing her ass and half her back as well.

“wait what are you doing, don’t do that.”

“We shall give a simple ten spanks, count them out to me Miss Moore, and thank me for each one.”

SMACK! Linda wasn’t ready as Tatiana hit her ass hard, she jumped.


“Count Miss Moore, you don’t want me to start over.”

“..ssssooowwww, One, aaahhheee.” Said Linda.

SMACK! Her bottom was already on fire.

“You did not thank me Miss Moore, start again.”

“oowww…one…Thank you Miss Carvella.”

“Better!” SMACK!

“OWEEEEE…two, thank you Miss Carvella.”

“Good.” SMACK!

“aahaha…three, thank you Miss Carvella.”

“Call Me Mistress.” SMACK!

“eeeeee…four, thank you mistress.”

“Good!” SMACK!

“NNnnnNNnnnn…five, thank you mistress.”

Tatiana stopped, “Halfway now miss Moore and we finish with a bare bottom.” She snapped her fingers and Dania came up and quickly pulled down the lacy panties that Linda had on.

“nnnnnooo please…”

Tatiana ignored her, she rubbed her hand around Linda’s bare ass a few times and then smacked her again.


“OWWWEEEE,” Linda almost forgot, “six..thank you mistress.”

“Pay attention.” SMACK!

“hhhuuuunnnn ow ow…seven thank you güvenilir casino mistress.”


“ahhhaaeee…eight, thank you mistress.”


“NIiiIINnne…thank you mistress.”


“TENNNN, thank you mistress.”

Tatiana rested her hand on Linda’s bare ass as she spoke to her, she let her middle finger nonchalantly rest at the top of Linda’s crack. “Now, let’s see if you can obey a bit better going forward. ”

She helped Linda to stand back up.

“When I say no peaking at the firm naked ass of my current model, I mean you are not allowed to let your slutty gaze fall upon her naked ass. Am I clear?” Linda didn’t quite remember the conversation going like that but nodded, “Yes Mistress.”

“Come let’s go, I don’t want to be late for our lunch date.” And with that she unceremoniously walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

Linda followed her down and out the front door, it wasn’t until she was getting in Miss Carvella’s BMW that she realized she had left her panties off. Her naked sore bottom made for an uncomfortable ride. She kept squirming in the seat.

They drove mostly in silence to the Beverly Hills Hilton where the Polo Lounge was. They drove up to the entrance and the valet took the car. As they were walking up the carpeted front steps Tatiana stopped Linda and turned her.

“Look around you Miss Moore.” Linda looked at the ostentatious entrance to the Hilton, the steps, the valets, the doorman, “I can get you all of this for both you and your daughter. No more ‘Hum-drum'” Linda looked at the silvered sunglasses. “Do you want a better life?”

“Yes Miss Carvella.”

“Do you know how to get this?” Tatiana gestured around her.

“…n-n-no Miss Carvella.”

“I do, Miss Moore. Think about that through lunch.” She led Linda inside and directly to the Polo Lounge for lunch.

They were seated in the patio outside, the afternoon was a perfect temperature. Before she knew what had happened Miss Carvella had ordered for Linda and the waiter had retired from their table. Linda didn’t even get to see a menu.

“I ordered you the tomato gazpacho, it is superb here and their arugula salad. You don’t need an entrée, you need to watch your figure if you are going to sit for me.”

The meal came and they talked about Linda’s work, Tatiana made a call in the middle of the meal. She didn’t say to who, but just smiled at Linda. As she spoke in her native tongue.

[What was it, was it Slovakian?]

Tatiana paid the bill not letting Linda see the receipt at all.

They left after the wonderful lunch and drove home in relative silence, Linda’s bottom was still sore. Tatiana pulled into her garage and walked Linda back to her home.

“Miss Moore, you have seen two sides of me today, I am both of those and more. You may decide to be done with me, but if you want to improve your life and your daughter’s, be able to become more than your current ‘hum-drum’ life then I am the only way for you to achieve that.”

Linda started to speak.

“I have not given you permission to speak.”

Linda grew quiet again.

“If you truly want my help guiding you forward in your life, then I require certain things from you. Primarily obedience.”

Linda stood still on her doorstep as Tatiana continued.

“If you want me to be your mistress, then you will present yourself to me at my door tomorrow after your daughter leaves for school. If I don’t see you at 9:30am then our arrangement is null and I will expect you to reduce contact with me to a cold neighborly association.”

“Am I clear?”

“Yes Miss Carvella.” Said Linda quietly.

“Good, then tomorrow 9:30, have a good sleep and I will hope to see you at my door at that time.”

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