Carsick Christie

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I had been working for a low budget, amateur style porn studio for about a year, S.K. Flix. We were pretty much 3 guys and a camcorder, and we took requests and made whatever we thought people would buy. That’s how we got into vomit movies. There was a demand for them, and no one else was making them, so we figured we’d give it a go, if we could find any willing girls.

The first ‘script’ we came up with was Carsick Christie. Pretty straight forward. The basic idea was that a girl would be riding in a car with us, announce that she wasn’t feeling well, and after holding it down for a few more miles, get out of the car and vomit for the camera. Stupid plot, but whatever. It’s not like that matters.

Dave, the founder of S.K. Flix was in charge of casting Christie; I just showed up with my camcorder and a full tank of gas. We’d been worried we wouldn’t be able to find a hot enough girl willing to make herself puke, but it was surprisingly easy. She was happy to do that rather than fuck. I don’t know where he found ‘Christie’ but she was decent enough- about 5’4″ with a fake tan and bleached out blonde hair that was still brown at the roots. She swore she never did anything like this, but I doubted that. Probably some sort of sex worker with a drug habit to support. She was wearing a tight blue dress that barely covered her pink bra, and she had on cheap looking high heels.

We got into the car and started driving, and I started filming. Sometimes having to stock footage comes in handy. She sat in the back with roger, but I made sure not to get his face in the shot.

“So how does this work?” Christie asked.

“Well,” Dave explained. “We should get some footage of you eating first. We’re going to get some fast food and we’ll film you eating a couple burgers or something. Then you can take this medication that’ll make you puke. So while we’re waiting for it to happen you should say some stuff like ‘oh I don’t feel so good’ or ‘I feel really car sick’. And when you’re ready to throw up, we’ll pull over, you get out and puke on the ground, and that’s that. Then you get your money.”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” she said.

I couldn’t believe she was so calm about it. Like she was just doing any other job. She must really need to money.

“Okay lets get some good footage. Say, “I’m so hungry, lets get something to eat”” Dave instructed.

Christie said it back.

“I don’t know” roger said to Christie, in his terrible acting voice. “Eating on a long drive can make you carsick.”

“Oh no I’m fine. I never get carsick. I can eat so much and still feel fine.” She said. Perfect. casino şirketleri She was a pro.

We got her three hamburgers and filmed her slowly eating all of them as we drove.

“Okay, now its time for the ipecac.” Dave said, and I got it out of the glove compartment and poured her a large dose in a plastic medicine cup. She drank it and followed it with two water bottles.

“Do you want me to start talking about how I feel sick?” she asked.

“Yeah,” roger said.

“Oh,” Christie said, feigning illness. “I don’t feel so good. I feel kind of carsick.”

“I told you not to eat those burgers.” Roger said.

“Oh yeah, you were right. I feel pretty nauseous.” Christie said, clutching her stomach. It was the worst acting I had ever seen.

“What did you eat earlier today?”

“Well before the burgers, I actually already had lunch and breakfast,” she said. She was speaking naturally again, not fake acting for the camera. “I had a breakfast sandwich and some orange juice, and for lunch I had a salad.”

“Oh wow, so a lot is going to come up” roger said.

“Yeah,” Christie laughed. “Hey, how long does it take for this stuff to work?”

“It says 15 minutes on the bottle,” I told her.

After that she sat quietly for a few minutes. Then her face began to look uncomfortable and I could tell she was starting to feel the effects.

“How are you doing?” Dave asked her.

“Not so good. Ugh… it just really feels like… my stomach is just….” she was obviously really feeling sick, since she didn’t sound overly dramatic and fake anymore. This was the real nausea. “Is this stuff going to make everything come up?” she groaned.

“Yeah. But stop talking about the stuff, because in the film you’re just supposed to be car sick.”

After a few more minutes she was grasping her stomach. “Oh my god…” she moaned. “This was a mistake. I can feel everything in my stomach churning. What the heck is in this stuff?”

Dave sighed. “Stop talking about the ipecac. It’s ruining the film.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, breathing heavily. “It’s just hard to focus on the film when I feel this… I- I- just didn’t realize it would make me feel so sick.”

“Of course it makes you feel sick. It has to make you vomit.” Dave said, annoyed.

“Yeah, but it’s worse than normal,” she said. “There’s so much pressure in my stomach.” she swallowed roughly, and licked her dry lips, and leaned back in her seat. “I guess there has to be a lot of pressure, to make everything in my stomach come out…” she sighed heavily. “It’s only been ten minutes, but I think its casino firmaları going to happen pretty soon.”

“No, just wait. It’s going to take a little longer.” Dave said. “Oh, I know, say something about how your dress is too tight, and then take it off. So that when we film you getting sick, you’ll be in your underwear.”

Christie nodded. She was sweating, and she kept swallowing, but she managed to stammer, “Oh boy, this dress is so tight on my stomach. I should take it off…” and she lifted her arms weakly to pull it over her head. At this point, she was too sick to pretend to be sexy. It was like she didn’t have the energy, and she wasn’t a good enough actress to hide it.

She slumped in her seat, in her hot pink bra and panties. I noticed, to my shock, how her stomach bulged with the three burgers and several bottles of water we’d made her consume. With her swollen stomach, there would definitely be a lot of vomit.

Christie pressed her hand to her pink lips, and for a moment, I thought she was going to be sick, ten minutes early. But instead she parted her lips and let out a startling sound.

“URRRRRRRPPP.” A loud, degusting burp.

“I’m so sorry,” she whimpered. “I’m so embarrassed. It’s just there’s so much pressure, and I don’t think I can help it- ERRUUUUP” She was interrupted as her stomach forced up another loud belch.

“I’m- oh my gosh- I’m so…” she stammered, trying to cover her mouth. “It just feels a lot better to get it out, you know?”

“That’s fine,” Dave said. “Feel free to let them out if it helps.”

“Yes,” Christie stammered. “I think it need to let them out. The burping is really helping with the nausea.” She breathed heavily for a few moments, then, once again: “URRRRRP” Only this one was shorter.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and let out another noise. A small, chocked gag.

“Hm,” Dave said. “It hasn’t been that long, but it seems like you might get sick soon.”

I looked back at Christie, and realized that was definitely going to be the case. She was too distracted to answer, as she tried to swallow and keep the contents of her stomach down.

Roger moved away from her as she began gagging uncontrollably.

Christie began make several short “errp errrp errrrp” noises as she tried to fight the gagging, and her eyes filled with tears.

“Pull over,” I said to Dave.

“What?” He said.

But it was too late. I watched as Christie pressed her hands to her mouth, went “BLERRRRRRRRRR” and threw up all over her clasping hands.

“Oh NO!” Dave shouted, realizing Christie hadn’t gotten out of the car güvenilir casino like she was supposed to.

“BLURRRRRRRRRRRRRP” Christie vomited another wave all over herself. It gushed down her face in a thick stream and flowed down her cheat, over her hot pink bra.

“It’s already in the car” I said. “At least make sure the scene is good.”

Christie nodded, and wait for the next wave, she managed to look at the camera and say, “Oh gosh, I sure was carsick. Look how much I puked up already.”

“Yeah,” Roger said, petting her hair. “Good girl. See if you can get the rest of it up.”

Christie’s eyes watered. “It’s definitely going to come u-” but she was cut off as she puked again. This gush spewed out of her mouth and landed all over her bare lap, staining her pink underwear.

“I think that’s all the burgers,” she muttered. “Now it’s just the salad… and then it will be the breakfast sandwich.” She gagged, then burped up a smaller gush of puke. This one showed undigested particles of lettuce, meaning she was right and had moved on to getting her previous lunch up.

Finally, covered in puke, she leaned over and vomited one last gush onto her own lap. “That’s my breakfast,” she explained weakly, looking humiliated and defeated.

But it wasn’t over for poor Christie. She continued to gag, belch, and dry heave.

Dave pulled over to the side of the road. Luckily we were on a somewhat deserted highway at this point, and there weren’t many people around.

“When is the dry heaving going to stop?” Christie asked bitterly.

“When you drink some water. The way it works is that you need to have some water and throw that up too. You’re not quite done.”

Christie sniffed, and wiped her face and got out of the car. She downed three bottles of water.

“This time you’ll probably vomit a lot faster. It should come right back up.”

Christie nodded silently.

Sure enough, she opened her mouth and gushed up a stream of water like a fountain. It was relatively clear, too. She got a moment of relief, then leaned over and heaved up the final gush, coughing and sputtering as she puked it on the pavement.

“Good girl,” roger said, patting her own the back. I didn’t know why he was bothering with this fake persona, when the shoot had already gone so wrong.

Dave got a towel out of the trunk and Christie wiped her puke off herself.

She got back into the car, and we rode silently. Finally she said, “I’m sorry about the car.”

Dave didn’t say anything.

“Do I still get paid?”

“No.” Dave said. “We’re going to use that money to get the car dealt with. If you want to get paid, you’ll have to come back an film another scene for us. This one wont be in the car though.”

“I really don’t want to puke again…” Christie said. “But I guess I really need the money.”

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