Carmen in Control

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School was out for the summer and 18 year old Carmen Vasquez was pondering her future. Her mother Rose had been urging her to go to college but Carmen wasn’t sure that was what she wanted to do. Carmen got out of bed and admired her luscious body in the mirror; she stood 5’8″, had long black hair, and a 42 D breasts that made men and women alike stop in their tracks and stare at her with lust in their eyes. Carmen wiggled into her tight shorts, threw on a too small tank-top, slipped into high-heels, and put on some bright red lipstick.

Her mom made breakfast for her and asked, “Where are you going dressed like that? You look like a street walker; that ring in your belly-button looks gross. What about college? Have you made up your mind as to what you are going to do?”

Carmen smiled coyly and mused at what her mom’s reaction would be like if she ever saw the ring on her clit! She looked her mother straight in the eye and said, “Mom I have time to think about that, don’t rush me and I do not look like a hooker. In case you haven’t noticed, navel rings are common now days and it looks cool. It is such a beautiful day I think that I shall take a walk to the park and consider my options.” Carmen kissed her mother goodbye and rushed out the door before her mom could say anything else.

On her way to the park she stopped to watch some illegal immigrants protesting. Carmen’s grandparents came from Mexico but they did it right, had legal papers and she did not sympathize with these people crossing the border and making demands but she understood their need to make a better living for their families but she believed that they should do it legally.

As usual heads turned as she strolled through the park with her jugs and ass bouncing up and down. Carmen loved all of the attention but boys did not interest the sexy girl; she stopped dating last year when she discovered that sex with girls rocked her world. Her first girl-girl sex was with her best friend Josie. Since then she has had several encounters with the fairer sex and knew that is what she wanted. She spent time on the Internet and was fascinated with women that seduced and dominated other women. Her pussy moistened just thinking about it and Carmen’s desire was to seduce another girl or woman and make her conquest submit to her every demand. The sexy Latin wanted a totally submissive slut to fulfill her every carnal craving.

The busty siren spotted a slender blond woman sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons. The woman was wearing a pink flowered sun dress and looked so sweet and innocent. Carmen seductively approached the woman and demanded, “What the hell are you doing?”

The startled woman looked up at voluptuous girl and timidly replied, “I…I am feeding the birds, why?”

“Don’t you know that pigeons are filthy and carry all kinds of diseases? They are the rats of the bird world. You should know better!”

“I…I’m so sorry, I did not know. I will stop feeding them.”

The sensuous teen felt aroused when she looked into the lady’s blue eyes, noticed her embarrassment when she was caught staring at Carmen’s huge breasts, and most of all the woman’s shy and submissive nature. Wicked thoughts ran thru her young mind as she sat next to the demure older woman and introduced herself. As they got acquainted Carmen learned that the woman’s name was Amanda Clark and that she was 41 years old. Amanda appeared much younger and was quite attractive. Carmen liked her slim build, tiny tits, comely manner, and the contrast of her white skin with her own caramel skin. After awhile Carmen convinced the accommodating woman to go to the stand and buy them both a beer. They drank several beers and the young seductress discovered that Amanda lived in a house nearby, her husband died in a auto accident two years ago and that she had a daughter that was away at college.

Amanda stiffened when Carmen put her hand on her leg as they conversed but didn’t say anything. The luscious Latin was amused by the woman’s inability to keep her eyes off of her tantalizing tits and how her face turned crimson when she was caught looking at them. Carmen looked her in the eye as her hand gently moved up the lady’s leg and whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you buy us a couple more beers? I am really enjoying your company and hope you feel the same way.”

Not comprehending the full meaning of the statement but feeling a tingling sensation when Carmen whispered in her ear, Amanda stood and answered, “Yes I do enjoy your company and will buy us another beer but I must go to the ladies room first, all of this beer is running right through me, I’m afraid that I am not a very good drinker. I will be right back.”

As Carmen watched the cute little blond walk away she was filled with an overwhelming urge to follow her prey and take her. Excitement caused her to breathe heavy and she could feel the blood rushing through her veins when she followed the timid woman to the restroom. She entered the restroom just in time to see the end stall door close Amsterdam Shemale as Amanda went inside. Carmen gazed at her reflection in the mirror, her brown eyes sparkled, her nipples were pointy, and she never felt so turned-on in her life. There was no one else around so she decided that now was the perfect time to live out her fantasy.

When the stall door opened Carmen rushed over and pushed the stunned woman back inside the stall. The look of horror in Amanda’s eyes only made Carmen more aroused. Amanda pleaded, “What are you doing? Please let me go. I will give you all of my money. My wallet is in my purse! Please don’t hurt me.”

The lusty Latin spun the woman around and shoved her face against the wall and said, “I don’t want your money bitch. I want you! Just do as I say and you won’t get hurt.” Carmen pressed her red-hot body into the frightened woman’s back, tweaked her small breasts, kissed her ear and neck while lifting up her dress and ripping off her pink panties. Amanda felt the girl’s over sized tits press into her back as three fingers were thrust into her smoldering slit. She always thought that same sex copulation was perverted and couldn’t understand why her body was aflame. Her knees grew week, she lost all will to resist, and she was filled with deviant desire and sweet surrender.

The lust crazed young girl feverishly worked her fingers in and out of the submissive woman’s slushy pussy and declared, “Your fucking cunt is sopping wet, I can feel your pussy walls open and close on my hand, and your moans of pleasure tell me that you love it. You are going to cum aren’t you slut? Tell me how much you love fucking my hand. Talk to me bitch!”

“Uh… Umm…Yes, it feels so good, please don’t stop, keep fucking meee, oh yes, I am going to cum. Oh god, oh god, Yessssssssssssss!”

Carmen turned the disoriented woman around and helped her to sit on the toilet seat. Amanda’s eyes opened wide when the sex-kitten lifted her top to expose her magnificent melons and tugged down her form fitting shorts. The mature woman gasped when the hairy muff appeared just inches from her face. Carmen placed the woman’s hands on her heaving breasts and asked the intimidated woman, “Well my dear, have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“No, no never. Please don’t make me do this.”

“Oh don’t be silly; you will do it and you will like it so much that you will beg me to let you have some more.” Amanda just stared at the flower opening before her eyes. The lush patch of black pubic hair, the swollen pussy lips dripping with dew, the clit ring, and the intoxicating aroma of the fuming love tunnel all awakened a desire deep inside her to taste this sexy Latin girl in front of her. Carmen noticed the submission and craving in the older woman’s eyes and put her hand behind Amanda’s neck and brought the woman’s face to her puffy pussy lips. The white woman kissed the pussy lips with loving tenderness. Then her tongue flicked out and licked them from top to bottom; as Amanda licked the juicy cunt she squeezed harder on Carmen’s caramel tits.

Amanda was drunk with desire and probed the delicious love tunnel with her long tongue; she was lost in a sea of lust as she feasted on the tasty treat that was offered to her. The white mother loved the taste of the caramel candy and astonished herself by wondering if all pussy tasted so good. As Carmen neared climax she became very vocal as she fucked Amanda’s face with fervor. “That’s it bitch, eat that cunt! I didn’t notice before that your tongue was so long; you are a natural born cunt lapper. Yes, flip that clit ring with your pussy licking tongue. Are you sure that you never did this before? Here it comes slut, yes, lick it all up, just like that, yesssssss!”

The lovers were so engrossed in their wild sex that they didn’t notice that someone was in the next stall until they heard a female voice say, “What the fuck?” They looked up to see a park guard in a tan uniform looking down at them from the next stall. Amanda was terror-stricken but Carmen just stood there boldly and complied when asked to unlock the door. A short black woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s jumped down from on top the toilet, walked to the next stall and joined them in the stall, her name tag read “Ruby Brown”, she was extremely dark skinned and her 35 D breasts looked even larger on her small frame. She barked, “Give me just one reason why I shouldn’t run you both in to the station and lock you up.”

Carmen could see the lust in Ruby’s eyes and sexily cooed, “I see the way you look at us and think that you want to join in on the fun. Why don’t you lose the clothes and let my white friend tongue-fuck your cunt while you nurse on my big tits?”

Ruby looked down at the cowed white woman’s cum coated pretty face and at Carmen’s magnificent breasts, smiled, and disrobed. She locked the door before offering the white woman her black pussy. She did suck Carmen’s tits while Amanda gobbled up her black cunt. After washing the white woman’s face with her pussy Rotterdam Shemale juices she took their names and addresses from their IDs and ordered them to meet her in front of the restroom at noon the next day and warned them not to have any more sex in public. Ruby also told them if they were not there tomorrow they would be arrested.

Carmen and Amanda walked hand and hand to the older woman’s house. They drank tea and discussed the events of the day. Amanda asked her young lover, “Do you really think that I did good for my first time? I never thought that I would ever do such a thing but I did and I loved it! Will we see each other again or was that a one time thing? I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I love you but I’m worried about that park guard, she is mean and I’m afraid of what she will make us do tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about that threatening slut. She thinks that she is in charge but she will soon learn that Carmen is in control. I will bring a small tape recorder tomorrow and we will put it in your purse and she will talk her way into trouble. Once we get her on tape she will never bother us again. Don’t worry baby you are my bitch now and I intend to take good care of you. You are my own kitty licker now and nobody is going to force us to do anything that we don’t want to do.” Amanda beamed and felt safe with Carmen and realized right then and there that she would do anything that her Latin lover asked her to do.

The next day they waited in the park for their tormentor to arrive. They didn’t have to wait long as Ruby pulled up in a red Buick and told them to get in. Carmen told Amanda to turn on the recorder before entering the car. All three females sat in the front seat with Carmen in the middle. Carmen asked, “Where are we going and what do you have planned for us?”

Ruby shot back, “Listen bitch, all you have to know is that you are my fuck toys and you will do whatever I tell you to do. Do as I say or you will end up in jail eating nasty crack whore cunts. If you must know I am going to take you to a friend’s house and we are going to fuck the shit out of you with our big black dildos.”

Before Ruby stopped laughing Carmen demanded, “Stop the car before I kick the shit out of you.” Ruby was furious and pulled the car to the side of the road but she was in shock when she heard the tape playing. Ruby lunged for the tape but Carmen grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back and asserted, “Don’t say another word or you will be in a world of hurt. Now start the car and drop us off where I tell you to. If you ever give either one of any trouble you will pay dearly, do you understand?”

Ruby knew that she was defeated and bowed her head and in a subdued voice said, “Yes I do understand and will not bother you again; just let me know where you want me to drop you off.” They got out in front of Carmen’s house and went inside to get some soda and call Josie.

They drank some cola and Rose was somewhat surprised by how much older her daughter’s new friend was that she met at the park but decided that it was a good thing because Amanda was well mannered and seamed to be such a nice lady. Rose thought that the woman would be a good influence on her daughter; she had no idea that Carmen was in-to women. About a half hour later Josie picked them up and they drove to Amanda’s house.

Amanda served iced-tea as they relaxed in the living room. Carmen instructed Amanda to stock up with some beer and Josie’s mouth opened wide when Carmen said, ” This sweet little white woman is my pussy licking bitch, I own her, she has a long tongue and tonight I will share her with you!” Carmen was in control and enjoined them to take off their clothes. The 19 year old Josie was quickly becoming aroused; her only lesbian experience was with Carmen and now she was about to participate in a threesome, her young pussy was flooding. As soon as they were naked Carmen laughed and stated, “Wow, talk about contrast, this is awesome.” Jose was a mixture of black and Puerto Rican, had 34 C breast, short brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. Carmen told Josie to sit on her lap and face forward.

Carmen spread her legs wide, had Josie do the same, and then Amanda was instructed to kneel on the floor and eat both pussies. The older white woman just stared at the two dark pussies as if in a trance. Carmen broke her trance by declaring, “You are one lucky white bitch; we are offering four hot spicy holes for you to worship with your lips and long tongue. Get to it baby and make our kitty-cats purr and we will give you plenty to drink with your meal.” When it hit her what Carmen meant by four holes she was frightened but as she gazed at the dripping, horny, luscious, and inviting hunks of girl flesh she was overcome by carnal cravings and lowered her blond head to the dark and delicious canals where the still waters flowed.

Amanda was lost in a feeding frenzy, she licked, sucked, and tongue probed every orifice with fervor and savored every taste of the lusty Latin girls. Netherlands Shemale The degrading felling that she had when she tongue fucked their ass-holes only made her hotter and she was reaching sublime orgasms with the girls. Amanda reached heights of ecstasy that she never knew existed when as a reward for her oral pleasuring of the two beautiful girls they laid the woman on her back and kissed and licked every inch of her inflamed body. The girls lingered for awhile on her small breasts, sucking on her rubbery nipples, then on her tummy and thighs. Amanda exploded and saw stars as both girls tongued and sucked her honey-pot with a hungry fervor. Her orgasm was so intense that she passed out. When she awoke it was dark and the girls were gone.

Amanda went into the kitchen to get some coffee; it was 8 o’clock in the evening and she couldn’t believe that she slept so long. She sat at the kitchen table and thought how drastically her life had changed. As her mind drifted back her pussy grew moist when she thought of the luscious Latin girl and how much she loved it when Carmen was in control. She never imagined that she would be attracted to another female let alone be totally captivated and willing to obey the young siren’s every command. Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard her lover’s sensual voice telling her that they were coming back with a big surprise for her.

She threw on a robe and tried to freshen up so that she looked good for Carmen. When the doorbell rang the excited woman rushed to the door to greet her lover. The girls brushed by the timid woman carrying a case of beer and a small black bag. They opened three beers and put the rest in the refrigeration. Half way through the beers Carmen declared, “Let’s go up to your bedroom and break in your bed. I want to fuck you in your bed. Come on.” Each girl took hold of an arm and they ushered the confused woman to the bedroom.

They took off Amanda’s robe and stripped themselves. Carmen asked Amanda, “Did you ever suck a big black cock? How about your ass? Did your husband ever fuck you in the ass? I want you to suck my big cock and then I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before and Josie is going to drill your bum hole!”

Not having a clue what was going on, Amanda answered, “I’ve given my husband blow jobs but never let him touch my ass. What are you talking about? You are both girls; how could you possibly do those things to me?”

When Carmen opened the black bag Amanda’s mouth opened wide and her eyes almost popped out when she saw the 9′, very black, and very thick dildo. Josie pulled one out that was about the same length but it was purple and thin. She let out a long gasp as the girls strapped on their cocks. Amanda sat on the edge of the bed in total disbelief when Carmen put the big black dildo to her lips and and told her to suck it. Carmen then directed Josie to her knees and ordered her to eat the woman’s pussy and lube her ass with her tongue.

The more Josie ate her pussy and ass the more feverishly she gobbled up the black cock in her hungry mouth. Carmen fucked her face with vigor and said, “That’s it bitch, slobber all over my cock and get it good and wet!”

The domineering girl grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled her head back as the dildo plopped out of her sucking mouth. Amanda was roughly pushed on her back. Her creamy legs were spread wide and Carmen plowed right in with the dildo. At first the woman screamed out in pain but as her pussy stretched and she became accustomed to the size of the dildo the pain was replaced with copious pleasure. As Carmen pounded away hitting the depths of Amanda’s love canal the lust filled woman wrapped her legs around her lover and submitted totally to her passion and fucked back as hard as she was being fucked. While plunging the black weapon to the hilt up the sopping pussy Carmen felt the friction on her own clit and orgasmed with the squirming blond.

Carmen laid down on her back and made Amanda taste her own cum and pussy juices on the dildo. Carmen then unstrapped the dildo and pulled the pretty face to her smoldering cunt and demanded that Amanda worship her womanhood with her mouth and tongue. Amanda lovingly feasted at the alter of her Latin love goddess. Carmen waved her hand directing Josie to get behind the horny white woman. Amanda’s ass temptingly swayed in the air as she hungrily devoured the spicy pussy.

Josie kissed all over the creamy buttocks, then stuck her tongue up the little brown hole, next she inserted a finger in as she spat into it. Josie then put her fingers in her own steamy cunt and smeared the dildo with her pussy juice to lube it up good. Slowly she penetrated the puckered brown hole with the skinny purple dildo and gradually picked up speed until she was pounding the pudding with passion! Amanda could not believe how good the purple pole felt up her tush and humped back like a crazed sex maniac while she continued to stick her long pink tongue up the tangy love hole. The three females reached spectacular orgasms together. Carmen had more plans for her little submissive but when she saw that Amanda was totally spent they kissed her goodnight and left. Carmen promised to call her the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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