Careful What You Wish For Pt. 04

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We were having a meeting in my office. It was after past 5 o’clock but Peter didn’t seem bothered we were late. The discussion about company sales performance was over and we had moved onto more personal matters.

It had been a standard meeting but any casual observer would have been surprised to hear what Peter asked.

“OK Josh, I’ve been wondering all day. What kind of underpants are your wearing?”

Two nights previously I had been dancing in the club but after I saw Peter, it just wasn’t with the same enthusiasm. I wanted to run from the stage but it was impossible. I had to stay there, dancing as best I could, while he leered at me.

Eventually the music stopped and the competition was over. I dressed and went over to speak to Matt and John. I was no longer worried if I upset them. They were not the real problem.

“Sorry but I’ve seen someone I know. I need to go.”

I was slightly surprised at their reaction.

“Get off then. We’ll see you about. Just collect your prize money before you go, oh and give it to us.”

I hadn’t realised I had won but I really didn’t mind about the money. I was glad they were so relaxed as I just needed to get away.

So it was back to work on Monday and of course I couldn’t avoid Peter.

He casino şirketleri smiled the first time he saw me but made no comment. I felt nervous, feeling that he was mentally undressing me, but tried to act unconcerned. I am a senior manager but in my current situation it was very hard for me to maintain my authority over the rest of the staff. Obviously it was impossible with Peter.

I was waiting all day for him to make reference to what had happened but he said nothing and I began to wonder if he was deliberately allowing the tension to build.

Towards the end of the day we were due our regular sales meeting and it started pretty much on time at 4 o’clock.

For an hour or so we discussed nothing but sales although increasingly Peter seemed distracted. Eventually he asked me whether I had enjoyed Saturday night.

“It was ok, I suppose.”

“Seems to me you’ve got a secret. Do you want me to keep it?”

I nodded. The company that we both worked for had a very conservative ethos. No way would they accept what I had done.

So that was when he posed the question.

It was embarrassing but I had to answer.

“White briefs.”

“Not sure I trust you Josh. I think you need to prove it.”

I noticed he had decided to casino firmaları use my first name. Obviously he felt he didn’t need to show me the respect that was normally my due.

After the tension of the day it was a relief to undo my trousers. I could sense his excitement as I revealed my underpants.

“You were telling the truth, Josh. I like that. Now get your clothes off.”

I knew that I had no choice and so repeated my strip of Saturday night, although this time there could be no suggestion of teasing. Peter was enjoying his sense of power too much and I wasn’t going to risk upsetting him.

My trousers followed my shoes and socks and then it was my jacket, tie, cuff-links and shirt. I was left standing in my tight white briefs awaiting his next instruction.

“OK Josh. Get down on your knees. I want you to take me in your mouth.”

So I knelt before him and watched as he opened his trousers and expose himself. I licked my lips nervously before allowing him to place himself inside my mouth. There was an overwhelming smell but I screwed up my courage, placed my hands on his arse and began to move my head back and forth, anxious to try and please him.

He knelt down himself and pushed me so I was facing downwards. I could feel his güvenilir casino hands over my back and then touching my briefs.

So that was my first experience of giving oral sex to another man. I was surprised at how full my mouth felt and I didn’t care for the taste but really my overwhelming feeling was that of submission.

After that our relatonship continued in much the same way with the only difference being that now Peter was the boss. He generally admired me and when we went for lunch he insisted on paying for both of us. He always treated me with respect when we were in company but when we were alone he made it clear who was in charge, patting me on my bum and complimenting me on my figure. If I was lucky he would hold my penis for a moment, just long enough to leave me desperate for more.

I felt like a secretary from the 1950’s. At one stage he even complimented me on the way that the outline of my briefs showed through my trousers. I have to confess that the thought of that gave me an erection and increasingly all I wanted was to think of ways to please him.

There was nothing too public about the change in our relationship but even so some people were starting to get suspicious. It was only a matter of time before someone realised what was happening and one day I overheard something in the corridor

“Peter and Josh have a lot of meetings these days. Do you think anything’s wrong?”

I was sick with worry as I returned to my office. Was everything about to come out?

Then I had my idea.

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