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As our night begins, I lead you into the bedroom, where a lit candle on the dresser casts a soft glow through the room. I lead you toward the bed and your eyes fall upon a set of soft leather tie downs attached to the headboard and footboard. A shiver of anticipation dances down your spine, from the nape of your neck to the small of your back.

I turn your body, my hands now resting on your shoulders, until the backs of your calves are just touching the bed. My fingers slowly undo the buttons on the blouse you are wearing and push it off of your shoulders. It falls loosely to the floor behind you. Your breath quickens as my fingers lightly glide down the smooth skin of your waist, to the zipper on the side of your skirt. The hushed buzz of it sliding down vibrates through your flesh, promising a larger buzz still to come.

In your panties and bra, you stand before me as I step back and undress my self for you to watch. Your breathing is becoming more shallow and rushed. As I remove the last of my clothing and stand naked before you, your eyes move down to rest on my stiffening shaft. The sight of it sends a new rush of anticipation through your body. I step closer and my arms move around you to the clasp of your bra. The head of my cock brushes up against the warm front of your panties as my fingers nimbly undo the clasp and pull the ends around to your front and away. Your nipples are hard, tingling, as if pleading with me to touch them. As I drop your bra to the floor, I lean close enough for my chest to just touch your nipples. I bend my knees slowly, and my chest rasps lightly against your nipples as I move down your body.

You feel my hot breath as it flows over your shoulder, over the top curve of your breast, and then directly on the hard, aching nipple. My tongue reaches out and lightly glides around your smooth breast, tasting your body as the fires of desire begin to rise within us both. You can feel my breath, hot against your flesh, but where my tongue has touched your skin, my breath feels cool. The contradicting sensations bring goose bumps to your arms and a shiver dances down your spine. My hands resting on your hips hold you still as my tongue continues to glide leisurely, excruciatingly slowly over the top of your breast. My lips close to place small kisses against your sensitive skin. Each kiss, light as a butterflies touch, moving down between your breasts, lower, lower, until my cheeks begin to graze against the inner swells of your perfect breasts. Again, my tongue slides over your skin, upwards at a snails pace over the inner curve of your other breast. Again, the twin sensations my breath leaves against your skin pops goose bumps on your arms, and even over your shoulders, and the tingle on your spine moves upwards his time, and disappears with a little buzz at the base of your scalp. You feel the hairs at the back of your neck rise.

Again, at the top of your breast, where the gentle curve begins to slope outwards, my lips close to leave a trail of gentle kisses, following the outer swell of your figure.

Again, my tongue licks gently at your flesh, under your breast, and then slowly upwards, moving tantalizingly closer to your aching nipple. Higher and closer, my tongue approaches, until I stop just short of the hard point aching for the contact. My breath flows like liquid fire over the sensitive skin. You body, desiring more than the touch of heated breath, betrays your passion and arches your back, pressing your breasts closer to my lips. I stay just out of reach, and a low moan of desire escapes your lips.

When I know you cannot take the wait any longer, my tongue stretches out and the very tip touches against the tip of your nipple. Your breath hitches in your throat. You wait in eager anticipation for my lips to close in on the nipple and suck, but instead, I trace the tip of my tongue around your nipple, following the textures of your areola. Once, twice around, slowly, like my earlier course around tour breast, my tongue circles the taut nipple. Then my mouth moves across to your other, neglected nipple. Again, the hot breath rushes over your responsive flesh. The nipple tightens in anticipation of what is to come.

And just as it seems you can take no more, that surely your hands will reach behind my head and pull me close to you, again you feel the tip of my tongue touch the delicate nipple. A gasp escapes between clenched teeth. You didn’t realize I had made your entire body tense up with the simple act of moving so slowly. Around the nipple again, mapping out the edge of your areola with a moist line from my tongue. Twice, three times around, and stopping with the tip of my tongue barely tickling your nipple.

You are sure that you will feel my lips seal against your rigid nipple next, that my teeth will scrape lightly against your tender skin and close gently against the nipple, that my mouth will bear against your hot breast and suck lightly on bahis firmaları your throbbing nipple. Bu no, my breath moves downward again, leaving your breasts heaving with desire and longing. Down, past the soft curve of your belly, and down to the waistband of your panties. My words suddenly break the silence of the room as I tell you, “Don’t move.” As you tense in eager expectation, you suddenly feel my lips on the waistband, my teeth gripping the edge of the satin. Slowly I pull downwards, and my fingers lightly brush up over your thighs to your hips where they gently coax down the smooth material, helping it over the curve of your hips. My lips brush through your pubic hair, and as I move down further, exposing your tender pussy, my nose begins to rake over the spot where your clit waits with excitement. Fresh air now flows over your warm pussy, and my teeth release your panties as my fingers pull them down your long legs. As you lift one leg to step out of them, my mouth once again moves onto your sweet pussy, and my tongue glides from the bottom of the moist slit to the top, just over your outer lips. You quiver from the rush of sensations racing through you.

I pull my face away from this paradise, and I look up into your eyes. “Do you trust me?”

My words catch you by surprise. “Of course I trust you,” you reply. What a silly question. If you did not trust me, we would never have bonded together, fallen so deeply in love with each other, lust for each other.

Suddenly, I stand and gently push you back onto the bed. You move up until your head rests on one of the pillows waiting for you. My hands brush down your right leg, moving your foot toward the corner of the bed. You feel the soft leather of the tie down as I touch it to your leg.

I look into your eyes and say, “If you want to slow down, say ‘yellow.’ If you want to stop for a moment, say ‘red.’ When you want to continue again, say ‘green.’ If you want to stop completely, say ‘black.’ Do you understand?”

Your eyes look deeply into mine and you know I would not hurt you, or put you into a situation where you could come to harm. “I understand.” Your voice barely a whisper, but excitement is evident in the words.

“Tell me the words so I know you understand.” You smile gently to yourself as I speak. Some times it is so obvious that I am so inexperienced compared to you.

“I say ‘yellow’ to slow down, ‘red’ to stop for a moment, ‘green’ to start again, and ‘black’ to stop completely. Now hurry up and stop delaying the fun.” A wicked grin comes to your lips in anticipation of what I have in store for you.

I take the strap and gently circle your right ankle and tighten a simple knot just enough to hold your leg firmly. My fingertips caress your skin with feathery touches as my hands move up your calf, along your inner thigh, and through your pubic hair before continuing their journey down the other leg, moving your left foot out to the other corner of the bed. Again the soft leather circles your ankle and firmly secures you.

My hands glide softly but swiftly up and over your thigh, pausing momentarily to lightly rub at your pussy lips, making them open slightly. Again they continue upwards, where they cup each of your breasts, giving the nipples a quick, light pinch. Both hands move over to your right shoulder, the fingers encircling the arm as the move down to your wrist and guide it up to the top corner of the bed. This time the leather strap coils your wrist twice before being tied off. My hands slowly glide down the skin of your arm and you voluntarily raise your left arm to the other corner of the bed, ready for my touch. Surprisingly, I do not move to tie that arm. I lean close to your ear and whisper that I want you to have one arm free, to caress yourself and me as this encounter continues. My tongue touches the lobe of your ear and then moves around the edge, sending shivers along your scalp. My lips move down and leave a trail of soft kisses in the curve of your neck. Your free hand moves down to the back of my head and you run your fingers through my hair.

Lower and lower, my kisses move, each one ending with my tongue flicking at the skin as it moves away. Over your shoulder and to the top of your breast. Your back arches as my lips near the nipple. A light kiss just misses your nipple and is followed by my lips suddenly closing powerfully on the nipple and sucking hard. The shock of the surprising new sensation makes your back arch fully, and you pull my face tight to your breast. This is what you had been waiting for when we were standing beside the bed. You feel my teeth scrape lightly over your areola, and my mouth sucks a little harder as your nipple stiffens in response. Your breasts both ache with the yearning for more contact.

My other hand now appears with a feather held in my fingers. As one nipple is ravaged by hard sucking and light love bites, your other breast is caressed with kaçak iddaa a light sweep, back and forth, just under and then just above the nipple, never touching the hard, aching point. My mouth moves away from the one nipple and the feather brushes down, under the breast, down over your waist and hip, down and over your thigh to the exposed inner flesh of your long, slender leg. My head moves over to your other nipple and light kisses again circle the nipple, teasing you as they avoid the hard tip. Your fingers in my hair pull at me, trying to guide my lips to that aching spot, and I finally give in, my lips closing around the nipple and my tongue rubbing over the tip. My teeth scrape the sensitive skin as I nibble on your nipple. The feather continues to graze lightly over your inner thigh for a few more seconds and then it moves away.

I pull away from your grasp and my lips peck their way down your waist, and over your hip. My tongue reaches out and glides over the gentle curve. Your free hand reaches up and tightly grasps the pillow, your body tenses. My lips purse, and you feel my hot breath on your skin as I move toward your moist center.

As you arch your back, my fingers slide under it, gently, ever so lightly touching the skin. As I reach the small of your back, and the shivers start to race, my tongue slips out and flicks the outer lips, just touching them, a quick taste of what is yet to come.

Your left hand, the only one free to move, lets go of the pillow and your fingers entangle themselves in my hair once more. You aren’t sure if you want to pull me closer, or pull me away. You can feel the wanting, the aching, driving your body toward an act of utter abandonment, of lust, of total pleasure, but you also feel the fear of losing control; for that is exactly what will happen if you let me continue. My tongue reaches out again, this time sliding between your lips, delving into the damp, and the choice is no longer yours. The night has begun.

Your hand pulls on my hair, pulls me closer, pulls me into the warmth of your pussy. The outer lips open, and the heat radiates from you. I run my tongue up the warm opening, pushing in, tasting your sweet wetness, and moves up to your clit. I can almost feel it quiver. Instead, my tongue moves to the right side of your pussy. The tendon in your leg is as tight as a violin string and my tongue dances over it, causing the waves of pleasure to shoot through your entire body, down to your toes, and up to the base of your neck, where the shivers start back down again.

Of course, now that you’re feeling the shivers course through your body, my hand brings the feather back up, tracing it along your inner thighs. The hand under your back is suddenly free as you moan and arch higher, so I slide it down and under your smooth, firm ass cheeks. I squeeze the flesh and you clench in return. With a feather tickling your inner thighs, a hand squeezing your ass, and my tongue once again inside of you, the tremors of an orgasm are quickly approaching.

My tongue circles small, tight rings around your swollen clit. Slowly, each time around brings higher sensations of sexual tension to every nerve ending in your entire body. The light touch of the feather glides delicately over your sensitive thigh, goose bumps popping up behind the gentle caress. The tip of the feather flowed lightly up, along your thigh, stroking gently up over the slow curve of your hip. The light sensation contrasted with the intense stimulation your clit was delighting in from the movement of my tongue, around and around. The feather continued, grazing softly over your taut stomach, up and under the smooth curve of each of your breasts. The length of the feather enabled me to tickle tenderly the silky-smooth undersides of both of your breasts at the same time. The full length glided up, lightly stroking both sensitive breasts, bringing an electrical dance to every nerve, up to both nipples, hard and aching with desire. The touch of the feather on both stiff nubbins was electrical, and suddenly your orgasm seemed to explode forward, rushing outwards from your center, washing in powerful waves throughout your body, building up to what feels like tidal wave proportions. Your free hand is on my head, your fingers laced tightly in my hair, pulling my mouth close onto your clit, your back arching, your legs and arm, still bound firmly in place, pulling hard on your restraints as your body begins to react unconsciously to the vibrations taking over your entire being.

My mouth pulls back from your sweet pussy, my tongue releases your clit from its soft touch. The feather rises up and away from your breasts, your nipples suddenly exposed to the warm air with no sweet caresses teasing and pleasuring them. Your orgasm is so close, your blood red hot and pounding through your veins, every muscle in your body tightened and ready for the explosive release, the fingers of your bound hand and the toes kaçak bahis of both feet curled painfully tight, the electrical buzz of your orgasm suddenly so close and yet unable to burst out though your primed body.

Moans of desire, almost painful, but oh so sensual, escape from your hot throat.

I drop the feather beside the bed, and my hand reaches down to the foot of the bed, out of your line of sight.

Your moans become distressed words as you vainly try to pull my mouth back onto your open, wet pussy. “Uuuhhhh, please, don’t do this. I ‘m soooooo close. GOD, I need it, please! Make me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Your long, drawn out last word almost hides it, but suddenly, along with the ‘mmmmmmm’ sound there is a low hum in the air. You strain your neck to look down and watch what is going to happen next.

Your fingers, already clenched tightly in my hair, squeeze tighter as you see me lift up the large, gel vibrator, already humming in my hand.

From your lower calf, slowly upwards, you watch as I stroke the vibrating wand up your leg. Though it is set on low, the small vibrations seem explosive against your super sensitive flesh. You can feel the orgasm, still so close, seeming to grow with anticipation.

Up, along the inside of your knee, vibrating along your inner thigh, and your pussy feels like it is beginning to vibrate in time with the smooth shaft. You strain to open your thighs more, opening your pussy for this welcome intruder, this sexual shaft. Higher, up your thigh, until the smooth, vibrating tip slides easily over your open, wet lips, your wetness lubricating is easily. Up a little more and it almost touches your swollen, fiery hot clit, but stops just below and begins downwards, dipping between your open pussy lips, sending its vibrations deep into your core. You push your hips forward, wishing I would slip it in deeper, thrusting it in with one smooth movement, but no, instead, I lay it against your pussy, the vibrating shaft rolling smoothly around and getting slicker from your juices.

Now, you feel my head move closer again, and your fingers in my hair try to pull me tight against you, but I stop short, my mouth so close, hot breath washes over your protruding clit. I begin to blow softly, a slow, but direct rush of air rushing over your clit, and the new sensation tightens your body again, your head arches back, your eyes are unseeing now as you again try to focus on all of the sensations. Your legs and one arm still held akimbo, your pussy open and ravaged by the length of the vibrator rolling along the full length of your pussy lips. You know you are making the bed wet with the juices flooding out of your moist center. The vibrator sending electrical waves up your open, empty, yearning pussy, and your clit dancing with exhilaration at the stimulating flow of my breath, blowing stronger now.

And when it seems you can take no more, you feel me adjust the vibrator and slowly but surely push it into you, one long, smooth, deep stroke. The buzzing now vibrating your entire pelvic area, such a light humming, but with your impending orgasm, every sense is heightened, and you feel everything tenfold. My lips blowing on your clit now close over it and I give it a little wet suck.


It feels like a lightning bolt is dancing through your body as your orgasm explodes, my lips are pressed harder onto your clit as your body writhes with the power of passion blazing through you.

Your entire body is on fire, you feel the flames all around you, not burning you, but rather caressing you. You feel the heat, but also cooling waves with it.

The lightning is changing, not dancing through you now, but surging in waves, like the storm clouds rolling over each other, building on each other and carrying the electrical storm through every fibre of your being. The storm, raging outwards, but with each passing moment, calming, now like a summer rainstorm, the drops splashing all through your body, exploding spots of wet passion. The clouds are lighter now, and you realize your eyes are open, and you have not been looking through them at the room around us, but you’ve rather been looking inward, enjoying the storm raging within you.

Your eyes focus on the flickering candle, and you feel the waves of the orgasm, pulsing through you, still euphoric and fiery, but not overpowering anymore. My mouth is still pressed tight to your wet pussy, but the vibrator is no longer inside of you. You uncurl your fingers from my hair, and your joints pop slightly from being clenched so tightly. Your legs ache from being restrained and as you release me, I move to pull on the release for your restraints. The sudden liberation of your limbs feels like your lower body turning to jelly as the tension falls from your body. You lift your free arm and release your other arm, your shoulder and bicep twinge as you lower it to your side. And yet, the discomfort feels so good, not painful, but almost like the ache after a strenuous workout.

Your first orgasm was powerful, explosive even. You know it will be hard to top that, but any more after this will be more icing on the cake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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