Camp of Blessing Ch. 14

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The cloak of night fell upon the Camp of Blessing, few rays of moonlight made it through the moving clouds. Tonight was especially quiet out here, the school almost seemed abandoned. No guards on the hallways or around the main courtyard. The dinner hall was empty, unused. Only a light flickered through the windows of a chapel. More precisely, the novice’s chapel that Mother Grace formerly used to conduct her private masses. It was now lit by oil lamps and candles everywhere, a rather traditional approach, but setting the perfect mood. All of Mother Grace’s novices were present in the chapel tonight, all except for Rebecca. They sat or knelt on the benches, praying in silence while waiting.

The chapel had a back room, used mainly to store all of the ritualistic supplies. Among other things wine, candles, oil for the lamps, communion bread. The relatively small room felt almost crowded with Kristanna, Sister Beth, and Sister Denise inside. All of them dressed in full nun regalia. “You sent them all home, right?” Kristanna asked Sister Beth with a whisper. This was the third time she confirmed it in the past ten minutes.

The nun patiently nodded in response. “Yes my angel, the guards have the weekend off, the students were all granted a home visit to their family and will be back only on Sunday. For the next two days, we have minimum staff, just a few guards by the gate, and a couple of people that I need to keep things in order.” Kristanna was pacing around nervously and taking deep breaths. She had prepared so much for this. She did her best to deal with the weight of all the things that she had anticipated could go wrong, and all that she didn’t even know could go wrong. Sister Denise was clasping her hands together, equally nervous. Next to her was Mother Grace, dressed in her complete Mother Superior outfit, with the fancy hat and all. Except she had her hands and feet restrained by ropes, as well as a ball gag and a blindfold.

“They are all here, we should begin, the more we delay the more impatient they get.” Said Kristanna as she trembled slightly with anticipation. With a nod, Sister Beth followed Kristanna’s command grabbing the door handle. She smiled and nodded at the redhead before opening the door into the main chamber of the chapel. When the nun walked out the door and onto the elevated ground on the back of the chapel, all the novices straightened themselves up and immediately became quiet, watching Beth move towards the stone altar at the center. The part she stood on was only a couple steps higher than the rest of the chapel, some sort of stage area at the back. At the center of this elevated area was a big, rectangular block of stone. White cloth with barbed golden edges rested on top of the stone altar. There was also a chalice and several candles.

Sister Beth began lighting the candles, preparing the altar for something. But surprising the most observing novices the nun also removed the white cloth, the golden chalice, all of the religious symbols. “Must be some kind of different rite” They assumed. Little did they know. Beth began to draw a few strange symbols on the stone of the altar with some kind of chalk. A few of the novices raised an eyebrow trying to read that strange language, mostly out of curiosity. None of them could make sense of the symbols. They also didn’t seem to have found Beth’s preparations odd enough to stand up or ask something. They were taught to respect authority, especially of senior nuns.

The door to the back room opened once more, this time Kristanna walked out. She stopped by a wooden pulpit which was off to the left side of the altar, almost in front of the door. It was placed there so that anyone conducting a mass wouldn’t block the view of the cross and all the imagery on the back wall at the center of the chapel. However, it felt odd for Kristanna to stand there and speak from the side while Beth distracted the novices with her preparations. She needed all of the attention on herself.

Ignoring traditional protocol, Kristanna went down the two stone steps, getting to the same level as the rest of the chapel. She stood at the center aisle between both rows of benches, her tall amazonian frame obstructed part of the altar and the cross behind her. The novices seemed uneasy, this was sacrilegious and disrespectful, but the redhead didn’t seem to care. One of the novices finally dared to say something. “I beg your pardon but… who are you, sister?” Kristanna smiled, she took a moment but finally replied, “Who I am is not important, what matter is what I know. And I know what Mother Grace has done to all of you at the mine dungeons.”

There was a gasp of shock and surprise among the novices. It was a bold move, the blunt, honest, and direct attitude was something the novices were not used to. Some of them stayed quiet, trying to elbow their friends to do the same. It seemed like all of them were simply pretending not to have heard it. Kristanna casino şirketleri repeated herself for clarity, “Yes, you heard it right. I was in the dungeon. I saw the instruments she used, the whips, the cages, the ropes. I know all of it.”

Some of the novices covered their mouths with their hands. Kristanna found them so easy to read, barely trying to deny any of it. She just surveyed the crowd and waited for any of them to say something, “Are you with the police?” One of the novices asked from the back. Kristanna shrugged at the question, keeping her calm demeanor, “Why would you ask me that? Do you think I should call the police?”

The novice replied shyly, “Well… people could misunderstand the Mother Superior, what she has done for us.” Kristanna nodded, acknowledging the honest response. “I don’t have a problem with what she did to you at the dungeon. I only have a problem with why she did it.” The redhead could see the confusion in the novices’ eyes, they traded glances with each other, trying to understand what her angle was.

While Sister Beth continued to prepare the altar behind her, Kristanna clarified her statements in a very calm and eloquent tone, “Let me be blunt. What Mother Grace did was essentially convincing all of you that you are sick. Only to promptly offer you the medicine. She says you are sinful by nature, that your desires are somehow offensive or wrong. And she says that you deserve punishment for having them, that the suffering and pain can heal your soul. Grace wants you to believe that your thoughts, your bodies, your lust are all “of the devil”. Something, to be feared, covered, or repressed. And when you fail to do it, you feel the guilt of your failure consuming you. Then you run right back to Grace for more punishment. It’s a self-feeding cycle. Mother Grace says that what she does is for you, out of her love for the lord and his ways. She says her only goal is to put you on a straight path and redeem you from your sins. But I am here to tell you that you were never sick. Furthermore, what you believe to be your sickness is your strength.”

The novices looked deep in thought, trying to process what Kristanna said. One of them looked at Kristanna with some hate in her eyes, “This is the devil talking! Don’t listen to her! Sin is ALWAYS bad!” Kristanna giggled at the statement, “Is that why your friend thought I should call the police to arrest Mother Grace? Because what she does to you in the dungeon is a “sin”?”

The novice stared at the floor, trapped in her exposed double standard. Mother Grace could abuse them with torture-like instruments but merely talking about being honest with one’s desires was a sin, “Most people would say that what happened in that dungeon is some kind of sadistic sexual perversion, at the very least. Yet, all Mother Grace had to do was make you believe it was “redemption”. You adore her, you look up to her, and you come back for more, willingly. It seems like you are not very good at judging what is sinful and what is not.”

Another novice spoke from the side, joining the conversation, “But you just said you don’t have a problem with what Mother Grace does to us.” Kristanna nodded in response, “That’s true, I don’t. And that is because I don’t buy into this talk about sin. No one is fit to judge what “sinful” is. Not me, not you, not Mother Grace. I believe there is no such thing as “a sin”. It’s all made up, used as a tool to trick you so Mother Grace can guilt-trip all of you into doing what she wanted, which is to control you. The only people being pleased in this situation are yourselves and Mother Grace, certainly not the Lord.”

A novice closer to the front responded, “We take no pleasure in going to the dungeon!” Kristanna giggled a the level of denial. “Really? And why do you go back then? You tell yourselves it’s “your duty”, but why did you all come rushing here tonight when Sister Beth announced Mother Grace would come for a special mass? Admit it, you crave this as much as she does.”

The novice lowered her head, Kristanna didn’t give them time to argue, she began to pace around, looking at the novices sitting at the front benches, “It’s mutual, you want her to cause you pain, to make you suffer. You feed off of it, you feel replenished when she is done with you and call it “atonement”. And that is perfectly fine. What you need to understand is that your lustful thoughts, your desire, they are not the problem. They are a part of you as much as any other thought you have. Desire is a raw expression of your free will, it’s what your body and your mind want when no one is looking. When there is no judgment. If God gave you free will, there can be no sin in using it, right? But Mother Grace would not tell you this truth, because she wanted you to depend on her, to keep coming back for more, that has always been her desire.”

The novices were silent, attentively listening to every word that came out of Kristanna’s casino firmaları mouth, “Deep inside, you know that Mother Grace’s “suffering treatment” at the dungeon never worked, not in the long term. Tell me, how did you feel in the past two weeks without Mother Grace here to “discipline” you? Did those sinful thoughts go away? Did you feel at peace with yourself? Or did they get worse than ever before? Perhaps you even gave in to these thoughts and “sinned” with each other.” Kristanna briefly directed her glance at Natalia and Megan. They trembled in place, deeply embarrassed. But all novices had a similar expression, those words seemed to be getting to them.

Going back to the center aisle between the benches, Kristanna hit them with the punchline of her speech, “I am here to free you. There is no sin, only desire, passion, and pleasure. To deny this fact is to live in fear, with your potential forever trapped inside you, fighting to get out of an invisible cage that was put there by no one but yourself. Nothing is more powerful than desire, it will break through anything in its path until it’s quenched. But if released, desire can free you to chase that which makes you happy. To resist desire is to slowly kill yourself. Your mind tears itself apart when it can’t express it. When you can’t feel the relief of pleasure. The only way to be free is to indulge, to be true to yourself. Mother Grace told you to repress your thoughts and seek punishment. I tell you to make peace with your passions and live them to the fullest.”

The novices were reflecting on it, while they were shocked by the heretical speech, they could feel the sensations that Kristanna described. All of their senses were on overdrive due to the “holy water” they had been touching for weeks. The desire pumped in their blood with every heartbeat. Never before they felt it so powerful, almost screaming to be set free. With their libidos sky-rocketing, it was like their minds were indeed tearing themselves apart as Kristanna had just described. The novices would often daydream with lustful thoughts or wake up with their pussies drenched in the middle of the night after incredibly lust-filled “nightmares”. Paired with the absence of Mother Grace, it was driving them crazy. Kristanna was the first that seemed to know a better way to make sense of it.

The silence was suddenly broken as Natalia stood up and began walking towards the main door of the chapel. When she reached it Kristanna spoke loudly, “You are free to leave”, Natalia halted, listening to the redhead as she faced the door, “All of you are free, no one will try to stop you from leaving this place and taking care of your lives as you wish. But you should know that what you had with Mother Grace is never coming back, it won’t be as before. She taught you to depend on her, and that won’t go away overnight. You heard my message and it will be forever knocking at the door of your mind every time you seek punishment from her or anyone else. But if you choose to stay here with me tonight, you can see what I have to offer. And then you may decide if you still want to follow Mother Grace’s way, or if you want to finally live your life to its fullest. Grace offered you pain and repression, I offer you freedom and pleasure.”

Natalia hesitated, her hand still softly touched the door, ready to pull it open. But if this strange woman could offer a way to stop her sinful thoughts, maybe she should stay. It was certainly worth the try. What did she have to lose at this point? After all, it wasn’t right to live in sin with Megan all this time, and Kristanna only asked that they stayed for a while.

Natalia turned back, going to her seat once again. As she sat all other novices seemed to relax, and even without saying a word, they agreed to stay for whatever Kristanna was going to show them. The redhead nodded as she looked around to her audience, there should be around fifteen novices here. She grinned wickedly and took off her veil, revealing her red hair, “Now that I have your undivided attention I can properly introduce myself. I am Kristanna, I am a student here like all of you were one day. Mother Grace tried to get me to join her team of novices, but I refused. She knew she couldn’t convince me with her doctrine, but she desired me anyway. As I told you, she does this for her pleasure and power, she couldn’t take “no” for an answer. So she tied me up against my will in that dungeon you so willingly go to. She tried to break me, to abuse me and bend me by force.” All novices let out gasps of shock, it didn’t seem like the Mother Grace they knew.

“Tonight I am here to show you how flawed her teachings are. To prove to all of you, once and for all, that pain and suffering are not paths to redemption. You need to free yourself from this impossible burden. Desire and pleasure are the only ways to be free, nothing can stand in their way. Not even Mother Grace herself.” And as Kristanna said that, the güvenilir casino door to the back room opened once more. Sister Denise came out pulling Grace by the ropes on her wrists. All novices had their jaws down to the floor as they watch Denise guide the blindfolded, gagged and restrained Mother Grace to the front of the altar. They felt like protesting, but both Denise and Beth were senior sisters. If they were assisting Kristanna, there had to be something to what she was saying!

Beth seemed done with the preparations, the altar was covered in strange symbols, both on top of it and around on the floor, “Remove her blindfold.” Kristanna commanded. Sister Beth obeyed, pulling up the leather blindfold. Grace looked around to see the chapel, all of her novices sitting right there in front of her. She had fear in her eyes, she didn’t want to be seen in that situation by all of her novices.

Kristanna had a wicked smile stuck to her lips, she took immense pleasure in this scene. In the back of her mind, she heard a faint voice, “I’ve always wanted to do this.” She recognized it as Jeana, the security guard. This wasn’t the first time she heard her voice. Kristanna had been experiencing these memory flashbacks and sudden voices from the guard for the past days. She shrugged it off, focusing on the task at hand.

Before Grace could do anything else, Sister Beth and Denise turned her to face the back of the chapel then bent her over the altar. They pulled on the long end of the rope tying her wrists and wrapped it around the cross attached to the wall. Then they proceeded to untie Grace’s ankles, only to spread them apart and tie them up again around the stone block of the altar, so she could not move them or close her legs. She was tied up, bent over the altar with her ass towards the entrance and her face towards the cross, forced to stare into the image of her God as Kristanna continued to talk. Grace could almost feel the stare of all novices behind her, a mix of shame and anger took over her mind. But she was powerless to do anything.

“You believe Mother Grace is fit to punish you, to judge what is sinful. But what about her sins? Who punishes the punisher? It’s all nonsense! Tonight I will break this cycle, show you the flaws behind it. Desire is the only thing that matters, and pleasure is the way to satisfy it.” Kristanna began to untie her habit and allow it to fall on the floor, revealing her naked body. All novices gasped in surprise, they could not take their eyes off of the obscene cock and balls hanging from Kristanna’s crotch. All of her body was mesmerizing, her huge and impossibly perky tits, those defined muscles on her arms, abdomen, and thighs. The hourglass figure of her amazonian body and the size of her penis shouldn’t be achievable to any human. And yet there she was, right in front of them.

Some of the novices hugged each other in fear and hesitation, Kristanna could see them trying to wrap their minds around this situation, deciding if they should do something, leave maybe? But even they realized it was too late for that. In their confusion, they froze in place. Their lust-filled minds made it very hard to stop staring at Kristanna’s “attributes”. The conflict in their souls was evident, their bodies trembled, cunts already drenching their panties. They watched the scene before them as Kristanna turned around towards Mother Grace. She went up the two steps to the stone altar, then nodded at Sister Denise and Sister Beth. They immediately pulled up Grace’s habit, revealing her naked ass.

Grace wore nothing underneath the habit, except for thigh-high stockings and some extremely high heels. The nun squirmed, trying to say something through the gag ball, showing her desperation from being exposed and humiliated that way. Kristanna grabbed her flaccid cock and began stroking it slowly, she smeared her precum all over Mother Grace’s skin. Her cock pulsated growing harder, she began to rub the head on Grace’s pussy lips. The nun’s grunts of protest slowly transitioned into involuntary moans of pleasure. Mother Grace’s skin crawled, she felt her breathing accelerating, her torso rising up and down on the altar as she was pressed against it by the two sisters.

With a look over her shoulder, Kristanna confirmed that all novices were attentively watching. Jeana’s voice in her head whispered once again, “Do it, fuck her! Break her!” Kristanna ignored it, she didn’t need any encouragement for this. Consummating the act the redhead thrust her hips forward, feeling her now fully erect cock spread Mother Grace’s pussy open. There was a loud gasp of shock by most of the novices as the huge penis entered, clearly it was too thick to fit inside, or so they thought. Yet it did just that, defying all reason as it penetrated that cunt, pushing Graces insides apart and stretching the nun beyond her limits.

Kristanna pressed on relentlessly, watching Mother Graces cunt swallow every inch of her massive cock. She stopped roughly halfway in when she felt the entrance to Grace’s womb kiss her glans, then began to pull back, watching the pussy grip her cock and almost turn inside-out as she began her thrusts.

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