California Diaries: German Exchange

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March 14th, 2012

Dear Diary,

It’s been over a week since my girlfriend Britt and I reconciled at Billy (douchbag!) Fredrickson’s kegger. Since that night, we have been fucking like rabbits in a Viagra test lab. Experimenting with kink charting well into unexplored sexual territory for either of us, we keep getting deeper in this together as we push the boundaries of our own sexuality. In step with our sexual progression, I can feel my love for her grow exponentially.

Last Saturday night might have been the single hottest sexual experience of my life. Although, today might have topped it, but more on that later. It all started this morning, when Britt suggested we visit an adult bookstore/sex toy shop that we’ve had under surveillance for a few days. Britt found a receipt in her dad’s stuff for some dirty mags he had bought there, which led to the idea we should visit ourselves. She joked while telling me all about it, “Who in 2012 buys magazines? He is such a nerd.”

I giggled saying, “Yeah, can’t he jerk off to the internet like the rest of us?”

Being two 18-year-old girls, we weren’t well versed in these types of establishments, so naturally we just chose the first place we had heard of, without any thought as to what type of people would be there. It was late afternoon when I hopped into Britt’s jeep, she giggled asking, “Are you sure we are ready for this?”

The place was called “The Power of Love”, which amused us both to no end as we sang the cheesy Huey Lewis song the whole way there to check it out.

“Babe, the power of love is a curious thing.” I sang, laughter halting my off-key singing.

“We definitely will need a credit card to ride this train.” Britt said with a big smile while holding up her dad’s pilfered credit card. She continued, “I have found enough of his receipts from buying pornos there that my “saintly” dad won’t even notice a few extra purchases.”

Laughing, I grabbed the credit card from her hand while commenting, “Guess your dad missed the memo on free internet porn. He must not check your browser history.”

Swinging her hand out, Britt hit my arm playfully and proclaimed in mock outrage, “Hey! I resemble that remark!”

Feeling giddy from mutual embarrassment, we pulled into the parking lot of The Power of Love. It was a bland slightly dilapidated appearing building with just the right amount of neglect to reflect its sleazy nature. Our curiosity and our youthful high libidos motivated us to keep moving despite our apprehensions about where they had led us. We slinked into the store where we both were immediately mesmerized with the abundance of sex toys and aides on the walls. The place was dark and smelled musty like it had serious water damage in its recent past, but nothing was going to stop Britt and I. Bolstered by each other’s presence, we wandered around the aisles giggling and holding up novelty items to joke about.

Britt lifted a very long two headed dildo and shook it at me, “Hey Kristie, you want to sword fight?”

Laughing, I grabbed my own phallic weapon and I stood in a fencing stance crying out a little too loud, “En Garde!”

Britt bounced into her own stance as we squared up, mock seriousness taking over our faces; we both struggled not to giggle. I leveled my gaze and quoted in a bad Spanish accent, “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die.”

“Huh? Indigo what?” Britt questioned; her face almost comically contorted with her confusion.

“You have to be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen the Princess Bride. Look,” I said pointing at the clerk. He was laughing quietly to himself at our antics, as I continued, “Even the pervy clerk at this place gets it and he probably hasn’t watched a movie that doesn’t have a double digit sequel to it since he started working here.”

“Maybe not, but can you blame him? Chicks with Dicks 26 really gained momentum off the deep plot of Chicks with Dicks 25.” Britt said before we both roared with laughter.

“I really wasn’t sure those chicks had dicks and then bam! Dicks! It was a nail biter the whole time.” I deadpanned before succumbing to my own raucous laughter.

Looking down simultaneously, we both realized we were gripping double headed dongs in our hands. Our mirth threatening to take us over, we almost dropped them as we clutched our sides. That was when I caught a glimpse of the door marked, “Must be 18 to enter.” While lifting an eyebrow, I gave Britt a mischievous smile before suggesting, “I say we go in there. We are eighteen, we can legally smoke and vote; we are free to do what we want even if it’s as poor a life choice as exploring the dicey backroom of a filth palace like this. Do you think there are people in there having sex?”

Britt hunched down, whispering as if people were listening to our conversation, “Maybe. I say we go in and find out. What is the worst that could be back there? A chick with a dick?”

Smiling Amsterdam Shemale broadly, I responded, “I can think of worse things… like a greasy man with a dick.”

As we started moving towards the door, I felt my stomach fill with butterflies as my nerves lit up. The idea seemed so sleazy, yet so exciting as we both let our curiosity take over. I reached over and clasped her hand in mine as we both made our way to the closed door. Upon opening it, we found a long dark hallway lined with doors on each side which presumably led to a series of smaller rooms. There was a sour odour in the air that reminded me of old sweat and something else that I couldn’t quite pinpoint the origin of. The paint on the walls was peeling and it gave us both chills with the forbidden nature of it. We both knew implicitly that this was no place for two pretty schoolgirls from the Suburbs.

We could hear faint grunting sounds that emanated from around us like they were a mile away. Britt turned to me and asked, “What is that? Should we leave?”

“Nah, maybe it’s just those old pornos they used to have before videotapes were a thing… they work like a peepshow or something. You can insert some money and a short video plays.”

“Uh… this doesn’t sound like a video. It sounds live.”

Laughing I joked, “Of course, I forgot I was with the expert… all those hours of studying online have finally paid off.”

“At least I have strong fingers now,” she giggled.

“Mmmm, you’ll get no argument from me there.” Smiling, I lifted her hand to my mouth and kissed her fingers saying, “You’ll get no complaint from me, either.”

Britt reached towards the first doorknob and looked at me silently questioning with her eyes whether she should try it. Nodding my assent, we found it was locked as was the second one. The third time was the proverbial charm, and the door opened. We were not charmed, however, when we stepped inside. The room was dark, dingy and smelled musty with an underlying odor that was pungent, but oddly familiar.

“What’s that smell?” I exclaimed, “It smells like the boys’ locker room.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it. I had no idea you actually hung out in the boys’ locker room; I had always assumed those were just rumours.” Britt pithily answered.

“Oh, you have no idea, do you? Well… I had no idea you could say such a blatant lie with such a straight face,” I giggled while dodging the swat she sent in my direction.

There were two holes in the wall leading to the other side of the building that were more rectangles rather than round holes. As we scanned the room, I noted I had been at least partially correct about the purpose of the room. There were two little wooden stools and a flat screen up on the far wall with those coin slots like a bubble gum machine.

Looking at Britt, I shrugged before putting a quarter into the slot causing the screen to light up with a porno showing a girl on her knees sucking a cock at a gloryhole. She was really going to town, jerking it while gagging. Britt giggled, “At least we know what the holes in the wall are for.”

I looked sternly at her, then called her out on her feigned naivety, “Really? We both have watched enough porn to know those are glory holes. Don’t give me the innocent Britt routine.”

Laughing, she remarked, “I don’t know what it is, but being in here is kinda… well… I don’t know… I don’t know if it is because it is so dirty… so wrong… just sleazy and well, just so, so wrong… but isn’t it kinda hot?”

I chuckled while saying, “I noticed you said wrong twice. Here lately, we have enjoyed a lot of ‘wrong’. And to answer your question or statement or whatever the fuck it was… No, I am not sure ‘hot’ is the word, because I can’t stop imagining how gross the guy probably is behind the wall. But… I get what you are saying, it’s exciting in its riskiness if nothing else.”

With an audible click and metal clang of the coin dropping into the machine, the movie ceased playing abruptly as the time ran out. Catching something in our peripheral vision, we simultaneously followed a shadow now protruding through the wall. It was a thick white cock sticking out, hard as a rock from the rough rectangle cut in the thin walls. Britt and I looked at each other and gasped in shock in unison. I gave her the shush sign with my finger for some reason like we were no longer supposed to talk. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle her shocked giggles.

The cock was not a monster, but impressive, nonetheless. I would estimate it between 7 and 8 inches with a slight upward curve. The head was nicely shaped like an umbrella, the shaft was very pale and smooth, showing all the blue veins up the sides.

“At least it looks like it is probably a young cock, but how do you age a cock?” I said laughing, “Do we count the rings?”

“Oh my God, Kristie… aging a cock… you are so funny. We could always carbon date it.” Rotterdam Shemale With her head doing the pointing, Britt taunted me, “Go on and touch it. I dare you.”

“Ha ha, carbon date it? That’s good. But, when will you learn to stop dating the cock? Just use it and lose it… here I will show you,” I stated boldly. Putting on a facade, I walked confidently over and knelt in front of it. Levelling my gaze, I bluffed solemnity while I looked directly at Britt, and extended my hand as though I was going to grip it.

Her eyes popped open in disbelief, when she approached me and dropped her voice to a shocked and horrified whisper, “Kristie… oh my god… what are you doing?”

I responded coolly while the corner of my mouth turned up, “What does it look like I’m doing? Exactly what you dared me to do. I’m jerking this cock. Now get your ass over here and help me or are you just issuing dares and not following through?”

Britt stared at me with her mouth agape then stated seriously, “Um, yeah… that’s exactly what I am doing.”

Affecting disappointment, I lowered my head in exaggerated regret. Standing up, I walked over to her and put both my hands on either side of her beautiful face. Looking deep in her mysterious hazel eyes, I kissed her deeply and I ran my fingers up to her ponytail. Smoothly, I removed the puffy pink scrunchie and slipped it around my wrist. Pulling back from the kiss, I smiled and said, “I really had you going there, didn’t I? But… it would be a shame to leave this perv with nothing.”

Walking back to the cock, I wondered how long this guy would wait for some stranger to suck his dick. Ducking down, I put the scrunchie around his cock and giggled. There was a muffled protest on the other side of the wall as Britt’s eyes went wide with disbelief, then she burst out laughing. We both ran out of the room, hand in hand. It was though we were both on autopilot, as we traced our trail back to the large dildo, we had both been eyeing. I took it off the shelf, “What do you think of this one?”

It was very thick and felt real. The sign claimed it had 9 insertable inches and from what I could tell, that was a truthful statement. Britt picked up the matching harness that transformed it into a fuckable dong for us. I thought about taking her back into the gloryhole room and fucking her senseless, but I did not want interruptions. There was a spot close by, that I had always wanted to try out, and I knew it would be a lot less conspicuous. After the clerk rang it up and placed it into the bag, we scampered outside and into the Jeep.

I looked at Britt while she drove, “Fuck… that was hot. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Just as she was about to respond, my phone rang and it was Josh, my boyfriend. Without letting it continue to ring, I hit ignore and let it go to voicemail. I directed her to pull off down a dead-end street to an uninhabited house that had been on the market for months. Once we pulled behind the house, we finally had the privacy we needed.

Bodies amped to a state of irrepressible lust; we pounced on each other. As our lips met in an almost savage kiss, our forms mashed as tight as possible while the console presented itself as a frustrating obstacle. Our mouths were pressed firmly in a tight lip lock as we took out our urgent sexual needs on each other. I knew I was probably bruising her sweet mouth, but I couldn’t stop myself. My whole body felt aflame from within as though I was a pressure cooker about to blow. Pulling back from her, my voice was husky with lust as I growled, “Get out, I need to fuck with you with that dong we got.”

Clamouring to escape the confines of the Jeep, I grabbed the bag with the dong and harness in it. Britt had the back hatch open by the time I met her there. We fell into each other’s arms like we had been apart for a decade, not the 15 seconds it was in reality. My hands were running through her silky blonde hair as our lips were crushed together. Our tongues waged battle within the confines of our joined mouths. Shedding our clothes frantically, we broke our kiss just long enough to lose our shirts. Soon, we stood before each other almost entirely naked and feeling exposed in the warm Californian sun.

Taking control of the situation, I told Britt to get in the back of the Jeep while I shed my panties and buckled our new harness on. It felt cool against my skin, and I loved the tug of the weight from the dong pulling down on my pelvis. I jerked it as if I were a man getting himself hard. Britt was sitting on the edge of the back bumper watching me with hunger in her eyes and it gave me an idea. Walking towards her, I said, “Suck me off, get it nice and wet so I can push this big dick in your tight little pussy. I want to watch you suck me like a slut in that glory hole room.”

Holding the rubber cock at the base, I tapped it on her lips and instructed, “Open up.”

She parted her lips, and I groaned as though Netherlands Shemale I could feel it as I slid the phallus into her mouth. Looking down, I took her in, my beautiful girlfriend with her mouth wrapped tight around my strap-on. It was such a sexy vision; I could feel my own pussy twitch and soak itself further. Her head began to bob as she worked her mouth up and down the shaft, leaving a shiny sheen of spit in a progressively lower ring as she worked more of the massive toy deeper into her mouth. I was in awe, but greedy to fuck her so I gripped her ponytail and pulled her head off the strap on. Her full lips made a smacking noise as the mushroom head vacated her mouth and broke free.

“Bend over, babe. Yes… like that.” I instructed her. Turning around, she knelt on the carpet inside the back hatch. Her ass was almost fully visible with just her thong running down the round curves. I ran my hands down her cheeks enjoying the full feeling of them filling my palms as I gripped and squeezed.

“Oh God…” I groaned, “Your ass is fucking perfection. So round, yet tight. Soft and firm.”

Hooking my fingers under the waistband of her thong, I savoured the feeling of her smooth skin stretched over her hip bones, as I slid her panties down and left them in a bunch at Britt’s knees. They were holding her legs close together. I hoped I would still be able to work the dong inside her pussy while it was pressed tight like that. Moving forward, I gripped my dick at the base and positioned it at her gooey slit. I could see a trail of clear precum running down her inner thigh and I used the head of the dong to collect it. Her slime was glistening on the thick helmet head of the rubber dick, as I pressed my hips forward, but I made little progress. Placing my hands on her hips, I gripped tightly, pulling her into my pelvis while thrusting my hips into her.

Britt squealed as it broke into her tight ringed pussy with a pop, and I halted my forward movement. Caressing her back, I restrained myself and soothed her, “It’s ok, babe. Just relax and breathe. Soon, its gonna feel so damn good.”

Panting deeply, she dropped her head on her arms and I could see her pussy contracting around my cock as she struggled to adjust to the size. Once her breathing became steadier, I took it as a sign that I could keep going. Slowly, I started pressing my hips forward. She was taking it well, grunting slightly as it continued to stretch her out and fill her pussy completely. She had about 7 inches in her when I started to feel resistance as the mushroom head bottomed out in her tight little cunt. I started pumping her slowly, pulling it almost all the way out and pushing it back in as far as I could. The sight of her squirming, while tossing her head back and forth on her arms, made my pussy juice below the harness I was using to fuck her.

Britt clamped her mouth on her arm, and bit down in an attempt to muffle her squeals as I kept up my constant barrage of thrusts on her tight little pussy. Feeling resistance once her body began to tense, I doubled down my efforts as a stream of sweat made its way down my cheek. Her cunt was squeezing and twitching around the shaft as she let out a low moan that rose in crescendo into a squeal. Sensing she was close to an orgasm; I slapped her tight ass to assert my dominance over her.

“Go on my little slut, cum on my big dick. You are such naughty whore out here taking this massive dong where anyone might drive by and see us,” I panted after my hand smacked her ass again.

In her high-pitched tone, she squealed, “Ooooo… it is so big! Don’t fucking stop! I’m going to cum so hard!”

Her fears were unjust, I had no intention of stopping until I made her blast off. My thrusting slowed into longer, but more powerful strokes. The Jeep was rocking, I periodically glanced down at my dong submerging then reappearing from Britt’s pink smooth pussy, I was so turned on I wondered if I might cum before her. The friction of the strap-on dong’s base was rubbing right on my clit. The sensation coupled with the overwhelming erotic sight of Britt bent over in front of me about to cum, accelerated my own lust to a fever pitch.

Without warning, Britt let loose a powerful spasm as her orgasm overtook her. Her legs tensed and squeezed the cock, restricting its movement as trickles of squirt began to drizzle down her inner thighs. I watched in awe, it was as though a dam broke within her, and her juices burst out around the obstructing rubber dick. Clenching and quivering, her inner walls were sending reverberations in waves up the cock to the base planted on my clit. To enhance the sensation of the stretching of her tight pussy, I kept it planted deep throughout her climax.

Lowering her head, she ran the risk of getting carpet burn on her forehead as I gripped her shoulders and started back up for round two. That time, I was fucking her hard and fast with frantic desperate exigency. Her moaning soon transformed into whimpers as I pumped the large cock into her with feverish need as my own ecstasy tore through my body.

“Oh fuck! Ohhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Aughhhhh!” I grunted out, as lust transformed my entire face and I shook uncontrollably.

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