Caden’s Adventure

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Courtney ran down the hall, late again, to class. She stopped outside of the door and quickly smoothed her white button down shirt, red and brown plaid skirt and her left knee sock. She hated the uniform, but it was required for the private college.

Unfortunately, she had grown after her parents bought her uniform for this year and the skirt was a bit shorter than it should be and the top was too tight. She opened the door and tried to slip into the back of the room while her teacher had his back turned.

“How nice of you to join us today Miss. Delaney.” Mr. Caden said, drawing everyone’s attention to her. “I’m sorry…I just…” she tried to think of an excuse, but was cut off “You’ll stay after class.” He demanded and then quickly got back to the lesson.

Through the two-hour class he didn’t make another mention of her tardiness, or her neglect to bring her book to class again. As he finished class and everyone left Courtney tried to slip out, but Mr. Caden called her to his desk just before she left the classroom.

“Why were you late again?” he asked her. Courtney spit out a story about how her roommate had turned off the alarm again and she didn’t realize what time it was. Mr. Caden told her to meet him in his office at 2, when her last class of the day ended.

Courtney went through the rest of the day knowing that she was going to be in trouble. Two more demerits and she could lose her scholarship, of course, she was going to lose it anyway if her grades kept slipping. Or worse, what if he called her parents?! Finally the day ended and Courtney went to his office.

“Mr. Caden?” she asked, opening looking into his office door, which was slightly open. Courtney was surprised to see Melissa, one of her classmates, fixing her hair as she hurried out of his office.

Mr. Caden welcomed her in and asked her to shut the door and have a seat. She sat in front of his desk, looking down, straightening her skirt and fidgeting with the two braids in her hair.

“Miss Delaney, do you know what grade you have in my class?” he asked her.

“Um…no” she replied, still looking down, almost afraid to make eye contact with her teacher.

“You are failing. One half of your grade is based on participation, and you do not participate in class.” He went on, “Now, I am left with two choices, I can fail you which of course means that I will have to notify your parents and you will lose your scholarship, or…” He paused

“Please! Mr. Caden, I can’t lose my scholarship, my parents will kill me!” Courtney said, trying to fight off tears as she bit her bottom lip.

“Then you will have to do some extra credit for participation points.” He said, with a small grin on his face.

“Okay, I can write a report or do a presentation or whatever I need to do…”

Courtney felt relieved that she was able to make up for her mistakes with some simple extra credit, but something about the look on Mr. Caden’s face worried her.

He asked her what her consequences would be if she failed, and she told him how her family would be very disappointed and would shun casino şirketleri her. This college was the only place that she had been accepted. He told her to think about it and decide if she really wanted to pass, and if she did to meet him at 8:00pm.

Then he handed her a note with an address on it. She recognized the street name, a lot of the teacher’s lived there.

Courtney took a deep breath and then knocked on the door. Mr. Caden opened the door, roughly pulling her inside. Once inside he led her to a large black leather couch and had her sit down. Then he sat down next to her, pulling her feet into his lap.

“Do you know what a footjob is?” he asked her as he pulled her shoes off and rubbed her feet and legs, from her toes up to where her school issued knee socks ended.

“No…” Courtney said, wondering if he would just fuck her and then let her leave, giving her a better grade. “Well, then it is time that you learn.” He said, smiling.

He softly rubbed her feet across his crotch. Courtney could feel him getting hard against her feet, after a few minutes of rubbing he moved her feet away and stood in front of her.

“Courtney, how badly do you want to pass my class?” he asked her.

Courtney looked up at him and then said, “Very, I need to pass your class. I’ll do whatever you want, just as long as you let me pass.” She quickly looked down, biting her bottom lip again, unaware that she was doing it.

“Follow me.” He said as he led her down the hall to his bedroom. He motioned to the bed and she sat down on the foot of it, looking around, but the room was dark, with only a couple candles lit.

“Take my pants and my boxers off of me.” Courtney pushed her second thoughts out of her mind and then pulled down her teacher’s pants and boxers, revealing his semi-hard cock, which was only a couple inches long, but very thick.

After Mr. Caden stepped out of his pants he pushed Courtney back on the bed and brought her feet up to his cock, pressing them against him. He softly pumped his cock in and out of her feet, quickly growing harder.

Courtney felt strange, she thought that this would be bad, but she was actually enjoying it, and she quickly found herself moving her feet with Mr. Caden. She couldn’t believe how quickly he was getting hard, and much bigger.

He brought one foot up to his mouth, keeping the other rubbing his cock. Resting her toes on his lips he roughly ran his hands up and down her leg, up to the top of her knee highs, then he licked her foot from the heel to the toes and took her toes into his mouth, rubbing his tongue around and around the soft material on her feet.

Then he brought her foot back down and did the same to the other. He let out a soft groan as Courtney took control, rubbing her feet up and down his cock, occasionally around the head and his balls.

Courtney’s legs were getting sore, and she was starting to slow down. Mr. Caden noticed and pushed her up towards the head of the bed. He held her hands above her head with one hand, and with his other hand he fumbled with something. Just as Courtney casino firmaları was about to ask what he was doing she felt something cold slid around her wrists.

She tried to argue as he secured the hand cuffs around her wrists, after loping them through a bar in the headboard.

“What are you doing? You ca…” Courtney said, but then Mr. Caden put a gag in her mouth, ignoring her.

“You said that you wanted to pass. You can always change your mind. If you decide to stop this and fail my class just snap your fingers.” He said as he pulled her shirt open, leaving the sleeves on her arms, but fully exposing her white strapless bra.

He traced his fingers down her body, holding her legs down with his as she struggled against him. When he got to her uniform skirt he flipped up, smiling at the white cotton panties before pulling them roughly off of her. He reached to the side of the bed and then secured her legs down, leaving them wide open.

He smiled as he traced back up her body, this time removing her bra and throwing it on the floor. He loved the look in her eyes, scared yet excited. He touched her pussy softly, pleased to feel that she was already wet. Then he stepped away from the bed leaving Courtney struggling to get free. He knew that she wasn’t really struggling or else she would use her safety code, and she wasn’t even attempting to.

He sat in the large chair in the corner, out of her sight, where he could clearly watch her. After a few minutes she stopped struggling, letting out a sigh of defeat.

Mr. Caden walked back over to the bed very quietly, so that Courtney would not know that he had come back. He looked at her, laying out across his bed, her make-up was messed up, some of her hair had come out of her braids and was splayed across the bed, her shirt lay open at her sides, nipples hard, her stomach half covered by her skirt, and her pussy spread wide and wet.

He softly touched her left side, laughing to himself as she tried to jerk against the rope and cuffs. He kept his hand on her, running slowly down her leg, to her hip, and into the inside of her hip, stopping short and then continuing down her thigh.

He slowly started running his hands softly up and down her body, watching her face react as she tried to move against her restraints. He walked to the foot of the bed and stood in front of her for a minute and then softly licked her left foot, continuing up her leg, up her thigh, letting her feel the heat of his breath on her pussy, but not letting her feel his tongue there. Then he licked down the other leg, down to her toes and back up. Then he stopped touching her again.

Leaving the bed again, this time only briefly to remove his shirt, he could hear her moaning, finally willing to let herself enjoy this. He returned without any warning and quickly pushed one finger deep inside her. Courtney tried to arch her back, but she couldn’t move enough to. She held in a moan until she felt Mr. Caden’s tongue on her clit. She moaned and tried to push up to him as much as she could, but then he stopped again, pulling both his tongue and güvenilir casino his fingers away.

Courtney whimpered as Mr. Caden leaned over her “You don’t like it when you’re the one being teased do you Miss Delany?” he asked, remember all the times that she’d ‘accidently’ flashed him a glimpse of her panties in class, and all the times she’d bite her lip or hold her pen in her mouth seductively as she worked on a test or assignment.

Courtney tried to answer him, but with the gag in her mouth she couldn’t. Then she felt his hands back down on her clit and she immediately moaned softly, causing him to stop again.

He continued touching her and then stopping as soon as she showed any sign of pleasure, finally after what seemed like forever he ran his cock over her clit, leaning down at the same time and biting her neck. Courtney screamed, and even through the gag he could hear her excitement. He pressed his cock to her pussy and bit down harder on her neck as he slammed his cock into her. Grabbing her hair in one hand and her arm with the other he pushed into her again and again, yanking her hair as he thrusted, and with every couple strokes biting down on her neck.

He pulled his face away from her and repeatedly told her to kiss him, ignoring her pleading as she fought against the cuffs to reach him. Leaning forward every couple strokes to kiss her and then pulling away and demanding that she kiss him. Finally he felt her pussy tighten as she was about to orgasm, he thrusted one last time, and then pulled out, without letting her orgasm.

“I get off first.” He commanded into her ear as he grabbed the key to the cuffs from the bedside table, releasing one hand, just long enough to switch the position of her hands before relocking it. Then he climbed off of the bed and released her feet, flipping her body over and pulling her up to her knees. He stopped and looked at her again. Her legs still spread, ass in the air, her neck and face were flat with the bed, completly submissive, completly at his mercy.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her against him as he thrusted into her and then pulled back out. Reaching to the table again he grabbed a paddle and smacked her unexpecting ass. She groaned, but didn’t pull away even though her legs were free. He spanked her again, twice this time, a little bit harder.

Courtney groaned again and moved her ass, not away from him, but closer to him. This time he spanked her over and over as he plunged his finger in and out of her pussy.

Then again he leaned into her and started fucking her, pulling her hair he groaned as he pulled out slid down the bed a little and wrapped her feet around his cock, using them to finish himself off, coating her feet with his cum.

He rubbed her clit with one finger, using two fingers to fuck her pussy, telling her to cum. In just a minute he felt her tighten up, and then finally release against him as she came. He helped her straighten her legs to lay down and softly spanked her ass a couple more times.

Uncuffing her as he cimbed up next to her on the bed he asked her if it was worth passing her class. Courtney didn’t answer, but he assumed that the smile on her face as she signed and leaned inito his arms meant yes. Mr. Caden smiled as he said “Maybe next time you can improve your grade at the same time as Melissa does.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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