BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven: Idolater, Taste Thyself

“I love you, I love you…, I love yu…”

It was like experiencing the invisible and reaching a realm of unending elevations. I felt I was seeing the sun for the first time. I was staring in awe, blinded by Ms. Handlesmen’s beauty. Her thick red mane was down, wild and ready for battle. Or maybe she’d just completed battle and in either case, she was my victrix and I felt like the prize. She took another long slow drag on her cigar and looked down at me with her blue eyes from under relaxed lids. A quaint smile crossed her lips. She was the epitome of sculpted perfection, with skin so fair, smooth and unblemished, I accepted her as perfect. She was born with an inner strength so all-prevailing, I accepted her as a goddess and offered up all I had to give and all that was rightfully hers… everything. I was hers; organs, body and mind, if only she would accept me. I was ashamed I had so little to offer and yet Ms. Handlesmen made me feel good about everything.

I knelt on the floor, knees wide, with body fully exposed, slightly to the left of Ms. Handlesmen’s chair, near her feet. In the act of paying tribute I knelt erect, on kneecaps and toes with my back straight. My hands, with the help of my arms, were extended and elevated in her direction, palms up. My palms were a pair of shallow bowls that I kept aloft through love. In the hollow of each saucer, rested approximately one half of what my lover had extracted from me. I wondered how it was she had come to control and manage the quantity of my discharge with such ease. She regimented the pumping, controlled the pressure, and then regulated my release and flow. In reality, my lover controlled all of me by dominating my blazing libido. How and where had she obtained such wonderful knowledge? Surely it was but one of my lover’s many talents, one of many I would one day enjoy. I was just fortunate enough to have met her and I would thank God each night for that. I had a feeling Ms. Handlesmen knew everything I needed to know about me and I knew I shouldn’t be thinking of such things, or thinking at all. She smiled down on me, through another plume of dissipating blue smoke and her hand moved to pet my head.

“My, my, Joey, you are a ripe, juicy young boy,” she said from behind yet another plume. She sat watching the head of my penis swell to a breath of passing air and exude yet another thick spherule. The monster was already responding after having ejaculated a load of sperm seconds ago and there was nothing I could do otherwise. Her eyes moved back to my palms and I watched them scan my offerings closely and with much interest. “Well, looks like I can squeeze a good quantity of gunk out of that tube. Two palms full and I didn’t even milk it dry. You must be proud of me Joey, has any other women ever taken the time to teach you this?” she asked. She looked to me for an answer. “Well? Answer me boy!”

I was nodding my head yes and no. Yes, she could squeeze the daylights out of me and no woman had ever taken the time to teach me anything… Tease me, but never teach me. “Just look at all that slimy sperm stuff. Go ‘head, look at it,” she demanded.

I brought my hands down and let my eyes fall as she ordered. I looked at the thick off-white wads. A mixture of Elmer’s glue, water and egg whites… Gobs of spermaceti. This was me? My living spermatozoa, produced for and extracted by the woman of my dreams. Like General George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Cavalry at the battle of Little Bighorn, my hungry sperm were dying in my casino şirketleri hands and becoming stickier by the moment.

“Remember who extracted that from you, look at it good. Go on,” my mistress insisted as if I weren’t already mesmerized by it. “Tomorrow at this time, if you’ve been a good boy, I promise to have drained twice that amount out of you. Just for the fun of it. What do you think of that, little boy?” My eyes darted up to hers, face plastered with a big shit-eating grin. I was shaking my head in tacit signals of agreement. I was afraid to begin stuttering and darted back to my DNA, awaiting further instructions.

Deep down inside I hoped that Ms. Handlesmen would eventually take me home with her, or at least that we could date. Maybe we could go out to dinner; I wasn’t completely stupid. I realized couples went to restaurants and took in shows. In my childhood imagination they’d hold hands, maybe kiss and then go somewhere to get naked. After that, I was almost positive, but maybe not.

“Well Joey…” Ms. Handlesmen said with a slight turn of her lip and brow. Her quizzically serious words shook me and I looked up confounded. “…I was lenient with you again this evening and I don’t understand why,” she went on. She looked as perplexed as I, only about something different. After one, long, lingering thirteen seconds, she found herself and went on. “I’m usually very strict with new males and rarely allow them an orgasm until after the third week. But you’re so different Joey, you’re one of a kind, a first.” Her eyes sang to me of Cupid’s arrow, its sting and her own surrender. I was getting to her. “There’s something very special about you and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Joey…” she said with a lowering voice. Her head moved, bringing our faces almost together. “…I hope it blossoms and bares fruit. I hope we can develop a real relationship, Joey… You and me.”

Ms. Handlesmen took a drag on her cigar. Yes! I screamed again and again in my mind. Under that stern exterior, I was shown the woman who loved me. I’d seen it in her eyes, felt it through her left hand and now I’d heard it in her own words. Those final words cinched it for me, I was prepared to be everything she wished and everything I thought she wished. I felt good about myself, renewed by the knowledge of our flourishing relationship. As I grew closer to her, she’d be growing closer to me and I was happy. I’d find a way of making her desire me, as much as I desired her and she’d want to keep me forever. The woman I loved was releasing another thick swirl of tobacco smoke

“Well Joey, I guess it’s time for me to spell things out,” she said in a humph. “It’s time for you to earn your wage. I don’t pay you to simply walk around the building naked, trying to make me jealous by showing your body off to every other women employee. As a secretary, one of your jobs is to clean up after me, when needed.” She saw me look around for a sink or towel. “Oh Joey, you’re so funny. Listen to me, you silly goose. You’re to lap that sperm up with your tongue, take it into your mouth and swallow it.” She moved forward on her chair, intent on enjoying my self-degradation. My eyes darted between hers and the pools of dying sperm.

“Go on, be a good boy, do it for your new friend, your buddy, your pal… My hand,” she coaxed, holding her left hand up for me to see. She wiggled her fingers and I could feel her verging on laughter. “Here Joey, it’s your lover. She doesn’t want you to ruin the budding relationship because of some small hang-up. casino firmaları Do it for the two of you. Go on now… Right now!” She spoke in a deep voice, in soft sticky strands that caught me in their web and bound me in a silk cocoon.

I looked at her hand stunned, then I looked to her and back again. She was right, the hand was my friend. I was allowed to enjoy that small part of her and I would be content, yet pray for more. I bit my lower lip and looked back to the rapidly cooling wads. ‘This is disgusting’, I thought in dismay.

“Joey,” my lover’s voice interrupted. “Be a good boy… Lick that filthy mess up right now or I will never touch you again. You should understand that.” That did it! It would be better that I die a thousand deaths then lose this woman’s hand. I brought my hands close to my face and took in the aroma. It’s a deep, rich, compelling scent, I yet find beyond description.

“With your tongue boy, with your tongue, take it in your mouth. But do not swallow until I give you permission.” I looked up to her one last time and was chased back to my task. It only took one good swipe of my tongue and a bit of gagging, to wipe the sperm from my left palm. “Don’t even swallow one of those little bastards until I say,” Ms. Handlesmen reminded me. “You know they don’t belong to you, they belong to me!” I shook my head yes, as my tongue situated the first wad into the pouch of my right cheek and went for the second. I soon had both oysters and looked up at my lover with my cheeks full. She looked down at me with a big grin.

“Now open your mouth Joey and show me where you’ve deposited that disgusting filth for me,” she said sternly. Gagging, I brought the substance together as best I could, tipped my head back and opened my mouth as wide as possible. I saw her lean forward and her face come into view. She peered into my mouth, like into the mouth of an urn, with an unconcerned amusement. I couldn’t believe this is what turned her on, but what the hell did I know. I was suddenly amazed to see a genuine look of satisfaction on her face, which only made me happy. I became more excited and concentrated on keeping my tongue down and out of the way, so it wouldn’t interfere with her inspection.

I was a large goblet, a flesh and bones chalice, holding the fruits of my goddess’ labor. I was her vineyard, from whence she cultivates her spirits and quenches her mighty thirst. And too, I was her spittoon, her swill pot, a living, breathing depository for her hedonistic pleasures. I was happily all these things and more, and I planned to function as she expected. Even now my penis swelled with pride over those thoughts and the pains I bore. I knew Ms. Handlesmen was the right woman for me.

“Joey, I want to see you chew your food one hundred times before you swallow. I want you to enjoy every bit of your cum,” Ms. Handlesmen ordered. Her hand was on my head, her fingers massaging behind my ear now and I was actually purring to the caresses. With another gag I began chewing on the syrupy bolus. It quickly expanded with the addition of saliva and turned into a mouthful of frothy, slimy cream soup. I watched my lover go back to smoking, while I counted each and every chew, knowing she was too. I looked up at her in adoration, thrilled to be where I was, praying to be here forever.

When I saw Ms. Handlesmen nod, I tensed my jaw, closed my eyes and swallowed. I held my breath so as not to retch and tried to get it all down in one gulp. But it was far too sticky and ended up oozing slowly down my throat, güvenilir casino coating my esophagus enroute. My mouth and throat were left with a thick film that would stay with me till the next day. I was both relieved and disgusted and kept swallowing all the saliva I could.

“Now clean those hands Joey,” my lover cooed sensuously. “Lick them clean for me, show me how well you can do.” I moved my tongue to the task and commenced licking each of my palms. I felt like a cat and must have looked like one in the process of bathing itself, but I didn’t care now. I made sure Ms. Handlesmen saw me reaching between every finger and lapping clean every sticky spot.

“Good boy,” she beamed when I finally held my hands up for her to inspect, I swelled with pride. Her hand left my head and moved down between my legs, to my master pego. It didn’t take much, my lover’s hand caught my restive organ in its palm and it responded, hardening like never before, as her hand wrapped around it. Instinctually I began humping, thrusting my boner within her warm grasp. In moments I was churning up an accumulating froth, as the hand allowed me to reach the brink of ejaculation.

“My, my, are we all excited again and so soon,” she asked sitting up, her hand leaving my penis in the air. “Tsk, tsk, your little pee pee’s gotten all hard again. But you look so much better that way. It’s the way I always want to see you dear boy.” I was nodding my head and still humping into the air where her hand had once been.

Ms. Handlesmen laughed while watching me hump at my dreams and I looked at her through a kaleidoscope of surrealistic imagery. She brought her hand to my face and I didn’t need to be told why. I jumped on the lovely hand with mouth and tongue and began making love to it, while making it clean. It was the loveliest part of Ms. Handlesmen’s anatomy and I was closer to it then to any other part. I worshipped the hand, I kissed it and tried everything I could think of to please it. I whispered to it, gave my heart and soul to it, to hold for Ms. Handlesmen. I wanted her to hold them in safe keeping. I wanted the hand to put in a good word for me.

After satisfactorily lapping her palm clean and collecting the remnants of myself, I caught one of her fingers between my lips and sucked the long delicate digit into my mouth. Then I let it slide slowly free, depositing its scent in my mouth as it traveled, I could never get enough of this. I sucked each and every one of her delightful fingers clean, one at a time, again and again and then went to her thumb. She allowed her thumb to linger in the warmth of my moist mouth and I ended up kneeling before her suckling contentedly. Never had I been so close to a woman before and I loved it. This was our sixty-nine position, everything I could have imagined it would be and I hoped I never woke from this dream.

Leaving me her thumb, Ms. Handlesmen sat back in her chair to relax. She puffed lightly on the last half of her cigar, releasing small clouds of fragrant smoke, dreaming about corporate deals and hopefully me. I sucked softly, releasing soft gurgling noises while dreaming of her because we were a team.

Every so often Ms. Handlesmen would look down between my legs to check on my condition. Seeing me in the ready made her smile and nod appreciatively. Soon I would be leaving for home, leaving work for the day, but I didn’t wish to. I wanted to stay with Ms. Handlesmen forever, to worship at her feet all day and night. I wanted to be used by her, degraded, abused and humiliated. I wanted her to make me hers, I wanted to be owned, I needed the security only a true goddess could provide.

I tried making my wishes known to her, with my tongue and mouth and somehow I think she understood my desires, though it wasn’t my desires that were important to her.

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