Bukket Ch. 06

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I felt numb. Nothing came out of my mouth.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the back of the platform. He took a cushion from a side table and placed it in front of the wooden pole. “Please kneel on it,” he told me.

My mind had stopped working. I did what he asked. I knelt on the cushion facing the crowd. The sole of my feet was touching the pole.

He moved to the side table and I turned to see him. He picked up a long white strip of what looked like a silk ribbon and came back to me.

Our eyes met for a second and I could see that any kind of resistance was pointless. This was a hard man with cold eyes. He would not stop to think twice before he hit me.

He held my ankles and pushed them together. I lost balance and nearly fell forward. I somehow balanced myself by placing both hands on the floor. The crowd jeered. He took the slippers out of my feet and threw them away. Then he grabbed my ankles and started tying them together with the ribbon.

I was in a trance. I was simply following his instructions. My mind had long since stopped asking questions.

He tied my ankles meticulously. I could see that he knew the craft. The ankles were all but immovable now, and yet it did not cut off circulation. He took another piece of ribbon and started tying my legs just beneath my knees. When he finished it my legs had become completely immobile.

“Sit down,” he ordered. I sat down on my knees. Immdiately the skirt slipped above my knees. My butt was resting on the ankles. It was difficult and uncomfortable. I tried to shift my weight but it did not help. He understood my discomfort and arranged the cushion to make it more comfortable for me. Then he moved to the back of me. From beyond the pole he grabbed my arms and pulled them towards him. There was a certain amount of force and my back slammed onto the wooden pole. He did not seem to notice.

He pulled my hands behind me untill my wrists met each other on the other side of the pole. It was not a thin pole and my hands were strained. To counteract the effect my body bent forward automatically and my hands slided a little up the pole. He pulled the two wrists forcefully together and started tying them with the ribbon. I tried to protest, but just as I opened my mouth the paltform was bathed in light. Startled, I looked around. There were four spotlights on the four corners and they had just been turned on.

The protest died in mouth as I saw two people mounting a camera at the front of the stage. One guy took position behind it and the other took a smaller hand-held camera and moved beyond me. They switched on the cameras and plugged in some wires and immediately two rectangles of light appeared on the wall in front of me. Within seconds moving images appeared and I could see myself on two giant screens. They were doing live projection!

The lights of the hall were dimmed and immediately the image was much clearer. In the semi darkness of the hall, the platform seemed to glow under the spotlights.

The man finished with my wrists and stood up. This could not be called comfortable anymore. I tried to bend forward more to give less strain on the arms. He stopped on his way to the table and came back towards me.

“Try to sit straight. That will be easier.” He told me. “Bending forward will make it worse.”

I tried to sit straight, but could not manage it properly. I was sitting in an unusual position and normal movements were not much possible anymore. “Sit straight,” he said, “You are still bending forward.”

I looked at him accusingly. It was easier said than done, I thought. He seemed to understand the look perfectly. But he just chuckled and moved away to the table. He came back shortly with some more ribbons and a blue cloth and knelt down in front of me.

He picked up the blue cloth and instantly I recognized it. They were the panties I was wearing since yesterday. The ones that I thought I had left on the bathroom floor for washing. Apparently I was mistaken. He rolled it into a ball and said, “Open your mouth please.”

I looked at him with utter shock. And then I revolted. The fun had gone too far. I have let them tie me to a pole and make me sit in a highly uncomfortable posture. I was sure my joints will be screaming in ten minutes. I may even…possibly under pressure…allow them to gag me. But definitely not with that. There were no ways I was going to take my used undergarment in my mouth.

I had only signed up for bukkake. This was not on the agenda.

“No,” I said. I almost spat out the word. Then I pressed my lips together. He looked at me with a curious expression and held my chin with his left hand. He pressed the side of my jaws with his fingers and immediately my mouth fell open. I was the one who was most surprized. He chuckled again and tried to push the panties into my mouth. With an almighty fore I pushed it out with my tongue. And closed my lips again.

He shook his head and put pressure on his fingers casino şirketleri again. As soon as the mouth opened he tried to force the panties inside. I tried my tongue but it didn’t work. I violently shook my head from side to side and his grip slackened. I spat the panties out of my mouth, closed my lips again and looked up at him with a defiant expression.

For a split second I thought that he was going to slap me.

Instead he laughted out loudly. Then he simply simply held my nose between his left index finger and thumb and pressed them together. I could not breathe through my nose anymore and mouth was open again. He simply waited for a few seconds. This time I had to keep my mouth open. He chuckled and with his right hand unrolled the panties. As I watched he turned it inside out and rolled it in such a way that the elastic was inside and the crotch was forming the outside layer.

I understood perfectly. This was going to be a punishment for my resistance. Now the inside of my panties will be pressed against the inside of my mouth. In one fluid movement he released my nose and held my chin again and put pressure on his finger. Now effect was exactly opposite and I could not close my mouth. He waited till I had again started breathing through my nose and then forced the panties into my mouth. He took special care to see that the crotch was pressed flat against my tongue. He clasped his hand on my mouth to prevent me from throwing it out. Then in an instant he had taken the white ribbon and wrapped it round my mouth.

He made quite a few turns of the ribbon on my mouth. Finally he tied it in a knot at the back of my head. I was only vaguely aware of what he was doing. I felt nearly nausated. Now with the ribbon pressing tightly on my cheeks I could not turn or twist the panties in my mouth.

He pushed my head back against the pole. The hair bun worked as a cushion and saved it from being slammed. He took another ribbon and and tied it above the other one, this time the ribbon went all the way round the pole and finally he tied a knot behind the pole. Now my head was immovable too.

But I was hardly aware. My mind was on my tongue. I had no way to know which part of the panties was actually pressing against the tongue — if it was the front part or the back. I also concluded that it did not make much of a difference.

I came back to reality when he finally tightened the knot at the back of the pole. Now I was sitting very straight and my spine was flat against the pole. A small part of my overwhelmed mind acknowledged the fact that it was indeed easier on my arms this way. The strain seemed to be less than before.

Then he took the last piece of the ribbon and circled it around my waist. He tied my waist securely to the pole and then with the same ribbon tied my arms with the pole. Now my whole body had become immovable.

But as soon as he had tightened the ribbon round my waist, something else happened. Due to the pressure of the ribbon the t-shirt was pulled down about an inch from my neck. This sliding movement was instantly conveyed to my nipples through the lace of the bra. In a moment of horror I realized that my nipples were going to get hard. As soon as the process started, it got even faster as the steadily hardening nipples rubbed constantly against the lace. And as they were covered with only a thin layer of lace and the thin material of a white t-shirt, I knew as a certainty that they were going to show.

And how they showed! I had never seen my nipples protruding out like that. But it was bound to happen. The tight waistband of the skirt had made the t-shirt hug my breasts even more closely and with my arms pulled behind me, the breasts themselves were almost jutting out of my body. And to top it all the ultra-feminie feel of the lace bra had given my nipples one of the biggest erections ever.

The crowd had seen it clearly on the giant screen. Catcalls and whistles were coming from everywhere. I saw the camera zoom onto my chest. I blushed instinctively. It was a wrong thing to do as it only increased the noise from the crowd.

The man had stood up. He came round and looked at me. I looked up at him. I had to strain my eyes to look up as I could not move my head anymore. He chuckled. “Oh how I love the wide-eyed beauties!” he said leeringly. I immediately lowered my eyes. He walked on to the front of the platform and raised a hand. The noise stopped immediately.

“So the time has come,” he announced. “As you see, we have a very different flavor for you. We do not give you a bukkake girl but we present today…a bukkake lady!” The crowd jeered again. “So let me introduce our guest to you. She is a married lady and her name is Mrs. Dalehood.”

I froze.

“Mrs. Dalehood is the proud owner of a bookstore,” he said.

I tried to tell him to call me as Evelyn and then remembered that I was gagged.

“Oh! And her name is Evelyn. Mrs. Evelyn Dalehood.”

How could this happen? casino firmaları I had told them categorically not to use this name. Didn’t they tell him?

This time I knew the answer. Of course they had told him. I could not believe that I had been such a fool. How could I be so stupid to show them all my weak spots? Then with a sinking feeling I realized that the name was not the only thing that I had told them. What are they going to do with the rest?

“Mrs. Dalehood is new to bukkake,” the man was saying. “She has never tried her hand in any such acts before. So guys, we have here a bukkake virgin!” The crowd whollered in unison. “Mrs. Dalehood is thirty-four and is married for six years. For the last two years her husband, Mr. Dalehood, has not been living with her. So you can say that Mrs. Dalehood has not had a lot of sex lately.”

Everytime he uttered the name, it stung me. But the situation was so completely beyond my control that I was — literally — bound to accept whatever they called me.

“Well well well…I won’t bore you anymore with my famous speeches.” He told the crowd and raised both arms into the air, “So guys…let the show begin!”

I saw many of the guys in front row pulling down their pants. Some were already naked. “Who was our First Shot Contest winner?” the man asked the crowd. A guy in the middle of the first row raised his hand. “There you are! Are you ready?” the man on the stage asked the guy in the front frow. He nodded. “Wonderful! Then the stage is set…and your sixty seconds of fame starts now!” the man laughed loudly and stepped down from the platform.

The first guy stepped onto the platform. He was fully naked and fully hard. He came onto me and stood right in front of me, holding and stroking his dick.

Time seemed to slow down. I looked at his dick in his hand. He stroked it and rubbed it untill it was throbbing. I forgot my surroundings as my eyes were riveted to the male organ in front of me. The tip was glistening and I clearly saw a drop of precum coming out. He gave a short jerk and the drop fell. It fell on the bare skin on my knees.

He grabbed it again and started stroking it. He was playing with me, I could see that. There was pin drop silence in the hall. Then another drop appeared at the tip. He took a step forward and gave a little jerk. The drop fell on my thighs. I tried to look down, but the gag stopped the motion and the my nearly swelled breasts blocked the view. Now he was stroking again.

And then I knew he was ready. I saw the head of the penis swelling and bloating. It was inches from my face. I stopped breathing. He moved to my right. There was electrical excitement in the hall. I saw a sea of eager faces waiting to see the first shot hit me.

Then I heard a moan from him and my eyes closed on their own. For a moment nothing happened. Then something warm and wet hit my right cheekbone. It was immediately followed by another spalsh that landed on the gag on my right cheek. Then I opened my eyes. It seemed he was through. He jerked his dick a few times and two drops of cum fell on my right shoulder.

He left amidst an ear shattering round of applause. I felt the cum dribble down from my cheekbones. It moved down for about an inch and then came in contact with the gag. I could not see but I guessed it got soaked by the fabric.

Another guy stepped onto the platform. The man in charge called out, “Same spot.” He nodded and came to my right. He was faster. I felt another wet splash on my cheekbone, but this time it was nearer to my right ear. It ran down to the gag and stopped.

“Next,” said the man and two guys stepped on simultaneously. They looked at each other, laughed out and stopped. “Go on!” the man said, “But one after the other please. And the same spot.”

The first of the two was a frail looking kid and he produced only one stream of cum which landed completely on the gag. The gag was so wet now that I could feel it against my cheek. The other one had moved beside me. He came in three perfect shots and all of them landed on the gag.

Now the gag was saturated beyond its capacity. It was soaked through and through its many layers. I immediately felt cum dribbling down to my jawbone. Eyes still closed I was ready for the cum to run down. when that did not happen, I opened my eyes. The slight movement of my head caused the cum to drop down straight from my jaw. It was too heavy to run. It landed on the top half of my right breast. I heard whistles from the crowd.

The fifth man was already standing in front of me. He moved to my right side and came immediately on my cheek. Even before he had time to turn away from me the sixth one was on the platform. He started cumming even before he had reached me. The last spurt cought me under my right ear. The warm cum started to run down the side of my neck. It reached the t-shirt and was soaked by it. At the same time I felt a dribble running down the front of my throat..

As the güvenilir casino sixth guy left there was a short pause before the next man was ready. I realized that I was not breathing. I tried to take a long deep breath and found it impossible. The tight ribbon across my waist did not allow much expansion. I settled down for slow long breaths.

And then the smell hit me. It came in waves. For a few seconds all my senses were blinded. Then the memories came flooding. Once again I was 20 years old. I was lost in my mind. I could see myself kneeling on the floor and looking up at my boyfriend. I could almost feel his cum dropping on my face…

There was a loud cheer from the crowd and I came back to reality. I realized that my eyes were unfocused and my breathing had gone hard. My heaving chest was clearly cought by the camera. I tried to calm myself. Tried not to smell it.

Distraction came in the form of the seventh guy. “Left cheek now!” I heard. He planted himself steadily on my left side and within seconds let it fly. I felt the cum splashing on my gag on the left side. The next guy was a big man and he washed my left cheek with his cum. It immediately started to run down my cheek. Things were happening too fast for me and the ninth guy was already there. He moved a little behind me. I could not see him anymore. I tried to move my head but could not. I prepared myself for the shot. However it did not come for sometime. And then as soom as I had released my breath it hit me at the side of my neck.

The next three guys came one after the other and all of them came on my left cheek. “Twelve shots!” the man said. There was a short pause and the cameras zoomed on me. I could not stop myself from looking at the screen. My two cheeks were painted with cum. I could feel streams of cum running down my neck and the front of my throat. The t-shirt was slowly getting soaked. I saw on the screen that both my shoulders were splattered with drops of cum.

The smell was frightening. I could not keep it out anymore. And deep inside I knew that I did not want to keep it out. I wanted to smell it.

And I wanted to taste it.

“Number thirteen!” the man called. “Mouth and throat,” he told the man who had stepped on. He nodded and came to me. He stood right in front of me. His feet were on both sides of my thighs. The man with the handheld camera came to my side. But I was not looking at him. My eyes were glued to the penis only inches away from my face. It was pointing straight towards my mouth.

I was not in my senses anymore. It was not possible. I looked at his penis and I only wanted to taste it. I tried to raise my head towards it but it was not possible. He saw the movement and laughed. Then he moved one step closer and touched the tip of his penis on the gag on my lips. My eyes were fixed on his abdomen but I was not seeing anything. The only thing I felt was his dick rubbing on my mouth. His knee rubbed a few times against my breasts. And then he started throbbing. And before I knew it, his cum splashed on the gag.

Instinctively — an instinct I thought had died in me — I tried to swallow. But there was nothing to swallow. The movement in my throat was clearly shown on the screen. There was a deafening noise from the crowd. It subsided and then rose again. My eyes were tightly shut. I did not know which part of my body was on focus.

In a haze I became aware of the next guy coming to me. In a haze I felt another splash on my mouth. I fought to keep control, but I was loosing. The smell was burning in my nose. And I wanted to taste it in my mouth.

The fifteenth guy spurted on the base of my throat. Now my t-shirt was slowly getting soaked. The next three guys aimed at my throat from three sides. The second guy did it from the left and came in a huge quanitity. As I stopped to take breath the camera zoomed on my chest again. There was a huge wet spot on the t-shirt underneat my left shoulder. The t-shirt was plastered against my skin and the strap of the bra was clearly visible. I thought I could understand the purpose of a white t-shirt now.

But the thought was driven out of my mind as three more guys lined up in front of me. They came one after the other. All of them aimed straight for my mouth and they gave out big loads. Cum was dripping heavily from my chin onto my breasts. But I was totally oblivious to that. The only thing I was aware of was the smell.

I desperately wanted to taste it. There were loads on cum just beyond my lips and I could not reach it. The gag was so tight that it was impossible to part my lips. And then the panties had left no room for tongue movement.

I knew I was loosing it. I was oscillating between sanity and insanity. In bouts of insanity I only wanted to hold a dick…hold it, feel it, lick it. When I was more composed I would be aware of all the people looking at me and how cum was dripping from my face. When the twenty second guy stepped up to me I struggled against the bonds to reach upto him. When he had come on my left shoulder and left I had a curious feeling. I felt grateful that I was tied. This made me unable to do anything. I could not even imagine what I would do if I had the freedom of movement. I did not want to think about it.

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