BTL: How the Rabbit Won The Catfight

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This is my first attempt at Lesbian Fiction. Your constructive comments welcome.


Bound To Love – “The Bench Wenches” or “How the Rabbit Won the Cat Fight”

It all started after the last customer left the gym. Judy switched the “Open” sign around so that it now displayed “Closed” and locked the door.

Then while she started turning out the lights, as if on queue, both Lorrie and Janine headed to the showers just as they had done every night for the five years Judy had worked there. Lorrie would go to the women’s showers and Janine would go to the men’s where they would each take a shower that would usually last about thirty minutes.

Judy began to put her plan of revenge into motion. She waited exactly five minutes, giving each of them time to get undressed. Then, she went to each shower room and opened the door and listened long enough to make sure a shower was running. After that she went to her locker, retrieved her gym bag and took it back to the main workout area where she lay it on one of the unused benches there.

The weight bench she decided to use was designed so that the user could adjust the height of one end and thus change the angle of the bench to that required by the exercise being done. The bench was long enough to allow the user to lay on it completely and had a small foot rest for leg support on one end and adjustable bars on which barbells could be set upon attached to the other end.

She quickly opened her bag and retrieved some of the items she had brought to help her carry out her plan of revenge.

She took out a roll of three inch tape and tore off a six inch long piece and then she stuck it onto one of the barbells leaving one end of the tape dangling freely.

Judy retrieved from her gym bag two three foot and one six foot pieces of chain that had a quick release clamp on one end and then placed them under the center of the weight bench. After that she locked one pair of hand cuffs to each of the legs on the short end of the weight bench. Then, she raised the angle of the bench so that it had a forty-five degree incline.

Next, she removed a stun gun and several pairs of handcuffs that she had purchased from a local pawn shop. She then removed a plastic bag and a pair of rubber gloves. She put the stun gun in the plastic bag, donned the rubber gloves and headed to the men’s room shower.

Lorrie had her head under the water and her eyes closed as Judy crept into the shower room and up behind her. Once there Judy zapped the soaking wet Lorrie on the ass with the stun gun.

The jolt sent Lorrie to the floor instantly. It only took about thirty seconds for Lorrie to become coherent.

Still gasping for breath, Lorrie looked up at Judy and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Shut up or the next time I’ll zap you tit!” Judy said forcefully. “Now get up, keep your mouth shut, and do what I say!” and with that she prodded the very astonished Lorrie with the stun gun.

She shoved Lorrie over to where the towels were.

Then Judy picked up one of the towels and threw it to Lorrie and said to her, “Dry off your face and throw the towel over there.”

Lorrie did as she was told.

Once again using the threat of the stun gun to prod Lorrie, Judy “persuaded” Lorrie to walk back to the weight bench and barbells she had prepped.

Once there, Judy had Lorrie lie on her back on the bench with her head at the short end. She quickly handcuffed each of Lorrie’s wrists to the legs of the bench and used the three foot piece of chain to bind Lorrie’s ankles together under the bench before she placed a piece of tape over Lorrie’s mouth.

“I wouldn’t try to hard to get free if I were you. That barbell might come down on you.” Judy cautioned and left the room.

A few minutes later Janine, naked and still wet from her shower, was pushed indignantly into the room by canlı bahis şirketleri Judy.

“GET ON THE BENCH, FACE DOWN!” Judy told Janine as she prodded her in the ass threateningly with the stun gun.

Janine started to climb onto the bench with her head at the elevated end.

“OH, NO YOU DON’T! THE OTHER WAY!” Judy demanded. Lorrie just stared at Judy in disbelief.

Jenna, looking at the stun gun Judy was holding menacingly, climbed onto the bench. She was using her hands to hold herself up in an attempt to prevent her face from sliding right down into Lorrie’s pussy when she felt a handcuff go round one wrist. As her wrist was pulled under the workbench, her weight began to push her forward. As Judy grabbed Lorrie’s other wrist pulling it free from its grip on the edge of the bench so she could secure it with the other end of the handcuff, Jenna’s face went straight into Lorrie’s pussy. When it did, Lorrie’s mouth emitted a muffled scream.

Feeling around under the bench, Janine’s hands found a crossbar under there and tried to push herself up off of Lorrie’s pussy.

Judy used of the remaining three foot pieces of chain to bind together Jenna’s ankles beneath the bench. Then Judy used the last chain to bind Jenna’s waist to the bench leaving only about an inch of slack.

She studied the situation for a moment, satisfied, she took a ten pound weight from one of the barbells and sat it down on the bench holding her gym bag.

She was standing with her back to them and neither Lorrie nor Janine could see what she was doing. When she turned around both women stared in total disbelief at what she was holding in her hands.

It was the ten pound weight with a large rabbit vibrator taped upside down on top of it. The functional end hung completely over the rim of the weight. Attached with duck tape to the weight so that it trailed behind the rabbit like a tail was one end of a long elastic band.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?” Janine tried to yell but it came out muffled by Lorrie’s pussy because just then her grip on the bar slipped. When it did she found herself talking into Lorrie’s pussy.

Lorrie responded by giving Janine one of those “If Looks Could Kill” looks.

Enraged, Judy began, “Every day I come to work, all I do is hear the same old shit from the two of you! For five years now it’s been argue, argue, argue, bitch, bitch, bitch, nag, nag, nag. When you can’t bitch at each other you’re taking it out on me. You’re both driving me out of my fucking mind!” Then continued, “I don’t know how you both managed to stay in business together so long without killing each other! I’ve seen married couples that didn’t argue as much as the two of you do! You almost drove me crazy until I finally figured it out. You two want to fuck each other but neither of you are willing to admit it to the other!”

“You really are crazy!” Janine said with her words once again muffled by Lorrie’s pussy and once more received the same evil look from Lorrie.

Her face filled with anger, Judy said to Lorrie, “Really? Well, let’s just find out shall we?” And with that, she placed the rabbit mounted weight directly behind Jenna’s ass and tied the free end of the elastic to the center of the barbell. The elastic would not stop the weight riding rabbit from sliding toward Janine but it would ensure that the rabbit slid head first towards her ass.

Janine tighten her ass cheeks when she felt the rabbit begin to press against them.

Then she walked over to Lorrie and placed something in her hands.

When Janine saw what Lorrie was now holding she got a look of fear on her face. It was the wireless remote control for the rabbit!

“Sooner or later, that rabbit is going to find a hole to crawl into. When that happens, things are going to get real intresting for both of you.” Judy continued, “While canlı kaçak iddaa I have no problem fucking up the rest of your night,” she giggled, “I’m not going to let you two fuck up the rest of mine so I am going to go watch Survivor on the large screen TV in the waiting area. I’ll be back when its over to discuss my severance package with you two.”

With that, Judy walked out of the room.

When she was gone, Lorrie said to Janine, “I swear, when I get out of this thing I am going to tear that little bitch apart.” And with that, she began trying to work her legs free. All she managed to do though was to rub her pussy directly into Janine’s face and shake the bench causing the rabbit to press harder against Janine’s ass-cheeks.

“Stop moving damn it! Every time you move, that fucking rabbit tries to worm its way into my ass!” Janine yelled.

Lorrie disregarded her words and kept moving.

“Didn’t you hear me you stupid bitch? I said stop moving!” Janine yelled again.

“Bitch?” Lorrie said as anger began building in her, “Coming from a pain in the ass like you that’s a compliment. Hell, I hope you do take it in the ass, then you’ll finally know what the rest of us feel like. And while I’m at it, keep you damn mouth off my pussy!” Lorrie silently hoped that Janine was not noticing the how wet Lorrie was becoming from the contact of Janine’s mouth on her pussy.

But Janine had noticed for she responded back to Lorrie with, “You should be so lucky you horny bitch! NOW STOP FUCKING MOVING BEFORE I END UP WITH THAT GOD DAMN THING IN MY ASS!”

Really pissed off now, Lorrie yelled, “FUCK YOU!” and then pushed the vibrate button on the remote.

Instantly the vibrating rabbit started trying to borrow it’s way past Janine’s ass-cheeks and bury itself into her ass.

“TURN IT OFF YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Janine screamed and began squirming her ass around as she tried to keep it from being impaled.

“NO! But from the looks it, pretty soon you’re going to have a fucking asshole! You’ve had this coming for a long time!” Replied Lorrie.

Just as the rabbit touched her anus, Janine tried to raise herself up hoping that it would slip under her pelvis. Instead, restrained by the chain around her waist, all she managed to do was move her pussy right in front of the oncoming love-toy. She jumped suddenly when she felt its vibrating tip lodge firmly between her pussy lips.

“OH FUCK! NOW ITS AT THE MOUTH OF MY PUSSY!” she said in surprise.

“Really! Too Bad! And I was so looking forward to seeing you take it up the ass!” Lorrie said as if she didn’t care.

“I’M WARNING YOU! TURN THAT THING OFF OR I’LL…” Janine started to say but Lorrie cut her off.

“You’ll what?” Lorrie asked and then pressed the switch on the remote that activated the rabbit’s rotation function. Ever so slowly, the rabbit began trying to burrow its way into Janine’s pussy.

“THIS!” Janine said to her and then licked straight up the furrow of Lorrie’s pussy lips. And just as she did, the rabbit wormed its vibrating head into the mouth of her now lubricating pussy.

“YOU WOULDN’T DARE!” Lorrie said as she pushed a button on the remote increasing the rotation speed causing the rabbit head that was now lubricated with Janine’s pussy juices to begin burrowing inch by inch into Janine’s wet pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, the entire shaft was finally buried hilt deep into Janine’s pussy and the little “Rabbit” itself was touching her clit sending tiny little jolts of pleasure through her body.

“OHHH FUCK!” Janine moaned as her breathing became more rapid when another jolt hit her.

“PLEASE TURN IT OFF!” Janine begged.

“NO WAY! I’m finally seeing you get yours!” was Lorrie’s reply.

“OHHH SHIT!” Janine gasped and as another jolt hit her clit she cried back, “THEN I’M NOT GOING TO BE THE ONLY ONE!” With that, canlı kaçak bahis she buried her face fully into Lorrie’s pussy and frantically started using her tongue to spell each letter of the alphabet in and around Lorrie’s inner pussy lips.

Every time Janine’s tongue would touch Lorrie’s clit, Lorrie would involuntarily arch her pelvis upwards. She couldn’t help it when her juices began to flow freely all over Janine’s face.

“Stop it!” Lorrie said half heartedly as the jolts now running through her pussy became stronger with each flick of Janine’s tongue.

“OHHH GOD!” cried Lorrie as her body jerked suddenly upward when she felt Janine’s tongue enter her pussy and begin dancing around inside. Then, the taunting tongue exited only to start a slow tantalizing journey through the furrow of her pussy until it found Lorrie’s clit again. Once there, Janine began softly twirling her tongue around Lorrie’s now swollen clit.

As jolt after jolt of exquisite electricity began emanating from her clit, Lorrie began openly rocking her pussy onto Janine’s devouring mouth and she felt herself riding a wave toward glorious orgasm.

Janine was also riding her own wave for each time Lorrie would writhe the bench would move just enough to cause the shaft of the vibrator deeply embedded in Janine’s pussy to bump her g-spot. With each bump onto her g-spot a powerful charge of pleasure jetted through her body.

“I’M CUMMMING!” said Lorrie as her whole body tensed up and she began to writhe uncontrollably. Her hands clinched tightly as she covered Janine’s face with even more of her love juice. The fingers of the hand in which she was holding the remote gripped it tightly. As the did, they pressed the buttons on the remote that sent both the vibration and rotation of the rabbit to its maximum level.

As the power level suddenly rose, Janine felt the vibrating head of the shaft snaking its way around and around the deepest parts of her pussy and its rapidly rotating beads unmercifully stroking her g-spot while her sensitive clit was assaulted by a thousand caresses a minute by the little “rabbit” himself.

“YESSS! I’M GONNA, I’M GONNA..” Janine moaned and plunged her tongue one last time as far as she could into the depths of Lorrie’s pussy as the first wave of orgasm racked her body.

In response to the crushing waves of orgasm the rabbit was bringing her, she opened her mouth in a silent scream while her pussy gripped the love machine time and time again of its own volition .

Their orgasms subsiding, both their pelvises were still rocking slowly back and forth onto the objects of their pleasure when Janine felt the rabbit stop.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Lorrie said, “My god that was so good!”

And for once they agreed as Janine, still slightly short of breath said, “I’ve never felt anything that intense before in my life! I just couldn’t control myself.”

Thinking a minute, Lorrie asked with a mischievous look on her face, “How long did she say she was going to be gone?”

“At least another half hour if the clock on the wall is correct.” Replied Janine.

“That’s a long time for us to just lay here like this, isn’t it?” Lorrie inquired as her thumb began running back and forth over the buttons on the remote.

“What are you suggesting we do to pass the time?” asked Janine feigning ignorance.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll think of something.” Lorrie responded nonchalantly and then pressed both the vibration and rotation buttons on the remote with her thumb.


When Judy returned to discuss the terms of her severance pay she was somewhat surprised that her bosses, Lorrie and Janine, had decided to giver her a raise.

Both promised her that the atmosphere at the gym would be much better from then on. They also promised her a “Very Special Bonus” on payday as an incentive for her to stay.

What Judy did not know, was that her rather creative use of gym equipment had given them both some ideas on how best to “Reward” her for the aggressive employer evaluation she had given them.

But then, that’s another story!

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