Brotherly Discovery

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Michael finished his homework and was ready to relax for the night. John, his 27-year-old brother came over, to mooch dinner off their parents again. Michael didn’t mind. He enjoyed having his big bro around and he wanted to ask him a few questions anyway. Questions he didn’t think he’d be able to ask anyone else in the world.

“Hey John, wanna come up and see my new guitar?”, the 18-year-old asked.

“Yeah, sure. I’ve heard so much about it, I can’t wait to actually hear you play it.”

The two climbed the stairs they’d been climbing since they moved into this house, when John was 11 and Mike was just a toddler. The stairs seemed much smaller these days.

John’s room hadn’t changed since he moved out four years ago. It was tidier than when he was living in it, but that was about it. Mike’s room was still a typical teenage boy’s room. Clothes all over the floor, underwear (dirty?) half hanging off the desk. Socks, no doubt some cum-stained, on the floor next to his bed. And the guitar. It was a Fender Stratocaster bought for him by uncle Harry.

Mike picked up the guitar, turned on the amp and started belting out a few tunes: AC/DC, Jethro Tull, Nirvana. When he finally stopped, he put on some music to cover their voices and sat John down to ask him the questions that had been bugging him.

“John, I need to talk to you,” he said. “I’ve been having some strange thoughts about me and some of my buddies and I’m not sure what to make of them.”

“What kinds of thoughts,” John asked.

“Well, I know I like girls, but I’ve been sometimes thinking sexy things about a couple of my guy friends. Like, y’know, gay things. Does that mean I’m gay.”

“Well, I don’t know. Only you can say whether you’re gay or not,” he said. His voice was soft and reassuring. This is why Mike knew he could come to his brother with these types of questions. He would understand, he wouldn’t make fun of him and he would do everything in his power to help.

“You could be gay, or you could be straight, or you could be a little of both,” said John. “Everyone has a little bit of gayness in them. Everyone. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some people have more, some less. You can express it as a ratio or a percentage. Maybe you’re 20% gay and I’m 21% — or maybe you’re 80%. Only you can know and only after exploring your feelings for a while.”

This made sense to Mike.

He told John how he felt. He liked girls. He’d had blowjobs from girls before and always came buckets. But he had also masturbated a few times thinking of the time he and Steven from soccer showered together after a practice. Steven’s cock had gotten semi-erect and he’d been all embarrassed. Mike had a terrible casino şirketleri time keeping his own erection down, but he did. Still, the thought had kept him in masturbation fantasies for months now.

John put his arm around his little brother’s shoulders.

“And, if you were gay — or bi — would that really matter?”

“No. I just don’t know whether it’s just something I like to fantasize about or if I’d like to try it. I think I’d like to actually physically do something with a guy, but I wonder if the act of doing it would gross me out.”

John saw Mike was getting a little stressed over the whole thing, so he pulled him close and started rubbing his shoulders to relieve the tension.

He worked his strong thumbs into his little brothers shoulders. He pressed his thumbs against the base of the teen’s spine and ran them up and done slowly, surely giving him a tingling feeling.

At that, he noticed that his cock was starting to stir with all this touching and talk of his brothers sexy feelings with other guys. John was starting to wonder whether he, too, might be a little more gay than he believed.

He moved a little closer to his brother and began rubbing his shoulders a little more sensually now. His hands ventured from the boy’s back to his chest and over his nipples. No negative reaction from Mike. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.

John traced his fingers over the boy’s nipples a few times through his t-shirt and then moved back to his shoulders again.

“That was nice,” Mike said.

John didn’t respond, he worked his way to the teen’s lower back and put his hand underneath his t-shirt. Mike shivered a little, but otherwise seemed to be okay with his brother’s advances. John was all over Michael’s smooth back, lovingly rubbing it all with his strong, warm hands. He felt the stirring down there again and had to re-adjust his sitting position to make his hardening cock more comfortable.

Mike lifted his hands over his head, the age-old sign for “take off my shirt, please”. John did, placed it to one side of the bed and pulled off his own shirt. John pulled himself closer to his brother, wanting to feel the younger boy’s body against his own. The brothers were sitting side-by-side, but John had pulled Mike so that he was leaning to the right, not quite bent over, with his back against his older brother’s chest.

John rubbed Mike’s chest, spending more time on the nipples and the area around them. He could feel his cock straining now and longed to get it out of his pants. He knew where he thought this was going, but he didn’t want to pressure his little brother. If Michael wanted to back out of this, he would not push him. He casino firmaları loved his brother very much and didn’t want to force him into anything — even if he did start this whole thing.

Mike turned slightly and brought his legs up onto the bed. He was now lying on his back, stretched out on the bed, using John’s crotch for a pillow. Mike smiled at his older brother.

“John, if you’re not okay with this, then let’s stop,” he said.

“No, I’m fine. In fact, I’m feeling really good about this,” John replied.

A big smile crossed the 18-year-old’s face.

“I’m so glad,” Mike said. “I really am so happy that my first time with a guy will be with you. I love you, John.”

“I love you, too, Mike.”

And with the formalities out of the way, the games truly began.

Michael looked up at his older brother, at his hairy chest, at his stubbly face. John probably hadn’t shaved in a day or two. Michael couldn’t grow a beard that thick if he didn’t shave for a week, two even.

He lifted his head and kissed John on the lips. John kissed back and they remained locked in a brotherly embrace for seconds, minutes. Mike put his head back in his brother’s lap and ran his fingers over his chest — playing with the hair. He tweaked his nipples and rubbed them.

John ran his fingers down his Mike’s chest and then further down. He rubbed the teen’s cock through his pants, feeling its outline. He squeezed it and pulled.

Mike had never felt such feelings. He’d had girls do similar things to him and of course, he’d masturbated, but never had he felt anything like this. Maybe it was the love that he felt for John, maybe it was the forbidden nature of what they were doing. Whatever it was, he never wanted it to stop.

Mike knew what they were doing was inappropriate, that it was wrong, but everything about it told him it was right. He loved his brother with all his heart and now realized that perhaps he had had sexual feelings for him for a while, years perhaps.

John kept rubbing Michael’s penis through his pants, and he knew he needed him to touch it in the flesh. He wanted to see his brother’s penis, too. How big was it? What would it feel like in his hands? In his mouth?

Mike unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them and then pulled them down, leaving only his underwear. John did the same and both brothers laid down on the bed, facing each other. They did nothing for a while but stare into each others eyes. They didn’t touch or kiss each other.

Then John pulled Mike close to him and kissed him again.

Mike kissed back. He pressed his lips hard against his brother’s and soon felt this man he was now kissing stick his tongue into his mouth. John’s güvenilir casino tongue ran over Mike’s teeth and then Michael met his brother’s tongue with his own and the two tongues danced between their mouths.

The two were now pressing their penises together, humping together through their underwear, but Mike wanted more.

He wanted to feel his brother’s cock and he wanted to taste it. And by the looks of things, John wanted the same.

John flipped over, so that he was now facing Mike’s hard cock, while at the same time removing his underwear. Mike also removed his underwear and the two were brothers were now looking at each other’s erect cocks.

John made the first move, placing his hands on Mike’s smooth ass. He squeezed his cheeks and pulled him close, taking Mike’s cock into his mouth. Oh, the awesomeness. Mike loved the feeling and he wanted to reciprocate. He placed his own hands on his brother’s hairy behind and pulled him close. He buried his face in his manly, hairy pubic area, licking his brother’s balls and shaft. Then, for the first time in his young life, Mike took another man’s penis into his mouth.

He loved the fact that this was his brother’s penis. The older brother who pushed him on the swings in third grade, who gave him his first sex talk when he was 11 and who helped him with math in 8th grade. If this was wrong, Mike never wanted to be right.

Mike used his hands on his brother’s cock, while sucking. He pumped with his hand and he sucked with his mouth. John was doing the same to him.

Soon the feelings started to well up inside him and he knew his was about to cum. He’d had blowjobs before, but this felt like none other. He felt a heat, beginning in the pit of his belly.

John began to hump Mike’s mouth now, clearly the older brother was also ready to cum.

John thrust suddenly into Mike’s mouth and stopped. A fraction of a second later, spurts of sweet brotherly cum jetted inside Mike’s mouth. He loved the feeling of it and he loved the taste. He drank it all in, sucking this beautiful man’s penis until there was nothing left.

Then, it happened. Mike’s penis erupted into jets of cum and his brother, the brother he loved so much all his life, drank it all up. Mike shivered and came. And he came and he came. Had he ever cum so much before? He didn’t think so. And still his brother sucked it all in, not letting a single drop escape.

John flipped around to face his brother. He kissed him on the mouth and he kissed him on the nose. Then they held each other for what must have been close to an hour.

“I love you, John,” said Mike, as his older brother got up to leave.

“I love you, too, Michael. I’ll see you later kiddo.”

“Okay,” said Mike. “And I think I know now.”

“Know what?”

“I know I’m gay. Really, truly gay and I couldn’t be happier,” said Mike.

John smiled at his brother, still naked on the bed.

“Me too.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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