Brother to Brother

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Joseph had to concentrate hard to keep his teeth from chattering. It wasn’t that it was cold, but, rather, it was because of where Joseph was and what he was doing. Six weeks previously he had been in New York, at Colombia University, studying microbiology. Tonight, he was out on a rocky hillside, facing Israel’s volatile border with Lebanon, standing sentry in a world at war.

He was a good Israeli, a good Jew, ever conscious of his heritage and his duty. He had just completed his first year at the university, in the United States, where the street violence in New York didn’t faze him a bit. But each summer, starting with this one, he would be returning to Israel to do his duty. And he was struggling with himself, not ready to turn his back on his family.

Joseph had been raised in the fortified and under-siege Israeli border settlement of Ma’alot, well within rocket range of the Hamas positions just across the Lebanese border. He had grown up under siege. He had been raised with a rifle at the ready and the knowledge that just a couple of miles away a people and a militant force lurked that wanted him dead. He took his responsibility seriously. He had trained for combat from his early teens. And, although his parents had sent him to the safety of the United States for his advanced education, he knew his duty was to return when he could to help stand guard.

But the actual duty of standing guard on the rocky hillside within sight of the Lebanese border through the night to raise the alarm in case of invasion or infiltration was completely new and worrisome to him. Having been chosen to do this marked that he was now a man—which was important to someone like him, small in stature and forever trying to look and act like a man. But, even as prepared as he was, he could not help having fears and doubts.

Was that a movement out in the middle of the minefield, he wondered. Would he react as trained if it were? Would he raise the alarm and rush to the defense, or would he fold?

Had his nine months in the States softened him? And had what he had become there, the truths he had learned about himself, fundamentally changed him, made him an unfit defender of the nation and of Judaism? Every Israeli lived as if the whole world was against him or her. Was what he had become in New York and who he had become it with stripped him of the right to claim his place here on the deceivingly quiet, rocky hillside facing the Muslim hordes in Lebanon on a star-filled night?

Yes, that surely was a noise out of the ordinary. That wasn’t just some small rodent, unaware of the belligerent political divide running at the base of the hillside, moving through the rocks, searching for food for its brood.

Joseph was alarmed at the sensation of his heartbeat thumping loudly in his chest. He felt a little sick. He ran furiously over the elements of his training in his mind. His eyes darted this way and that way, trying to see everywhere casino şirketleri at once. Trying to remember how every rock and cranny looked in its natural state in the shadows of the night—without a lurking figure weaving its way through the terrain.

A sentry had been killed, stabbed and mutilated and left as a message of hate, near this very sentry post two years earlier. Joseph had been here, in Ma’alot, then. He knew the youth, barely older than he was now, who had given his life that night. And that youth had been strong, taller, and more self-assured than Joseph was. And yet he still had died at the hands of a stealthy enemy.

Had that lost youth heard what Joseph thought—or imagined—that he heard? Had he gone through these same, trained steps of checking out what could be happening, separating the normal sounds of the night from the movements of infiltrators—before he had been taken down and killed, silently, without an opportunity to warn the next sentry along the first line of defense in Israel’s north?

Where was his mobile phone? Joseph felt around the various pockets and straps of his military uniform without finding the mobile phone. He could call in if he had it. It wouldn’t have to raise an alarm. Just hearing another, fraternal voice, might be enough to calm his nerves. It was almost time for him to check in anyway. Perhaps he had left it in the concrete sentry’s box, dug into the hillside and camouflaged—although everyone knew that the Hamas had each of them pinpointed. Joseph decided he needed that mobile phone and that surely he had left it in the pillbox.

He turned and melted into shock. The dark-robed figure, wearing the traditional dishdasha of the Arab man, but in a dark, camouflage color rather than the traditional white, rose up before him and snatched his rifle away and wrestled Joseph to the ground. His attacker was older and larger and more powerful—and obviously much more experienced—than Joseph was.

Joseph’s mouth and nose were being covered by one strong, silencing hand, while the assailant’s other arm was wrestling him to the ground. Not quite strong enough to counter his attacker even without losing the element of surprise, the small, slender Israeli was too busy gasping for breath to put up much of a defense.

He went down on all fours on the rocky hillside, his attacker covering him close from behind, one hand relentlessly minimize the breath he could get by covering his mouth and pinching his nose and the other hand pulling Joseph’s arm painfully up his back toward his shoulder blades. Then the assailant smashed his chest into Joseph’s back, pinning Joseph’s arm there, and moved his now-free hand to Joseph’s belt buckle and then his fly, and he was grabbing the waistband of Joseph’s trousers and forcing them down to the smaller Israeli’s calves.

Joseph cried out in pain and surprise as a firm, thick cock breeched his unprepared channel ring, and Joseph was being fucked casino firmaları into submission, doggie style, like a small bitch under the control of a powerful mastiff in full rut.

The hand pulled away from Joseph’s mouth and nose, but he could not scream if he wanted to. For several moments all he could do was gasp for air. And in those moments, the figure in the Arab dishdasha manhandled Joseph to a crouching position and dragged him back, to the entrance of the concrete dugout, and into the dark interior, where he could finish off the young Israeli with less fear of attracting the attention of the sentries along the line at either side.

By now Joseph was lost in the fuck, however. He no longer was interested in raising the alarm. The Arab had a magnificent cock and had disarmed and aroused Joseph completely. Joseph didn’t care what this hulking Arab did to him, as long as he finished the fuck. Upon being manhandled into the darkness of the pillbox, Joseph threw himself down on the concrete floor on his back and opened his legs as the dominating Arab came down on his knees between Joseph’s thighs.

Joseph raised his pelvis to his nocturnal assailant and reached for the Arab’s long, thick, hard cock and guided it into his hole. The Arab, in turn, held until the bulb of his cock gained purchase in the Israeli youth’s entrance, and then he shot his ramrod home, deep inside Joseph, and began fucking him in earnest in long, insistent strokes.

Joseph looked up in the Arab’s face, his eyes wide, still overcome with shock, and the Arab grinned cruelly down at him and brought his face down to Joseph’s, and they entered into a long, mutually searching, deep kiss.

As they kissed, the adrenalin of the initial assault began to drain from them both, and Joseph moved into an undulation of his hips in rhythm to the Arab’s stroking, which became more languid, more searching of the internal sensitive spots that made Joseph gasp and sigh and moan.

“Ah, Afram, Afram, Afram,” Joseph murmured when they came out of the kiss. “I did not know it was you at first. You frightened me so. Ahhhh, yess, there again. Touch me there again. Ahhhhhh.”

“I’m sorry I had to muffle you like that, little one,” Afram spoke in a hoarse, lust-filled whisper. “I could not chance you calling an alarm, not knowing it was me.”

“Oh, ohhh, Ohhh,” Joseph moaned, widening the stance of his legs to meet the insistent, deeper plumbing of Afram’s magnificent cock inside him. “It’s too dangerous. I told you we couldn’t meet this summer.”

“I can’t only have you in New York,” Afram muttered. “It was a bad joke of fate that we came from villages within sight of each other, you from Ma’alot and me across the Lebanese border, from Bint Jubayl, destined to be sworn enemies, but meeting in New York as lovers.”

“It’s too dangerous, Afram, my love,” Joseph whispered. “you mustn’t—”

“I mustn’t do this?” Afram said, and then, with a güvenilir casino grunt, he thrust his pelvis forward and Joseph cried out in ecstasy.

“Or this?” Afram rotated his hips, and Joseph whimpered his surrender, just laying back then and moaning and sighing as the powerful Arab slow pumped his channel and ripped his military T-shirt from his chest and attacked Joseph’s nipples with his teeth.

Joseph gasped and moaned and groaned as Afram rode him in increasingly powerful strokes, the older and stronger Arab exhibiting the mastery of a seasoned Hamas soldier, a soldier who just so happened to have inexplicably fallen in love with the enemy when both were out of their element of perpetual hatred and belligerency.

When Afram was finished, long after Joseph had given up his own seed in blissful exhaustion, they lay there, in the dark, on the concrete floor of the defensive pillbox declaring its outrage at their audacious coupling in the sound of the wind whistling through the rifle slits in the thick stone walls.

It was with profound regret that, in the midst of their post-fuck kisses and nips and nuzzles, Joseph forced himself to beg Afram for a pledge.

“We cannot do this again here, Afram. It is much too dangerous here. This is not our world. We cannot tempt the forces that set our peoples apart here. You must promise not to come to me again. I regret I even e-mailed you I’d be here tonight. I just wanted to have some sort of connection, for you to stand over there in your world and I here in mine and for the two of us to look across the great divide into the other’s forbidden world, knowing we were one. What if I had changed schedules and someone else had been here tonight?”

“Then I would have fucked him,” Afram said. And then he laughed. That was one of the traits of Afram that Joseph loved the best—his free-flowing, earthy humor.

But this was not the time nor the place for that. “No, this is serious, Afram. We cannot.”

“But I cannot stay away from you. It is like the bear to the honey. My cock is happiest when deep inside you.”

“And it is the same with me, love,” Joseph said. “If you find you cannot wait, e-mail me as we have been doing. If we can both find the money, we can meet somewhere in Europe.”

“I will pine for you, little one,” Afram groaned.

“It is only for the summer, Afram. We will always have New York. That is another world; it has none of the responsibility of hatred and fear that we have here. We can be together in the other world.”

Joseph closed his eyes and pushed at the arms encasing him, letting Afram know it was time. He would not open his eyes again until Afram had evaporated into the night. He would dream of their other world—of New York.

But he then did open his eyes at the sound of the buzzing near to hand on the concrete floor. He had, indeed, left the mobile phone in here. His real world was calling him back to duty and to its own perception of reality. He would have to answer the mobile and have a good excuse for why he hadn’t checked in on schedule. Somehow he didn’t think that telling them he was busy being fucked by a magnificent Arab would be an acceptable excuse.

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