Brod: Elasticity Ch. 01

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Sarkopheros Says:

We’re kicking off a new Brod miniseries today! I won’t tell you exactly what it’s about, but it will involve Brod getting larger. That will be one of the core focuses of Elasticity.

This first chapter is femdom-heavy. Expect hyper dicks and balls, cum inflation, condom filling, precum harvesting, female sweat/musk, female muscle, and of course femdom.


Dr. Ghali sat across from me. Her massive tits hovered over the table, and were so large that I was confused as to how she could see her food. I was looking into a deep abyss—the brown depths of her incredible cleavage.

Of course, I was hardly one to talk. I couldn’t even see my feet past my own giant nuts. And my package took up a huge amount of space under the table. So much that Nahid’s leg’s kept brushing up against the heavy spheres. Clop. The sound of a shoe falling. A stocking-clad foot on my left nut. I growled. “Nahid, are we not trying to have a serious conversation?”

“I’m always serious, Brod! You should know that by now,” she purred, her other foot rubbing my ball. “And we’re out in public. With children. You can’t leap across the table and fuck my brains out!” she laughed. “There would be jizz everywhere!”

A woman a couple of tables away covered her child’s ears and shot Nahid a laser-eyed look.

“Nahid, can you keep your voice down, please?” I asked. Fortunately, when you have a libido like mine and huge sensitive nuts that constantly bump into things, you learn to ignore stimulation rather effectively. Still, a pair of feet on my nuts was one of my favorite things, and Nahid knew it. It was very hard to ignore.

Nahid rolled her big, dark eyes. “Oh, please, they’re going to learn it some day! I’m an actual doctor, if anyone should be teaching kids about sex, it’s me!” she insisted. Her earrings swung as she spoke. “White people are so stuffy about genitals, and—”

I interrupted. “Nahid, the experiment.”

“Yes, yes. It’s really remarkable that I didn’t think of this earlier. It should be quite brilliant, if I say so myself,” Nahid smiled at me. “Brod, how much do you know about the birth process?”

I shrugged my broad shoulders. “Uh, well, I’ve never delivered a child. I only put them in women.” I picked up one of the tostones and bit into it. Crunch.

“Irony! Well, during pregnancy, there’s a whole cocktail of hormones in play. Among them is one called relaxin, and there’s some other proteins involved, like elastin. Elastin-type proteins help make the tissues more elastic—which is obvious from the name—and relax the pubic symphysis during childbirth.” Nahid gestured with her hands, making a sort of pelvis shape with her fingers and spreading it. “In short, it loosens you up for popping a baby out. There’s other hormones and things involved, but that’s the short version.”

I nodded. “Okay, that makes sense. But what is it you want to do?”

“Well, Brod, I have been doing extensive work on these hormones. From studying your precum, I discovered that you actually produce an inordinate amount of them. I think that I can take advantage of your natural abilities and enhance them so that your precum loosens women up so much you can bury all twenty-eight inches of that big, fat baby-maker into a lady.”

The woman nearby sighed and got up. She moved with her children to another table.

“See? Look how stuck-up they are about human biology,” said Nahid, gesturing at them dismissively.

I put my meaty hand on hers. She had such nice, smooth, slender fingers. And a perfect manicure. “Nahid, it’s time to use your indoor voice.”

“Please, Brod, you walk around with your cock a-flopping all about in the breeze!”

“I don’t choose to do that, and you know that, Nahid! Get back on track. How would you do that?”

Nahid nodded. “Well, I’d reach up your ass and inject stuff into your prostate.”

I stared at her. “What?”

She laughed. “Your face! No, I figured out a better way. I’ll still have to inject stuff and have you take some other stuff. It would involve repeated treatments. But first I want to synthesize some of this enhanced precum to make sure my math is correct.”

I shook my head. So I’d be able to bury my entire cock into any woman? “If you can really do this, Nahid. Man, that’d be a game-changer.” I leaned back and looked around the restaurant, eyeballing the ladies. I actually knew a couple of them and traded a few smiles. I looked at Nahid. “The whole thing,” I repeated.

“I can’t believe I took the whole thing! That should be a commercial when we’re done!” laughed Nahid.

“How would you do that, anyway?” I asked, taking a bite of my sandwich.

Nahid nodded. “Well, in layman’s terms, I’ll need some precum from you and I’ll mix things into it. We’re also going to need to experiment on some test subjects. Give me a couple days to gather some casino şirketleri volunteers—shouldn’t be hard—and I’ll let you know. You’ll enjoy the experiments, I promise.”


If you’ve read some of my other stories, you may have noticed that except for a seven-foot-plus bronze she-hulk that thinks she’s my mommy, I’ve never gotten my entire cock into someone. I’m usually left with two or three hand-widths of cock unburied in a pussy. So much that it’s normal for me to get a handjob from one girl while fucking another. Being able to sink my entire cock into a woman? That was an incredible promise! I’ve fucked entire sororities without using more than half my cock!

So it was that I ended up driving to the UTB campus and meeting Nahid in one of the classroom buildings. She was in an anteroom and jiggled to her feet when I came in. Yara, Thalita, and Valeska were there, too. I was surprised to see them.

It must have showed, because Yara said, “I’m helping out with the experiment. We’re going to need some muscle.” She came up to me and smiled. Yara was dark-skinned with jet black hair. She was nice and toned, and she had a duffel bag. I usually tell people she looks like Korra but with brown eyes.

Thalita is the seven-foot-plus bronze she-hulk I mentioned. “Mmmh. Today, my handsome Broddy starts doing science! You’re going to do so good. And all those little girls will be so happy if this works.” I’m still not sure why she does that whole mommy thing to me. I just let her do it.

Valeska rolled her eyes. “That way, everyone can be as loose of a slut as you.” She was nearly as big as Thalita, except she was fair-skinned, blonde, braided, and freckled. With those muscles, she was the image of a valkyrie or a female Viking. “And if this stretchy shit works on your fat Brazilian ass sperm-cavern, then you’ll become a fucking meat-blimp.” Hearing Valeska string together such bizarre curses with her sing-song accent is always a treat.

“You say that as if you haven’t ridden his cock yourself,” said Yara.

Valeska shook her head. “I didn’t take the whole thing, though! I thought only the livestocks could do that!”

At the time, I didn’t question why the lady-muscle was there. I was just happy they were there. Something about powerful women stokes my already-strong breeding instinct. Which, in retrospect, probably played into Dr. Ghali’s plans.

“So how will this work?” I asked her.

Nahid curled her finger and lead me inside. A couple steps lead down to a large white, tiled room with a bunch of chaises around the periphery. Looked like about fifty of them. It was well-lit with drains in the floor. I wasn’t entirely sure what this area was supposed to be. Then again, considering we were in one of the university’s science buildings, did I want to know? “Where’d you get this many chaises?”

“The same place as the breeding runs. Rentals. Come, sit.” Nahid brought me to a desk overlooking the entire area. She sat at it and opened her laptop. I sat at a chair looking over her shoulder. And then Thalita started to straighten my hair. Her hands looked right on her frame, but her frame was huge, and so were her hands.

“How do you even see the keyboard?” asked Valeska.

“I touch-type and my fingers are able to press just one key at a time. Don’t you have a giant to kill?” asked Nahid. “Now, Brod. The first thing we’re going to do is get some precum from you. Then I’m going to try to see if I can make a cunt-stretching solution with it. We have a hundred female volunteers for the experiment. First, you’re going to fuck all of them, and we’re going to measure how much cock and cum each one can hold.”

“Ooh! Won’t that be fun? You’re gonna get a workout, Broddy,” cooed Thalita, putting her hands on my shoulders and her tits on my head.

Nahid looked over her shoulder at Thalita. “Why do you keep doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Treating him like he’s five! That is so distracting.”

“I’m not treating him like he’s five. This is how I show affection. He likes it!” insisted Thalita, looking down at me. “Don’t you, Brod?”

Uh…. “I’ll never complain about being touched by you or these girl-guns,” I said, looking up at Thalita. She smiled. I looked back at the busty doctor. “Nahid, do you really think I can force Thalita to do anything she doesn’t want to?”

“That’s true, she could pop your head like Oberyn Martell,” chuckled Nahid.

“Well, she does enjoy mountain me,” I said.

Valeska snorted and laughed raucously.

Thalita seemed confused. “What?”

Valeska looked at me. “Have you seen the latest episode, Brod? The one where—”

I cut her off before she could spoil anything. “I haven’t seen anything past the first four seasons.”

“Ah. Besides, Nahid, Brod’s a fat little Asian fuck-slave-slut-boy who likes it when we use his face as casino firmaları a chair for our sweaty glutes. He’s fucking nasty, smelling our sweaty cunts after we work out. He likes it when we force him to do stuff,” explained Valeska.

Yara sighed. “Can we concentrate, please?”

“Yes. Anyway, after we measure what the girls can take, we’re going to treat the experimental group with the loosening solution. Then you’re going to fuck the control group, then the experimental group, in that order, so as not to transfer any of the solution to the control-cunts,” said Nahid. “Control-cunts!” she repeated. She and Valeska began giggling. Yara looked at me and shrugged.

Nahid continued. “We’re going to measure what they can take after the treatment. And if it’s successful, I’m going to start the treatment regimen to get you producing the same solution.”

I shook my head. “How do you know what I produce will be the same as what you mix in the lab? That doesn’t make sense. You’re going to make a precum-hormone slushy and somehow get my balls to make it? I don’t see how that’s—”

“I’m the expert here,” interrupted Nahid. “You are right, though. It won’t be identical. But very similar! Trust me, I can do this, Brod. You didn’t think I could make a safe contraceptive supplement regimen, either!”

I nodded in concession. “Okay, it’s definitely worth a try….” Then I remembered. “But you know, I’d be more inclined to trust you if you didn’t release my sperm into the ocean and get 150 Japanese women knocked up.”

Nahid waggled her finger at me. “Don’t be silly! Only 105 of those women were Japanese!”

I shook my head. “That’s not the— So what are possible side effects?”

“I’m not a hundred percent sure on that. But we think you may experience temporary growth,” said Nahid.”

“More? How much?”

“I highly doubt it’ll be much. Besides, what are you worried about?” asked Nahid, shrugging, making her tits bounce. “I think you’d look good with a three-foot cock! Bigger is better!”

“It’ll be temporary, anyway,” said Yara. “Her math seems to check out, but we can’t guarantee anything.”

Nahid added, “And just imagine being able to sink every inch of that monster into a woman!”

I sighed and nodded. Yara put her hand on my shoulder. Thalita squeezed. Yara said, “I know we’re asking to meddle with your biology, Brod, but we both have confidence that this will work. You know I’m not Nahid.”

“What does that mean?”

“And if it does make you bigger? Would it really change that much? You’re already the biggest dick on Earth.” Yara smiled—a real smile. If she tried to do the big-teeth happy-smile, she just ended up looking weird and creepy. An authentic Yara smile was just a subtle curling of the lips. And that’s what she was doing.

I let out a long sigh. “Okay! So how do we start?”

Nahid grinned. “Good question! That’s why the girl-beef is here.”


I was sitting naked, which was normal. What wasn’t normal was Thalita and Valeska forcibly spreading my thighs. Thalita cinched a silky strap around the base of my sack. I grunted. “That’s fucking tight,” I complained.

“We need precum, not cum,” said Nahid, standing over me. I have to admit, she looked pretty hot in her latex nurse outfit. I didn’t even have a nurse kink. But I did have a giant-tits-and-skintight-clothing kink. Her high heels clicked over the tiles around the edge of the cushioned mat, her tits jiggling. She looked down past that prominent, angular nose of hers. There was a pair of glasses perched on them.

Thalita crossed her arms and look down at me. Judging by their sweaty, skintight clothes, they’d been exercising. I could smell the hot scent coming off their bodies. I knew that this probably meant one thing—I wasn’t the one in charge today. I looked at Nahid. “I can hold off an orgasm for hours, and you know that.”

“We can’t even let trace amounts of semen in, Brod. Plus, you might have an accident. Do you know why?” asked Nahid.

I shook my head. “What are you doing, Ghali?”

She pulled a chair up. That was when I heard a stern female voice coming from around the corner. Yara. Husky, commanding. “She’s not doing anything. Your master is here, Brod.” From around the corner came Korra. Baggy blue pants, boots, sleeveless shirt, showing off her muscles. Granted, Korra didn’t have a bare midriff in the show, but I was hardly going to complain. Yara wasn’t even aware that she looked like Korra till I convinced her to watch cartoons.

I stood up as mistress “Korra” approached. She leapt at me, rolled, grabbed my leg, and before I knew it, I was on my back on the floor with her on my chest! And how did I react to being expertly taken down? My cock started swelling, obviously.

I could see the glistening of sweat. Korra had worked out before coming here.

I opened güvenilir casino my mouth, but she put her finger over my lips. She spoke. “Be quiet. Your fluids are full of chi, and I need them! Maybe if you’re a good sperm-slave, I might let you cum inside someone later. Get it?”

“Y-yes, Korra,” I panted.

She poked my nose and glared at me. My cock was pumping and slowly growing. Apparently, not fast enough. Korra shifted forward and buried my face in her crotch. Blue cloth occluded the light and all I could see was the light that filtered through. Korra’s muff was so sweaty, such a delicious feminine musk. I reached up, meaty hands grabbing her toned bubble-butt, and I ground my face up into her.

“You’re such a pervert. So high-and-mighty till I show up. Now? Smelling the Avatar’s sweaty pussy and ass. You love that, huh? You know, a lot of people would throw a lot of yuan at me for this.” She paused. “You know what? We should make a mover of this,” she kept grinding into my face. Pheromone-laced female musk was all I could smell. It filled my nose. I could practically taste it. Deliciously dank, acrid, and tantalizing. I practically got high on it. My cock was rapidly bloating, hardening, jutting up into the air, a tower of flesh. Then I felt its tip poke into what had to be Korra’s back. She laughed. “Look how hard he’s getting from this!” I felt her shift her weight. “Put it on him. He’s starting to leak my chi-juice.”

I felt strong hands grip my erection. Rustling. Tightness sliding down my cock. I realized they were putting a condom on me.

You might be wondering where someone like me finds condoms. I’m going to explain in another story, but suffice it to say, yes, they’re custom-made. No, I almost never use them since Nahid’s supplement regimen keeps my fertility in check most of the time.

I could feel hot precum flowing, swelling the throat of my twenty-eight inch organ. I felt the tip of the condom begin pulling away. Then those hands began pumping my cock. I groaned into Korra’s pussy. My cock was so hard, and I could feel pressure in my nuts. I needed to fuck someone! And those hands. Both Thalita and Valeska were pumping my cock, their grips so firm! I pumped up into them. Schlick-schlick-schlick. My hips bounced against the mat. I could feel slimy, steamy-hot pre pumping out of my cock by the cupful.

I love getting jerked off, but I still felt that band around my balls, and I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to cum. It was torment!

Korra pressed herself into me. I licked at the cloth over her pussy. I could feel its warmth against my lips, through the cloth. I could taste its moisture. I wanted to make out with that brown pussy! I wanted to eat her out!

But she knew I wanted to eat the Avatar’s pussy. And she was going to deny me.

She stood up, straddling my head. I looked down to see Thalita and Valeska smirking at me, both of them pumping my cock. The tip of the condom was bouncing atop my cock, sloshing wildly, a little bigger than a basketball at this point, full of clear precum.

“Mistress. Master Korra. Let me pleasure you, please!” I begged her.

“Heh. You’re talking to the Avatar, buddy! My pussy is a delicacy, and you’re my personal komodo-rhino. A mount.” Korra stepped to the side. She bent over, her toned bubble-butt facing me. All the while, Thalita and Valeska kept milking my cock! I heard Ghali emit that annoying chuckle of hers as she watched. My mistress wouldn’t let me wipe that smile off her face without permission, though.

Korra slipped her boots off, wiggling her round ass in such a divine way. I licked my lips. My cock was practically gushing. The balloon of pre at the tip was even bigger now, engulfing much of Valeska’s forearm as she milked me. I thrust into her hands again, panting loudly. My balls were pulsing, like hands were squeezing them hard. So much pressure. My cock felt like it might burst, I was so hard. I needed pussy! I was almost as horny as I was during a breeding run. I felt more than heard it as I emitted an embarrassingly high-pitched whining noise.

Ghali and Valeska laughed. Korra smirked over her shoulder.

You know me, reader. You know that I’m used to fucking literally dozens of girls a day. You know that I’m used to having a pussy stretched around my cock whenever I want one. And here I was, letting Korra take charge of me and deny me that! I watched helplessly as she let her baggy blue pants drop to the floor. She swaggered toward me and put her foot on my chest. “If you ask me nicely, I might let you taste the Avatar’s pussy.”

“Please, Mistress. Please. I’m so thirsty for you, your cunt, I need a taste, just give me one!” I begged.

Korra clucked her tongue. ” ‘Just give you one’? Sounded like an order to me. Girls?”

They all nodded. “That didn’t sound polite to me,” said Valeska.

Korra looked down at me. She stood above my head. I had a direct view of her panty-covered mound. With a wiggle of her hips, she slipped it down until it was at mid-thigh. Crystalline droplets of girl-juice dripped from her lips, spattering on the cloth. “Is this what you want?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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