Breaking Lance Ch. 02

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“Oh my god he’s going to use the dungeon!” Nathan says excitedly. The dungeon was Vince and Anthony’s pet name for the cellar and Rob and Nathan are visibly excited at seeing it in use again after all these years, so much so that they both have erections.

“What? Dungeon?” Lance cries suddenly filled with fear, his mind is quickly filled with visions of torture devices and he starts to struggle, “No please, I’m sorry, lemme go!”

Vince is dragging him hard and Lance is struggling to keep his balance, they reach the cellar door and Vince quickly opens it dragging Lance down the steps almost tripping him. It’s dark down there and the air is cool and moist, Vince throws a light switch and Lance gasps at what he is sees. In the room is what looks like a doctors examination bench on one wall, on another is a set of stocks, In the corner is a large steel cage next to a large cross, on the other wall are mounted various sex toys and whips.

“NOO! FUCK OFF! LET ME GO! YOU FUCKING PERVERTS!” Lance screams suddenly filled with panic.

Nathan and Rob are close behind and still videoing the whole thing. Vince picks up some leather cuffs and with amazing dexterity and speed has them around Lances wrists. He then takes a key hanging on the wall and removes the handcuffs. Lance is a little relieved they are gone as they was really cutting into his wrists but he is equally as alarmed at the leather cuffs. Lance is constantly struggling to break free from Vince but all his strength is no match for this powerful man. Vince then lifts up the boys arms and attaches the rings in the cuffs to a large hook in the ceiling above them. He then grabs Lance by the hips pulling him towards him causing Lance to arch back, arms stretched out above him and his feet barely touching the floor.

“Arghh! No please stop!” He cries.

Vince puts his fingers in the waistband of the tracksuit bottoms and the jockey shorts he’s wearing and pulls them down to his knees. Lances cock suddenly springs free slapping him in the belly, he is fully erect, Vince is very pleased to see this, and gives Lances cock a playful slap causing him to yelp. It’s a magnificent cock, a good seven inches, quite thick at the bottom tapering up to a nice circumcised head, his balls are large, very firm and totally smooth, on such a slim body it looks positively huge, he wants to devour it there and then but he knows he must be patient.

Lance is filled with fear, lust and confusion, he can’t understand how Vince’s rough man handling is turning him on. When his cock breaks free and is exposed to the cool air he has a sudden desire to cum, he is shocked to find himself hoping that Vince will grab his cock and bring him off to an orgasm there and then.

Vince quickly frees Lance of his trainers and tracksuit then placing his arm around his waist flips him over. Lance is now lying across Vince’s arm, his body arched backwards, his hard cock pressed into Vince’s forearm, his ass exposed to everyone and his feet off the ground. Lance’s ass is perfectly round and very smooth, Vince grabs his ass cheeks with the other had and pries them apart to see his little puckered hole, there isn’t a hair in sight and his brown ring look so inviting.

“No, please don’t fuck me, I’m a virgin, I couldn’t take it,” he begs.


“FUCK YOU!” Lance shouts, “I’ll get my own back, you’ll pay for this!”

Vince suddenly realises that Lance is no longer talking like a complete twat, his english is now perfectly formed.

“Pass me the paddle please Nathan,” Vince requests.

Lance struggles trying to get free kicking wildly but Vince has a very firm grip around his waist. Nathan now rubbing his crotch fetches a paddle from the wall and hands it to Vince who immediately brings it down on Lance’s sweet ass with extreme force.

“ARRRRGHHH FUCK!” Lance screams.






“ARRRRRGGGHHHH! NOOOOO! PLEEEAAASSEE!” Vince realises that Lance is now crying like a baby.


“ARRGGHH (sob) (sob) pleaaaasssee (sob) (sob) I’m su-hu-orry (sob) (sob).”


Lance’s faces is screwed and red in pain tears are rolling down his face, Rob walks round and films his sorrow, Lance is feeling completely humiliated now but to his amazement incredibly turned on by it.

“What are you sorry for slave?” Vince asks.

Lance has to think, he’s never had to consider the consequences of his actions before, he’s never even had to apologise before. Then he remembers trying to steal the money.

“I-I-I’m s-s-s-sorry for s-s-s-s-stealing the m-m-m-money,” he sobs.

“What else?” Vince asks.

Lance can’t answer, he can’t remember what he did.

“Well if you not going to answer I can keep paddling your ass all night,” Vince says.




Lance is desperately trying to remember all the things he said and did, he really thought that just saying sorry would be enough, that it would stop the spanking.


His casino şirketleri sobbing is deep now and it sounds like he is having trouble getting his breath. He suddenly remembers what he said that sparked of Vince’s rage.

“I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-s-sorry for c-c-c-calling you a f-f-f-faggot.”

Vince stops and flips the boy over, his body arching backwards from being stretched almost vertically, the boy’s cock is still raging hard pointing straight up.

“That’s better,” Vince says and strokes his slim naked body finishing at his cock and fondling his tight balls. Lance gasps at the softness of Vince’s touch, nobody has ever touched him before sexually. He is also really confused how his punishment that was so painful was also so erotic causing his cock to stay completely solid.

Vernon starts to wank him slowly, Lance gasps and throws his head back wanting so much to cum now.

“So how many girls you fucked with this big cock of yours?” Vince asks.

“Lot’s” Lance whimpers.

“How many is lots? Give me a number,” Vince presses.

“I-I can’t remember,” the pressure in his groin is building, he can feel the start of an orgasm and right now he doesn’t care that he’s being wanked off by a man.

“You must know, come on lets have the truth now shall we, if you tell me the truth I might just let you cum. You do want to cum don’t you?”

“Y-yes please,” Lance replies his eyes closed on the verge of release.

“So how many? Truth now,” Vince prompts him.

“N-n-none,” he replies, there he said it, he’s admitted to being a virgin now all he wants is that release, he feels it racing up his body, “Uuurrggh I’m cumming!” he shouts but suddenly Vince stops, “No! Please! Arrgghh fuck!” he starts thrashing his body round to get his cock to complete it’s orgasm, “Arrgghh! Please don’t stop, please make me cum!”

Vernon laughs, “I knew it! You’re so full of bullshit, for that I’m going to keep you hard all night and not let you cum.” Vince knows a boy kept on the edge all night will do anything for that final release.

“No! Please don’t do this to me!” Lance complains.

“Oh yes, and you get ten more strokes with the paddle for speaking without permission and not calling me Sir,” Vince flips him back over.

“NO! PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE SIR, I’M SORRY!” he screams begging.

The paddle makes contact with his ass and soon he is screaming for mercy again. After the tenth stroke Vince lets him go and he hangs there a sobbing wreck.

“From now on what are you going to call me?” Vince asks.

“S-S-S-Sir,” Lance sobs.

“Good boy,” Vince says, he is so hard now, his cock is straining to get out of his pants, he want’s to plow it deep into the boy’s virgin ass right now but he has to do it right, he needs to have him begging to be fucked and he knows just how do it but he has other plans first.

“Aw fuck, out of memory,” Rob says, looking at Lance’s phone.

“Go get my video camera, It’s in the sideboard in the lounge,” Vince says to Rob. Rob doesn’t need asking twice, he rushes upstairs and before anyone could say anything he is back and camera rolling.

“Ok you’re training as a slave starts now and seeing as you are a virgin this is probably going to take all night to get you good at it,” Vince explains.

Lance looks at him, good at what?

“Your first lesson is how to suck cock,” Vince says,

“NO! NO I AIN’T DOIN’ IT YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Lance shouts and tries to free himself from the restraints but they are too well fastened to the ceiling.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SPEAKING WITHOUT PERMISSION!” Vince voice booms so loud it startles everyone in the room, especially Lance, he starts to sniffle. Vince starts stroking Lance’s cock again, “You’ve never had a blow job before have you boy.” Lance shakes his head and Vince slaps him hard on his ass, “SPEAK UP!”

“N-n-n-no I haven’t,”


“No I haven’t what?”

“No I h-h-haven’t Sir.”

“Well I guess today is your lucky day because I’m going to show you what a proper blow job feels like,” Vince says dropping to his knees.

Lance gasps as Vince begins by licking the head of his cock lapping up some precum that had gathered at his piss slit. His lips then slip over the boy’s rock hard cock, Lance closes his eyes and groans at the sensation of having his cock sucked for the first time in his life, something he had dreamed about for years and now it’s being done to him, by a man, but it’s still his first blow job. Vince pulls off, “Open your eyes, I want you to see how it should be done.” he tells him. Lance looks down and watches Vince devour his cock again, Rob is close to them filming every little detail. Vince slides deeper and deeper, Lance can feel the head of his cock hit the back of Vinces throat, then suddenly it slips down, Lance groans loudly, it feels unbelievable, he never imagined in his wildest fantasies that it could feel this good.

Vince pulls off and deep throats the boy again, Lance is in heaven, he doesn’t want Vince to stop, he wants to shoot in his mouth. casino firmaları His legs are trembling now as he is on the edge of an orgasm, Vince senses this and pulls off.

“Did you like that boy?” he asks.

“Yes, yes, it feels wonderful, please don’t stop.”


“Ow! Sorry, Sir!”

“Would you like me to do it again?”

“Yes pleeaasee suck my cock, please make me cum.”

Vince stands up and Lance groans wishing he would just get back down there and suck him off. “If you can show me how good a cocksucker you are I may just suck you off till you cum, would you like that?”

“Oh yes please sir, please suck me till I cum,” Lance is desperate to shoot now.

Vince releases him from the hook on the ceiling and clasps the wrist cuffs behind his back.

“Get on your knees,” he orders pushing Lance down, “Nathan, would you like to be first?”

Lance looks up, first? He swallows hard realising he’s going to have to suck everyone here. The very idea of having a cock in your mouth is something that has always disgusted him, he really can’t believe he is being made to do this. Nathan walks over to him and drops his jeans then his shorts, his very respectable circumcised 7.5 inch cock springs free and is pointing directly upwards. It’s more even in it’s length and not quite as thick as Lances but all the same it’s still intimidating to him.

Lance looks at the cock swaying in front of his face trying to build up the courage to take it in his mouth. Vince can see he’s struggling so he kneels down next to him and starts stroking his cock.

“Just think of the sweet release you’ll get,” he says whispering in his ear, Lance groans.

Lance looks at the cock just inches from his face, it’s doesn’t look that bad, it’s very hard, it’s the first hard cock he’s seen other than his own and he finds it’s actually quite attractive. What alarms him more though is the desire he suddenly has to have it in his mouth and before he can change his mind quickly sucks it in.

“That’s it boy, suck on that big dick, remember how good it felt on you,” Vince says as he places his other hand on the back of Lance’s head to encourage him. Lance’s blow job is clumsy and sloppy, he is only taking about half the cock in his mouth and he hasn’t got the hang of using his tongue. Having a cock in his mouth doesn’t seem as bad as he thought it would be, in fact he is starting to enjoy it especially as his orgasm draws closer.

“That’s it boy you’re getting the hang of it now, suck him deeper, get all that cock in your mouth,” Vince encourages him.

Lance tries but he only gets so far before he gags, he thinks that this is an impossibility but remembers how Vince did it so easily.

Vince starts to push on his head harder causing him to choke more. “Swallow boy open your throat,”

Lance forces himself past his gag response and amazingly Nathan’s cock slips down his throat.

“Oh my god that feels amazing!” Nathan gasps.

Hearing that eggs Lance on more, he’s glad that what he’s doing is bringing so much pleasure to Nathan. That’s when he realises that he is really enjoying this, he likes having this cock in his mouth, no he loves it. He wants to make Nathan cum. Normally the thought of someone cumming in his mouth would disgust him but now the idea is really turning him on.

“Oh god I’m close,” Nathan announced.

Lance sucks more vigorously, Vince no longer helping him, watching the boy impale his face on Nathan’s cock, his nose hitting the neat bush at the cocks base. Lance can smell the musky scent of Nathan, it fires him up further. Lance feels his orgasm race up on him, at last he will get his release, at that moment as he imminently is about to blow his load sucking on cock seems the most natural thing in the world, but suddenly Vince stops wanking him and his orgasm teeters on the edge, Lance groans in utter frustration, the vibrations from his voice stimulating Nathan’s cock and sending him over the edge.

“URRGHHH! I’M CUUMMIINNGG!” Nathan squeals and his cock erupts a stream of cum into Lances mouth

Lance was just starting a down stroke when the first bolt erupted coating his tongue. He drinks it hungrily, the taste not as bad as he thought it might be, he could get to like this. Nathan grabs Lance’s head to steady himself as he blasts his load in the boy’s mouth. Finally spent Nathan pulls away and to his and Vince’s surprise Lance tries to hang on almost falling flat on his face as he reaches to keep Nathan’s cock in his mouth. As Vince stands up Lance turns to look at him, his big blue eyes looking up at him as if to say ‘did I do good?’, Vince nearly melts, how can such an adorable young man come out with such crap.

“Very good slave, you’re learning fast,” Vince praises him.

What Lance really want’s is for Vince to make him cum, his cock is so hard and leaking precum, he know’s that it wouldn’t take much to bring him off, he’s wondering when Vince is going to do it like he promised.

“My turn,” Rob says hopefully handing the camera to Nathan and dropping his trousers and boxers.

His cock güvenilir casino is only five and a half inches but it’s quite thick, his beer belly protruding out just as far. He stands in front of Lance waiting patiently, his cock bobbing in anticipation. Lance looks at his cock then back at Vince.

Lance goes to say something but Vince stops him, “Ask for permission if you wish to speak slave.”

“Please may I speak sir?” Lance says, feeling really humiliated.

“No you may not, you have cock to suck, get on with it.” Vince booms.

“ARRGGH FOR FUCKS SAKE! JUST MAKE FUCKIN’ CUM WILL YA!” Lance shouts in utter frustration but immediately regretting it.

Vince grabs him by his hands and roughly lifts him up to his feet.

“No no no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, please don’t, please” Lance whimpers.

Vince grabs the paddle and lifting Lance’s arms high behind his back so he is forced to bend forward, paddles his backside very very hard. Lance screams with the pain, tears flooding back into his eyes and before long he is sobbing his heart out.

Eventually Vince stops, Lance’s backside now almost purple, “How many more times am I going to have to paddle your backside till you learn?” Lance can’t answer he is sobbing so heavily, Vince gets worried he may have gone a bit too far.

He pulls Lance to him and hugs him tight, stroking his hair, Lance sobbing on his shoulder, his tears making his shirt wet. Vince’s warm body feels good, he likes the way he is stroking his hair, he hasn’t had this sort of affection since he was a child, he’d forgotten how nice it felt.

“Look, the more you resist and disrespect me the more you will be punished,” he says in a low soft voice, “The sooner you accept that you are my slave for the weekend, the sooner you can enjoy it.”

Lance wonders how anyone could enjoy being a slave but he is starting to realise that he hasn’t got much choice in the matter. He is in turmoil, his rebellious side is saying not to give in, to stay in control yet his cock is saying otherwise. He is so turned on my the control Vince is having over him, he has never been this erect or this sexed up in his bedroom fantasies and he really did enjoy sucking on Nathan’s cock. Maybe he could just go along with it for now, he’ll get his release and come monday morning he’ll go to the police and claim he was raped.

“I’m sorry,” Lance says to Vince looking at him through teary eyes.

Lance almost melts at his puppy dog expression but he’s not stupid, he knows it’s gonna take a lot more than just a couple of beatings to break this spoilt brat.

Vince pushes him down to Robs cock who had been patiently waiting while stroking it. Lance immediately impales himself on the stump, he finds it much easier to suck it in completely down to Robs pubes as it isn’t as big as the last one, in fact it only just reaches his throat. To his utter surprise it only takes five strokes before Rob lets out a long deep groan and blasts his cum into Lance’s mouth, there is way more than Nathan’s cock spat out and he pulls of nearly choking. Robs cock continues to spurt it’s spunk shooting Lance directly in the face, he flinches and turns away.

“Quick cum Bobby I call him” Nathan laughs.

Lance turns to Vince expecting him to get his cock out but he doesn’t, instead he lifts Lance up and releases his arms from behind his back. Lance begins to wonder if the worst is over, that is until Vince lifts his arms up and attaches them to chains hanging from the ceiling, he then puts on leather cuffs round his ankles and connects them to chains on the floor. Lance is now spread eagle in the middle of the cellar, stark naked, his cock pointing skywards.

Vince then puts a ball stretcher on him, Lance’s testicles are really tight up to his groin so Vince has to work quite hard to get them low enough to put the device on causing Lance to cry out in pain. The stretcher is making his balls ache badly now yet amazingly he now has even more need to cum.

Vince then ties some string to the ball stretcher and pulls on it hard behind him, Lance screams as it feels as though his balls are being pulled off, he has no choice but to arch his body backwards to escape the pain. Vince then ties the other end to a loop in the wall, now if Lance tries to pull forward he risks pulling off his testicles.

Vince then kneels behind the boy and looks at his cherry, “I’m going to get your sweet little ass ready for fucking,” he explains.

“No please don’t fuck me, I’ll do anything for you but please not that,” Lance cries now terrified.

“Shut the fuck up! Do you want me to gag you?” Vince booms.

Lance flinches, “No sir.”

“Believe me boy, very soon you are going to be begging to be fucked.

Lance feels like this has gone way too far now, he wants this to end but he’s not in any position to do anything about it, he closes his eyes and expects the worst.

Vince starts running his finger over his hole causing Lance to gasp, he’s surprised, it actually feels rather wonderful. Vince gently caresses and prods at it and Lance finds himself groaning with pleasure. Then he feels something wet and slippery touch his ring, he gasps even louder when he realises it’s Vince’s tongue, that feels even more amazing, he had no idea that his little virgin hole could be so erotic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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