Breaking In the Student Teacher

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Dot Lynch shook her head as she watched the student teacher assigned to her this semester attempt to keep the class in line as she led them in their calisthenics, the snickering and lack of effort most of the girls gave making the veteran teacher seethe from the back of the gym. They would never dare show her that lack of respect, Dot knew, but then again she had almost three decades experience in handling the little tramps where as the neophyte they had stuck her with was not much older than the class itself.

Melody Winkle was the skinny blonde student teacher’s name, and Dot felt it was if the gods were trying to drive her mad in sending her these hopeless cases to shape into teachers. What made it worse were when these young women were the type that Dot Lynch loathed and lusted for, the preppy innocent types whose shit didn’t stink and who probably spent their college days getting chased by the guys on the school’s tennis team.

Melody Winkle certainly looked the type with her bubbly personality, flawless complexion and ultra trim figure that seemed devoid of muscle, although Dot noticed that Melody did have a nice pair of tits on her. The girl colored her hair as well, something that Dot loathed, although to be fair the kid seemed to just lighten it a few shades. Dot had keenly observed that the little strips of peach fuzz under Melody’s arms were blonde although several shades darker that what was on her head.

Probably waxed her sex too, Dot figured, and that reluctance to embrace what made a woman a woman instead of a child was also something that irritated her about this generation. To be fair though, the idea of getting to push her fist inside of these debutante’s bald pussies and making them howl did turn her on a whole lot.

As her intern took the herd out to the fresh air to walk the cinder track Dot stayed inside and went to the teacher’s offices just outside the locker room. Melody had been given a little corner with a locker in Dot’s office and as was her custom forced the kid’s locker open to examine her things. Other people’s privacy wasn’t something Dot respected very much, and she proudly remembered finding a joint in an intern’s belongings many years ago. That ended up with Dot pummeling the doper into semi-consciousness, but Dot didn’t think that this Melody was the type.

Instead Dot looked over the kid’s street clothes, making sure to put everything back in the exact spot they had been in. Melody had worn a light green short sleeved blouse and matching shorts to work, both sized medium, and when Dot brought the armhole of the blouse to her nose she grimaced when smelling some vile artificial floral scent instead of the aroma of a woman.

The crotch of shorts had the same scent, and although when Dot saw a slight discoloration in the crotch of the panties she had hope of something nice, but there was nothing remotely natural there. Dot nodded approvingly at Melody’s brasierre, a modestly styled harness that was not padded with a tag that read 34B.

Dot looked at the cups and imagined the nicely shaped globes that filled them, wondering how firm they would be to hold and how delicious it would be to take the kid’s nipples and pull on them while Melody cried out for mercy. It was then that Dot decided that she was not just going to let Melody skate through her training. Instead she would take her under her wing, knock the debutante out of her and break her without mercy. Melody might thank her someday.


As Dorothy Lynch pulled on her sports bra, an unnecessary accessory considering her build, she imagined how her protege Melody was getting ready for today. She suspected that the bubbly blonde was busy hosing herself down with all sorts of scents, coating her armpits with chemicals that masked the pheromones that attracted others more effectively than that artificial crap, and fussing to make her hair look just right.

Dot had no such concerns since her short cropped brunette hair was barely long enough to need a brush. The gym teacher was aware of what others said about her – that it looked like she cut her own hair – and they were right. Style had never mattered to Dot. Efficiency mattered, and time and money wasted on frivolous things served no purpose. Since this was as Saturday, Dot didn’t wear the school mandated dark blue shirt and shorts but instead pulled out the uniform she used to wear, a drab khaki colored uniform that was the very same design, something the gym teacher approved off.

The baggy uniform top gave no hint as to what was underneath and the sleeves covered most of her biceps. This left only Dot’s furry forearms exposed, muscular enough for one girl to have remarked years ago that she had arms like Popeye, a comment that did not offend her at all. She was proud of the condition of her nearly 50 year old body, unmarked by scars and tattoos and was not modest at all around those she wanted to let see her.

Below the waist Dot’s shorts went down to just above her knees, and since she wore knee high athletic socks that meant only her kneecaps canlı bahis şirketleri were exposed. In the khaki uniform she looked even more androgynous that in the current one, and she smiled at seeing herself in the old garb, thinking that with a pith helmet she might look like she was on safari, which was true in a sense because she was on the hunt. The prize? Melody Winkle.

When Dot had her conference with the intern at the end of the day Friday she had expressed her concern over the way Melody had handled the class in her absence and as was her nature the older woman pulled no punches in her assessment.

“Watching you lead the girls in calisthenics,” Dot had told Melody in her office, “I couldn’t tell the teacher from the students. All this chit chat you engaged in distracts the students from their objectives.”

“I try to encourage them,” Melody said.

“I assume this is the new age way of instructing. Trying to get the girls to be your friend,” Dot scoffed. “It’s nonsense. You are not their friend. You are their teacher and mentor. It’s not the teacher’s role to know which of these young ladies is going to the prom with who. Building friendships with students is not only improper but can be dangerous.”

“We’re only given 45 minutes 3 days a week,” Dot had continued in a softer voice. “Less than 2 hours a week when you subtract the changing and such to try and instill some fitness into them. Look how soft many of them are. A lot more so these days, and it’s because they are sitting at a computer all the time instead of hiking, and eating garbage instead of natural foods.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“And as for you, while you appear to be in decent shape you seemed to be more out of breath than the class was when you led them outside,” Dot had observed. “That cannot be. You need to be the role model. I know someone spoke of you being a tennis player but what sort of athletic background do you have Melody?”

“Um, besides being on the tennis team I ran cross country in high school,” Melody revealed, and Dot couldn’t mask her wince when the girl noted, “I was a cheerleader back then too if that counts.”

“Not with me,” Dot mumbled under her breath, the idea of this blonde bimbo kneeling on her pom poms behind the gym to perform fellatio on some jock making her stomach turn

“What I would like to do is workout with you, on our own time of course,” Dot proposed. “Perhaps Saturday, so I can appraise your physicality properly. Nothing too grueling, just a couple of hours or so.”

Dot enjoyed the expression on the girl’s face when she mentioned the part about 2 hours, but to Melody’s credit she nodded agreement and simply asked what time to be there.

“I know you might find this odd, that I take this all so seriously, but it’s my job to make sure I don’t let woman who aren’t up to the job go any further. It would be very hypocritical to complain about the state of teaching and then just kick the can down the road,” Dot told the girl, who then put her back on her heels with a parting comment.

“I understand Ms. Lynch,” Melody said. “When I told one of my professors that I had been assigned here she told me that she had been trained here as well a while back. Ms. Dodge? She said you might remember her.”

“Kate Dodge?” Dot asked in as normal a voice as she could manage.

“Yes ma’am. Ms. Dodge told me that if I was lucky I would get assigned to you because you were the best and helped made her the woman she is today,” Melody explained. “She said something like “that Dottie is cruel but fair. Sorry. She was kidding I guess.”

The blonde cringed at her mentor’s reaction to her calling her what precious few ever did but Dot ignored it and asked Melody how her old pupil was these days.

“Great. In fact she just got married.”

“That so?” Dot asked as her blood pressure rose.

“Yes. Her wife works for NASA,” Melody chirped as she left, allowing Dot to let out a sigh of relief over her disciple’s life direction.


When Dorothy Lynch got to the virtually deserted school campus she saw Melody standing back near the track, kicking idly at the gravel, and when Dot saw what she was wearing she cursed under her breath while stifling a smile.

“If you’re teasing me…” Dot grumbled as she looked at the blonde who was clad in a very brief pair of red shorts and a baggy basketball uniform, and as Dot approached she saw that Melody wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

“I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to wear,” Melody shrugged when she saw her mentor’s raised eyebrow.

“Fortunately no one should be around to see you,” Dot replied as she looked at the girl’s unsupported breasts wiggling around underneath the number 23 on the red and white jersey, seeming to be larger than Dot had assumed. “Wouldn’t do for people to see a teacher dressed like this.”

“I brought that,” Melody said of the sweatshirt resting on a bench. “It’s just that it’s so warm already.”

“That’s fine. How about we jog a little first?” Dot suggested, canlı kaçak iddaa and as they began to slowly trot around the 1/4 mile track the teacher noted the long and lean limbs on the girl, befitting the cross country runner she once was.

The two jogged in silence until they were a little more than halfway around, at which point Dot said, “When we get to the starting line, let’s do a real 440 if you’re loosened up enough.”

“Okay,” Melody said, and Dot hoped that she was thinking she would have no problem leaving her mentor in the dust, but the older woman had no intention of letting that happen because nobody ever beat her at anything she put her mind too.

Dot knew that maybe she couldn’t beat the kid at a long distance, which was why she suggested the quarter mile, and when they got to the start the girl got the jump on her with Melody’s long legs eating up the ground as they made the first turn. Dot liked the view from where she was a couple yards behind the girl, Melody’s little ass wiggling and her lithe legs displaying a little muscle, and as the sun shown on them from behind the almost invisible golden down on the backs of the kid’s slender thighs sparkled.

As they reached the turn to head for the finish line, Dot went into another gear, making up the lead Melody had on her quickly and came alongside of her protege, who seemed startled to see her there, but as she tried to go faster Dot blew right past her and won by several yards. Dot stood with her hands on her hips as Melody caught up to her after the finish line and bent over while putting her hands on her knees.

“Thought I had you there,” Melody panted while giving Dot a look look down the front of her jersey at the eggplant sized breasts hanging down.

“We’ll go again when you catch your breath,” Dot snickered.

“I’ll be better prepared next time,” Melody assured her teacher, and while she might have been ready mentally, this time Dot left no doubt as to the outcome as she pulled away early and kept extending her lead as Melody staggered in well behind.

“I can’t believe how fast you are,” Melody exclaimed, and Dot sensed the girl was about to add “for a woman your age” but instead just held up a hand that Dot slapped.

Dot’s thighs burned a little, and as she waited for the girl to recover she realized that while she still had most of her athletic abilities, it was getting tougher to stay superior to these kids and the day would come when she wouldn’t come out on top.

“But not today, and not to you,” Dot mumbled under her breath and out of Melody’s earshot.

“Let’s go inside,” Dot said as she strode towards the gym.

“You have a key?” Melody asked, and after Dot nodded the kid hustled to keep up and marveled, “Wow. You sort of run the place don’t you?”


“Gee, it’s hotter in here than it was outside,” Melody commented as she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand while Dot locked the door behind them.

“Not afraid of sweating a little, are you?” Dot chided. “You said you played basketball.”

“Back in high school, but I can probably still play a little.”

“Lift weights much?” Dot asked as they passed the rack of free weights.

“I’ve got a couple of dumbbells I play around with,” Melody replied as she watched her mentor roll the barbell towards herself with her foot before reaching down, bending her knees and without delay snatched it up to her neck and then over her head several times, holding it there for a minute.

Dot felt the girl’s eyes on her arms and wished she had thought to wear a top that allowed all of her guns to be revealed instead of just her forearms.

“Give it a try?” Dot offered after dropping the barbell down.

“Gee no, I could never get that off the floor,” Melody said as she went over and grabbed a couple of the five pound dumbbells, curling them a few times while Dot stifled a laugh.

“It is hot in here,” Dot acknowledged as she made an impulsive decision.

While Melody played with the dumbbells Dot turned her back on the girl and peeled her

bulky uniform top of, peeking over at the mirror and seeing the girl’s shocked expression at seeing her with only the sports bra on.

Dot knew what she looked like from the back even with just the minor pumping up she had just done. More than once when lifting at the Y she had been mistaken for a man – a very well developed man – with her broad back and rippled shoulders and arms, She also knew what she looked like from the front, but she embraced her muscular androgyny as she did everything else about herself.

Dot expected Melody to be shocked when she turned to face her but her reaction wasn’t as bad as some others. Her nipples were stiff and pushing out against the sports bra, but the breasts they were centered on were only swells on the older woman’s chest and combined with her pumped up biceps and shoulders gave the slightly flustered kid a lot to look at while Dot pretended not to notice.

“This doesn’t bother you does it? Me just wearing a bra?” Dot canlı kaçak bahis asked, and when Melody shook her head while staring at the nipples her mentor said, “If you want to take your top off…”

“Nothing underneath,” Melody explained, although after seeing the sides of the kid’s breasts frequently through the gaping armholes of the top she would not agree with that.

Dot grabbed a a couple of the 10 pound dumbbells and mimicked what her protege was doing, simple curls that just brought the weights up to her shoulders.

Melody had slowed her pace but soon just gawked as Ms. Lynch kept curling and her biceps kept getting bigger and more defined with every tendon and vein bulging under her pale skin.

“Geez,” Melody mumbled when Dot finished and returned the dumbbells to their place, but the gym teacher hardly blinked even though her nipples throbbed as usual from the awed attention her body was getting.

“Let’s play some half court,” Dot said as she went over to the basketballs, but when they passed some of the gymnastic equipment she skidded to a halt and pointed at the chin-up bar and asked, “Can you do any chin-ups?

“Course I can,” Melody responded while walking over to the apparatus, a little miffed at the suggestion she couldn’t. “I’m pretty good at this.”

“Well show me what you got,” Dot instructed, and even grabbed the girl’s hips and boosted her up so she could reach the bar.

“Here goes,” the blonde chirped as she brought her chin up over the bar while Dot stayed close by.

“Still smell like a frigging rose garden,” Dot said to herself as the faint floral scent escaped from the kid’s armpits as she dangled back down before going back up again, but even though she would have preferred a natural aroma, even with the chemicals she was still tempted to lean forward and run her tongue up and down the tiny strip of light brown peach fuzz in the centers of the deep hollows.

Dot also wondered how it would be to tie the girl to her bedposts and pluck her armpits clean, not that she was offended at all by the growths. Given the modest little patches it wouldn’t take long to make them smooth, and Dot smiled when she imagined Melody squirming and squealing in her bedding from the plucking while begging for her to stop.

“Seven,” Dot announced as Melody’s pace slowed to a crawl, and after one more chin-up the girl let go of the bar and landed down on the floor.

“There. Eight. Beat that Ms. Lynch,” Melody chirped. “Want me to help you up?”

“Sure,” Dot replied even though she didn’t need it, and after the kid put her hands on her hips and lifted the middle aged woman jumped and grabbed the bar while confirming, “Eight was it?”

Melody nodded while she tried and failed not to stare as her mentor’s unshorn armpits were exposed, the chiseled hollows not feeling the sting of a razor since ninth grade and looking like untamed dark brown jungles. Dot was surprised that when she started doing the chin-ups Melody did not retreat and seemed to be inhaling the pungent scent that even made Dot’s eyes water.

As her body jerked up and down Dot realized that her shorts were slipping a little bit, and while they didn’t go down far the worn elastic inched down the older woman’s flat stomach a little past her navel, exposing the fine trail of hairs that grew down from under her belly button to where the shorts blocked the view. Dot noted that this did not go unnoticed by the blonde whose eyes quickly darted back up when she realized her mentor was looking at her.

“Eight it was, right?” Dot asked as she kept going until finally dropping down to the floor after the 12th one. “Let’s try basketball, or would you rather wrestle?’

“Wrestle?” Melody wondered aloud. “You’d kill me.”

“Okay then. Let’s play to 21.,” Dot said as she bounced the ball to the girl, and she hid a smile when Melody took one dribble and sank a shot from just beyond the free throw line.

As far as Dot was concerned that meant game on, and it became a war with Dot getting physical while going to the basket, roughing her protege up with well placed elbows and having her way with the girl, but Dot noted the girl didn’t whine or back down but kept trying. Dot would back in while dribbling, relishing the feel of the girl’s breasts against her back as she drove to the hoop, and Melody kept close by shooting from long distance, but in the end Dot was toying with the kid like a spider would a fly.

“Game,” Dot declared after scoring the winning basket with a layup that put Melody on her back, and after offering her a hand up conceded, “Good effort.”

“What did you say about wrestling?” Melody asked.

“You up to it?”

“Never did it – except with my brother when I was a kid. I’ve seen it on TV though,” Melody responded. “Even though you’ll probably kill me.”

“Wouldn’t gain anything by that,” Dot reasoned while they went to the mats in the far corner. “This is supposed to be an educating experience.”

Left unsaid by the muscular Amazon who was about the same height as Melody but outweighed her by at least 30 pounds, was that Dot was trying to teach her that she wasn’t about to lose to the girl at anything and at the end was planning on having her way with the intern. Either that or she would go home to Mommy running.

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