Bound For Examination

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My day ends much the same as any other. I get home from work, stressed, but relieved another loan closed and funded. You are already home, having left your job a bit early. You are grinning wildly; so much I have to ask what is up. You simply state you have a surprise for me and ask if I am game. I can tell from your excited looks that it must be a really good one. I tell you I am up to almost anything, if I can shower first. You nod and state that a shower would be a good idea.

Relaxing from the stresses in the hot shower, I can’t help but wonder what you are up to. I clean up with some scented shower gel, making sure every crevice is clean. After rinsing off, I shave myself thoroughly. Hurriedly, I get out of the shower and dry off. I put on my normal undergarments and a loose cotton button up dress. Quickly I dry my hair and with one final glance of approval, I return to you waiting patiently in the kitchen. Your smile broadens as you see me. Ready, you ask? I nod quietly. You tell me that this is such a surprise I must be blindfolded for the trip. I concede, assuming we are going to a very special restaurant or somewhere I really wanted to go.

You get in the car beside me and gently, but firmly blindfold me. We drive for around 15-20 minutes. I am clueless as to where we are. You tell me you need to go and check on things, but wanted to be sure I would not peek as to where I am. You tell me you are going to tie my hands behind my back, but just until we get inside. I nod, guessing this is really special. I sit patiently in the car, hands tied, blindfolded.

I hear you open the car door and then feel you helping me out. You carefully guide me in the door. There is soft music playing; the smell of fragrant candles permeate the room. Instantly I understand that this is nothing like I expected; definitely not a restaurant…, but still was clueless as to the events yet to follow.

You untie my hands, but leave me blindfolded. You tell me I am in for the night of my life. Your hands begin to unbutton my dress, startled, I protest, briefly. Once my dress is off, I feel you remove my undergarments. Now naked, I stand before you. Your hot breath on my neck, hands tracing down my sides, touching me lightly. Your kisses upon my mouth persistent, as our tongues dance wildly. My passion starts to grow, but I am still confused as to what is really happening here. I ask you to remove the blindfold, but you say soon, but not yet. You walk away, then I feel you placing some sort of weird garment around my breasts, much too small I might add. I pull back, but you hold me firmly and again, tell me to relax. I tell you that whatever you have on me is too small and it is tight. Yes, you say, it is supposed to be. I feel your fingers circle my nipples, so now I know there must be holes in the material for them to be exposed. Now you help me to sit down. Strange, the chair feels a bit like a dentists chair. I begin to question, what is going on, you just tell me to relax, this night is for your enjoyment. Of course it is so hard to relax when there are so many questions.

I now feel you moving my arms to the chair arms where you clamp some sort of metal device over each, holding them firmly in place. I protest. You tell me to hush up or you will gag me too… WHOA, now that came from left field. Next I feel you lift one leg into a metal contraption, much like that of an OB birthing table, but my leg gets locked in, unable to move; next you do the other leg. Now helpless, all my verbal protests do nothing, or do they provoke you further into excitement? I hear the excitement rising in your voice. As you lean over to kiss me, your breath faster than I have known in quite sometime. Now you have total control over me and my naked body. I feel you move to the foot of the “chair” and part my legs widely, and then lock this contraption into place. I feel the electric motor of the chair begin to lower my torso downwards, further thrusting my pelvis and legs into the air. I begin to plead that you let me go. Of course, you won’t.

Feeling a bit scared, yet I know I can trust you; I just wonder why you won’t let me loose to enjoy touching you as you place me into your handiwork. I plead with you to remove the blindfold, which you say you will as soon as you are all situated. I ask you, what you mean by that. SHHHHHHHHH, just enjoy, or I will gag you. Well, I certainly did not want that in addition to the exposure that I am already facing. Being in no position to bargain, all I can do is be there. I hear your pants unzip and unbuckle. I can only assume you are undressing.

I hear a cabinet door or something open, then close. Your presence is near me. I feel your body heat. My mind is buzzing as I hear sounds, not totally sure what they are. Was that a lid coming off a can, or what? I feel your hands touching my breasts, then some thick gel being applied to each nipple. What, I exclaim, are you doing? Once again, you tell me to enjoy. The gel was warming, getting hotter, nearly burning my tender flesh. I could feel my nipples firming, standing straight up. You snicker, mostly under your breath, but I heard it. casino şirketleri It feels good, you ask. Not really I say, but then my very erect nipples lie for me. You tell me it is designed to heat up, but that it is edible and won’t burn for more than a few minutes. The coolness of the A/C will help take the edge off. I could feel more than my nipples burning, my pussy now secreting some warm juices of it’s own.

I hear the snap of plastic gloves being put on. You tell me it’s so the gel won’t get into “other” areas, yet. I feel you clip something firmly to my swollen outer pussy lip, then loop it over my leg, only to clip it onto the same lip, lower down, pulling that lip wide open. You do the same to the other side, totally exposing my covered clit and labia. Realizing that “dental” tools can be used for more than teeth; now knowing that you have used the chain for the cloth that goes on one’s chest during dental proceedings, to pull my pouting lips into full exposure. I moan softly, as I begin to imagine wonderful things happening to my very exposed self.

Once again, the chair moves, the bottom part no longer touching me, I’m suspended by the leg clamps and back and arm rests, but it is still comfortable. The only thing uncomfortable is the feelings I’m having. Am I enjoying this as much as my body tells me I am, or is it a combination of fear, desire, trust??? I can’t be sure, but my pussy is beginning to ache for something. If you had looked at me in that area, you would have seen my desire, as it is now, clearly evident and running down my back side.

I hear a chair roll up, your sides barely touching my inner thighs. I know you are between my legs, looking, enjoying the sights and smells is all I can assume. I feel nothing, so you have yet to touch me. I hear a faint motor. What is that I ask? Oh, just something, be patient you will soon find out. You place something beneath me, hard plastic, but not uncomfortable. It goes up to about my waist, but underneath, buckling in front. I can’t imagine what that is, so I ask. Oh, you tell me it is just to catch the fluids. Fluids? What are you talking about. Now horror strikes! Am I in for an enema??? All kind of wild things run amock in my mind. I dare not say a word, but am afraid not to… I remain speechless. Again, the soft motor. I feel a warm trickle run down between my pussy lips, over my covered clit, down the crack of my butt. Relaxing a bit, I realize it is water. Now you position the flow from the underside of my clit, shooting upwards and over it, then allowing it to flow back into the plastic tray (receptacle) under me. You adjust the temperature, to go from cold to warm, to near hot and back again, then you play with the pressure, to a slow drizzle, to a stream, to a pistoning jet flow and back again, continuing to adjust temperature and stream, I’m getting very excited. You continue to play and experiment to see what temperature feels best and which jet stream is the one which brings greatest pleasures. As you sense I am nearing an orgasm, you totally stop. I hear the chair roll away. You remove my blindfold.

It takes a moment of two for my eyes to adjust to the bright lights, but once I adjust, I see a huge mirror over me, I see my exposed self strapped in and you enjoying every moment of my teasing torture. You rub more gel onto my nipples, which are taught with the stretching of vinyl material over them. Once again the burning; quickly while the affect is at it’s best you return between my legs to “torture” me with your water jets. I am able to see for the first time, many contraptions you have hooked to your “dental chair”, including vibrators, anal tools; etc. My mind reels, but my body responds harder. I feel my first of what will become many orgasms about to tear through me. You have the water on high, shooting upwards over my now erect and exposed clit, the temperature quite warm, but slowly cooling. My nipples burning and straining, so tightly erect. You take your middle finger and index finger and gently apply pressure to my slippery entrance. Pressing firmly in a downward direction, but not entering; I feel an explosion ready to go. In a quick turn of events, you slide those two gloved fingers deep inside of me, directly to the spot that only you can find fast, the watering turning colder, and harder. You apply pressure downward at the entrance of my soaked pussy, and apply pressure upward with your finger tips against my magic spot, rubbing in circles. Between all this I can’t stop the inevitable. I feel myself give way, an orgasm tearing me. I squeal, scream, moan, and quake as wave after wave of sheer ecstasy rip me from momentary reality. You don’t stop and allow this to just go away.

Swiftly the water is removed from my pussy, but it is replaced with your warm mouth, covering my now swollen and tenderest of all areas. Your fingers still inside working magic; just allowing the tremors to subside, but not stop. As your tongue begins to rub and encircle my clit, I feel another explosion build. In no time at all, I’m cumming to the mercies of your mouth and fingers. Then as I cum, you take my budded clit into your teeth casino firmaları and flick your tongue up and down, as I cry and beg for mercy to let me regain composure…you will have nothing to do with it.

Now you stand and present me an enormous erection, dying to drive into me hard and fast; yet you control yourself and enter me slowly. You smear more gel onto my nipples and pinch and roll and rub them, driving me more crazy as you slowly and drainingly stroke your cock into my dripping pot. You warn me that you are going to put some of the gel onto my clit and rub it so I can really cum hard – NOT that I hadn’t cum hard enough. I ask you not to, but of course, what choice do I have. Reaching over me, you take some of the gel, expose my tender stiffness and apply it directly on the button. I gulp, then complain that it burns; so you say in a mocking tone, here, I’ll rub it for you, chuckling the whole time. And you do just that, rub it into my swollen clit, with your thumb, all the while pumping yourself into me with great self control. Your rubbing and pumping are arousing me so much more that I feel another wave building from who knows where deep within me. Your cock twitches and begins to take on it’s own personality, now ready to drill me hard and fast. Your thumb furiously working my clit, alternating softly pinching it and pulling it so that when I cum, I really explode. I feel you stop, withdraw; not sure why, I look at you puzzled. I feel you slip your fingers into me again, to rub my inner spot as you play and toy with my outer button, you can sense me nearing orgasm now, so quickly you smear more gel onto my clit, rub my inner button a few moments more, then in seconds flat, slam your hard cock home inside me. Now you pump me with abandon and rub, squeeze and play my clit like I have never had done; I begin quaking and shaking and guttural moans emit my throat as I cum so hard, with the burning of the gel, the sheer pleasure of the exposure, the depth of which your hardened cock reaches places it never has before. Now you explode, not like usual, but in shakes and shivers as you realize what these pleasures have done to me, and for me, and you cum and cum and cum and just when I think you may be done, I feel you reach around my bottom and slip a finger into my slick ass, only to cause you to regain your your fierce erection, thus enabling you to keep going.

How that happened I will never know, but your hardened cock just would not quit. Once you knew you could go again, you stopped and slipped the anal intruder all the way up my ass and turned it on high. The thrill of that was enough to start me on my way for another round. With that deep in me, more gel spread onto my nipples and raw burning clit you enter me for another go round yourself. This time, you could not come very easily, and my clit took on a deep reddness, swollen, angry, ready to be left alone, but you could not do that. You had to force another orgasm from it – make that two, before you could cum. My ass had been drilled, my pussy pumped and my clit handled in so many ways, it never knew what could or would come next. Finally you exploded firmly inside me. After a few moments of resting/recovery you withdrew and sat back in an easy chair. I was so exhausted, I could not think. I was sore, but a good sore, worn and used; but that was okay, as it was all in the name of love and lust. I asked you to let me out of the “torture chair”, but you would not hear of it – advising me to relax, there was definetly more to cum…

We talked some about how this chair came to be. You explained about your friend Mark being a Ob/Gyn doctor and Mike being a Dentist. The three of you put your thinking cabs on in an effort to create the ultimate of female submission device, in the form of a pleasure/teaser chair. Not a submission designed to humiliate or torment; but one designed to restrain for each of you to use on your women, one the female could not get out of, allowing you each to have your own way as long as you each wanted. This chair provided the tools necessary to bring lasting and enduring pleasure to any woman, with out hurting her (yet each acknowledges this could be used for that, but was NOT designed for it). Because Mark was very familiar with the internal workings of a woman, he chose the proper sex tools geared for ultimate in female pleasure; Mike got the chair and the three of us put it together and re worked the mechanics of the functioning of it; and thus you are now the first “victumn” of the “pleasure/torture seat”, you proudly told me. It was becoming evident that this conversation was arousing to you, as your softened penis was begining to twitch and stiffen slightly. It was just a matter of time before you would be ready and able to pursue my pleasure (and thus your own) again. I was less leary this time, but probably should not have let my guard down.

You said to me, through your thick grin, time to go again. I complained, but definetly not as hard this time, as I had just enjoyed some of the most incredible pleasures of my life. Being prepared for these events would have definitely NOT contributed to what I have experienced güvenilir casino thus far, so the lack of foreknowledge was a good idea on your part and what is yet to come is certainly a good thing I did not know.

You put the blindfold back on me; against my wishes. You told me it was for my own good this time. That certainly aroused my suspicions. You cleaned the gel off of me using a mild soap and lots of water. The cleaning process was pleasing as was the soothing water which helped me to relax and just enjoy what ever was yet to happen. I could not see anything that was going on, so to totally relax was out of the question, I knew I had to stay semi alert…but should have been more alert than that.

I heard the door open, then close. I called your name, to make sure I was not left alone. You did not answer. I called it once again, still no answer from you, then I heard “her” answer. A female voice…WHAT was going on here! How dare you allow a woman into the room to see me in this state. “She” told me to relax much as you had, but this was different. I had never expected this, ever. I realized you must be in the room, watching, as every man desires seeing two women…, don’t they? I felt her warm mouth gently nibbling and kissing my freshly washed nipples, still in their restraints. I responded, delightfully moaning, yet NOT really wanting to. Her tongue was delightful, teasing each nipple skillfully. Her mouth slowly sucking in one then the other, while her fingers (softer than a man’s) rolled and toyed with my other one. My pussy starting to become aroused – how dare my own body betray me.

The chair rolled across the floor. I wondered who/what was happening now. Soon the chair tilted further back, raising my back end and legs higher into the air, lowering my torso in an upside down and backwards “c” shape. She was still tending my nipples, expertly, I may add. My slippery juices now running from my honey pot. Whoever was between my legs (assuming it was you) could have a very clear view. I continued to enjoy her skills, then I felt a warm tongue trace my open lips around the devices that held me open and downward toward my ass, missing all the good parts, but teasing me just the same. Shortly, I felt another mouth upon my breasts, now I knew there was at least one more person in the room – man or woman, I had no clue. Now three mouths upon my body, one on each breast, and one on my crotch. What a dizzying experience this was. I complained to you, that this was not fair or called for; but it did no good. I heard you tell me to enjoy, which I was, but was not able to relax. Then I heard you tell “him” to shut me up. My head was turned to the right by “hands” and I felt a hard cock at my mouth. I realized it was not you…but “his”.

At first I was reluctant to take it – but you told me, no, demanded, I suck it. I gave in and did as instructed. Your mouth returning to orally please me as she continued to work both my nipples again. Your tongue was driving me insane, her mouth doing wonders and his cock, well, I love to suck, so it was really making me hot. I heard her whisper to you to “fill me”. I was not sure what she meant by that, but could only assume it was using one of the many toys that were attached to the chair. I was right. I felt a very large object at my entrance. “She” began to take charge, giving instructions to both men now, telling them how to please me. The large soft object slid in with only slight resistance. I knew it was a huge vibrator, what I didn’t know was that it was inflatable. Quickly, between bites, nibbles, pinches, twists upon my nipples; she told you to fill it up and then turn it on. She also instructed him to fill my mouth and throat with his hot semen, so that he could last longer when it came “time”.

“Time”, time for what, I wondered, unable to speak with his fat cock in my throat. I knew it would not be long before I tasted his froth, he was thickening by the moment. I felt a soft hand on my face and realized “she” was folding his balls, while I sucked his cock. Your mouth now placed firmly upon my clit, working magic as the very fat and long penis substitute buzzed deep inside me. You were gently stroking it back and forth, but only moving it in and out perhaps an inch or two. He was now heartily pumping his cock into my wanting mouth, as her fingers worked their magic; then he exploded and jerked as his cock spewed forth the tasty juices I so desired.

I swallowed and continued to suck, to gain each drop. Her voice crackled new instructions as she told “him” to eat her as she moved to eat me. WHOA, I protested…again, to no avail. You moved out of the chair and replaced “his” position at my side, “she” replaced you with her mouth now firmly planted on my pussy, working the huge vibrating dildo. I could feel her moving in an uncontrollable manner, as she was tasting my pussy juices. Her manipulations of the huge object were erratic and a bit rough, but not painful. I assumed she was enjoying his oral ministrations upon her. Then I felt your cock upon my mouth. I quickly opened for your entrance. My tongue dancing upon the head and rubbing your most sensitive spot. I gladly sucked and toyed with your tool. My pussy being stretched open continually and licked and nibbled by “her”. My mind whirling, my body responding beyond belief of the exquisite pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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