Bottom Son

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I woke up this morning at 7 o’clock. I set an alarm so that I’d rise with the sun and could watch it from the porch of the villa. I slipped out of bed and threw on a bathrobe without tying it. My tiny dark cock swung at the opening of the robe at my crotch as I walked. The porch overlooked a private beach, so I sat with my robe open. The sun rose and my caramel skin turned deep orange in the light. My cock lay, quiet. I watched the horizon and listened to the waves.

I went on my phone after climbing back into bed and scrolled through my porn feed on Reddit. I scrolled and sent pictures of my ass to a few daddies. I watched some videos and got my dildo. I lubed it up and slowly pushed it inside of me. I bottomed out quickly and started pumping it slowly while my phone hung in my hand. I submitted myself to the dildo, briefly. I opened my phone back up and started scrolling some more. I stopped on a video of a beefy old white daddy pumping his cock into a young black boy, missionary style. Daddy’s belly pressed into the boys stiff little cock. Daddy’s cock slipped in and out so easily from the boy’s loose cunt. The boy submitted himself, mouth wide open and eyes rolling. Daddy leaned down and kissed the boy while he pumped, sliding his tongue deep into the boy’s slack mouth. I was getting close to cumming. I skipped to the end of the video to cum with the boy. As daddy pumped I threw my white dildo into myself as hard as I could. Daddy made the boy cum heavy white spunk all over his own chest and into his own mouth. I came as well. I watched as daddy kissed the boy’s cum filled mouth, and the video ended. I let my phone slip onto the bed, and I pulled my dildo out. I sucked it clean and put it on the bedside table, where it stays. I dozed off.

When I woke again it was around 9:30. The sun had risen substantially and white light shot into my room. I walked out to the porch, cum dried on my hairless pelvis. My tiny cock was still leaking some. I walked through the sand to the sea and washed myself. The fresh morning sun burnt on my skin, and the salt from the water burnt in my eyes. I massaged over my body and dissolved the cum from where it stuck on my body. I leant back and submitted to the water. I floated, water rushing around my ears.

Coming out of the sea, I saw him watching me from the shore. He looked in his 70s or 80s. Old, is all I knew. God, I was panicked. This was meant to be a private beach. When I got to the shore he spoke to me.

“Morning son.”

“Morning,” I shot back.

I was nervous, and annoyed. He was standing tall and wide legged, comfortably with his arms on his hips. His big belly sagged slightly. casino şirketleri He smiled friendly.

“Sorry, are you staying here? It’s usually not occupied… virus, you know? Tourists not coming in like they usually do.”

I relaxed a little, but was conscious of my nakedness in front of him.

“No, yeah. I’m not a tourist. I’m visiting family for the holidays… I’m just staying here for my quarantine.”

He startled.

“Oh, don’t get too close then.” He joked.

He relaxed a little.

“Aha, no. It’s okay. Today is my last day. I got tested yesterday and I’m clear to leave.”

He relaxed, and his hands went back to his hips. His big hands resting just below the crease of his gut. His cock pressed against the fabric of his wet swim trunks. I think he caught me looking.

He started walking toward the villa. I followed him, unsure what he was doing. We walked through the sand and I watched my little cock bounce around between my legs. I was hot with embarrassment to be naked. I didn’t know what he was doing walking toward the villa. I was too nervous to ask. He got to the porch and sat where I sat for the sunrise.

“If you don’t mind, fetch me a glass of water? Walking along the shore in this sun…”

I nodded and turned to go. Yes daddy, I thought. My little dick bounced. I went to the bedroom first to put my robe on, tying it. I poured two glasses of water from the tap in the kitchen, and went out to him.

“Thank you.”

I sat on the edge of the porch, stretching my legs down the staircase toward the sand. I looked into my glass between sips.

“Too bad you put the robe back on,” he whined.

I froze.

“Sorry to crash your parade.”

“Ah… ha. It’s okay.” I replied.

I watched the waves beat the shore and retreat. My heart pounded.

“This is a nice beach, good to go nude at.” He paused.

“Until I show up, I guess,” and he laughed.

I laughed too. I was thinking about him watching my brown body in the water. How long had he been there for? I hoped that he had watched me for a while. I hoped he was interested in my body. My cock stirred, poking into the divide of my robe. I wanted it out. I wanted him to see it. I wanted him to pull his big white cock out for me to rub and suck. I wanted him to let me get underneath him and stick my tongue into his ass. I wanted his heavy balls to hang in my face while I ate him out.

“Can I see the inside the place?”

His question jolted me out of my fantasy. My cock was standing on end in my robe and I could feel it leaking.

“Hey…” His leg stroked my arm. I looked back casino firmaları at him.

“You want to give me a tour?” He repeated himself.

“Sure,” I replied automatically. I got up and put my hands in my robe pockets, holding my cock in and hiding any tent it may have caused. He followed me inside. I showed him the living room, then the kitchen. I entered the bedroom and saw the fat white dildo next to the bed. My heart skipped.

He came in behind me and looked around. He went to the windows and watched the sea. He closed his eyes and tilted himself backward in the breeze. I was panicking about the dildo. I moved toward it secretly. I picked it up and went to put it into my suitcase.

“What’s that?”

I looked toward him. He’d turned from the windows and was at the end of the bed watching me. Dildo in my hand, I watched him blankly. He came toward me.

“Oh, uh…” I didn’t know what to say.

He was right above me now. My body frozen from when he first spoke, he towered over me as I hunched over into the suitcase. The dildo was still in my hand.

“You use this on yourself?” He smiled.

“Yes.” My face was drained of blood. I felt cold and anxious. My heart pounded.

“Very good.” He replied.

“Can you show me?”

He wasn’t shy. He looked me right in my eyes, and smiled warmly.

“Show you what?”

“Show me how you use it on yourself.”

I could have said no, but I really did want to show him. My little cock was pouring precum down down my leg right now and my ass was hungry to be filled.


I was still nervous, but I knew I wanted this. I wanted him to watch me. I wanted his big white cock. I climbed into bed and lay on my back. He sat on the edge of the bed. I spread my legs and unfastened my robe. My little cock bounced up. I asked him to pass me my lube from inside my suitcase. He squeezed some into my hand and I stroked it all over the thick dildo, then slid a couple fingers inside of myself to massage it in there as well. I positioned the thick dildo at the entrance of my boypussy and pushed with both hands. It slipped in easily. I was still loose from the morning. I looked at him and spread my legs. I slowly pumped it inside and out of my greedy cunt, watching him watch the dildo. His cock was tenting in his pants now. He caught me looking and stood up. I watched his face again. His hands dropped to the waist of his pants and he pushed them down. His cock was massive, and veiny. It bounced with the pressure of his blood and leaked some juice. I licked my lips. He sat back down and his cock stood up. I watched it throb and I began to fuck güvenilir casino myself harder. The moans started coming out. He lay back, putting his head below my ass, and started to stroke his fat cock. I watched precum erupt from his cock and flow like hot lava. I wanted it badly.

He told me to pull the dildo out. I obeyed. I put it back on the bedside table. He got on his knees and pulled my ass to the head of his cock. I was hungry for his fat white daddy cock. My moans turned to desperate grunts as he pushed his cock against me. It slid in slowly and I felt it hit my back. My legs spread wider and I pushed my ass against him for more.

“Daddy please.”

He gripped his hands on my waist and began to thrust into me. His belly pressed my cock into my pelvis and squeezed precum out of it, onto me. I put a hand down and rubbed the precum into my skin. My other hand was behind his neck rubbing through his hair. My mind went blank as he began to thrust harder.


He pounded me and I went silent, moans slipping past my unconsciousness.

“Yes boy, take it.”

My hands roamed across his chest and massaged his belly. My knees were by my chest. He was fucking piss and precum out of me.

“I’m going to breed your pussy, boy.”

I wrapped my legs around his back and my hands around his neck. I pulled him in for a kiss and he slowed his strokes. He pushed as deep into me as he could and parted my mouth. His tongue massaged my tongue, my teeth, my lips, my throat. Spit was collecting in my mouth and spilling down my face. I locked my lips on his and sucked. He pulled his cock out, then slid in again. I pulled his face into mine every time he pushed his cock deeper into my boypussy. He came. I felt his cock stiffen and release with every shot. He pulled himself up and picked up his pace, my cunt milking his cock. He pulled out and I rushed to get his cock into my mouth. I sucked hungrily, tasting my cunt on him and loving the burn of his cum on my throat. He threw me on my back.


I spread my legs and pushed his cum out of me while I violently rubbed my little cock. I came. It squirted across my chest and into my open mouth. It landed all over the bed and painted my brown chest with stripes of white.

He put his pants back on.

“How long are you on the island?”

“2 more weeks.”

He gave me his phone number. He got up to go and I followed him to the porch, dropping my robe to the floor before I left the bedroom. My cum was turning runny on my chest and his cum was dripping down my legs. We walked into the ocean together. He turned to me and pulled me into his body, his hands gripping me by my ass. We kissed in the water, my legs wrapped around him.

“Hopefully I’ll see you again, son.”

He waded to the shore and I watched him walk down the shore and out of sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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