Born to Suck Ch. 18

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As both Sven and Kurt stepped into the big shower stall with me, it wasn’t difficult to remind me of the differences between my size and theirs. I was a small frail 18-year old, and these were two of the biggest, most rugged looking men I had ever seen in my life. They towered over me as they came into the stall and stepped beneath the twin shower heads, my little body between the two of them. They moved beneath the pelting spray and I seemed rooted to the spot, totally transfixed as I watched the cascading water shimmering and glistening as it ran down their imposing bodies.

Sven turned around and tipped his head back directly under the nozzle, the streaming water flowing over his muscular chest, then down his body. My eyes followed the flowing water over his sculpted torso; it moved like a hypnotic beckoning stream, down over his ribbed stomach muscles, across the smooth skin of his abdomen, then along his majestic cock hanging heavy between his legs. The water ran off the big mushroom head in a continuous stream, before falling to the floor and swirling down the drain. I looked at it flowing from the tip of his cock and thought about our little secret; that Sven was the only one who would quench that thirst for piss that I was already craving. I found myself looking at the flowing stream and sub-consciously licked my lips.

“Thirsty, Kid?” Sven said softly from above me. I flicked my eyes up to his and saw that he had been watching me, a knowing little grin on his face. My eyes flicked over to Kurt, who had his face turned up to the pelting spray from the other shower head, then turned back to Sven and nodded silently.

“Is there some shampoo in here?” Kurt asked as he looked around the massive stall. “Ah, here it is.” He grabbed a little bottle from one of the shelves in the wall and poured some in his big meaty hand before starting to rub his soapy hands through his hair. Sven and I looked over as he turned slightly away from us; we could see that his eyes were closed as his hands built up a frothy lather on his head.

Seeing that Kurt was pre-occupied, Sven took me by the shoulders and moved me so I was on the other side of him, away from Kurt. He touched his index finger briefly to his lips in the universal sign to stay quiet, then pushed me to my knees. I dropped to my knees in front of him, my eyes glued to the enticing sight of the flowing water continuing to run off the end of his dick. He set his feet slightly apart and then reached down and lifted his beautiful cock towards me. He didn’t have to say a word as I silently opened my mouth and looked up at him in anticipation. He was looking down at me with a bit of a lecherous grin on his face, then I saw his stomach muscles flex.

All of a sudden, I felt my mouth quickly filling as he let go with a powerful stream; his hot acrid piss gushing into my mouth. I swallowed some of the hot yellow liquid as he just kept going. It tasted salty and deliciously sinful as it made its way into my welcoming stomach. He’d had a few beers and his piss tasted different than he’d given me previously, but I still loved it. His forceful stream was overflowing my gaping mouth and ran down my chin in flowing rivers before dropping onto the shower floor. I looked up to see him leering down at me as he moved the tip of his cock and started to piss all over my face. I closed my eyes in bliss as the hot yellow liquid flowed all over me, warming me with the heat from his own body. He pissed all over me for a long time, and I could feel it running through my hair and down over my shoulders and body before I felt the stream crossing my face once more. He brought it closer and dropped the pissing head right into my mouth as his flow started to diminish. I closed my lips behind the massive knob and sucked and swallowed until I had the final hot drops safe within my stomach. I sucked for a few more seconds before Sven pulled his cock from my mouth, then reached down and pulled me to my feet. I looked up at him with a look of serene contentment on my face, my thirst now happily satisfied.

“Whoa,” Kurt said from beside us and we both looked over to see him with his eyes still closed, his head leaning back as he rinsed out the last of the soapy lather from his hair. As we had hoped, he had been totally oblivious to what had been happening next to him while he’d been washing his hair. “Did you take a piss, Sven?” He wrinkled his nose up as he looked over at us, the smell of Sven’s strong urine still fresh in the air.

“Yeah, I just let it run down the drain,” Sven replied, giving me a quick wink as he turned his body towards the shower and reached for the shampoo himself.

“All that beer needs to come out somewhere; I’ve gotta go too.” Kurt paused for a second as he reached for his cock and gave it a couple of leisurely strokes prior to pissing. He looked over at me and then stopped. “Hey Joey, wanna hold it for me while I piss?” I looked down at that heavy flaccid monster of his with excitement and then up at Sven questioningly. casino oyna He gave me a gentle nod to let me know it was okay.

“Thataboy,” Kurt said as I stepped over and reached for his cock. He held it in his open palm as I slipped my little hand around the tremendous girth. The spongy warmth of it felt beautiful in my hand and when he let go, I was left to ponder the weight of it. Long, thick and heavy, I loved having it in my gentle grasp.

“Give it a couple of easy strokes,” he said as he adjusted his feet slightly to each side. With my hand wrapped around the loose outer sheath, I slowly slid my hand back and forth a few times. “Oh fuck, that’s a beautiful hand you’ve got there, Joey. You better stop now.” I had already felt the first stirrings as his cock had started to thicken beneath my fingers. I stopped and held his cock still as he let out a soft breath. Then I felt a pulsing flow inside his cock as he started to piss. It burst forth in a hot golden torrent as he let loose. Through my fingers and the palm of my hand, I could feel his piss flowing powerfully through his cock. It pounded against the tile floor and I watched enthralled as I moved the tip of his cock slightly, the yellow stream moving around the shower floor. He was right; he definitely had to get rid of a lot of beer. He pissed for a long time and as much as I would have loved to drop to my knees and take his spewing cock right into my mouth, I also cherished that this was something special between just Sven and I. Kurt’s stream slowly diminished and I shook off the final drops for him before letting go of his beautiful member.

“Th….thanks for letting me do that, Kurt,” I said as I looked up at his big hairy body looming over me.

“You can hold that for me while I piss anytime, Joey,” he replied with a smile. “Now, I thought Sven said you were going to wash us.”

“Yes sir, right away,” I said excitedly as I reached for a big bar of soap sitting on one of the shelves. I took off the paper wrapper and set about washing these two big beautiful men. I moved from one to the other, my little hands covering their muscular firm bodies in frothy lather. I loved the way it clung to Kurt’s dark body hair; the whitish foam looking sensually suggestive against the dark curls. Their defined upper bodies felt amazing beneath my fingertips and I slid my slippery fingers over every firm muscle and tantalizing contour. Sven then sent me to my knees and I spent a long time working on their backsides and legs before they stood side by side and brought their long heavy cocks in front of me.

“You like those, Kid?” Sven asked as I worked up big handfuls of soapy lather.

“Oh gosh, yes,” I said as I reached forward and took hold of each of their cocks; Kurt in my left hand, Sven in my right. I wrapped my slick hands around each one and then started to slowly slide them back and forth. I immediately felt each of them start to swell and thicken beneath my fingers.

“Oh fuck, he really knows what to do with a cock, doesn’t he?” Kurt said as they both looked down at my kneeling form; my hands sliding back and forth along their stiffening dicks.

“Yeah, he certainly does,” Sven replied. “Do you think we should reward him for doing such a good job?”

“Yeah, what kind of reward would be appropriate for a cocksucker like this?”

“Mmmmmm, let’s see,” Sven mused as their lengthening cocks grew harder and harder in my hands, “how about if we keep his mouth and pussy full of cock and cum for the rest of the night? Do you think that would be a good reward, Kid?”

“Yes,” I said with a soft moan as I looked up at him with excitement. There was nothing I’d rather have than to be at their service for the rest of the night, willing to take as much as they wanted to give me.

“Okay,” Sven said as he turned and pulled his stiff cock out of my clutching grasp, “let’s get rinsed off and get started.” He turned into the spray of the shower and rinsed off while Kurt did the same. I hurriedly washed my own body and then stepped out to dry Sven while Kurt finished up. I finished with Sven just as Kurt shut everything off and stepped out.

“I’ll be right back,” Sven said as I reached for a dry towel and started to dry Kurt’s big hairy form. Sven came back in carrying the girls’ beige stretchy riding pants that he’d bought at the horse show.

“Put these on when you’re all ready, Kid,” he said as he set them down on the vanity counter. He grabbed another one of the towels off the shelf and headed back into the bedroom. Now dry, Kurt left as well. I dried myself thoroughly and pulled on the riding pants. The thick stretchy material fit me like a second skin, and being beige, it made it look all the more real! I looked at myself in the mirror, adjusting my cock and balls in front and then turning sideways. I had to admit, it made my curvy little bottom sure look good. The seam ran right down close in to my crack to define and accentuate each round cheek.

I went slot oyna back into the bedroom and saw Kurt and Sven standing on opposite sides of one of the beds. Kurt had just finished pulling all the covers down to the bottom and Sven was piling a bunch of pillows up against the wooden headboard. With the blinds closed in the room and darkness starting to fall, they had turned on one of the bedside lamps which cast a nice warm glow over the room. I could see that Sven had set out the big jar of Vaseline on the table between the beds and the towel he’d brought in from the bathroom was folded up and sitting on the bed next to it.

“Is… this okay?” I asked as I walked slowly towards them, looking down at the girls’ riding pants he’d asked me to wear.

“Those look real good on you,” Sven said; a mischievous grin on his face as he looked me up and down. “Turn around…..real slow.” Standing in front of them, I stopped and turned slowly around in a circle.

“Oh yeah, real nice…..just as I hoped,” Sven said in a husky whisper as I saw both of them looking intently at my curvy little bum. “C’mere Kid.” I walked over until I was standing next to Sven. He turned me around until my back was to him and then I felt his big hand slide down my back and over my bum.

“That’s such a nice round little ass you’ve got there,” he said as he rubbed his hand slowly over the thick stretchy material covering my rear-end. “Doesn’t that look like a nice ripe peach, Kurt?”

“Yeah, nice and juicy and just waiting to get split wide open.”

“Get up there on your hands and knees, Kid,” Sven said, pointing to the middle of the bed, “and let Kurt feel that pretty little ass of yours.” I climbed up onto the bed and positioned myself in the middle of the bed facing the headboard. Kurt crawled onto the bed behind me and then I felt his two big hands roaming over my upturned little bum.

“Oh fuck, what a beautiful round ass he’s got,” Kurt said in a husky lust-filled tone as his hands moved sensually over my curvy backside. “It looks amazing in these stretchy pants, but when are you gonna get him to take them off?”

“I’m not,” Sven said flatly as he moved around towards the bedside table between the two beds.

“But I wanna get at that tight pussy of his,” Kurt said with a note of bewilderment in his voice. He was sliding his long middle finger up and down right over the seam that followed my hidden crevice, seemingly anxious to get at my hot waiting hole lying beneath.

“Just relax, Kurt. You know how they say there’s a perfect tool for every job? Well, I’ve got the perfect tool.” He reached down to something that was on the table behind the jar of Vaseline and turned to us, holding it up for us to see.

“I borrowed this from Claire this morning,” he said holding up something that kind of looked like a small pen. “I think a seam-ripper should take care of this for us.” He removed the plastic cap to reveal a pointy metal hook-like thing at the end. So he’d had this whole plan in mind from even before we left the ranch. I was amazed but delighted at the way Sven’s mind worked.

“Excellent!” Kurt said with a warm note of approval. Sven climbed onto the bed as well and moved behind me next to Kurt.

“Hold still, Kid,” Sven said as I felt him put one hand firmly on my bum to steady me. Not wanting to get poked by the sharp seam-ripper, I stayed as still as I could. I felt the material move slightly as Sven applied the tip of the seam-ripper to a point just behind my confined balls. I felt a little plucking and then I could feel the seam start to part.

“Well, well,” Kurt said as he watched the seam start to split open as Sven plucked at a few more stitches, “just look at that…..opening up like a little clam.”

“There, that should do it,” Sven said with a note of satisfaction as he slipped the cover back on the seam-ripper and set it back down on the bedside table. I found out later that he had only opened a hole about three or four inches long. The riding pants had been made strong enough that the hole didn’t continue to split open any further; it stayed just the way he wanted it.

“Which end do you want first?” Sven asked Kurt.

“I’ll take this end,” Kurt replied as I felt his hands rubbing in soothing circles over the cheeks of my bum, “I can’t wait to feel that tight little pussy of his again.”

“That’s good; I’m a little bigger than you are,” Sven said with a good-natured jab at Kurt. “You can get him loosened up for me.”

“Oh, I think he’ll be good and loose when I’m done with him; I feel like I can go for a good long time before I cum this time.”

“You better use this,” Sven said as he passed Kurt the jar of Vaseline. “I don’t wanna have to call an ambulance to take the kid out of here.”

“Good, I like a nice greasy hole anyway.” Looking to the side, I saw Kurt scoop out a generous gob of the lube onto his fingers and then start smoothing it along the length of his swollen cock.

“You’ll canlı casino siteleri probably need this,” Sven said as he tossed the towel he’d brought in onto the bed, next to Kurt. He then slid in front of me and sat back against the pile of pillows he’d stacked against the headboard. With his legs on either side of my upper body, he brought his knees up and let his muscular thighs fall open to each side. He put his hand around his long heavy cock and held it up for me. “Here you go, Kid, a nice big all-day sucker for you.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and lowered my mouth to his burgeoning cock-head. It felt wonderful to have the big warm knob filling my mouth once more. I could never get enough of sucking Sven’s cock. When he called it an ‘all-day sucker’, that was the perfect description. I felt like I could have spent rest of my life where I was right now, kneeling between his spread thighs, servicing that long thick majestic cock of his. I brought my hands forward and cradled his sperm-laden nuts as I made sweet oral love to the head of his cock.

“Let me feel your hole work on my finger, Joey,” Kurt said from behind me as I felt the tip of his long middle finger slip through the opening in the back of my pants and spread some of the greasy lube over my little pink rosebud. As I continued to suck Sven’s cock, I flexed my tight pucker against Kurt’s caressing fingertip.

“His pussy’s nibbling right at my fingertip,” Kurt said in surprise. “The little cocksucker’s trying to pull it right in.” I pushed back against him to let him know he was exactly right and he responded by pressing more insistently on my tight opening. As soon as I felt the now-familiar pressure, I relaxed my sphincter and his thick finger slid right up into me.

“Oh fuck, what a beautiful hole,” Kurt said with a low groan as his finger slid easily inside me, all the way to the third knuckle. I tightened my anus around the base of his thick finger and then flexed a couple of times before starting to slide my hips back and forth on his probing finger.

“Oh man, you want it bad, eh Joey?” Kurt asked.

“Mmhhhmmm,” I purred loudly in agreement with a mouthful of hot hard flesh as I continued to suck Sven’s huge cock.

“Then I think it’s time to give you something that’ll fill that space inside you a little better,” Kurt said hurriedly from behind me as he pulled his finger from my clutching hole and from the corner of my eye, I saw him pick up the towel. He must have wiped the greasy Vaseline off his hands as a few seconds later, he threw the towel onto the bed beside us. I felt him adjust himself on his knees as he moved in closer behind me, putting his big hands on the cheeks of my bum.

“There, is that better?” he asked as I felt the blunt head of his wide cock slide through the slit in the pants and snuggle up against my bum-hole.

“Mmmmm,” I purred softly against Sven’s rigid cock as I rolled my hips back against Kurt in invitation. He obviously understood my intention as he started to press himself into me. I quickly took a deep breath and let it out slowly through my nostrils as I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter. My tight ring eased open and I felt the broad flared crown stretching my pussy lips as he pressed forward.

“Oh yeah,” Kurt said with a soft moan as the big knob slipped totally inside my clutching hole. He wriggled himself slightly to settle himself, then moved his hands to either side of my hips. “Does that feel good?” He moved himself back and forth an inch or two so his thick rope-like ridge was tugging deliciously against the inside of my gripping ring.

“Mmmhhhmmm,” I mewed again as the absolutely luscious feeling of having a big hard cock in my boy-pussy started to flow through my body.

“Well, since you like it so much, let’s just give you a little more then.” With that, Kurt gripped my hips firmly and slowly drove his rock-hard cock into me.

“Uuunnngghh,” I groaned against Sven’s mouth-filling prick as Kurt’s long thick cock stretched my insides deliciously. He fed it into me insistently until I felt his wiry pubic hair press up against the tender skin around my stretched pucker. With his rigid erection buried to the hilt inside me, he paused and rolled his hips in a slow tantalizing stirring motion.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” I moaned in a breathy whisper as I slipped my lips off Sven’s upright cock and licked down the side of the velvety shaft. Kurt slowly drew back and then just as the big knob tugged on the inside of my sphincter, he reversed direction and slammed it into me forcefully.

“AAAAAAAAHHH,” I moaned loudly as he really started to fuck me. As he first slid it all the way into me, my cock had started to harden in the confines of the tight stretchy pants. Now, under his fierce fucking, it felt like an iron bar pushing against the tight fabric. I brought my mouth back to the top of Sven’s surging erection and slipped my lips back down over the crown, bobbing my head as I hoped to get a load out of each of them, one at each end.

“Oh fuck, what a great pussy this kid has,” Kurt said as he pounded it into me. He got into a smooth rhythm and fed his cock all the way into me with each luscious stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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