Body Shots

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Samantha took a deep breath as she checked herself in the rearview mirror one last time. She eyed her perfectly applied makeup, accentuating her deep blue eyes and full, red lips. Satisfied that she looked her best, she ran a brush through her auburn tresses one last time and stepped out of her silver Mustang GT.

She glanced at the apartment door nearest her, searching for the entry to number 117. As she walked, her expensive, black spiked heels clicked on the cracked sidewalk. She finally found the door she was looking for, and smoothed the clingy fabric of her short black skirt before raising her hand to the doorbell. When the door opened, a smile slowly spread over her lush lips. He was exactly as he had described himself.

“Tony?” She asked, just to be sure she wasn’t lusting over a roommate.

“Samantha. Wow! You’re hotter than I imagined!”

Samantha and Tony had met through a local party line, and had been talking for a little over a week. Samantha had originally called out of boredom, never believing she would find someone she would even consider meeting. But she had been wrong. This was their first meeting, and neither one was disappointed. As he let her in, Samantha took a moment to really check him out. He stood about 6’3″, and had black hair and milk chocolate skin. She completed her once over of his muscular body and finally dragged her eyes up to meet his deep brown ones.

“Just give me a minute,” he told her as he disappeared into the back of the apartment, presumably to the bedroom, as he had only been wearing a white muscle shirt with his jeans. Samantha assumed he had gone to get a shirt so they could leave for the club they planned on going to.

As she waited, Samantha perched on the edge of his sofa and readjusted the low neckline of her favorite pink shirt. The blouse perfectly accentuated her firm, 36D breasts, revealing just enough to catch a man’s attention. Soon Tony returned to the living room and announced that he was ready to go.

They drove to the club in Tony’s truck, allowing Samantha to sit comfortably and allow her skirt to ride up high on her thigh. She was more than attracted to Tony. In all honesty, she had almost told him to forget the club, that they could just stay kartal escort bayan at his place, but she didn’t want to look like a slut either. She would be patient. She knew she would have her dessert at the end of the night.

The club was crowded; bodies crammed together so closely on the dance floor that it was hard to move freely. The advantage was that Samantha could press herself fully against tony’s body under the guise of dancing. Thirty minutes after they arrived at the club, Tony was holding her body tight to his, and she could feel his hardness pressed firmly between her thighs.

He leaned over and whispered, “I want to get you out of here . . . “

Samantha agreed, and as they left the club, she suggested they pick up some tequila and limes so they could do a few body shots at his apartment. Alcohol in hand, they hurried into his apartment, where Tony promptly locked the door and pulled Samantha into his arms, kissing her forcefully on the mouth, pushing his tongue into her mouth roughly.

Samantha broke the kiss with a smile. “Not yet,” she told him.

They sat on the couch and Tony popped open the bottle of tequila, pouring then each a shot before slicing the lime and placing the salt shaker within easy reach.

“So who goes first?” he asked.

“Why don’t you, I think it’ll be more . . . interesting.” Samantha smiled slyly and leaned back on the couch as she waited for him to choose a spot to put the salt. She took a wedge of lime and placed it in her mouth as he quickly licked the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder. She almost lost it right there, but managed to suppress her moan of delight. Tony sprinkled salt on the moist skin, then preceded to slowly lick it off before quickly downing his shot of tequila and then sucking the lime from her lips before plunging his tongue past the sour fruit and into the sweet recesses of her mouth. Samantha had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before the game got out of hand, which was exactly what she was hoping for.

Tony finally pulled away and it was her turn. Samantha was a sucker for a man’s chest, especially when it was as well defined as Tony’s. She chose the spot directly beneath his nipple, drawing a shudder from him as escort maltepe her lips and tongue moved over him and she moved to his mouth for the lime after she had dutifully tossed back her tequila.

Then it was Tony’s turn again, and this time he wanted her nipple.

“It’s only fair,” he said as she pulled her slinky shirt over her head, slightly messing her hair. He stopped talking when she had finished, as he noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her perfectly rounded breasts came into view. Tequila forgotten, Tony couldn’t help but reach out to them, cupping them both in his big hands.

Samantha leaned into his touch, her breath coming faster as his thumbs scraped over her perfect, rosy tips, causing them to pucker and harden. She gasped when his full lips finally closed over one peak, sending little shivers up and down her spine.

He pulled back, causing her to whimper slightly. “Let’s go into the bedroom. I have a California king which would be much more comfortable than this old couch.”

Samantha agreed and walked in front of him down the hall to his room, unzipping her skirt as she went, allowing it to drop at her feet, revealing the sheer purple thing underneath.

Tony sucked in his breath in appreciation. “Man you got an ass to go with them boobs of yours,” he said as he walked up behind her and squeezed both her cheeks. “Perfect for fucking.” Samantha giggled as he turned her around to bury his face in the very boobs he had just mentioned. “And I’m gonna fuck it all tonight, Baby.”

“I sure hope so. I’ve been waiting for that cock of yours since I felt it at the club.”

Tony quickly stripped, as Samantha removed her thong, bending over at the waist and giving him a hell of a beaver shot as she did it. Before she could stand, he was behind her, his hand on her back preventing her from moving. His other hand roamed freely around her ass and he leaned down to bite one, perfectly rounded, globe.

He let her get up, but roughly pushed her onto her back on the bed. She giggled as she bounced slightly on the mattress, relishing the silky fabric of his sheets. Tony knelt on the floor and spread her thighs, gently licking up and down each side. Closer and closer he got to the center pendik escort of her need, but never quite reaching it before he would circle his tongue away once again. Samantha bucked her hips and whimpered, begging him to give her what she needed. Finally, he brought his lips to her clit and sucked hard, just as he slipped two fingers inside her stroking fast and hard.

Samantha exploded almost immediately, soaking his hand, lips, and the sheets beneath her.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said as he climbed up toward the headboard, pulling her around with him.

Not missing a beat, Samantha quickly rolled over and brought his thick, long, cock to her waiting lips. At first, she licked him gently up and down the shaft, flicking her tongue lightly at the end. Then she took him in her mouth all at once, completely down her throat until she could feel her lips against his sweaty crotch. She bounced up and down on his cock as he held her head and showed her how to please him. As she sucked, she began to stroke his balls and the small patch of skin just behind them . . . causing him to buck suddenly. Tony wasn’t ready to come yet . . . he had other plans for her.

He quickly pulled her head off of his cock and pulled her up on her hands and knees. Moving behind her, he entered her from behind, pounding into her hot pussy fast and hard.

“God, you feel so good,” she moaned as her second climax built and overtook her. Tony slowed his pace slightly, but continued to slide in and out of her.

He began to play with the small puckered hole between her cheeks, sliding in his thumb to the first knuckle. Still recovering from her last orgasm, Samantha moaned deeply, showing him her enjoyment. Without warning, or even taking time to lube her properly, Tony slipped his cock out of her pussy and into her ass, burying himself completely in one thrust. Samantha cried out, first in pain, then in pleasure as he pounded her ass harder and harder, bringing himself to his own throbbing climax.

Suddenly he stiffened, shooting deep into her ass as she whimpered and moaned beneath him. When he was done, he collapsed on top of her, causing her own knees to buckle under his weight. She found herself trapped beneath him, but she didn’t care. She was still coming down from the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

A while later, Tony walked Samantha to the door and kissed her softly.

“We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime,” he told her.

“I’ll bring the tequila,” was her reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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