Blue Collar Dream

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As he sat he sat at the bar, he thought about the days events. From getting up that morning to go to a job he hated, to the phone call from his ex-wife, to having to go home to an empty house again. He was drifting in thought, just staring in the mirror behind the bar when the door opened. To his surprise in walked a beautiful woman. She was dressed in a business suit that made her look almost out of place in there. “Thank god everyone’s gone home,” he thought to himself “Or she wouldn’t stay long.”

He continued in his thoughts and his beer while looking at her seated behind him in the mirror. It wasn’t long until he realized that she was she was paying more than casual attention to the backside of him. The bartender stopped and asked him if he wanted another beer and he said, “Give the lady one of what ever she’s drinking, too.”

When the bartender sat her glass down in front of her she spoke up, telling the man “Thank you”. “You must be awful lonely to buy a stranger a drink so you don’t have to drink alone.”

“Tell me your name” he replied “Then we won’t be strangers anymore.”

“No” she said, “Names aren’t needed yet. Its better that way.”

As they both sipped at their drinks and made small conversation they found out about each other’s jobs. Here he was, a lowly factory worker talking to a traveling businesswoman. Her job being a trainer for the phone company meant that she traveled all over the country and never stayed in one city very long. “Great” he thought to himself “Just as you finally meet someone decent you find out they will be gone tomorrow.”

At about midnight, after a couple hours of chatting, he excused himself saying that he had to be to work at six in the morning and had to go home to bed. “It was nice meeting you and thanks for the conversation,” he said finishing his beer and heading for the door.

Outside he took his time walking to his pick up, slowly getting his keys out. All the time he was listening for the sound of her footsteps bostancı escort following him. He got into the truck, looked up see if she was there but she was nowhere in sight. With that he turn the ignition to start the vehicle and drove home.

All the next day he couldn’t keep his mind off the image he had seen in the mirror the night before when the bar door had opened. The more he tried to forget it the more her face, form and voice haunted him.

The man never went to the bar after work two days in a row but on that day he couldn’t fight the urge to stop for “just one” to see if she might be there. As he walked in the back door he looked down the room taking an inventory of all the faces in the place. He didn’t see her and turned to leave but was overcome by the urge to have that “just one”. “It won’t hurt to stay for a bit,” he thought as he sat down at the bar and ordered a beer.

He nursed the bottle until it was so warm from his hand that he couldn’t take another drink. Setting the bottle on the rail he stood and headed out the door he had come in.

As he walked out in to the sunlight he saw someone standing next to his truck. As he neared it he saw it was to mysterious lady that he had met the night before. “I thought I was going to have to come in there and get you” she said when he walked up. Not know what to say he stood there motionless except for the stirring in his groin. Silently he opened the door and motioned for her to get in.

“Where are we going?” he asked when he pulled out of the parking lot. “The Rest Easy Motel” she replied. “You sure?” he asked and when he didn’t get any answer he made a u-turn in the street and headed to the motel.

The only question in his mind on the way to the motel was “Why me?”. And as they reached their destination he got his answer. “You’ve had that puzzled look on your face for three blocks now and I know the question is ‘why?’” she stated. “The answer is I wanted you last night but ümraniye escort bayan you didn’t seem to show any interest so after you left I asked the bartender if you were gay or something. When he said ‘no’ I decided to stay in town one more day to see if you could be enticed into my room”.

This was all very new and strange to him as the ladies that he was used to being around would never dare to make the first move but this self confidant mystery woman seemed to make it feel natural.

Upon entering the room, even before the door closed, she had her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips on his. He had to catch his breath, being startled by her sudden aggressiveness. Not that he didn’t enjoy it, just that the action took him by surprise. The door was shut, their clothes were being shed, he thought to himself “If I wake up in the middle of this and its all a dream, I’m gonna be pissed!” and then he helped her down to the bed.

In the dim light of the room he could see the fine curves of her body and with his finger, lightly began to trace them. From her shoulder down her arm to the elbow, returning up the back side to the base of her neck, up her neck to her jaw and around to her chin. Continuing his journey from her chin down her neck and between her breasts slowly drawing the outline of each one in slow spirals in to the nipple but not touching it, letting it become erect on it own. Leaving her breasts he traveled on towards the indent of her navel. Replacing his fingers with his tongue he teased her navel with tiny licks and probes causing her to unintentionally arch her back and let out a soft moan. The taste of her skin was enough to make him hurry his journey to his goal but he made himself slow down and resume his pace.

From her belly his tongue began to flick and flutter its way lower and lower past the tuft of hair atop her sex to her thighs and beyond, all the way to her ankle. Coming back up the other leg he began to nip and gently bite at the kartal escort flesh of her calves and inner thighs, bring louder moans causing her to spread her legs apart. As he neared where her legs came together he could smell and see the glistening wetness of her arousal. With one deft lick he parted her lips and began to tease her clit with rapid swipes of his tongue and occasional nibbles with his lips.

After some time he rolled her over and getting to his knees he again began to trace the beautiful curves of her form with his tongue. Starting at the top of her ankle he moved ever so slowly up her legs, stopping to pay particular attention to backs of her knees before moving onward to the soft mounds of her cheeks. Prying the cheeks apart he ran his tongue around and over the wrinkles of her anus, repeatedly probing and caressing bring louder cries of ecstasy from the woman. Moving on he traced the line of her spine all the way to the nape of her neck, stopping to place small kisses all over her neck and then behind her ears he lightly used his tongue again, bringing still more moans and sighs from the lady that was the object of his attentions.

Raising her head and turning to her side the woman reached and pulled him close to her, whispering “Please”. Rolling to her back she spread her legs inviting him to enter her. Together they began to move as if they were one, searching for the release of orgasm that they both needed and desired.

On into the evening and then the night they enjoyed each other’s affections and attentions until finally drifting into a comfortable but exhausted sleep.

When he awoke with a start the next morning, it took a few seconds to realize where he was. A smile came to his face remembering the events of the night before and rolling over he found that he was alone in the bed and after checking also the room. He got up and took a long shower waiting to see if she would return, knowing that she wouldn’t. Stopping at the desk he to turn in the key he asked the clerk who the room had been rented to. Looking it up the clerk replied “A Miss Smith.”

As he drove away he chuckled to himself and thought, “I didn’t even get her name!” And off to work he went not hating his job as much that day as every other day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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