Blown Off Course

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Full Blown

By casey5940

Chapter 1

It was the start of my freshman year at State University. My dad had helped me pack a few things in the back of the old Camry they had given me. At least I would have wheels to get around the small town surrounding the campus. Since apartments were too expensive for my parents to pay for, I would be staying in the dorms, and I was a little nervous. I had never been away from home for any length of time, and I didn’t know how having a roommate would work out.

I was a good student and tended to stay to myself. Having another person in a dorm room might be distracting, and, at 19, I was a horny teenager who had to get his nut at least a couple of times a day. I knew no one at college and wondered if I could make friends or meet a nice girl. My high school girlfriend had gone to Northwestern, several hundred miles east of where I was going to school. That would preclude any spontaneous weekend get-togethers, and I was betting that our long-distance relationship would not last, Facetime or not.

Arriving on campus on Saturday, I would have at least a couple of days to accommodate to my new surroundings. I grabbed my backpack that contained my laptop, headphones, and shit, without which I couldn’t live. I entered the hallowed halls of Holeman Hall. Checking in with the RA (Resident Advisor), he gave me a key to my room, No. 316.

“The elevators are to your left. I think your roommate may already be there. His name’s Cole Jackson. Seems like a nice dude. If you don’t get along, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do about switching you with someone else.” His name tag read Andy Tran, a smallish Southeast Asian dude who was very friendly and gave me a big smile.

“Thanks, Andy. I’m sure I can get along with just about anyone I room with.” I slipped the key in the pocket of my shorts and returned his smile.

The elevator stopped on the 3rd Floor, and I anxiously exited checking for a direction sign to 316 and relieved when I saw that it was just around the corner. I stopped dead in my tracks. Standing the doorway was a guy kissing a girl, but more like they were making out in the door. He patted her ass as she told him goodbye. He and I both watched this chick with long legs walking toward the elevators. She wasn’t wearing much, only a sports bra with a bare midriff, pink shorty shorts, and flip flops. Cole Jackson was wearing even less, only a pair of boxer briefs, showing off his tanned and toned body.

His eyes finally diverted from the girl as I approached.

“Hi, I think I’m your roommate,” I said, holding out my fist for a bump. I pushed past his near-naked body blocking the doorway. Cole was only a couple of inches shorter than my 6′, and much more muscular at about 175 lbs. “My name’s Morgan.” The palm of my hand pressed against his smooth chest as I slid by him.

Cole walked in behind me and closed the door. “Got a last name? Or, are you one of those assholes that only have one name, like Kanye or NeYo.”

“Sorry, its Morgan Rivers. I’m not famous, and I don’t think I’m an asshole,” I answered with a snicker.

“Cool. Well, Morgan Rivers, as you can see, I’ve taken the bed closest to the window, hope you don’t mind, but I get boiling at night.”

“You look hot right now,” I said, not realizing how that could be misunderstood. “I mean, you look like you’ve been sweating or working out.”

Cole smelled each of his pits, which like his chest, arms, and legs, looked to have been shaved. “All good there.”

“You might want to crack open that window a little. It smells like sex in here,” I said.

“That’s cause I just got done fucking that chick,” he said proudly and flopped his dong around in his loose-fitting shorts.

“Ah hah, mystery solved. She your girlfriend?” I asked.

“Nope. Don’t remember her name. I met her when I was hauling boxes up here,” Cole answered matter of factly.

“You’re a playa’,” I said.

“Nah, just a horny teenage boy that needed a little pussy, and hers was definitely little and tight.”

Introductions out of the way, Cole seemed to be a regular dude, and he helped me haul my stuff up to our dorm room. I found out that he was on the water polo team, which explained the shaved body, the deep tan, and the muscles, holy fuck. I would have to get him to give me some pointers on that shit.

“You have a chick you’re banging?” Cole asked.

“I was involved with a girl, Loren, but she got accepted at Northwestern. We sort of broke up,” I answered.

“You have her picture on your phone?” Cole asked.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scrolled to her photo.

“She’s hot. Got any pictures of her titties?” he asked.

“You perv. Loren isn’t that kind of girl,” I answered.

“Too bad for you, dude. I assume she didn’t want to fuck until you two got married,” Cole said assuredly.

“Something like that,” I answered.

“That’s cold, man. Did she at least blow you? He asked.

I was still a virgin and didn’t want Cole to know and get the better casino oyna of me. “She did let me finger her once, and she even sucked my cock, but she wouldn’t swallow my load. Sent me home with blue balls.”

“Dude, we gotta get you laid!” Cole said happily. He hadn’t yet put on a tee-shirt, and when he walked around the room, his dick flopped around in his shorts. I kept noticing it moving and wondered how big it was, but I also found myself admiring his body, his tan, his blue eyes, and his short blonde hair.

We got our dorm room finally put together so that everything fit, two single beds, two small desks, two laptops, and a bookshelf. Cole took me around Holeman Hall and introduced me to some of the guys he had already met, showed me where the toilets and showers were located on our floor, and took me to the basement where there were banks of washers and dryers.

“Let’s go over to the Student Union Building and grab some food. I’m fucking hungry,” Cole said, and his belly made a deep gurgling sound.

“I need to change into shorts and a tee-shirt first,” I told him.

We hung a left and took the elevator up. “I guess I better put on a shirt. No shirt, no shoes, no services,” Cole said with a laugh.

“No shit,” I added.

I pulled off my shirt and tossed it in my laundry bag, same for my shorts, leaving me in only a pair of boxer briefs. “You’re a hairy fucker,” Cole said with a laugh. It was kinda true. Ever since puberty, I had grown a light brown fluff on my pecs, my abs, and my legs. My facial hair was a bit darker and more course, as was my abundant pubic hair. I sported a thin beard that outlined my jawline and wore my hair a little longer and straight, no gel. In comparison to Cole’s close-cropped blonde hair and shaved body, we were like salt and pepper.

My thumbs slipped in either side of my boxers and shoved them off my hips, letting them fall to my feet, and with a graceful kick, they hit Cole in the face. “God damn it, you asshole,” he bellowed. I meant it as a joke, but there I stood naked and vulnerable. As he tossed my underwear aside, I saw him stare at my junk.

“Jesus, is that thing armed. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction,” Cole said.

“It’s not that big,” I protested. Cole seemed very uninhibited as he reached out for my uncut 6″ of meaty dick.

“I’ve never seen one uncircumcised before,” Cole said as if talking to himself. His hand was down the front of his shorts, playing with his dick.

He squeezed it, and I started to get an erection. When he realized what his grip was doing to me, he let go, a little embarrassed, but impressed with the size of my dong. I watched his nubile body turn and the muscles in his back ripple as he pulled on a tee-shirt. I hurriedly dressed in shorts, tee-shirt, and flip flops.

On the way across the Quad, we shot the shit. “How big is that thing between your legs?” Cole asked.

“Six inches soft. If I get really horned up, it gets up to seven inches, and yes, I’ve measured. And you?” I asked.

“About six inches, but it’s got a huge mushroom-shaped head. Haven’t gotten any complaints so far?” Cole stated.

We had enough chit chat about our junk and got down to eating. There weren’t a lot of kids on campus yet, and I expected that they would show up on the next day, Sunday. We would start classes on Monday. Cole gave me a brief rundown of his classes. We had one class together, Chemistry 101 and a Chemistry Lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cole decided that we could be lab partners, and I agreed wholeheartedly. That would make it easier to study. I asked him about being on the water polo team, and he told me that they practice every weekday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. I didn’t have any sports activities yet but planned on joining an intramural basketball league when they started up.

While eating dinner that first evening on campus, the two of us had come up with a workable schedule so we wouldn’t be in each other’s way too much.

“What do you want to do for a signal?” Cole whispered across the table.

“Like a bat signal or what?” I said naively.

“A signal for when one of is using the room for sex,” he answered with that wicked smile of his.

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t think of that,” I answered, laughing at the idea. “Hows about putting a sock over the door handle. That way, each of us knows the other one is fucking.”

“Sounds good, and easy. That I can remember,” Cole replied.

The next morning was Sunday, and I woke up not remembering where I was until I heard Cole snoring across the room from me. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I looked over at Cole, who was sleeping naked on top of his sheets. He was sporting morning wood, and his sturdy cock stood straight up from his shaved groin. It looked exactly as he had described. He was tanned all over his body, except the lighter skin where he wore his Speedos. I found myself getting chubbed up just looking at his junk, twitching in the air, wanting relief.

Quickly and quietly, I got out of bed and grabbed a towel along with my shave kit. I had to get out of there. What was slot oyna I thinking, getting a bone looking at my roommates, hot, muscular body? That just ain’t right.

There was one other dude in the showers as I hung my towel and started my shaving routine. I liked to keep the whiskers trimmed nice and tight along my jawline, but my cheeks and upper lip always looked like I had a five o’clock shadow even after I just shaved. I heard the door to the lavatory open as I cupped my hands and splashed water on my face to rinse away the shaving cream.

“Hey, bud,” I heard Cole say. I gave him a quick wave in the mirror.

The guy that had been in the shower finished up and left when I got into the showers. The showerheads were lined up around three of the walls in the green and white tiled area. Cole had his back to me, and the warm water was cascading down his muscular back. His butt cheeks were pale white in comparison to his tanned legs and arms, and his ass crack was completely smooth and hairless. For some odd reason, I was hoping that he would bend over so I could see his little pink pucker.

I turned on the shower next to Cole, popped the top of my body wash, and reached over to lather up his back.

He jumped when he felt my hand touch him. “WTF, dude?” he asked with a big smile.

“Just doin’ you a solid,” I answered. “But, you gotta wash mine next.”

My hands worked on his tanned back, down to his butt crack, and with the edge of my hand, I worked up a good lather. My index finger found his asshole and worked around the wrinkled boi pussy, making Cole brace himself against the wall and moan softly. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I knew better than to try and penetrate him; after all, he was a dude. Cole seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, however.

Then it was my turn. I turned my face to the showerhead and felt Cole’s hands go to work, lathering my back.

“Jesus, are you sure you ain’t part Wookie?” His hand slipped down my hairy crack and washed it thoroughly. I felt his forefinger poking around my furry pussy. Now, I understood why Cole was moaning. It felt good. Really good. “You ever try anal? I mean, like with your girlfriend using a dildo on you?” he asked.

“No, you’re the only person who has ever touched me there,” I whispered. “You ever try anal?”

“Once. I dated this chick who liked getting butt fucked, and she talked me into trying it using her dildo. Fuckin’ hurt like hell,” Cole said. I felt some pressure from his finger, and my anal ring gave way.

“What the fuck,” I yelped.

“Ssshhh,” Cole whispered with a snicker. “Somebody will hear us.” His left hand was rubbing my lower back, and he started to push his finger inside me.

“Ouch, fuckin’ hell. Take it out, dude. Take it out.” I almost cried, but then his finger became magical as it slid past my prostate. I felt his hot breath on my neck as I let out a groan of pleasure. “Oh, my fucking God.” I found myself whimpering like a girl as he began finger-fucking me.

“You like that?” Cole whispered in my ear.

It only took a few seconds. Not even enough time for my cock to get fully hard. “You’re making me cum.” My eyes rolled in their sockets, and my head flew back. Cole’s finger stopped on top of my prostate and pushed hard.

“Fuck, dude, you’re not even hard, and I’m making you cum,” he rasped. I looked down to see Cole’s left hand under my uncut dickhead catching my jizz in his palm. Cole looked like he was hypnotized watching me nut, and nut, I did, probably the biggest load I had ever shot.

He raised his hand to my pecs and smeared my jizz over my chest, laughing like it was some big joke.

“Fucker,” I said, joining in his laughter.

He had removed his finger from my hairy hole and was finishing washing up my legs. “You always cum that much,” Cole asked.

“Not always. It’s just that you found my pleasure button,” I answered.

We heard the door to the shower room open, and we quickly moved away from one another. I looked over, and Cole had a bone. I was in a joking mood, reached over, and pushed his hard-on down and let it go, watching it slap against his groin.

“Fucker,” he said, but he, too, was laughing.

The guy that had come in stood at a shower across the room from us. Cole nudged me and motioned with his head to look at the dude. The first thing I noticed was the size of the guy’s dick, hung like a racehorse.

Now, I’ve showered with a lot of dudes after high school gym classes, but I’ve never paid much attention to what they were packin’. This dude was carrying some serious meat between his thighs. Cole and I made our escape from the showers and toweled off. Back in our room, we dressed in what would become our standard, shorts, tee-shirts, and flip flops, sans underwear. Just being around Cole for a day had made me feel a lot less inhibited.

“I can’t believe I made you cum without you even touching your dick,” he said.

“I told you it was when you hit my magic button. You should try it sometime. It feels fan-fucking-tasic,” I said with a grin.

“I’ll canlı casino siteleri take your word for it. Although, I’ve never been so aroused by another dude before. This semester should be awesome,” Cole said.

Chapter 2

It was Monday morning, and I didn’t hear the alarm from Cole’s cell phone. I was dreaming that my dick was getting sucked, but also it was me giving the blow job to, wait for it, Cole. I was dreaming that I was sucking his cock. What the hell? I awoke in a panic, but that feeling was dispelled when I felt the weight of his body land over me on my bed.

“Wake up, Chewbacca,” Cole whispered in my ear. I was on my stomach with only a sheet pulled over me, and he was lying on top of me, humping my rear.

“Oh, God, please tell me you’re not a morning person,” I groaned. I could feel his erection pressing against my butt crack. That alarmed me, and I looked over my shoulder to see his sparkling white smile only inches from my face. I rolled him off my back in a quick wrestling move and had him pinned underneath me. He was still laughing, and I realized that we were both naked and hard. His dick was poking me in my nut sack.

“Now what ya gonna do, smart guy? Cole said with a snicker.

I dropped my full weight on him, and he let out an “oomph,” but he recovered and wrestled me off until he was lying on top of me. We were both winded and laughing, but Cole got a serious look on his face as his hips began to pump against my hairy crotch. I was on my back, and his eyes were staring back at mine. The activity had suddenly become serious. Cole’s breathing was labored, and I just laid there and let him do it.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cole grunted. His mouth dropped open, and his eyes rolled back in their sockets as he threw his head back, caught in lust. “Oh, God, Oh, fuck. I’m cumming.”

“Do it, man, shoot that big load on me,” I whispered. His lips crushed onto mine, and I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to push inside. I felt the warmth of his seed spurting against my groins as he rubbed his hard cock against me.

Cole’s heavy breathing turned to laughter as he rolled off my body. I looked down at the mess he had left, and the matted black hair of my pubic area drenched with his semen. “Jesus, dude, you must have been really horned up. Look at the jizz you squirted. My fingers tangled in the sticky residue.

“Sorry, man. Couldn’t help myself,” Cole said.

“My turn,” I said with a smirk,

I climbed over his chest, my knees on either side. I took hold of my uncut prick and began to jack myself. Precum was lubricating my big cockhead, which would show itself with every pump of my fist. I was watching Cole as he was intrigued with my uncut cock being jacked over his pecs.

“Do it, buddy. Do it. Jack off that big cock,” he croaked.

It didn’t take much time, only a few pumps, and I felt that tingle in my heavy balls. I needed relief. Now. “I’m gonna shoot, dude. Here it cums. Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. The first blast hit Cole in the chin. He raised his head and opened his mouth as if it were a target for me to hit, so I did. The next two big blasts landed squarely in his mouth, and I saw him swallow. I leaned my head down and kissed him hard as I continued to jack out the rest of my watery load all over his pecs. Cole kissed back. I could taste my own seed on his tongue as we swapped spit.

Reaching to the side of my bed, I found my tee-shirt from yesterday and wiped my jizz off Cole’s face and chest and cleaned up his jizz from my hairy groin.

“That was fuckin’ hot,” Cole said. “I could wake up like that every morning. I have to say I’m fortunate to have a fuck bud for a roommate.”

The two of us hustled to the showers and got cleaned up for our first day of classes in college.

Walking across the Quad, I thought about what Cole and I had done this weekend. It had been fun, but I knew he wasn’t gay, and I didn’t think I was either. However, on further reflection, maybe I was gay. I had never fucked my girlfriend, Ann. In fact, I was a virgin, and what I had done with Cole was the most sexual thing I had ever done. I liked it. I liked Cole.

My first class was in the auditorium of the Liberal Arts Building, World History 101. After small classes in high school, this was kind of intimidating. I looked around for a place to sit and saw an empty seat about midway, next to this hot looking chick.

“Mind if I sit next to you?” I asked.

She looked me up and down, evaluating my looks. “Sure,” she answered. I guess I passed her test. “My name is Brianna.”

“Morgan,” I said in return. I pulled out my syllabus, a pen, a notebook, and our textbook.

“Gosh, you’re really prepared. I forgot to print the syllabus,” Brianna said, twisting her hair with one finger.

“That’s okay. I’ll share,” I said. I noticed that her top was unbuttoned enough to show plenty of cleavage. It was difficult not to look. She was also wearing a noticeably short jeans skirt. I ‘accidentally’ dropped my pen and bent to pick it up. While I was down there, I looked up and saw that she was not wearing panties. She was also a natural blonde. The hair matched the curtains in the basement. Anyway, I was also commando and was hoping I didn’t get a bone during class, sitting next to this hot babe.

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