Bloodie Kisses

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What seemed like hours you wait staring out the window for your lover and companion to return home from a long day at work. The rain is just starting to lightly pour as you silently wish for his return before the weather gets worse. You wait for what seems like hours closing your eyes trying to nap to ease the wait. In your head you think of all the wonderful things you’d love to do to him when he arrives. You always did love the way he smiled so irresistible it made your heart melt, eyes that could cut right through you and see your deepest inner thoughts, arms to strong that made you feel protected and eased your worries. You always loved his caring adventurous ways. It had only been 8hours and already you longed to be in his arms once more.

As soon as you slip into a semi-sleeping state you hear a familiar sound, a car is pulling into the driveway. Like an excited child waiting for Santa you peek out the window to see your lover has returned and is coming towards the house with a package in his hand. Entering the house he flashes casino şirketleri one of his irresistible smiles at you and your heart melts. He gently kisses you on the lips tenderly then flashes you another of his wonderful smiles making you wonder what he had in store for tonight. Outside you can once again here the rain pounding as you wait to see what he is about to do.

He asks you to close your eyes as he has a surprise for you. You do as your told listening intently to see if you can tell what is in the bag. A few moments later you feel silk against your eyes as you are being blindfolded. His hand trailing ever so softly, down your back to the bottom dip in it. Now completely blindfolded you feel you way towards a bedroom with a hand placed lightly on your back guiding you. You can hear the rain pounding against the walls and the thunder in the background. The night is full of energy as well as the house.

Every step you take you can sense yourself coming close to you final destination. The gentle guiding hand reaches casino firmaları ahead of you. You can hear the silent woosh of a door as it opens before you as you’re guided inside. Once inside you can faintly make out candle flames dancing about. You are then guided towards a large bed. Your senses heightened by your lack of vision as the gentle guiding hands slowly strip you of your clothing piece by piece, wandering over your body as you sit on a large bed you can feel the softness of the satin sheets. The silent breathing of the other person can be heard as they gently bite your neck and nibble your ear lobe. Your pushed backwards as the person climbs atop you. Kisses random parts of your body one bye one.

Little tiny droplet of hot wax fall upon your nipple from a burning candle held above you slowly dripping on various other parts of your chest. As you lie on your back from above you can feel the light kiss of another as they stroke your sides. Planting even tinier wet bloody kisses all the way down licking you and caresses güvenilir casino your hard manhood with light gentle strokes. Working back up to you they kiss your lower stomach and stop at your nipples.

You can feel tiny droplets of a warm liquid as your lover drips tiny drops of her blood on your chest, then kisses each and everyone one of them stopping to bite your nipples. Then again this time more roughly as they continue to play you in other ways. Slowly working back up to your face. Pressing their bloody lips against yours, gently kissing you. Biting your lower lip drawing blood from you, licking it as it rolls down to your chin.

One by one your hands are bound behind the back of your lover and you’re suddenly on top. Your sense extremely heightened as your allowed to enter into the other. The warm wet feel as you push hard against the other body makes the room steam with energy. Nails are dug into your back as you thrust harder and deeper you can hear your heart racing as you are slowly turned over. Feeling yourself being pushed against just as hard yet faster pleasing and delighting while pain and pleasure are mixed. And as the night goes on the storm outside seems none existent as two people succumb to their passions.

*Dedicated to NonVarnished*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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