Blink Once for Yes

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Guys, while reading this story, you ARE NOT allowed to come to it, EVER.

Girls, you are always encouraged to pleasure yourself anyway you wish.


-Blink Once for Yes, a story by Denny Micum-

—— Chapter 1: ——


Beep Beep Beep

As you come to, you hear the steady beeping of machines. You try to open your eyes but the light is too bright. “Where am I?” you think as you try to gather clues as to your whereabouts. You try to lift up your head, but you are met with…pain. Your eyes continue adjusting to the light, but panic starts to set in. That is when you are met with a calming voice.

“Relax, you are ok. You were in an accident. You are safe, in the hospital.” Her voice was soft and comforting. You relax your body as your eyes finally adjust. Your last memories come flooding back in: it was raining…the car in front of you slammed on their breaks…you swerved to avoid the collision and lost control. That’s all you remember.

Standing before you is a nurse. You can feel her holding your head and stroking your hair. Your shock grows as you come to realize the extent of the injuries. “You’re going to be ok,” the nurse says, “but both of your arms are broken. I don’t want to alarm you, but you have also broken your back. The doctor says your surgery went well, and you will heal completely. For now, however, it is important that you don’t move much. I am Nurse Amy, and I will be your night-shift nurse over the next few months.”

You try to speak, but you can’t move your jaw. You start moaning, trying to communicate.

“It’s ok…don’t speak. You also broke your jaw, and it has been wired shut. I want you to blink once for yes, twice for no. Are you in any major pain?”

You blink twice. “Ok, that’s good news. I am going to go check on another patient, and I will be back in a moment. Try and get some rest for now.” As she leaves, you notice her body. She’s wearing scrubs, which are generally non-sexy, but Nurse Amy has a great body. The scrubs are tight and accentuate her full, round ass and her ample breasts. “I’ll be back soon,” she says, as she pulls the curtain across the room and leaves you.

You struggle to grow comfortable with the constricting bondage that was forced upon you. You grow increasingly claustrophobic as you struggle against your traction. That’s when you notice your cock beginning to get hard. “Is this really turning me on?” you think. Your cock grows into a full erection. You can see it throbbing as you wonder why you are so aroused. Is it the helplessness? The bondage? Either way, you know you can’t keep an erection in the hospital like this, so you breathe deeply and relax. You shut your eyes to help it go away, and you start to become tired. As your erection fades, you drift off to sleep.

—— Chapter 2: ——

You are awoken by the sound of a medical cart entering the room. Nurse Amy pulls the curtain aside and steps up to your bedside. Her long brown hair is tied neatly in a bun, exposing her beautiful neck and collarbone. You see that her scrubs are less than modest – exposing some tasteful cleavage. She bends over, giving you a view down her top, and lays large, heavy ice packs down on top of your crotch. You can’t feel the coolness through the blankets, but the heavy weight of the icepacks on your cock starts making your erection grow.

“I am going to place some icepacks under your back to help with soreness,” she says. As she grabs the first icepack, she pushes down firmly on them. The icepacks dig more fully into your crotch sending waves of casino şirketleri pleasure through your body. Your erection continues to grow. As she places the icepacks for you, she continues leaning across you, bracing herself on your crotch.

“Is she doing this on purpose?” you think to yourself. “She is going to give me a full erection. I am going to be so embarrassed!”

She removes the last icepack by slowly sliding if off your cock, in a way that almost strokes you. She sees your erection as you start to blush. “Oopsie! Looks like someone got a little hard. But don’t worry, it’s a perfectly normal reaction,” she teases. “How do those icepacks feel? Blink once for good, twice for no good.”

You blink once. “Ok great, I’ll let them do their job for a while. Should I go get an extra icepack for your little fellow down there?” she teases. She bends down to the medical cart to grab an icepack, but takes her time. Her sexy pink thong is riding just slightly above the waistline of her pants. She bends further at the waist, giving you a perfect view of her shapely ass. She returns to you with an icepack and places it on your cock. “There, that should help you…cool down.” She giggles as she leaves the room.

You are dumbfounded! “Why did she just tease me like that,” you think. The weight of the icepack keeps you hard. You start feeling the desire to cum, and you buck your hips against the icepack for pleasure, but your back is too sore to continue for long. Your erection lasts for 20 minutes as the weight of the pack on your cock continues to tease you. You soon feel the coolness of the icepack permeate the layers of sheets, and it begins to cool down your cock. Your erection fades away, very unsatisfyingly. You moan in displeasure. The need to cum is now growing stronger in you.

It is several hours before Nurse Amy returns to you. She comes in and removes the icepacks. “Did you have enough time to cool down?” She giggles again as she continues putting things away. Her giggle is infectious. It’s cute and girly, and your cock is starting to respond to it. You secretly enjoy the way she teases you and humiliates you.

She makes her way around the bed, and to your surprise, she lifts the blankets up exposing your cock to her. “Hmmm, looks like someone made a little mess down here. There are precum stains on the sheets. That means you are dirty, and it’s time to clean you up.”

She makes her way over to the sink and turns on the hot water. She grabs a sponge and some gentle soap as she fills a small bucket with water. She returns to you and pulls the sheets all the way down the bed. She hikes up your medical robe and drapes it over your face. The room is dark to you now, and you can no longer see what’s going on. You hear the soap bottle squirt. You hear the sponge swishing in the water. That’s when you feel the sponge for the first time.

You hadn’t been touched, or touched your body in some time now. The sponge feels amazing as it slides up and down your body. It is scratching itches that had been driving you absolutely crazy. Nurse Amy expertly rubs the sponge across almost your entire body, purposefully avoiding erogenous zones. Your body starts to grow hard at her touch.

“My my, looks like you can’t even contain yourself,” she says. “You’re already growing hard again!”

You buck your hips for her to wash your cock. She moves the sponge up to your nipples instead. She swirls the sponge around your nipples, firming them. It tickles a little, but if feels good, so you accept it. She slowly slides the sponge down to your crotch, stopping at your casino firmaları bush. She rubs back and forth on your bush as your cock grows to full strength. She is careful not to touch it.

She removes your robe from off your face and looks you in the eye. “Do you want me to wash your cock?” she asks. “Blink once for yes, twice for no.”

You blink once. “Very well,” she says. She fills her sponge with new warm water and gently caresses your completely solid cock. She wraps the sponge around your cock in her fist and begins slowly stroking you. The soap glides the sponge over the tip of your cock, and the warmth from the water makes it feel exactly like a pussy. Your heartrate rises as you approach an orgasm.

She stops.

“Are you getting close to orgasm? Blink once for yes, twice for no.”

You blink once.

“Ok, good, thank you for telling me,” she says. She turns to her medical chart and jots down some information. She returns to your waiting cock and begins stroking again. This time she ups the intensity. She strokes faster and faster now, bringing you very, very close to the edge.

She immediately stops stroking you and begins massaging you gently and slowly, keeping you extremely hard and ready to cum. “Are you on the edge of ejaculation?” she asks. “I want to know if you’re right on the edge. Blink once if you are right on the edge, twice if you think you can go further.”

You blink once, completely on the edge of orgasm.

She turns again to her medical chart. “Hmm, heart rate is 175bpm; EEG shows in the high 20’s. This is great data. Looks like we found our baseline!” she exclaims. She wets the sponge in warm water and begins stroking you again. The feeling is incredible. Your heart starts beating faster as your orgasm approaches. You moan in anticipation, right on the edge of your orgasm.

“Heart rate 175; EEG is 27.” She lessens the intensity of her stroke. The EEG starts to dip: 27, 26…She picks up the pace again. She keeps you right at 28, right on the edge of cumming. You moan in frustration. Your arms are stuck at your side in full casts. You are unable to make her stop. “MMMM, MMMMM, NNNNNNGHHHHHHH,” you moan as she continues to keep you on the edge. The sponge works it’s magic. It feels like a tight pussy wrapped around your cock, caressing every single nerve ending.

“It would be inappropriate to let you cum. It would violate the nurse/patient relationship. But I understand a guys need and desire to cum. So I am happy to massage you like this for a while.” You moan again, begging for a release.

She continues stroking you, keeping you right at 175 and 28. You beg her to please stop the only way you can…moaning from the inescapable pleasure. Your cock is completely swollen now, and your balls are aching heavily. The desire to cum is overwhelming, yet she continues to keep you right on the edge. She will not let you fall past 27 on the EEG.

Almost thirty minutes pass as she continues stroking you. You find now it takes less and less stimulation for her to keep you on the edge. Her stroking slows further and further, until finally, she is not stroking you at all. One tiny little stroke of her hand, and you would cum everywhere.

“I can’t massage you any longer, or it looks like you will cum, and I just can’t allow that. Sorry!” she says. She giggles again, making your cock jump and bob up and down. She makes her way to her cart and grabs a piece of what looks like rubber ribbon. “We don’t want all of that blood rushing back into your body too quickly…”

She begins tying a tourniquet around güvenilir casino your cock. She carefully avoids touching you in a stimulating way. The tourniquet wraps tightly around your balls and cock, making your erection grow to its full strength. “There,” she says, “let’s leave that on for a little while. I’ll be back to check on you in a moment.” Your cock throbs for release as you struggle against your bondage. She closes the curtain and leaves you there with your cock exposed, completely hard.

—— Chapter 3: ——

Nurse Amy returns after some time to find your balls and cock still tied snuggly with a tourniquet. This time she is joined by another nurse. “This is Nurse Caitlin. She is in training and I am showing her my rounds,” she says. She enters the room and slowly removes the tourniquet. You moan in relief as your cock is finally allowed to rest. “Nurse Caitlin, I gave this patient a sponge bath earlier as his penis had made a mess. It looks like we have another mess on our hands. Would you assist me in giving him another sponge bath?”

“NNNNNNNGH,” you moan as they make their way over to the sink again.

“Nurse Caitlin, please put on rubber gloves and make sure that the patient stays nice and hard while I prepare. We want to make sure we are able to clean every part of his cock.”

Nurse Caitlin is younger and shorter than Nurse Amy. She has wavy blonde hair, and she has a really great body underneath her scrubs. Nurse Caitlin snaps on her rubber gloves and applies a lubricant to her hands. She begins stroking you very slowly. Nurse Caitlin asks you, “Is it ok if I stroke you like this? We need to clean your penis, sir. Please blink once for yes, twice for no.”

You blink once for yes.

Nurse Caitlin begins stroking you firmly. It feels so good to be stroked again after spending so much time in the tourniquet. Nurse Amy returns from the sink with her sponge bath in hand and begins washing down your pubic area. The teasing sensation sends a chill through your body as you buck your hips so she will rub your cock again. “Nurse Caitlin, please grab a sponge and begin washing his balls.”

Nurse Caitlin wets her sponge and slowly massages your balls. She squeezes the sponge firmly around them, and you moan in pleasure. Her squeeze is firm, but not too firm. Gently, they slowly work your cock, rubbing the balls and stroking your shaft. You feel your orgasm approaching again. “Nurse Amy, how did his chart read?”

“Heart Rate 175 bpm, and EEG reads 28 for orgasm,” she responds. Your heart sinks as you realize they aren’t going to let you cum.

“MMMNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHHH,” you try and scream but no words come out.

“Hush now, we need to wash your cock, and you know we can’t let you cum. Please just try and relax,” Nurse Amy responds.

You try to enjoy the tease, but the two nurses keep you right on the edge of cumming. Again, they begin slowly tapering off stimulation while you stay at the same exact level. After 45 minutes of being on the edge, both nurses hands are completely still on your cock. Your washing is complete. You thrash and buck your hips to try and cum, but again, it’s no use.

“Great Job, Nurse Caitlin. Terrific work. His balls are certainly clean now. Please remember, this patient is proving to make lots of precum messes in his sheets. You will need to come back and check his linens every couple of hours.”

“Ok, Amy, and if I find a mess? Should I bring it to your attention?”

“No, just go ahead and give him his bath, and pay close attention to his vitals.”

The two nurses cleaned up and went about their day. You laid there, your cock hard and securely tied with a new tourniquet. Hours pass as you moan and beg for someone to come in an relieve you. You hear the door and the curtain swings open. It’s Nurse Caitlin again.

“Time for another bath!”

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