Blaine and Trey – Week 02

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Weeks run Thursday thru Wednesday, as Thursdays are the days the group meets for their weekly updates.

This is not a sex story, but rather a story of two individuals meeting and falling in love.

Week 2


Blaine ran into the library, barely on time for his group study session for his Business Logistics class. As he approached the group he saw his partner, Trey, talking to Aimee and Logan. Dustin, a 5’10” blue eyed blonde, was loitering nearby, listening to the conversation.

“Sorry I’m late. My statistics teacher didn’t want to stop lecturing.” Blaine stated as he walked past the group. “I’m going to go get a table.”

“Okay guys, time to get to work, I’ll see ya later.” Trey said to Aimee and Logan as he started to follow Blaine.

The two worked on the project thru the entire study session. As it neared the end Trey looked up. “I hope you don’t mind, I invited Aimee and Logan over to watch a movie tonight.”

“Yeah, that’s no problem, Trey. I didn’t expect we would need extra study time today anyway. You’re free to make whatever plans you want.” Blaine replied confused as to why Trey thought he would mind.

“You’ll be there too, right?”

Blaine looked down at the floor, “you want me there too? I just figured since we wouldn’t be studying… you wouldn’t want me to come over.”

Trey sighed, “Blaine, I wish you weren’t so insecure about people wanting to spend time with you. Everyone in this group knows you’re gay. They are not bothered by it. They all think you are a nice guy, even if you are too shy to contribute. Most of them want a chance to get to know you better. And not so they can harass you about being gay, because they think you’d be a good friend.”

“I’m sorry. Yes, I will be there tonight. What time, and should I bring anything?” Blaine resolved not to let his history prevent him from making friends now.

“Nope, just your adorable self!” Trey grinned and winked at Blaine as he was packing up his supplies. “See ya at 7pm!” He said over his shoulder as he walked away, laughing at the stunned look on Blaine’s face. — Blaine could hear voices from inside the apartment as he knocked. Aimee, laughing at something Logan had said, opened the door and pulled him inside. “Hey Blaine, so glad you could join us.” Still holding onto his arm, she dragged him into the living room where Logan and Trey had started discussing movies to watch. “He’s here! Let’s get the casino şirketleri show on the road.” Aimee grinned.

“Okay, I’ve agreed to let Logan pick the movie. What do we want to do for food?” Trey asked.

Both Aimee and Logan replied “Pizza, of course!” After a lengthy discussion they decided to get one meat lovers and one cheese pizza. Trey disappeared into the kitchen to make the call.

While they waited for the pizza they chatted about the project they were working on. The discussion gradually moved on to other topics. They learned that Trey played guitar in a band in high school; Aimee used to be a cheerleader; Logan was aspiring to be an artist, but his family insisted on the business courses. Blaine shared that he enjoyed cooking and baking.

The doorbell rang. Expecting it to be the pizza Aimee and Logan raced each other to the door. When they opened the door, there stood Dustin. “Hey… Dustin… what’s up man?” Logan asked.

“Well, I heard you guys talking about movie night tonight, and I wanted in!” Dustin sauntered into the living room. “Hey Trey, has the movie started yet?” Dustin sat very close next to Trey on the couch, putting his hand on Trey’s thigh.

“Oh, hey Dustin, I didn’t know you were planning to come by.” Trey removed Dustin’s hand and quickly stood. “We’re just waiting for the pizza to arrive. Sit back and relax. I’m just going to get plates and glasses out… find drinks for everyone.” Trey nervously glanced at Blaine as he walked by on his way to the kitchen.

“Here, let me help,” Blaine quickly jumped up and followed Trey, curious as to what that nervous look was about. “You okay, man?” he asked when they got to the kitchen.

“Yeah, just didn’t expect Dustin to show up. Earlier he wasn’t participating in the conversation; I didn’t think he noticed our plans. He comes on a little strong… or I guess I should say very strong.” Trey shook his head.

“Pizza’s here” Logan said as he entered the kitchen with 2 large pizza boxes. Soon, everyone was filling their plates and grabbing drinks before heading back out to the living room to watch the horror film Logan had chosen.

Trey noticed Blaine had put only one very small slice of meat lovers pizza on his plate, and grabbed a Sprite before settling into one corner of the couch. Aimee was stretched out on the loveseat and Logan had claimed the chair. Trey sat in the middle of the couch, deciding that was better than being in the corner casino firmaları with Dustin next to him… if Dustin started crowding him maybe he could scoot closer to Blaine to get away from him.

About half way thru the movie, Blaine’s phone began to vibrate. He apologized to everyone as he stepped away to take the call. “If you need quiet go into my study room… 1 door past the bathroom” Trey called to him. Trey noticed Dustin was sitting much closer to him than he had when the movie started, but wasn’t quite touching him yet.

While Blaine was in the office, they paused the movie. Logan got more pizza and refilled Aimee’s drink since she refused to get up from her spot on the loveseat. Dustin went to the bathroom. When Blaine got off the phone, Dustin was still gone and Trey had moved to Blaine’s spot. “Here Blaine,” Trey patted the middle cushion of the couch. “You get the middle for a while.”

Blaine was grinning and seemed to be ready to bounce off the ceiling. “Sure” he replied happily.

“Good news?”

“The best, but I can’t share it yet, I promised”

Dustin came back and was not happy with the new seating arrangements. He pouted at Blaine as he eyed the space between Trey and Blaine, deciding if there was enough space for him to squeeze in next to Trey.

“Dustin, sit down. I’m going to restart the movie” Logan told him impatiently as he grabbed the remote. Reluctantly, Dustin sat at the other end of the couch, but fidgeted during the rest of the movie, obviously not happy with the new seating arrangements.

After the movie ended, Blaine quietly took the plates and glasses to the kitchen and set them in the sink. Aimee and Logan were getting ready to leave, and he chatted with them at the door for a few moments before returning to the living room to see if Trey needed any help cleaning up. As he came into the living room he saw Dustin’s arm wrapped around Trey’s waist as he tried to pull the taller man closer. Trey didn’t seem to be objecting, and Blaine didn’t want to intrude on what appeared to be a private moment, so he quietly slipped out the front door, closing it softly behind him.

Blaine was back in his dorm room 20 minutes later, studying for a math quiz, when his phone beeped, indicating a text message.

“You left without saying bye. Everything ok?” from Trey

“Yah, saw you and Dustin together… didn’t want to interrupt” from Blaine

RING… RING… Blaine looked at the caller güvenilir casino id “Hey Trey, what’s up?”

“You didn’t have to leave. I told you earlier that Dustin keeps coming on to me, but I am not interested.”

“I wasn’t sure if you had changed your mind, I didn’t want to get in the way.”

“Dammit Blaine, you’re my friend. Dustin is, err was, an annoyance that will now leave me alone. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in him that way and if he couldn’t respect my decision then he was not welcome at my place.”

“Sorry Trey, next time I will let you know I am leaving. Dustin is cute, and very outgoing, I thought you might have wanted to start something with him.”

“Blaine” Trey growled, “Drop it. There is, and will never be, anything between Dustin and me.”

“Alright, alright, I got it,” Blaine laughed at Trey’s response. “Anyway, thanks for inviting me over. It was fun! I really gotta get back to studying though; I have a math test tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Trey agreed. “I’ll talk to you later!” —- Sunday

Blaine was sitting at a table near the window in the school’s café. It was 12:30pm. He had received a text from Trey asking if he wanted to meet for lunch today. As he waited, Blaine read one of the reference books for their Business Logistics project. He looked up just in time to watch Trey saunter into the room. He is a hottie, Blaine thought to himself… not for the first time. At 6’2″ with shoulder length straight light brown hair, brown eyes, and an ever present smile, Trey attracted a lot of attention from both guys and girls.

The two young men enjoyed their lunch as they chatted about various classes. Eventually the topic of conversation came around to last Thursday’s movie night.

“Yeah, I think we should make it a weekly thing, at least as long as we’re working on the project. I’ll let the other group members know too. Having some fun together may help us work together better. You up for it?” Trey asked with a grin on his face. “Maybe we’ll even let you cook for us one night, since you didn’t seem to enjoy the pizza we ordered.”

“Sounds like a great plan. You just better hope that not everybody shows up… how would you fit 8 people in your living room that seats 6 at the most?”

Trey laughed, “Well, Aimee would definitely have to share the loveseat, and if we really needed the space you could always sit on my lap.” Trey winked at Blaine. Seeing the uncomfortable look on Blaine’s face at that statement, he quickly added, “Don’t worry, I’m kidding. I could always bring in a few kitchen chairs, or people could sit on the floor.”

“Anyway, however it worked out; I think it would be a great idea.”

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