Blackmailing Sister in Law Ch. 02

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3 months had passed since the punishment (if you could call it punishment) of my sister in law. I caught her one-day having wild, mad, passionate sex with her stepson while her hubby was at work.

With me being an upstanding gentleman I had to show her the error of her ways, so punished her with all my strength. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it too.

Well, as I had mentioned it had been 3 months since the punishment of sissy in law and life was going pretty well. We hadn’t spoken to each other much but there didn’t seem to be any friction between us when were in the same room.

One night while I was screwing my wife’s brains out she mentioned something that shocked and excited me.

“Neil hun, would you like to see me with another woman. Would you like to watch me licking and sucking another woman’s pussy?” Karen asked.

I gagged and gasped for air.

“If you want, and iv thought a lot about this. Set me up with a friend of yours, or mine and I am sure we can add a little spice to our relationship” she whispered.

“You meant it,” I asked. “You want me to arrange for a threesome with another woman so I can watch you play and lick her pussy.”

“Sure. I’m willing if you are” she grinned.


I let what Karen had said to me ride for a few days incase she was just trying to keep me going in bed, but she still seemed keen for what she had proposed, to happen.

It didn’t take me long to conjure a perverted and highly sexual scenario in my mind. I went along to Tina’s house when I knew her husband wasn’t home. Tina, for those who didn’t read the 1st story is my cheating sister-in-law. I told her if she didn’t do as I asked that I would spill the beans on her little affair with her stepson. With little persuasion she agreed to my little plan. I was to bring along a female friend of mine to help punish Tina for being such a slut. Tina was to be gagged and tied to the bed so my guest and myself could pleasure her and ourselves.

The night had arrived, Tina had been prepared for my pleasure and was lying on her bed tied, blindfold, gagged and naked. Karen and myself had got into the car ready to drive off to Karen’s surprise.

“Put this blindfold on hun. I want the experience to start from here. Ill let you take it off only when the night is over.” I smiled.

She agreed to be blindfold, so we set off to meet her naughty sister.

As we pulled up outside of Tina’s house, I opened the car door and guided Karen up through the house and into Tina’s bedroom. Tina lay there naked as the day she was born. Her breasts heaving up and down with sexual anticipation. I took hold of Karen’s hand and guided her to the bed where her sister lay.

“There is only 1 rule. Blindfolds stay on,” I commanded as Karen slowly dropped to her knees and searched casino oyna out her sister’s naked body.

I sat in the corner on the dresser stool and watched as Karen’s hands slid up her unsuspecting sister’s legs. Both sisters not knowing whom the other woman was.

As Karen climbed onto the bed her hands slid up Tina’s thigh. Tina let out a quiet groan as Karen’s hand stopped around her thigh. Karen’s lips replaced her fingers. She kissed and licked Tina’s soft skin. She knelt up and unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to the bedroom floor. Her hands reached around her back and unfastened her bra. Her tits, not as big as Tina’s fell out of her bra.

Karen’s hands probed Tina’s thighs and found her pussy. She lent forward and put her lips onto Tina’s shaved pussy. She gently licked her sister’s pussy till soft groans came from Tina’s mouth.

I dropped a hand to my side and raised a small camcorder, putting it to my face I pointed at the 2 unknowing sister and pressed the record button.

Karen slowly licked and sucked her sister’s pussy, both letting out groans of pleasure. Tina played with her stiffening nipples and she was being eaten out by her sister. I unfastened my jeans to ease the pressure of my hardening cock.

Karen climbed up the bed licking Tina’s tingling body as she searched out her face. The lips met and both frantically kissed and licked each other’s face. Tina’s hand slid down the side of her body and to Karen’s thighs. Karen parted her thighs allowing Tina access to her wet pussy. I stroked my hard cock as I recorded the sisters.

Tina slowly finger fucked Karen as Karen sucked on Tina’s nipples. Biting them a little harder each time the excitement built in her pussy. Karen slid further up the bed and gently sat on Tina’s chest. Her hands searched out her sister’s head and brought it forward to meet her pussy. Karen inched a little forward as her sister licked and sucked her pussy. Karen arched back and excited her own nipples as Tina ate her out.

I got up from my seat, placed the camcorder on the dressed pointing at them and walked over to the bed. Beside the bed was a large thick vibrator. I picked it up and placed it into Tina’s hand. I sat back in my seat and picked up the camera again.

Tina smiled and Karen gasped as she slowly rubbed the vibrator along Karen’s pussy. Her body moving forward, trying to get more of the vibrator.

My cock was about to explode as I watched the sisters fucking each other. I put down the camera again and walked over to the bed. While Tina was fucking her sister with the vibrator I guided my cock into Tina’s mouth. She refused at first but a little coaxing she let it in. I pushed her head further onto it and she quickly sucked my cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth and like the slut she was, slot oyna drank every drop without struggle. I took hold of the vibrator and pushed it further into Karen’s begging pussy. She let out a loud gasp as the vibrator slide along her hard clit. Tina sucked the last of the cum from my cock and I handed her back the dildo.

Karen began to bounce and pant as she was approaching orgasm. Tina fucked her harder and harder with the dildo as she felt her sister about to erupt. Karen screamed out as a shattering orgasm shot through her body. Tina pulled out the vibrator and was met by a wave of juice as Karen came on her sister’s face. Tina licked the juices from her face as Karen slid down her body and kissed and licked her lips. Karen slid further down to Tina’s pussy, took hold of the vibrator and ran it up and down her sister’s pussy lips.

Karen began to tease Tina with the dildo. With each touch of it her lips sucked my cock harder. I pulled my cock slowly from Tina’s mouth and stood next to the bed. I reached over and pulled away Tina’s blindfold. She had her eyes closed at first but opened them and looked up at me. She gasped as her sister, slid the dildo in and out of her wet pussy.

She looked down at the strange woman that was fucking her pussy so professionally and let out another gasp as she saw it was her own sister, blindfold sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy.

Tina looked up and me and scowled. Her head shook from side to side saying no, NO. Tina was shocked to see her own sister fucking her. She mouthed the words…

“Please no, no” as the thought of her own sister fucking her pussy repulsed her.

I knelt down by the side of Tina.

“You WILL enjoy yourself sweetheart. It would break Karen’s heart to know what you two have been up to. Not to forget all the family disgrace if the video got out in public,” I whispered.

“What video?” She asked quietly. I pointed over to the camcorder placed on the side recording every erotic moment. Tina froze then screwed up her eyes, let out a gasp as an orgasm run through her body. Karen slid the dildo out from Tina’s pussy and licked the juice from it.

“I have another little surprise for you lovely ladies” I announced. I dashed downstairs and out to the car. Picked my bag from out of the boot and ran back upstairs to find Karen loving licking her sister’s pussy. “Now sweetheart, let me put this on you”. I took hold of Tina’s hand and helped her off the bed. I pulled out a large black strap on from the bag and started to put it onto Tina.

Tina pulled away; I took hold of her arm and pointed to the camera. She stopped pulling away and let me put the strap on here.

“Now Hun, something special” I whispered into Karen’s ear. I helped Karen onto all 4s and brought Tina behind her. I guided the strap on canlı casino siteleri into Karen’s pussy. She gasped and cried out as the long, black dildo slid into her. I took hold of Karen’s hips from behind Tina and pushed my hips into her, which in turn pushed the strap on, Tina was wearing deep, into her sister.

Tina’s eyes began to fill with tears as she slowly fucked her sister. Taking hold of her hips and rocking back and forth. I gently pushed them both onto the bed. Tina still fucking Karen, I took hold of Tina’s hips and slid my own hard cock into her pussy.

Weather she wanted to or not Tina was going to fuck her sister hard. I took hold of Tina’s hips and slid my cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. Tina in turn, fucking her sister. I quickened my pace as I felt my balls about to erupt into Tina. Karen had taken hold of Tina’s hips and was pulling her deep into her pussy. Karen cried out as she had another orgasm. I pulled out my cock, cum shot onto Tina’s ass and back. Both girls gasped for breath. Karen took hold of her sister’s head and kissed her passionately. Tina didn’t react at first but slowly responded to her sister’s kiss. Tina’s tongue slid into Karen’s mouth then kissed her face.

I unfastened the strap on and took it from Tina. Tina got off the bed as I took hold of Karen, her blindfold still in place and fastened the strap onto her. I took hold Of Karen’s hand and helped her off the bed. I motioned for Tina to get back onto the bad, on her back. I helped Karen back onto the bad and guided the dildo into Tina’s waiting pussy.

Karen didn’t need any prompting; she slowly began to rock back and forth, fucking Tina’s wet pussy. As a few strokes went on, Tina took hold of her sister’s hips and helped her by pulling her hips deep into her. Karen leant over and kissed her sister’s mouth. As she bent over I stepped up and gently guided my cock into Karen’s ass. She screamed as my cock slid into her tight hole. I fucked Karen’s ass as she fucked her sister’s pussy. Tina’s tits looked fantastic as they rocked back and forth along with Karen’s motion.

I felt Karen tense up an orgasm shot through her body. Her head instinctively dropped to meet Tina’s and kissed her passionately. I pulled out of Karen and watched as she fucked Tina faster and faster. The look on Tina’s face had turned from horror to pleasure as she felt herself about to climax. She was pulling Karen harder and faster into her.

She gasped as the orgasm ran through her body and in return, kissed Karen passionately on the lips.

I took the strap on from around Karen’s waist and guided her off the bed.

“I hope my dear you have enjoyed yourself today. I know I have. I whispered.

Tina lay on the bed looking at both her sister and me. Not in disgust but in pleasure. It did shock her at first but she came round to the idea. I had also taped the performance of the 2 sisters just incase I had need for it.

Karen never knew about her sister. I may tell her. I may not. We shall have to wait and see…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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