Black Tie Event Pt. 01

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This story has been edited by Stpehen7Redo. He has done a great job helping my story ideas make sense and allowing the stories to be easy to read. There isn’t much action in this part but Aaron is certainly entertained throughout this part.


Aaron gets invited to a black-tie event with a woman that he meets at work.

I left Cassandra’s that Monday morning for work. She was leaving for her business trip to Palm Springs. As I rode on the train watching the various houses go by, I couldn’t help but think back to fucking that sexy cougar the evening before. The sex was hot as usual and we had stayed up into the wee hours of the morning pleasuring each other only to wake up in each other’s arms and have sex two more times before I left.

I could see the smile on my face reflected in the window of the train. I smiled even more.

But I was already missing Cassandra and I knew her flight wasn’t for a few more hours. I wouldn’t say I was in love with her, but she had definitely opened me up to a whole new world that was I truly enjoying. I loved the time we spent together and couldn’t wait for her to get back from her trip and be with her more, but I had to wait five days before I could see her again.

The train pulled into my stop and I grabbed my bag and got off the train. I walked down the street to my office, on into the lobby of the building and headed over towards the elevator bank that would take me up to the 21st floor, just like I did every weekday. Once inside the car I pressed the button for my floor as I always did but just as the doors were closing I heard the clicking of heels on the gray polished granite floors outside. I then saw a hand reach in between the doors to stop them from closing. I quickly reacted and reached out to press the door open button. As the doors parted a woman stepped into the elevator. I couldn’t help but look her over. She had short auburn colored hair and was maybe about 5’6″ inches tall. Her body was curvy in all the right places with an emphasis I could immediately tell she took care of herself. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse with a gray jacket over it. I looked her up and down as she moved to the back of the elevator and stood next to me. I guessed she was in her mid-thirties as she leaned past me to push the button for the 25th floor and the elevator started to ascend the tall office building.

“Thanks for holding the elevator for me,” I heard the soft voice call out beside me.

“No problem, I heard your heels clicking on the floor as the door was closing,” I replied back to her not mentioning that I also saw the soft feminine hand peek between the closing doors.

“Most people don’t bother to hold the elevator,” she said as she turned to me.

“I’m glad I wasn’t another one of those,” I said with a smile.

“Well thanks, I really appreciate it. My name is Deborah by the way,” she said holding out that soft hand of hers.

“Nice to meet you Deborah, I’m Aaron,” I replied as I took her hand in mine and shook gently. Her lovely hand was soft, very soft and warm, too. “So Deborah, who do you work for here in the building?”

“I work for an advertising company up on the 25th floor. How about you?”

“I work for an investment company,” I replied just as the elevator stopped all too soon at my floor. “Well, it was nice meeting you Deborah.”

I nodded, and stepped off the elevator. The doors started to close when I heard…

“It was nice meeting you as well Aaron,” she said as I looked back to see her beautiful smiling face between the half closed. “Thanks once again for holding the door for me. Maybe I’ll see you around the building or the elevator again,” she smiled a broader smile that somehow bore right into me as I got one last look at her beautiful face and incredible body.

After the doors finally closed, I spun on my heels and headed over to my desk to get started with my day.

Just before noon I headed downstairs to grab a bite to eat, again pretty much like I normally do. When I got off the elevator in the lobby, Deborah was getting off the elevator next to mine.

“Well look who it is? I haven’t seen you in a while,” she said, to which I swear she giggled like a little schoolgirl as she walked over to me.

“You know, in the year and half I have been working here I have never run into you and just in one morning I’ve met up with you twice. That probably means something,” I said as she came up within a pace away from me.

“I know what you mean, it’s okay though, I certainly don’t mind seeing you again,” she smiled and actually nibbled on her lower lip as she looked at me.

I was feeling that familiar charge in my body.

“So Aaron, are you going to get lunch now?”

“Yeah I am. You as well?” I responded back to her with a broad smile of my own.

“Do you want to grab lunch together?” This time her eyelashes fluttered.

Okay, I knew an all-out flirt when I saw one!

“Sure I’d love to, where are you headed?” I asked as we walked out of the building and out onto the tandoğan escort bayan sidewalk.

“I was just planning on going over to the salad place. We could eat there or head to the park since it is nice out.” She looked up into the sun which gave me an opportunity to take in that incredibly curvy body for a moment.

Damn she was hot!

“The park sounds good to me.”

We made small talk while we walked, got our salads then headed to the park. We were able to find a bench near the fountain and rather silently both got into our salads. After a couple of minutes of eating we continued with literally small talk, about the weather and our salads. It really was a nice day out but I was enjoying not only the beautiful weather but the very attractive woman sitting next to me.

“So Aaron, I know this is last minute, but do you have any plans for Wednesday night?” Deborah asked as she wiped some dressing from her lip.

“No I don’t, why, what do you have in mind?” I asked as I put my fork down and waited for her to be the modern woman and ask me out on a date.

She paused for second as if thinking hard about something and then looked up at me with a curious look on her face. “Like I said this is rather last minute but I need a date for this black-tie event I am attending. It’s for this charity I do volunteer work for. It is our annual gala,” she paused and shoved her salad around in the plastic container with her black fork. “But you probably don’t want to go to some event with a woman you barely know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked,” she said and immediately forked a carrot into her mouth then looked away from me.

I sat there staring at this lovely woman, this very sexy woman who only minutes ago was flirting with me like crazy.

“Actually Deborah, I would love to be your date for the evening,” I returned knowing I wouldn’t mind going with her but reluctant for one big reason. “Only I don’t own a tux and I don’t think I could get a rental that quickly.”

Deborah’s head shot up and her lovely eyes looked at me as a little dollop of whitish dressing clung to her lower lip.

“Well, that is definitely not a problem. I actually have a friend that owns a tailor shop and he rents tuxes. If you go there after work tonight I know he could have you ready for Wednesday,” she smiled that broad smile again and as she did I watched all too intently as she tongued that little drip of dressing from her lower lip.

Damn, if that wasn’t so sexy!

“Well then it’s settled, I will be your date on Wednesday night. What time the does the gala start?”

“It starts at eight and is supposed to go until 11:30, but a few of us usually go out afterwards or we have the last couple of years,” she said with that sexy smile and hot look in her eyes of earlier, that flirty look.

“So either I plan to go into work late the next day or take the day off, huh?” I said this of course imagining spending the night with Deborah and that curvy body of hers wrapped around mine.

“Uh, yeah, I plan taking the day off,” she said smiling up at me, this time I swear I saw a subtle wink in her right eye.

Oh damn!

We finished our salads and then headed back to the office. Before I got off the elevator this time she handed me a business card to her friends shop and told me to ask for Carlos. She said she would call him when she got back to her office to let him know I would be coming by after work. It wasn’t until I was walking back to my office and sitting down at my desk that I fully realized I was sporting a hard-on in my dress pants. I tried not to think about Deborah to stem that stiffness, but I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. All I could think of was hooking up with that hot woman on Wednesday night.

All of a sudden my cell phone buzzed, which made me jump in my seat. I looked and saw I had a text message. It was from Cassandra saying she was getting ready to board her flight and would miss me and my hard cock. I smiled and felt that cock give a little lurch at her words as if it wanted to go through the phone into that perfectly hot mouth of hers. Damn could Cassandra suck cock! I took a deep breath before replying back to tell her to enjoy herself. But I knew I couldn’t wait to fuck her wet pussy when she got back.

My hard-on only got harder at that point.

Somehow I was able to get back to work and before I knew it the rest of the day had flown by. At 5:30 I left and headed straight over to the tailor shop Deborah had recommended. A somewhat middle aged looking guy came out from the back room.

“May I help you?” He said with a rather thick Hispanic accent.

“Yes, I’m here to see Carlos.”

“You must be Aaron. Deborah said you would be coming by to see me,” he said as he took the last few steps towards me and extended his hand. “I’m Carlos, pleased to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Carlos,” I said grasping his hand and receiving a very firm handshake.

“So Aaron what did you have in mind for a tuxedo?”

“I’m not sure. Does it tunalı escort bayan matter what color dress Deborah is wearing? She didn’t tell me that,” I said as I walked over to one of the mannequins dressed up in a sharp tuxedo.

“She realized she hadn’t so she told me. She’ll be wearing a black halter dress,” the older gentleman said walking up beside me. “That tux in front of you would go great with her dress.”

“Okay, that works for me,” I said looking more closely at the slate gray tuxedo on the tall thin mannequin. I thought it would look even sharper if it was cut to fit my fuller, more athletic frame.

“Why don’t you go into the changing room and I will bring in pants and jacket. You are a size 42 regular, with what,” he leaned back and looked down studying me, “a 34 waist, right?”

“You are good,” I said looking back at the shorter man.

“It’s my business to be good at sizing up men,” he looked me up and down, but giving me a different kind of look this time.

For some weird reason I looked at him differently too. Carlos was a pretty good looking dude, somewhat shorter than me, but rather muscular looking on his own right under that starched white shirt, with his olive skin and slicked back dark hair. He looked to be in his forties.

“Go on,” he called out and waved me away.

I blinked and walked to the back of the store and the changing room. Once inside I took off my shirt and pants. As soon as I had I heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Carlos standing there holding three shirts and three pairs of pants on hangers.

“Come on out and I’ll measure your exact waist and inseam,” Carlos said to me as he hung up the clothes on hooks to the left of three big angled wall mirrors.

I walked out of the fitting room more than a little self-conscious in just my boxers and socks. But I made my way to the mirrors as Carlos pulled the measuring tape from around his neck.

“Okay spread your legs to shoulder width,” he said as he got down on his knees in front of me. I did as he asked, put my hands on my hips and stared at myself in the mirror. I did look good I thought to myself. I was proud of my chest and arms and how toned I was able to keep myself. But as I watched this older man kneeling front of me I felt even more self-conscious standing there in only my boxers. I tried to satisfy myself with the thought that this was his job, he was a professional. Right then though I felt the man’s hand brush up against my cock as he stretched out the yellow tape along my right leg.

I inhaled sharply.

I was sure it was just an accident as he measured me. I exhaled as his hand moved away. He then switched and measured my left leg again, brushing up against my cockhead with the back of his hand again. I held my breath once more as I watched this play out by my reflection in the mirror. Only this time he held it there a few seconds longer than he had on the other side. He seemed to linger and rub against my cock through my boxers. At this point I both felt and saw my cock slowly harden from his stimulation. In no time I had a hard-on going on.

I saw his dark head tilt back in the mirror and when I looked down Carlos was looking up at me smiling broadly. I stood there, blushing I know, not knowing what to think with a boner sticking out inches from a complete strangers face, a guy’s face at that.

Carlos chuckled as he stood up. “You don’t have to worry about that when you wear the tux. All of the pants have extra room down there so you won’t embarrass yourself.”

I gulped and lowered my hands to hide my crotch. “Well that is good to know, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself in front of, uh, Deborah, uh…” I said back with a stutter as he put the tape measure around my waist while my cock pointed out toward him. Then he moved closer and my cockhead brushed up against his stomach. Somehow the incidental contact between us seemed to light a fire in my loins. I wanted to assume it was a latent reaction to the on again, off again hard-on I had had over Deborah all day.

As if he was reading my mind he said…

“If you don’t get a hard-on being around Deborah, there is something very wrong with you. She is one attractive woman isn’t she?” Carlos asked as he handed me a shirt to try on.

“Uh, yes, she is. She certainly is,” I said turning away from him to point my erection in another direction as I tried on the shirt.

Carlos came around and pulled down on the one cuff and proceeded to measure my arm length.

“Okay, let’s try on the pants,” he said pulling a pair off the hanger.

I grabbed the pants and turned to the side again as I pulled them up my legs. I had to do a little work to get my cock down inside them and as I did it almost slipped out of the fly of my boxer briefs. I happened to look up and catch Carlos staring at my side looking at my reflection in the side angled mirror.

He was staring right at my erection.

I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying this as a joke or a horny gay guy at that moment. I just felt türbanlı escort bayan like a moron trying to put on pants while spotting a hard-on. Finally I was able to tuck my dick into the pants and then finished zipping and buttoning them up.

“These look like they fit you real well. I really do have a good eye for sizes don’t I?” Carlos said as he obviously stared right at my crotch.

“Uh, yeah, but these pants aren’t that loose in the crotch as you said earlier,” I responded by doing a little half squat and wiggle to get my erection to settle in better to the tuxedo pants.

Carlos immediately dropped down to one knee again which brought him face level to my crotch. He reached up and pulled at the front of the pants and I was sure intentionally got a good feel of my cock this time.

“Do you want more room in here, I mean since it looks like you are kind of big down here?” He asked me with a huge smirk on his face.

“I don’t know. I’ve never bought pants to accommodate, well you know, this condition. What do you think I should do?” I responded back to him trying not to sound too nervous.

“Well let’s see,” he said, standing up abruptly and unzipped my pants. His hand slipped into my pants and felt around. “How much room do you have in there, between this rather sizable manhood and the front of your pants, hmm.”

I was so hard and felt totally under some spell he had over me as his hand grabbed my dick firmly. I don’t know if it was his accent or his deep green eyes that were seducing, but with each word, glance and squeeze I was getting past the point of being able to hold back from making a huge mess in those formal pants.

“I think you have a little bit of room, but I can make it bigger down there for you,” he said as he looked into my eyes and I felt his fingers wrap fully around my erect cock and give me a tug. In the next breath he started to stroke me firmly. I let out a heavy gasp but didn’t budge as his hand felt too good against cock. I just closed my eyes as he continued to stroke me. I felt him slowly back me into the fitting room as I began to breathe more deeply.

I don’t know what happened after that only I felt completely powerless with this older man. Before I knew it, he had my cock hanging out the slit of my boxers and continued stroking it. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but he made it feel so good. No sooner had he shut the door behind him than he was back down on his knees and I felt something wet and warm on the tip of my cock. My eyes sprung open and I looked down to see his tongue out and licking my cockhead. I watched unmoving as he licked me the way Cassandra licked me, with nice big long licks. I had no sooner been enjoying that measure of great sensation than instantly I watched him take my cock into his mouth. I inhaled so sharply I thought I would swallow my tongue as I felt him lick the underside of my fully hardened shaft. It was amazing, not just the tongue and mouth but realizing he was sliding further down my shaft taking me all in. In fact, he took me into until I felt myself easing down his throat and his chin came to rest on my heavy dangling balls.

Oh fuck!

As I leaned back against the changing room wall he started to bob up and down on my cock sucking away. He did this for a minute or so before he eased back and wrapped his fist around the base of my shaft while he tightened his lips on the head of my fully swollen organ. I knew he would be having me cumming in no time when I could feel that familiar tingling in my balls. I let out a few moans as Carlos increased the speed of his hand and lips. All of sudden I felt my balls lurch up and my shaft swell and in the next moment I erupted, shooting my cum to the back of the man’s throat. He continued to pump away at my cock as my cum flowed and flowed.

I let out some more moans while Carlos continued to stroke my cock and took the last of my spurts into his open mouth. When he had the last drop he looked up at me and swallowed hard before he took out a handkerchief from his back pocket, wiped off his lips then dried the head of my cock before he tucked it cock back into my boxers.

Without saying a word, the man got up and walked out of the dressing room closing the door behind him. I stood there still leaning back against the wall trying to figure out what the fuck had just happened. I couldn’t believe I had just gotten a blow job from an older man, a man period. I wasn’t sure what the hell to think. The only thing I knew was this man sure knew how to suck a cock.

I also knew I felt delightfully warm and very much satisfied after a long day of sporting a hard-on for a woman only to get sucked off by a guy. It was a fantastic cum. I took a huge breath, finally stood up straight then took off the tux pants, surprised that I didn’t find a single cum stain on them. Carlos had swallowed down every drop I had produced. He really was an expert cock sucker.

I got dressed back into my office clothes before and stepped out from the fitting room. I looked across the store to find Carlos behind the front counter. Part of me wanted to slip out the door and forget about the whole tuxedo thing. But another part of me really wanted to go out with Deborah. Yes, even though I had just been sucked off to a huge cum by an older man I still had a horny need for that beautifully sexy woman. Maybe I had a more intentional need just for that reason.

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