Birthday in Vegas Pt. 01

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Big Tits

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…or does it? Two girlfriends plan to find out during a birthday celebration with their fathers. The trick will be how to get each man into bed with his own daughter. In Part 1 the plan is hatched.


Jessica Clark sighed in contentment as the backs of Vanessa Hunter’s fingers brushed over her nipples.

“Mmm, I like that. Especially after one of our ‘sessions’.” Jessica combed her fingers through Vanessa’s long blond hair.

Vanessa flopped back on the bed, Jessica snuggled up to her and the two girls silently rested. Jessica, the taller of the two, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, laid her head on Vanessa’s shoulder and studied Vanessa’s breasts. For some reason she always liked Vanessa’s breasts, smaller than her own full round ones, with large puffy nipples Jessica enjoyed playing with.

They were next door neighbors, college roommates and had been best friends since – forever.

After a few minutes Jessica propped on an elbow. “I’ve been thinking about something. We have birthdays coming up.”

“Yeah, the big TWO ONE! It’s nice that our birthdays are so close together, too.”

“It seems we need a bigger celebration for this one. You know Spring Break is the week of our birthdays this year, right?”


“I’m thinking really big. Like a week in Vegas.”

Vanessa sat up. “How do you plan to swing that? We’re college seniors and aren’t exactly rolling in money.”

“I think our dads need a break, too. We could call it an early birthday celebration for them, your dad’s is next month and mine is the month after.”

“There’s some other anniversary that is right after our birthdays, too. Not exactly something to celebrate.”

“I know. I never thought I’d miss my mother as much as I do. Dad gets real melancholy around this time of year. I know he misses her.”

Vanessa nodded somberly. “Mine, too. I wish there was something we could do to cheer them up.”

“That’s something I hope a vacation to Vegas could help with. It seems that every year we all relive that night. I’ll never forget the sight of the crumpled car our mothers were in after that semi crossed the center line and hit them head on. They probably died instantly. At least I hope they did.”

“You know, I had just had an argument with my mom that morning, an argument over some stupid thing like what I was going to wear to school. Something a fourteen year old does. I never even told her goodbye, I just stormed out.”

“Our dads have really done as best they could to raise us without a woman in the house. I feel closer to my dad since then. I think I barely acknowledged him up until that day. It was always mom who dried my tears from all the teenage heartaches. She knew what I was going through.”

“But we each feel so much closer to our dad’s now. After graduation wouldn’t it be nice to sort of stay home?”

“But that would mean…oh, I get it. She laughed. “Maybe we could have a little ‘what happens in Vegas’ experience, huh?”

“Wouldn’t that be wild?”

“Especially since the self-centered creeps we’ve gone out with only think of us as pussies and tits and getting themselves off. I’ll bet our dad’s aren’t like that. I’ll bet they would know what to do. It would be nice to have one experience with a real man like that before we head out into the world.”

Vanessa stared somberly off into the distance. “I’ve had dreams of being in bed with him.”

Jessica laid a hand on her friend’s arm. “And I’ve fantasized about being with my dad, what I think we would do together. When I’m in full fantasy mode I get so wet.”

Vanessa laughed, “And then you come to me.”

“I’d rather have your fingers in me than my own.”

“And, as you know, I sometimes imagine your tongue is his. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to have the real thing?”

The girls got dressed and hugged before opening the dorm room door. They thought it would be best to broach the subject of the trip the following weekend during the girls’ next trip home.

The Clarks and Hunters had lived next door to each other for nearly twenty-five years. Bruce Clark and Michael Hunter worked for the same insurance company and bought houses next to each other. The families became good friends socially, and their two daughters grew up together. In fact, the two families almost seemed like one. The girls often thought of themselves as sisters and the men were as close as brothers.

The dinner discussion, as it often did, centered on the girl’s future. Bruce asked Jessica “Had any job offers yet?”

Jessica shook her head. “I’ve talked to several companies, but nobody seems to be hiring right now. I’d really like to stay in this area, but may have to look elsewhere.”

Bruce nodded. “The job market is tight. I’ve been thinking about something, though. If you don’t find something else you like better, I’m going to need an office receptionist in a couple of months. You are a bright girl and will have a business degree, and I know you have excellent people casino şirketleri skills. The position will mean some on the job training but the receptionist position is really designed to be more like an assistant. You would handle calls and help clients with claims and such. You would handle some of the tasks I have to do now because the girl currently in the position can’t explain the difference between whole life and universal life insurance. She gets confused about how to file a homeowner’s claim. She has trouble remembering what to tell people about the status of their auto claim, and sends a lot of calls to me that she should be able to handle herself. Think about if you’d be interested.”

“I might be. It would mean I could stay close to home,” adding in her own mind ‘and you.’

“I know the starting salary isn’t much, but as you gain experience the money goes up as well. You could stay here at home if you need to until you get settled.”

The wheels turned in her head. ‘And that would be just what I want. I wonder if you want it the way I want it.’

Michael Hunter raised his eyebrows at his daughter. She sighed “I’m afraid my heart isn’t in looking for a business job. I worked hard for my degree, don’t get me wrong, but the closer I get to graduation the more I’m convinced I want to do something else.”

Michael rubbed a hand over his face. “It’s the art, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s what I’m really excited about. I took a couple of art classes and the profs really liked my work. One even suggested I go for an MFA, but I don’t know that I want more school. I want to paint.”

“I have to admit I like your work. But me liking it doesn’t mean you can make a living at it. I am rather biased after all.”

“I know. There’s the whole starving artist thing. Maybe I can do something like designing cover art for business brochures or something to help me along financially.”

Michael wrinkled his brow. “Hmm. I’ll ask around. Maybe we can create a position like that at work. Probably wouldn’t be full time, though.”

“If I had a studio somewhere cheap I could do both.”

“Maybe I can clean out some stuff in the basement and set you up a studio of sorts.”

“I wouldn’t expect to freeload like some college graduates. I’d pay for the space as I’m able. I’ve made a few dollars at student art sales so I might be able to sell a few things.”

“I’d actually like to have you around. I’d miss you if you moved away.”

Vanessa said to herself ‘And I’d miss you, too.’

Bruce turned to Jessica. “I have to admit that has been in the back of my mind, too. I like it when you’re around.”

Jessica and Vanessa looked at each other and nodded. It was Jessica that spoke up. “Well, we’ve been discussing something also. We’ve got milestone birthdays coming up and tossed around the idea of going to Las Vegas over spring break. Our birthdays are that week.”

Bruce put down his fork. “I’m not sure I like the idea of you going off…”

Jessica shook her head. “Wait. Let me finish. We thought it would be good for the four of us to go. You and Vanessa’s dad need a break, too. Especially since that’s when we tend to remember. We need to be somewhere where we can do something different, get a new perspective.”

Bruce laughed. “Oh, I see. It’s all about a new perspective. It has nothing to do with shows and meeting guys and such.”

Vanessa added “We’re not out to meet guys. Certainly not the kind of guys we’d meet there. Maybe a show or two would be nice, but there are day trips we could make, and some of the casinos have fun things to do besides gambling. It would be a different environment for us.”

Jessica added with a laugh “Maybe we’d have to ride herd on you two to keep you away from all those showgirls.”

The men said they’d consider it, especially since neither of them had taken any vacation time since the accident seven years ago.

Back at school Vanessa and Jessica talked about the trip and what had been discussed about their own futures. Vanessa suddenly gripped Jessica’s arm. “I just had a wild idea. How about you pose for me?”


“Yeah, so I can practice portraits. Prof said I have some talent in that area. I know I can sketch figures but I haven’t tried painting them.”

“And where would this be?”

“I could set up here in the dorm room.”

“And the room would smell like paint for weeks.”

“Okay…I know! I’ll arrange to have the campus art studio available. Come on, I’d really like to do you.”

The next weekend the studio was not being used, so Vanessa excitedly set up her easel and laid out her paint tubes. She placed a chair in the center of the room for Jessica to sit on, and worked on moving her around until she had the exact pose she was looking for and set her easel just where she wanted it.

“Okay, now take off your clothes”

“What do you mean ‘take off my clothes’?”

“Just that. I want to do your body. I’ve got you turned so your face isn’t toward me. Come on, it’s not like I haven’t casino firmaları seen you naked a hundred times. In fact, I’ll take mine off, too. How about that?”

Jessica laughed “If you can paint without clothes I guess I can pose for you.”

Vanessa worked furiously with a pencil to rough out the figure, and then began painting. Over the course of the weekend the picture took shape. At last she stepped back and looked at her work critically. “I think I’ve got you. I really do.”

Jessica gasped when she saw the canvas. “Ohmygod, that’s really me.”

“But see, you know it’s you because you know your body, but someone else looking at it probably wouldn’t know it was you because of the way I have your head turned.”

Jessica had a sudden thought. “Just where are you going to keep this thing?”

“For now I think I’ll take it home and store it in the basement with some other stuff I’ve done. It’s just practice.”

“Shit, Vanessa. Why have you been fooling around with all those business classes? I’ve seen a lot of things you’ve done, but nothing compares to this.”

“I do a lot of messing around. This is my first real serious work. Do you really like it?”

Jessica laughed “I may have to buy this from you so I can hide it someplace only you and I can look at it.” She raised her eyebrows “You, me and maybe dad. I bet he’d like it.”

A trip to Las Vegas was arranged with a package deal of a direct flight and five nights with two rooms at the Mirage on the strip.

They arrived in late afternoon and the evening was spent exploring the casino and playing a few slots. The sights and sounds were exciting, and some free drinks got everyone into a mellow mood. They laughed as they realized the casino didn’t have any windows so it was hard to tell if it was day or night. They also discovered that the best way to find a door to the outside was by walking the perimeter of the casino until you found one.

Their first day trip was to Zion National Park. It was a full day with a long drive each way in the rental car. The parking was a hassle but the shuttle was comfortable and there was plenty to see around the visitor center. Vanessa took out her sketch pad when they walked under a ledge with a curtain of water dripping from above and lush vegetation below. Light on the canyon walls drew her attention. Whenever she saw tourists taking pictures she turned around and sketched the opposite view, which she found just as interesting.

Following the long day they decided to eat at Hard Rock Café and then spend more time in the casino, playing some nickel slots. The girls found it was easy to lose track of time in the casino and discovered the men had apparently already gone to bed by the time the two girls made it back to the room they shared.

After breakfast they found a tour to Hoover Dam, one that included a boat tour around part of the shoreline of the Lake Mead, poking up into flooded canyons. Vanessa used up half a sketch book.

That evening the girls wanted to ride the roller coaster at New York New York, but their fathers weren’t up for it and waited for the girls in the casino. When the girls found their fathers Michael had won fifty dollars at the slots and was ready to keep going. It didn’t take long to lose it all.

Vanessa laughed at her father “That’s how they keep you here. Make you feel like a winner and then suck it right back out of you.”

“I should have quit while I was ahead,” he grumbled.

In the room the girls conferred.

“Jess, I’m not sure our dads are getting what they need from this vacation.”

“I’m not sure we are, either.”

“So, do we really want what we talked about?”

Jessica flopped back onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling. “Yeah, and I think it’s the same thing they need.”

Tears rolled down Vanessa’s face and she threw herself down on the bed beside Jessica. “We can never have a complete family again. They’re gone and never coming back. We’ve got our dads and they’ve got us. We’re the families now.”

Jessica kissed Vanessa and smoothed her hair. “We do have something wonderful just between us. But there’s more, something bigger here. We need what they need. We can give them what they need and they can give us what we need.”

Vanessa pondered for a moment. “You’re right, the answer has been right in front of us; we’ve talked around it but never said it out loud.”

“I think the trip has helped. It has caused us to do some different things, to see the world differently. Some say Vegas is a big artificial experience, where you go if you can’t go to the real thing, like Paris or Venice, or Egypt, or wherever. But it is also a place that can make you think differently. I’ve fantasized, but I can’t believe I never seriously thought of the solution before.”

“We weren’t ready. They weren’t ready. But I think we all are now.”

“So, how do we bring this about? If we just come right out with it they’ll freak.”

“Yeah, but we’re running out of vacation time. It has to be done here. It has to güvenilir casino start tomorrow.”

Jessica exhaled sharply. “Hoo boy, this is scary stuff.”

“We may never have another chance…or the nerve again.”

“I suppose it also gives us the opportunity to keep our unique relationship. Do you ever wonder whether our moms had a relationship like ours?”

“They sure did a lot of things together, but I guess we’ll never know for sure. Yet I wouldn’t be totally shocked if they did. I mean, my dad is a wonderful guy and I love him, but sometimes I think we have what each other needs but haven’t done anything about it.”

“This whole enterprise makes nervous. I think I need something right now.”

Vanessa embraced and kissed Jessica. “Me too.”

The girls kissed and fondled each other, raising the temperature gradually. They undressed each other slowly and deliberately, kissing and caressing each new patch of skin as it was revealed until they embraced a full body skin to skin embrace, and kissed deeply with tongues playing. Fingers deftly played over breasts, brushing lightly and squeezing gently. Kisses moved to throats and down to breasts while fingers moved lower to play amongst the dampening trimmed hair before dipping into wet creases.

Vanessa thrust a tongue into Jessica’s navel and Jessica teased on a clitoral hood with a finger and then her hand wandered down so the finger could enter Vanessa.

The girls rolled on the bed, rubbing their mons on each other’s thighs. Vanessa straddled Jessica’s hips and the two maneuvered so they could move their hips so their mons and the clit below rubbed together, getting wetter and wetter.

Vanessa turned around and straddled Jessica facing the other way. She wriggled up until she was positioned directly over Jessica’s mouth and she could grasp Jessica’s legs while she thrust her own face into the glistening pink. Jessica pried Vanessa open to tongue from vagina to clit and suck on labia.

Vanessa reached a hand back to caress a breast on Jessica, and Jessica reached for one of Vanessa’s dangling breasts. The girls writhed together making mewling sounds to go with the smacking of labia sucking. Tongues found the hidden treasures under the clitoral hoods.

Vanessa began to breathe heavily as her body started an orgasmic dance. She flopped down onto Jessica, covering Jessica’s mouth with her increasing wetness and ground into Jessica’s face as her vagina pulsed. She momentarily stopped tending to Jessica as she closed her eyes and savored her release.

When she regained her senses enough she attacked her friend with renewed vigor until Jessica squirmed and moaned. Vanessa knew from past experience with the signs that Jessica was about to let go with a loud moan as she climaxed. Without letting up her mouth work she crammed her own vulva down hard on Vanessa to stifle the sounds until she was spent.

Breathing heavily they kissed, tasting themselves in each other’s mouth, before curling up together and falling asleep.

In the morning the girls dressed in tee shirts and tight very short shorts for the day trip to Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas. They left early in the morning and reached their destination before the larger crowds. At one parking area in the stark arid landscape they found a trail up a canyon. The girls slapped on ball caps and pulled ponytails out the back, and the group set out.

Along the way they noticed gradual greening of the canyon, and sat on a rock outcrop to enjoy the sight so far. The girls climbed up the rock to stand on the top. Bruce grabbed Mike’s arm as they watched the progress.

“Cripes, if they weren’t our daughters…”

“I know in my head that they’re grown up, but I know what you mean. They look like young women, real women.”

“I’d have to say they look hot in those tight shorts. Those young men over there have noticed, too.”

A group of three young men wearing Iowa State tee shirts lined up to take selfies, but it was obvious they were positioning themselves to have the climbing girls behind them. When the girls reached the top and stood together one of the young men surreptitiously took a photo of them. The three then gathered around the phone to look with obvious interest at the images they had.

As the girls eased down the rock face the college guys openly followed their progress.

Further up the canyon they came upon a green area with trees, flowering plants and lush grass, and benches to sit on. A pool of water came from a spring and trickled down the canyon for a ways before disappearing into the ground. The air was at least ten degrees cooler than at the trailhead. Vanessa took out her sketch pad while Jessica took photos with her phone.

On the way back to the car the dads followed the girls, each of the men shaking his head at the sight of rolling hips and shapely legs before them.

Back at the hotel the girls were all about spending the remainder of the afternoon at the European pool, and encouraged the men to join them.

Vanessa said “Come on. We’re here to relax.”

Jessica added “Just for a couple of hours. It’s free for hotel guests, but outsiders have to pay a cover charge. They have music, and a bar, and lounge chairs and…stuff.”

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