Birthday Girl

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Vivica knocks back another glass, the strobe lights and obnoxious beats losing its mystifying effect.

She’d made it to the big 21, the age where you can legally drink and it’s not frowned upon. Well, for her at least; she barely touched a drop of liquor since she was 16 and it was a dare by her old high school classmates she has yet to reunite with.

Her party animal friend Meridian dragged her to this club; it’s one of those clubs where you have to have big money in order to even be considered on the waiting list; if Meridian hadn’t been fucking the DJ there’s a high chance they’d still be outside, freezing their asses off and waiting to get in. She looks to her left; Meridian is busy twerking on the DJ, speak of the Devil…

“Hey, girl. Want to dance?” a guy says in Vivica’s ear. Ugh.

“No, thank you.” She answers thinly.

“C’mon, baby…the night’s still young…”

“No. Thank you.” She responds with more conviction. The guy finally takes the hint.

“Alright, then. Have a nice one.” He smiles thinly and walks off, muttering “bitch” under his breath before disappearing into the sea of dancers. Vivica leans against the bar stool, watching the club come alive over some new single the DJ wanted to introduce.

It’s supposed to be her birthday; she’s supposed to be the life of the party, have eyes on her while she makes a scene twerking on some random guy she may or may not fuck that night. She should be laid out on the tables, letting the bartender pour liquor down her throat while Meridian does jello shots off her navel. She should be having DJ’s playing her favorite songs while everyone cheering her on as she eats her birthday cake and champagne with VIP status. Instead, she’s posted against the bar, watching everyone have fun and life goes on without her.

She feels lightweight salty.


She jolts.

She knows that voice everywhere.

She turns around and sees none other than Caleb, her ex-coworker.

“Caleb!” She hugs him.

“How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you!”

“I’ve been good. My uncle owns this club so I figured I’d drop by. What brings you here?”

“It’s my birthday.”

“Deadass? Why you posted up on the wall? Aye, Farina!”

The bartender looks up.

“Get this girl anything she wants. Drinks are on me.” He pulls out his wallet, dollar bills crammed in every crevice.

“And a bottle of Cristal. It’s her night.” He winks at her. Warmth creeps up Vivica’s cheeks.

“Why don’t you come with me? VIP status.” He guides her to the VIP table.

“Farina’s gonna bring the drinks to you. So, birthday girl, what’s your poison?”

“I don’t know…I usually don’t drink alcohol…”

“You want to try some of mine?” he hands her a half-drunken shot glass. It’s a light blue and it looks cloudy, like those drinks one would see in the movies. Sex on the Beach or something like that.

“Want to see if you got a strong liver. You gon’ get fucked up tonight. It’s your birthday, the night is young, and we ain’t seen each other in a minute. We got a lot to catch up on.”


Vivica giggles, the alcohol finally taking its toll. She’s slumped against Caleb, laughing at his story.

“…and then he says, ‘Bruh, that’s the last time you take my ass to Atlanta!’ and then I died!” he lets out a hearty laugh. Vivica giggles with him, sighing deeply. The club dies down and slowly people are dancing cheek to cheek to some slow trap song that’s passing itself off as an R it seems anybody can make their shitty song marketable as long as they dikmen escort bayan got a trap beat. The blue lights bathe the two in a soft glow, and she looks to him.

He’s smiling at her, those pearly whites made for movie stars glowing, those deep brown eyes making it hard for her to sit still.

She had a thing for him when they were just some fresh out of high school coworkers working minimum wage at a department store both of them secretly hated. Only, he left before she did; she kept thinking about his cologne, his small stature but immaculate state of dress that made her tighten up her fashion sense just to impress him. He’s so cute, so sweet, smart, laid-back, and most of all…

Her fingers brush against his wrist.

He’s right there, in the flesh, and she could make her move.

“Are you single?” the words slip from her lips before she could even think.

She just wants to slap herself.

“Sorry, I—”

“Don’t trip.” he laughs. “Yeah, I am. Why? You tryna…?”

“I liked you. I liked you when we worked together. You always smell good, look good, and you make me want to tighten up my game to impress you.” She confesses. Whatever’s in her drink is becoming a truth serum; she unloads her secrets out onto this man who probably only wanted to be nice and is now probably getting turned off the second he…

He kisses her. He kisses her like she fantasizes: slow, sensual, with just the right amount of subtlety that makes her want more. He pulls away and she feels air fill her lungs once more. His delicate hands cup her face, his strength hidden in his grip. He looks her in the eye, and Vivica feels wired, seconds from snapping and losing control. She wants to slam him against the couch, get on top of him and kiss him until her lip prints will be engraved on him forever. She wants to give in to her desires, but she has to let him take control, let him take it to wherever he’s comfortable.

“You want to do this?” He asks her, his tone lacking the humor it usually has.

“I don’t want to do anything until I know that it’s not the liquor talking and you’re comfortable. Do you want this?”

“Yes.” She whispers. “I want this, I want this a lot.”

“Okay.” He kisses her cheek and grabs her hand.

“Follow me.” He smiles at her. She stands, taking care to not fall on the heels she’s now struggling to walk in (why she even bought these ugly ass shoes, she’ll never know), and follows.

She finds herself at a door with the golden placard: “VIP” stamped on in pretentious font. Caleb puts the key into the door and opens.

The room is a studio apartment damn near, with a view of the partygoers down below dancing their cares away, oblivious to the two watching them. Caleb locks the door and shuts the blinds, bathing the room in darkness. He claps his hands and black light comes on, giving the atmosphere a trippy vibe.

“Before we go even further, if you don’t want to do this, that’s totally okay. We can just chill for a minute. I got Netflix; we could binge watch Luke Cage until that alcohol’s out your system—”

“I’m not that drunk, Caleb. And I want this. It’s my birthday. This is one of my fantasies.”

Caleb chuckles.

“I’m flattered. What are some of your fantasies? Maybe I can fulfill them.” he inches closer to her and presses her against the plush bed. She looks up and sees herself, glowing a bright purple, staring back. She turns her head. Caleb rummages through a dresser and pulls out a silk bag.

“Tell me what you want, Viv.” He slides his shirt off and straddles emek escort bayan her, his hand cupping her chin.

“I want to be birthday spanked.” She blurts out. He grins.

“Bend over.”

He gets off her and lets her get on all fours. Hair falling over her shoulder, her skirt hitched to high heaven and her wide hips and thunder thighs bare to the elements is by far one of her less than respectable moments, but she likes it.

She gasps when soft fingers trace her calf and work its way up, giving her goosebumps.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you.” She hears him say, his tone soft and sultry. Those damn hands run over her legs (she’s glad she shaved and got that Brazilian wax when she could) and hook over the lace thong she wore and slides them down to her knees, her wet center displayed. He slides his middle finger against her outer lips, grazing the clit just a touch. He repeats this motion until Vivica lets out a soft whine and he chuckles.

“Patience, patience. Good things come to those that wait.”

That damn middle finger outright strokes her clit in slow circles, making her legs shake. She nearly lost her footing when he slides into her with ease, those long fingers hitting and crooking against all the right spots. She’s biting her lip to hold back her moans; this feels so good, it’s been too long since someone pleasured her like this.

The fingers slides out of her, slathering her pussy with her own juices. He pulls out a paddle from the silk bag, the words NAUGHTY BITCH glowing in a taunting manner under the light.

“How old are you?”


“Alright. Ready for them birthday hits?”

“Yes, Sir.”



“One.” He announces smoothly, and Vivica never knew she could get wetter than she already is. She grips the blankets, knowing this is going to be one hell of a ride.





This hurts in all the right ways.



For someone so small. He’s got one hell of a swing.



He runs his fingers over her reddening ass.

“Barely five hits in and you already got a red ass.” He chortles.

“I like it, though. I wanna see how red it could really get.”






“Seven, eight, nine.”

That sting is starting to get to her; she craves more.



He rubs her ass in soft circles, the other hand sliding between her thick thighs to play with her bundle of nerves.

Vivica almost tears a chunk of pillow out with her teeth.




“Twelve.” He leaves her for a second; she hears another dresser being opened. He comes to her from behind, wedging her legs apart.

“Put this to your clit. Don’t turn it on until I tell you.” The end of his paddle tapping against her back warns her. She nods. She reaches out from underneath and grabs what he handed her. A quick peek told her it was a vibrating wand, Hitachi perhaps. Even his sex toys are top of the line. She holds it against her clit, her thumb perched on the ‘On’ button. Caleb slides into her, this time adding a third finger, and it makes her choke from the feeling of being filled.

“One of these days, I’m gonna shove my whole fist in there and you’ll love every second of it,” he whispers in her hair. She shudders in response. He stands behind her, the tip of his dick brushing against her thigh.

“Last chance to back out.” He taunts; Vivica eryaman escort bayan knows good and well he’s fucking with her. She juts her ass against his dick and earns another swat.

“Thirteen.” He quips.

Before Vivica could say anything smart, he thrusts into her. Her mind is wiped blank, a strangled moan escaping her lips. Oh, fuck this feels good.

Caleb gives a few experimental thrusts before finding a rhythm he could enjoy and proceeds to fuck her into the bed, the springs squeaking for mercy.

“Fuck, you feel amazing. I should’ve fucked you when we first met, in that fuckwit Rueben’s office, on that desk. I’d fuck you until everyone in that store knew my name.” he hisses in her ear. His hand claps over her ass cheek with a force that makes Vivica jump.



The paddle comes down harder on her left cheek; she can feel the words NAUGHTY BITCH forever engraved on her ass like nature’s tattoo.




Vivica’s a drooling mess right now, slobbering into the pillows and moaning out jumbled words that may or may not make sense but she doesn’t care. She’s being filled, her aching spots being hit with every thrust, her clit throbbing and begging for release.


“Seventeen.” Caleb moans out. He grabs her hair and pulls.

“Look in the mirror.” He motions up. She does; she sees a piece of her she never thought she’d see. Makeup ruined, mascara smudged and running down her face, hair tangled and feral, her skirt resting high on her back, the words NAUGHTY BITCH stamped on her tailbone. This girl is wild, lustful, vulnerable even.

She loves it.

She loves every second of it.

She laughs to herself, dropping her head low when Caleb lets go of her hair.

“This is the real you: My slut. My motherfucking—” he thrusts into her deeper— “slut. You like that? Huh?”




“Nineteen. Turn the toy on now and answer my fucking question.”

Her thumb hits the ‘On’ button and howls with pleasure, the vibrations making her legs buckle.

“Oh, shit—”


“TWENTY!” he shouts as a warning, his thrusts getting hurried.

“Tell me who you belong to. Tell me that you’re my slut.”

“I’m your slut.” Vivica slurs.


“I’m your slut.” She enunciates.


“I’m your slut!”


“I’M YOUR FILTHY FUCKING SLUT!” She bellows, throwing her head back as she cums, struggling to catch her breath as her thumb quickly finds the ‘Off’ button. She collapses, moaning softly as Caleb keeps pounding into her until he pulls out and she feels the familiar warmth spray her back in spurts. He grabs her ass cheeks with both hands, and without warning slams both of his hands down on those cheeks with a thunderous clap.

“Twenty-fucking-one.” He chuckles against her back.

“Happy fucking birthday, Viv.”

“Best present ever,” Vivica slurs against the pillows, before dozing off to sleep.

The morning after was a bizarre one; Vivica woke up on the couch of Meridian’s apartment and sees her making breakfast while the DJ from last night tampers with his equipment.

“Thought you’d never wake up, girl!” Meridian greets, stirring the eggs.

“I see you one minute, the next you’re laid up in the VIP section, knocked out, snoring up a storm. It was good the owner saw you and kept a lookout for you; some of those dudes like to take advantage of girls who can’t hold their liquor.” Meridian crouches down with a jar filled with the strange liquid Vivian knew all too well.

“Welcome to the League of Turn-Up. You were getting fucked up from all that alcohol. You had one hell of a night!” She smiles at her hungover friend.

Vivian takes the juice, pinches her nose, and downs it.

“You don’t know the half, girl. You don’t know the half.”

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