Bianca Gets It Good Ch. 01

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Bianca had just turned 18 years old. She was a Senior in High School. She was also one of the most popular girls in school. Standing about 5′ tall and weighing in at just under one hundred pounds, she has small firm tits and an ass that always makes grown men look and just groan to themselves.

With a smile that melts hearts, and long raven hair, Bianca knew without a doubt she was hot. With flashing green eyes and a pert little nose, she had it all. Or at least she had it all until that fateful day last week.

Oh yes. That one fateful, embarassing, humiliating day last Friday afternoon when she was on her knees in her living room floor. She was slurping on her newest boyfriends cock like an all day sucker. When suddenly out of no where she heard that all to familiar voice of her Daddy. “Bianca!!! What in the fuck is going on here?”

Bianca jerked her head back. Her boyfriends fat prick slipped from her mouth. With the most embarassing time of her life flashing before her eyes, she started to answer her Daddy when her boyfriends cock erupted. Hot, thick, gobs of cum splashed across her face. The first shot landed just above her right eye. The second and third ropes streamed over her nose and hung from her lower lip.

Oh My God!! Daddy!!! “What are you doing home?” The last shot spurted from her boyfriends spitting cock and splashed along her neck. Her boyfriend Eric jumped up, had his limp cock stuffed back in his pants, and knocked her stunned Daddy aside as he sprinted through the house. He slammed the front door behind him and was gone in a flash.

Her Daddy was screaming now. “What the hell just happened here Bianca?” Your mother is going to ground you for months for this stunt young lady. “What the fuck were you thinking?” Sucking that boys cock in our house in the middle of the afternoon.

With cum sliding down her face Bianca gulped. Then she looked her Daddy in the eye and burst into tears. Oh Daddy. I am so sorry. “Please do not tell mom. Please Daddy. Please!!!” I will do anything. Anything!! “Just please, please, please, do not tell mom.” She will kill me for sure.

Daddy just glared at her and stepped aside. Then he yelled at her again. “Get your ass upstairs and get that boys cum washed off casino şirketleri your face before your mother gets home.” What the fuck Bianca.

Bianca sprinted by him hanging her head down. Big crocodile tears were running down her cheeks. She ran up the stairs two at a time and heard her Daddys last words. “I will not tell your mother this time Bianca. But, Little Miss Priss, You and I have a few things to work out.” You told me you will do anything to keep this from your Mother. Well I damn sure plan on finding out how true to your word you are Bianca.

Later during dinner everything seemed to calm down. Mom was her usual happy go lucky self. Daddy was reading his newspaper.

Bianca almost choked when her mom piped up. Oh, by the way Bianca, did Eric get you home before your Father got home this afternoon? I forgot to tell your Dad you two were going for burgers after school. I knew he would be worried if he got home and you were not here.

Daddy lifted his eyes from over the top of his paper. Bianca shrugged. Um, yes Mom. Eric and I were here when Daddy got home. In fact Daddy got to see Eric for a few seconds. But Eric was in a big hurry to leave so Daddy didn’t really get to meet him.

Huh, Daddy grunted. “Oh yes. I saw the boy alright.” Just two happy kids having an afternoon of fun I guess. They were in the living room when I walked in. That boy took off like a scared rabbit. I’m not sure why he acted like that. What was his problem Bianca?

Bianca took in a deep breath and breathed a sigh of relief. Then she looked at Daddy and mouthed the words silently. “Thank You Daddy!!”

Mom just laughed. Well it sounds to me like you two kids were just having some fun before your Dad walked in and spoiled it. He always was a fuddy duddy.

Daddy huffed and looked over at his wife. Oh they were having fun alright. I don’t know what the hell they were doing but Bianca had something out of the ordinary smeared all over her face. So I told her to get her ass upstairs and take a shower before you got home to see her like that.

Oh well, as long as they were having fun thats all that counts, Mom said. Oh, by the way. I am going to remind both of you right now. Don’t forget my sister Denise and I are flying casino firmaları to my Mothers tomorrow for a week. You do remember it’s Moms 65th Birthday don’t you?

Bianca headed upstairs when she heard her Dad answer her Mom. Well of course I remember. You and Denise have a good time with your Mom. Tell your Mom I send my best too. Bianca and I will be just fine here. She was raving earlier just before you got home about that new boyfriend of hers. I think she wants to tell me a little more about him. I may even get to like the kid after she tells me more about his odd ways.

Twelve hours later Bianca could hear her Mom getting ready to leave. Glancing at the clock on her night stand, Bianca could see it was 5:30 a.m. “Ugg, she sighed.” Then she heard the stairs creaking and knew her Mom was headed downstairs. Bianca also knew that once Mom went downstairs for the morning she never came back up them until that night when she went to bed. That was just one of her many quirks.

A few minutes later Bianca smelled bacon cooking. She knew her mother was cooking a big breakfast before leaving on her trip to Grandmas. Bianca was already on her hands and knees and she glanced back over her left shoulder. She was staring right into her Daddys eyes. He positioned himself between her legs and slid the big bloated head of his meaty cock through the slit of her puffy cunt lips. Groaning loudly she pushed her face against her pillow. Then she grunted when the long thick length of her Daddys cock stretched her pussy wide and slid slowly to the firey depths of her 18 year old cunt for the very first time.

“Magnificent!!” That was the only word Bianca could think of to say for the way her Daddy was pounding her wet hungry honey hole. Bianca wimpered with every hard savage stroke of his thick meaty cock. Her body jerked, and she lifted her head, when she heard her Mom calling from the bottom of the stairs.

“Bianca! Jim! Time for breakfast.” Come and get it. Don’t make me come up there to get you.

Bianca tensed up when she felt the walls of her cunt gripping her Daddys big hard cock like a vise. Finally she managed to squeak out. “Ok Mom. I’ll be right down. I’m coming. I’ll be there in a minute.” Then she smashed her face against güvenilir casino her pillow and moaned. Her cunt exploded all over her Daddys marvelous thickness. “Oh yes Mommy, she moaned. I’m cumming Mommy. I’m cumming so fucking hard all over your husbands great big, fat, beautiful cock Mommy.”

Jim folded his fingers around Biancas tiny waist. Then he buried his throbbing boner balls deep in his daughters tight little cunt. He grunted like a wounded animal and flooded her tunnel with hot gushing squirts of thick spraying Daddy cum. He then yanked his flacid prick from her hot little fuck hole. Then he swatted her ass and jumped up. “We better hurry baby girl before your Mother decides to come up and get us.”

Throwing on her housecoat, Bianca ran downstairs and slipped into her chair at the table. Man, breakfast smells delicious Mom.

After setting Biancas plate on the table, Mom sighed. “I hope your Dad hurries up. I have to leave in 20 minutes for the airport or I’ll miss my flight.”

Bianca looked up at her Mother. Oh Mom. Don’t worry about Daddy. I know I heard him say he was coming when you called up for us. So I’m sure he’ll be right down. Oh, and Mom, one more thing. Try not to worry about Daddy and I while your gone. I know he can be a klutz in the kitchen. But don’t worry. I’ll be taking very good care of him while you’re gone. It is going to be kind of odd though with Uncle Paul staying here while you and Aunt Denise are visiting with Grandma all week. Do you know if Daddy still plans on having his usual Friday night poker game this week? I hope so. His friends are pretty cool to be around. You know his boss Mr. Jenkins is always so nice to me. Especially when he’s teasing me about how grown up I am now. Then he just laughs and winks.

Bianca saw her Mom roll her eyes. Oh God yes. You know your Father can’t go a week without those poker freak friends of his coming over. I hope you’ll help keep things clean. God knows those guys certainly don’t know how to clean up after themselves.

Okay Mom. Don’t worry about the house. Just have a good time while your gone. I’ll take care of all their needs while your gone. Daddy told me I can probably make a few bucks serving drinks and snacks for all of them.

When her Mom walked out and closed the door Bianca smirked. Oh yes Mommy. You can be sure your slut whore daughter will take care of the needs of Daddy and every one of his friends. Especially his hunky boss Mr. Jenkins.

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