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As I drove toward Sir Steve’s home, the exhilaration of our first meeting played and replayed in my head – causing blood to fill what I had already come to think of as His cock. The growth cramped His large balls, and I fidgeted but resisted touching, as I had promised Sir Steve that I would not touch His private parts after showering for my visit. Recalling how that promise came about sent more and more blood into His cock –

Sir had told me that He had a gift for His boy but that He would only give it to me “if you promised not to touch My cock after your morning shower.” I had hesitated because I knew that I was not due at Sir Steve’s home until mid-afternoon – “May I touch it to urinate?”

Given Sir’s gentleness, I “knew” that He would let me, but He quietly and matter-of-factly, replied, “Well, boy, of course, you may urinate, but you needn’t touch My cock to do that. Right?”

Without hesitating, I replied, “right, Sir.” I was simultaneously aroused by the quietness of his control and worried about the urge to pee.

Sir closed, saying simply, “Good, boy. I really want to give you this, so, don’t disappoint me.” He and I both knew that I could easily tell Him that I complied even if I didn’t, but that I already would never lie to Him.

I had just finished my coffee and a big glass of OJ – a combination that is always lethal to my bladder. With every breath, the urge to urinate seemed to grow. I fretted and, thus, resisted. Finally, the urge was too great. I had to pee! But I was out shopping, and I have a bashful bladder anyway.

As I meandered through the store toward the Men’s Room, I decided I would have to find a stall rather than a urinal. Thankfully, the restroom was empty, and I shuffled easily to the last stall. I undid my shorts and slid them along with my boxer canlı bahis şirketleri briefs down past my knees. As I sat, though, His cock did not simply fall into place like I had hoped. My legs were too close together; I shifted and bounced and squirmed before its head finally pointed into the bowl. Whew…still, no one else around…wait for it, wait for it…ahhh!

Disaster averted, though I now know just how hard it is to tuck things away without touching – LOL!

Finally, my drive toward Sir Steve’s began. I got more and more excited thinking about seeing Him and telling Him that I had done as He told me.

Sir Steve welcomed me at His door with a smile and handshake. His eyes asked me the pivotal question, and I quickly and proudly nodded my head. He met the news with a big, comforting hug. With no words having been uttered, Sir took me by the hand and led me toward the stairs and up to His room. There, He broke the silence, directing me to my knees in front of Him. I dropped like the proverbial lead balloon, hoping I knew what it meant and that I would get to service Sir’s beautiful cock.

“Unfasten My belt, boy.” Without a word, I greedily complied. “Slow, boy…time is not ending. Pull down my shorts, but leave my briefs alone.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I slid His shorts over His hips and buttocks and slowly let them slip down His sexy legs. My eyes marveled at the bulge caused by His impressive Man-cock.

“Okay, boy, impress me.”

I nearly panicked. I had envisioned Sir giving me directions. I had only had His cock in my mouth for a few short seconds on our first meeting, and I had hoped He would tell me how to touch, kiss, nuzzle and suckle Him. I stared at the bigger and bigger bulge caused by His throbbing cock, and I leaned in, first, to kiss the tip and, canlı kaçak iddaa then, to lick it while pressing my hand up against His sack of jewels.

As I pulled back Sir’s briefs and disclosed His cock, I gasped with delight at being “eye-to-eye” with such a beautiful Man’s cock. Burying my nose under my Sir’s sack, I inhaled His masculinity. My tongue began slowly probing each plump ball of manliness, and my hands caressed His legs. Sir rewarded my initial efforts with an approving moan and a gentle rub of my head.

Using only my tongue, I traced the veins up from the base of His cock to its tip, stopping to encircle His delicious mushroom. With each circle drawn by my tongue, my lips are pulled closed and closer until they cradled His cock-head and began suckling. My fingers flicked Sir’s balls in unison with my suckling. As Sir’s moans grew, I inched my mouth closer and closer to Sir’s pubes, drawing in His meaty man-ness. What seemed like mere seconds of worship saw nearly an hour tick off the clock before Sir’s nuts drew up and His cock began to jerk. He pulled Himself out of my mouth, and I looked at Him like a boy scolded –

“No tasting, yet, boy. Lift your shirt.” I lifted my shirt just in time for Sir’s cock to explode its nectar. The first shot hit directly between my nipples and dripped from the ginger/gray hairs; the second, third and remaining blasts were splattered against my belly.

“Boy, I want you to rub My seed into your chest and belly. Will you do that?”

“Yes, Sir!” I said ravenously. With my right hand, I began slowly working my Sir’s honey around my chest and belly. As the last droplet disappeared, I raised my hand to my mouth.

Sir swiftly intercepted my hand, shook His head playfully and reminded me, “I said, not yet, boy. Right.”

Sir’s balls canlı kaçak bahis between my legs ached for a release and still oozed pre-cum when Sir told me to go downstairs and wait by the front door for Him. I was too hot not to comply and too happy to consider noncompliance. As I walked down the stairs, I heard Sir urinating and then washing his hands. Suddenly, He called, “Boy, I forgot something. Come here, please.”

I bolted up the stairs like a boy rushing to see what Santa had brought him. At the top of the stairs, I saw Sir in his room, motioning for me to come to Him. As I stepped through the door, Sir told me to pull down my pants. I couldn’t believe my ears, and I excitedly shoved them down.

“Come over to me.” As I stood in front of Sir, He grabbed my cock firmly. Before I could blink, He had wrapped a stainless steel ring around my cock and balls. As He cinched it together, a few hairs were plucked, and I yelped. “We’ll shave that later, boy; okay?” I nodded gratefully, and Sir smiled, “I would never hurt my boy, you know that, don’t you?”

“I absolutely know that, Sir. I belong to You like You belong to Yourself. You would no more hurt me than yourself. Right?”

As I gazed into Sir’s eyes, I felt a slight pinch just below Sir’s ball sack. It was only then that I noticed the screws protruding from the steel ring. My eyes widened, and I could not contain my utter excitement. Sir carefully twisted screws all around the ring, taking care to ask me how it was feeling with each turn. “Awesome!” was all that I could say. Finished, He pulled up my clothes and fastened everything down.

“Still okay?” He asked with a hint of his very arousing nurturing.

“Yes, Sir; it feels great.”

“Good. We’re going to go to dinner, now. My cum covering My boy’s lovely chest and belly, and this ring keeping My grasp on My boy’s amazing balls. You understand, why?”

“Yes, Sir, because I belong to you, Sir.” As we walked out to Sir’s car, I nearly wept at the overwhelming sense of belonging that I felt for the first time in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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