Being the Bitch Ch. 03

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Natash was taking a dirt-covered backroad so she could get home faster. The backroad was never monitored by cops so she knew she’d be safe driving fast. Usually she would be right. But tonight she was wrong.

She had the Mustang going about eighty miles an hour and she hummed along with a tune by Fuel. Suddenly her rearview mirror was lit up with red and blue lights.

“Fuck,” she hissed, smacking the steering wheel with the palm of her hand. “What the fuck is a cop doing on this road? They’re never here, especially at this time of night.

Oh, well. I’ll just use my charm — and breasts — to help me out of this mess.”

The tall, slender of a police officer tapped the window of Natasha’s Mustang with her nightstick. All Natasha could see of the officer was short red hair, blue eyes and big —

“– Fuck me! It’s a woman. It’s a fucking bitch. Great! This is just not my night.”

“Step out of the car, ma’mm,” commanded the police officer.

“Why? Aren’t you just supposed to ask me for my license and registration?”

Without warning the car door was yanked open and the slim but strong female cop pulled Natasha out of her seat by her long raven’s-black hair.

“Ahhhhh! Okay, okay! I’m cumming,” cried Natasha.

The officer didn’t listen and continued to pull her out of the car, standing Natasha in front of her. The cop looked her over. Smiling as she looked down at the small bumps in Natasha’s silk blouse.

“Small tits. Nice. I like ’em.”

“What?” asked Natasha increduously.

The officer slapped Natasha canlı bahis across the face. “Shut up, slut! I’m in charge here. From now on you will call me Officer Rayne. Understand me?”

“Yes, Officer Rayne.”

Officer Rayne smiled. Natasha either had experience at this game or was just a quick study.

“I stopped you because you were doing eighty five in a sixty five mile an hour zone. You seem to be a prissy bitch so I have to make sure you don’t have any concealed weapons on you. Wouldn’t want you to try and hurt me, now would I?”

With that she spun Natasha around and forced her to put her hands on the hood of her car, making her spread her legs and bend slightly at the waist. Officer Rayne noticed that Natasha was only wearing a short, short skirt, heels and blouse.

“I’m going to have to perform a strip search, slut.”

“But –” before Natasha could finish, Officer Rayne slap her hard across the ass with her open hand.

“What did I tell you before, bitch?”

“Yes, Officer Rayne. Please forgive me, Officer Rayne.”

“If you continue to behave maybe I’ll think about it.”

Officer Rayne reached around and started unbuttoning blouse. Agonizingly slowly she undid the buttons, finally pulling the white silk long-sleeved garment down her arms. She let it fall to the ground.

Officer Rayne wasn’t surprised to find Natasha not wearing a bra. Her breasts were small, maybe a full B-cup at best. But the nipples were a rosey-pink and hard as thimbles.

“No bra, huh, slut? I don’t blame you. They’re tiny titties. But bahis siteleri they are pretty and round and firm.” Officer Rayne began to caress them before taking a firm hold of her nipples and twisting them hard enough to make Natasha cry out.

Officer Rayne laughed as she roughly kneaded the underside of Natasha’s breast. “Sorry, bitch. But I had to make sure you didn’t have any concealed weapons under those huge breasts of yours.” Officer Rayne laughed at her joke, Natasha just hung her head in shame.

Officer Rayne’s hands moved down to Natasha’s skirt. She pulled down the zipper on the side and let it fall from Natasha’s legs. “Well you little slut. No panties either.”

Officer Rayne smacked Natasha’s ass about five times.

“How dare you bitch. You don’t have a trophy to for me to collect.”

Officer Rayne stopped and smiled evilly. “Oh, well. I’ll just take your skirt and you can ride home bare assed and hope no one else stops you. I guess that will keep you from speeding.” Officer Rayne laughed as she ran a finger down Natasha’s asscrack.

Natasha involutarily shuddered and a small moan escaped her lips.

“Like this, huh, slut? Not surprising. All the bitches do once I get to this point.”

Officer Rayne’s finger rubbed Natasha’s pussy lips, feeling the wetness. “Mmmmm… Very nice. Already wet. Should I put a finger inside?” asked Officer Rayne sticking her finger in her own mouth and sucking on it to make it wet. “Well? Should I bitch?” asked Officer Rayne, smacking Natasha’s ass hard.

“Yes, Officer Rayne. Shove your bahis şirketleri finger in my pussy, please.”

Officer Rayne laughed. “No! But I will shove it in here for you.”

Officer Rayne shoved her middle finger deep up Natasha’s ass.

“AHHHHHH!” Natasha’s body jerked like a live wire and her tight virgin ass felt fully stuffed just by the officer’s finger. Natasha tried to pull herself off the officer’s finger but Officer Rayne grabber her by her raven-hued mane and held her, continuing to impale her on her finger.

“Damn, bitch. If you’re that tight, what’s going to happen when I shove my nightstick up there?”

“Noo… You can’t. I’m a virgin back there.”

Officer Rayne roared with laughter. “You mean your husband let another man and you fuck his tight ass but he hasn’t violated yours yet? What a little bitch.”

“Husband?” echoed Natasha.

Officer Rayne laughed as she pulled her nightstick from her belt. “Try to figure it out while you suck on this, slut. And make sure you make it wet, ’cause it’s the only lube you’re tight virginal ass is going to get.”

“Nooo… Please not that…”

Officer Rayne slapped her across the ass again and turned her around, pointing the nightstick in front of her face. “Suck it bitch or the pain will be a hundred times worse.”

Natasha took as much of the nightstick as she could into her mouth. Officer Rayne was impressed, Natasha took more than half of it. “Damn, you’re a born deep throater, slut.”

Five minutes later after Natasha made the nightstick slick and wet with her saliva, Officer Rayne grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the hood of her Mustang.

“Ready, slut?”

Natasha hung her head in shame and whimpered. “Yes, Officer Rayne… Punish me.”

More to cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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