Being Busted Brings Benefits

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I was supposed to be working on a research paper for college on my new computer my parents bought me but instead I was tossing off to two hot blonds playing with each other’s fake tits. I thought I had locked the door to my room but I guess I was wrong. Just at the point of no return I heard the door open. I couldn’t stop it, having built up this climax for over an hour watching porn and pleasuring myself nice and slow. I expected a huge load, which usually happens after playing for so long and now, in walks my mother without even knocking.

Even I underestimated the power and there was nothing I could do to stop my mother from seeing it. The first burst flew from my cock and splattered all over my new monitor and left a trail of cum across the keyboard. I was horrified but nothing could stop my contractions as several more long spurts sprayed from my cock and hit my hand that I was trying to cover my exposed hardon with, while clicking closed the porn with my mouse.

“David Gregory! What are you doing!” my mother yelled.

I couldn’t respond for two reasons, shock and pleasure. The climax was incredible, making my toes curl and me trying to hide practically a bucket of spunk was laughable.

“Umm… oh… shi… oh, geez,” I stammered trying unsuccessfully to wipe my monitor off with a sock.

“Good heavens look at this mess. I’ve never seen so… so much… good heavens,” my mother stammered standing next to my desk and staring at the plentiful amount of gooey semen everywhere.

I looked over at her embarrassed and she was now staring at my uncovered cock because I was worried about cleaning up instead of covering up.

“Oh my… you’ve grown up so much…” she said, trying to look away but not really.

“Mom! Please leave! And knock next time!” I hollered at her.

She tore her eyes from my package and looked at my face, “We need to talk about this, mister… after you clean this mess up!”

She left the room, closing my door. I dropped into my chair and shook my head. Nothing like getting busted by your mother tossing off, and the way she reacted and looked at me was weird. I pulled up my pants over my shrinking dick and tried to clean up the mess I had made. I was going to need more than a sock. Leaving my room quietly, I snuck out to the bathroom but the door was closed partially and the light was on. From the view I had I could see my mother in the mirror. She was leaning against the counter with both hands down her pants grinding away. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Had her catching me caused her to want to do this? What was she doing that for and with the door not locked. It kind of freaked me out actually making my cock move so soon after my climax. I didn’t watch for very long before going back to my room. I thought about going back and catching her in the act so we would be even but that would only cause more problems for me. I needed to find my own place to live being in college and everything but the rent was zero, meals were free and my house was really close to the college so it was perfect. But now this has happened I might just need to move out.

Why was Mom masturbating anyway? She had Dad; doesn’t he take care of her? The thought made me a little sick. Thinking about parents doing it was just gross, even if Mom was very attractive. I think I had more friends wanting to come to my house from my mother than to see me. I was always known for being the kid with the hot mother. But she was just my mom to me, though watching her play with herself was quite stimulating and was probably why I left so quickly. I shouldn’t be turned on by my mom even if she was playing with herself.

On the way to my room I stopped at the linen closet and grabbed a hand towel for the mess. I swear I heard my mother cry out before I entered my room. I think she had cum. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, my cock was going nuts thinking about what my mother was doing and I was hard again before I closed my door. Even after I cleaned up the semen from my computer desk I was still hard and throbbing, not being able to stop thinking about my mother in the bathroom. Her grinding on her hands and her large breasts pushed out toward the mirror with her eyes closed. The image came back to me again and again the look of pleasure on her face, her arms shaking with the strain as she grinded down on her sex. Fuck, I needed to settle down somehow.

The knock on my door made me jump in shock as I was lost in my memory of the bathroom.

I pulled my shirt over my hardon as best I could and told whoever it was to come in.

“Are you decent?” my mother asked.

“Yes, Mom, come in.”

She opened the door and her face looked flushed, which made me grin a little. She looked at the hand towel and I could have sworn she took a deep breath through her nose as she did. She came further in and sat on my bed.

“You’re father and I didn’t buy that computer for you to masturbate to porn. We bought it so you could do well in college.”

“I bahis firmaları know, I just had…”

“An urge? Yes, I’m sure a young man your age has those often. You’re at your sexual height and I don’t blame you for it. I should have knocked and I’m sorry.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“No, David I’m not mad,” she said looking at the towel again.

My eyes glanced down at her body and to my amazement I saw her nipples erect and pressing out. I knew for sure then that her catching me and looking at the towel of semen was causing a major reaction in my mother.

“Are you alright, Mom?” I asked, seeing her face redden again as well.

“Fine, dear… it’s just…” she stopped suddenly.


“I really shouldn’t be talking about this with you…. But it’s your father he… well he hasn’t wanted…” she stopped again.

“Dad’s not wanting to have sex? Is that it?”

Her eyes flew to mine like I had said something horrible before relaxing again.

“Don’t you dare tell him I said anything, he’s quite a bit older than me, as you know and well, he’s just not what he used to be.”

“Oh, okay… um bummer.” I said not knowing exactly what to say.

She continued to my chagrin, “I’ve forgotten how long it’s been and I have needs too.”

I was getting very uncomfortable now, and had no idea where this conversation was heading. I kept quiet, not knowing what to say to her and this must have encouraged her to continue. My dick was still throbbing and I hoped my shirt was covering it well enough.

“I don’t know what to do and after walking in on you… well you have urges and I have urges. I’m also at my peak sexually, women hit it later than men. This may sound horrible to you but it got me thinking about ‘helping’ each other.”

I about passed out from shock and she obviously saw the look on my face. It must have been one of horror or utter astonishment because she quickly kept talking before I could say a word. I was expecting her to back pedal and tell me to forget she had said anything but instead she started justifying her idea. My cock jumped in my pants and my mind and body were totally conflicting.

“I mean you’re going to do it, that’s just natural and I’d rather you didn’t use the computer for that so maybe when you need some relief I could be your outlet, and since I’m helping you, you could help me.. I mean I could teach you some things too.” A long pause followed, “You’re not saying anything, David… am I wrong in in my assumptions.”

She was now waiting for my reply, one which I didn’t have at the moment but I knew I had to say something. My heart was pounding my cock was throbbing and I think my answer came from my dick instead of my brain.

“What do you mean by helping each other, specifically?” I asked, and as the words came out it shocked me that I had uttered them.

“Well, I could do for you what you do to yourself. You know, masturbate you with my hand and I could teach you what I like.”

“So like a handjob that’s what you were thinking? Nothing more?” I asked, going nuts now.

“Well, that’s up to you… we could start with that, and see how we feel. Do you know where a girl’s clitoris is, David.”

“Umm, yes Mom, I’m not a virgin.”

“Of course, I’m sorry it’s just we have never really talked about this, I let your father and school teach you. I could show you how to touch my clitoris and use your fingers inside my vagina and I could give you the handjob you mentioned. I don’t expect you to give me an answer now. Your father is going to be home anytime. We can talk about this tomorrow after your classes when you come home. How does that sound?”

I should have said no and that I didn’t want anything to do with this but my cock and rapidly beating heart just made my head nod and mumble ‘sounds good, tomorrow then.’ She got up off my bed, patted me on the knee and left my room again.

If anything in my life seemed like a dream it was this moment. I was utterly flabbergasted and didn’t know what to do, think, how to act or even move. I sat in my chair, frozen as my mind spun in circles and my cock continued to throb. My mother, my mother! Had just proposed trading sexual favors with each other! It was totally reprehensible and the fucked up part was I was seriously considering it.


The next day at school I couldn’t focus on the professor and got nothing out of the lectures I did attend. I just kept going over in my mind what my mother had suggested and how calm and collected she was at dinner with Dad sitting right there and clueless to what we had discussed. She made no mention of anything even catching me watching porn, just a normal meal with my mom and dad. I was the only child of my parents but my father had another daughter from his first marriage I didn’t see much. My half-sister was older, almost my mother’s age and was probably why I didn’t see her much.

I only got a few hours of sleep as well, worrying about what I was going kaçak iddaa to tell Mom and weighing the pros and cons of her tawdry suggestion. I justified it by thinking it would stop at handjobs for each of us and that would be it and told myself that wasn’t that bad and I would be helping my mom since my father wasn’t able to anymore.

I had made up my mind by the time I pulled into the driveway from school and walked in the house. Mom was drinking coffee in the kitchen. I sat my backpack on the stairs and walked in to her. She looked up from her coffee and the first thing I noticed was her hair and makeup was done more than usual. She was very attractive, wearing a tight fitting shirt and a short skirt this morning. She obviously put some effort and thought into herself for the first time in…. well forever.

“How was school,” she asked.

“Okay, same as normal,” I said sitting on a barstool across from the table where she was sitting.

“Learn anything new?”

“To be honest, no… I couldn’t concentrate on school, not after our talk yesterday.”

“I see, so you’ve been thinking about that. And what have you decided.”

There it was, right out in the open again. I half expected her to change her mind after sleeping on it and realizing what she had proposed but her opinion had not changed. If anything, the makeup, hair and clothes proved she was more serious than ever. It was the moment of truth, something that I couldn’t take back and would change my life forever.

“Yes I’ve thought a lot about it and I’m thinking we can try and see what happens. I mean we may find we can’t really do it when it comes down to it. But I’m worried about your wellbeing and not having Dad there for you and I’m willing to help.”

“I’m so glad you’ve decided to try. This lifts a large burden off my shoulders, David. I was considering straying on your father with a man at my gym but you could save me from that.”

“Well, good, there’s another reason for it then.” I said, feeling my cock growing in my pants already.

“Yes, very good then… you be sure to let me know when you would like me to help you. Don’t be shy about it, we’ve decided now, okay?” she said, taking a sip of her coffee like the conversation was over.

My cock was stuck in my pants, pressing against the material and not being able to move further up. It was becoming uncomfortable and I wanted to adjust it badly.

“What about you? Are you going to come to me when you have an urge?” I asked.

“Well, I assumed you would need me more than I need you but… I guess if I have one of those days I’ll talk to you,” she said, with a smile.

I couldn’t take it anymore and reached down to move my cock, sliding it around and up toward my stomach where it wanted to go naturally. Mom, of course, saw this and smiled again, bigger.

“Looks, like I was right, just this conversation has you aroused. Do you need mother’s help now? I can help and then you can get some studying done.”

A thrill coursed through my body starting with my cock and radiating outward at her words. My heart pounded in my chest and the blood rushed to my brain, making me light headed as my cock throbbed in my pants. I couldn’t answer again and apparently didn’t need to. She put her coffee down and got up from her seat, walking over to me. This was it. If I let her touch it I was a goner and nothing could stop her, nothing could stop me. As of now it had been just talk but as soon as she touched me we would enter a whole new realm.

When her hand reached out and softly caressed my manhood over my pants another jolt coursed through me. It was the most intense sensation I had ever experienced before. I knew it was because of who was touching me and how taboo it was but I was a prisoner to the pleasure and excitement. It was all over for me now.

“My goodness, David you must take after my side of the family because your father is not near this big,” she said running her palm up my entire shaft.

She gripped harder, causing me to moan and press outward to meet her hand. I was going crazy. This whole idea and experience had me out of my mind with exhilaration.

“Oh, yes, you like when I do that. Mommy knows what her boy wants.”

When I looked at her I didn’t see my mother anymore. It was strange, this new sexy older woman was not my mom, she was some hot mature blonde with big tits, sexy long legs and she really knew what she was doing. The clothes the makeup and hair had changed who she was and the biggest thing was what she was doing. I was almost ready to cum in my pants before she had even unzipped my fly.

“Let’s see now, we better undo these, don’t want to make more of a mess than we have to,” she said unbuckling my belt and zipper.

She gently pulled my pants down as I stood up off the barstool. My boxers were next and there was now nothing between my mother and my throbbing erection.

“Oh my, David, it’s very impressive, so big and hard,” she said taking the middle in her kaçak bahis hand for the first time flesh to flesh.

A spontaneous twitch jarred me as she gripped my shaft with her hot hand. She was standing slightly to my right using her right hand and her eyes were locked onto my now oozing member. The first stroke curled my toes, it was so much better than me doing it.

“Is that better,” she said reading my mind. “Better when mommy does it. Yes, I’m much better than silly pictures on a computer screen.”

I couldn’t argue, moaning a response as she tossed my cock off slow and firm, grasping the skin tight and moving it up and down my shaft. Her large breasts were inches away from my hands, to tempting not to touch especially with what she was doing to me. I reached out with one hand, cupping her right orb. The reaction I got from her was amazing. It was like she hadn’t been touched like this for a very long time. She practically melted with pleasure from the simple caress and almost forgot to keep stroking my penis. Her mouth opened partially and a sexy pleasure-filled look appeared on her face. She definitely didn’t look like my mother now. She moaned as I pressed harder and grabbed more flesh with my hand, finding her hard nipple through her tight shirt and thin bra.

“Oh, yes, oh, David my sweet boy, don’t stop.”

I was too worked up, too excited to last much longer. Her hand stroking my ridged cock felt too good and I was on the verge of cumming all over the kitchen floor in no time at all. I kept squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple. Each time I did she moaned and sped up on my cock, making my balls ache for release.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Okay, sweetie, cum for Mommy, I’ll clean it up later.”

The point came; I tightened my muscles holding the pleasure in for a split second longer before my cock exploded in the largest and most uncontrollable blast I had ever seen. Instead of one long rope of cum my semen shot out, it seemed, in several directions. Mom called out in what could only be a cry of joy and stroked me again, forcing another huge burst out onto the floor.

“Ohhh, Ahhhh,” I moaned as the pleasure only increased.

“That’s it, Son, cum for mother, cum and cum,” she said, firmly stroking my cock over and over as each spurt flew.

The load last night was big but this dwarfed it probably twice over. It was unbelievable how much cum came from my cock as my mother manipulated it through to finish. When it finally quit, the floor looked like someone had dropped a pint of yogurt and it had splattered everywhere. My ass ached from clenching so tight and my legs felt wobbly. When I could focus again my mother was looking at me and licking her fingers. She was eating my semen like frosting!

“I can see were going to have to do this often. It’s not healthy to let it build up this much and even after the large amount yesterday. Do you always ejaculate this much semen?” she asked, ignoring my look of amazement as she finished cleaning off her hand with her mouth.

It took me a second to respond to her question.

“Umm, well usually not this much but it’s a lot most the time.”

“That’s impressive, David, very.”

My hand was still on her breast, I hadn’t moved it away during my climax. I pinched the nipple between my thumb and fingers and she reacted again the same way.

“Mmm, that’s nice, are you going to help me out now?” she asked.

“If you need me to, sure.”

“I do, badly. Seeing you cum that much has me hot and bothered. We moved away from the mess on the floor, my pants still around my ankles to the side of the bar. Mom was facing me now and I grasped both of her breasts and began fondling them. I’m probably six inches taller than her and she has kept herself in excellent shape at the gym each morning. It was easy for me to put my hands on her sides and lift her up onto the bar. She giggled, as her bottom hit the cold granite countertop. Both hands found her bare thighs, inching up under her skirt and driving her wild. She was breathing heavy and quivered with my touch. She leaned back onto her hands, spreading her legs as I inched forward.

My hands found her panties, soaking wet. Maybe it was her side of the family that produced so much fluid after all. She was dripping already. She shook noticeably when I ran my fingers up her lips and over her mound to rest where her clitoris was hidden. Pressing harder and rocking my fingers back and forth sideways she cried out in pleasure.

“Told you I knew where the clit was.”

“Mmm, yes you weren’t lying after all. I’m impressed,” she cooed.

My free hand found her breast again and her nipple was already hard. I pinched it while manipulating her nubbin through her soaked panties. This got her really going. She was more vocal then I expected and louder.

“Oh, David, yes, harder… yes, rub mommy’s clit… harder, harder…”

I was downright grinding on it now and pinching her nipples from right to left and back again. She had her head back, eyes closed and pressing forward into my hand. Her legs began to shake, vibrating into my hand as she continued to tell me not to stop.

“Almost there, almost….. oh, ahh, oohhh, I’m cumming….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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