Becoming Daddy’s Fuck Toy Pt. 01

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I came home early from college hoping that no one would be home and I could do what I wanted for a bit. I needed some peace and quiet for what I intended to do. I slung my bag down and shouted that I was back and heard nothing. Since I turned 18 and started college, I’d started to have loads more free time and could do things without Mom and Daddy knowing, but more often than not it was just nice to have time to myself without being nagged about my chores. I was especially glad for some time alone now for what I had been thinking about all day.

I wandered over to Daddy’s drink cabinet and looked inside. His best whisky was there and looked so inviting. I poured a small glass and wandered upstairs. They weren’t due back for hours, so I kicked off my shoes and went and climbed into Daddy’s side of the bed. I took a sip of the whisky and pulled a face, not understanding what Daddy found so appealing about it. Putting the glass down I lay down on the bed and buried my face in his pillow, smelling his scent the moment I did. I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell of him deeply.

I’d been obsessing over him for months now. I knew it was silly, but when I was anywhere near him, I felt myself start to get shy and giddy. I blushed if he came near me and had started to avoid being near him on my own because I didn’t trust myself.

We’d always had a close relationship, closer than I had with Mom I suppose, but it had always felt so normal. I was his Princess Katie and he was my Daddy who always looked after me and made things better. I always went to him with my problems because he made it all better and then made me laugh.

But recently things had changed. I’d started to have these times when I was shy when I was with him on my own, and he made me feel a little nervous.

Then one day I was home from college, and he didn’t know anyone was home. He jumped in the shower without shutting the door and Id watched him strip off. He was tall and good looking, all the moms at school said they were jealous of Mom for having such a catch.

I watched open mouthed as I saw him start to wash, his soapy hands starting to stroke his chest and then down between his strong thighs. I instantly wanted to be in the shower with him, feeling the firmness of his body under my fingers, feeling his cock twitch against me as my fingers explored up and down his shaft, just the way he was doing now.

As I lifted my skirt and parted my panties, I imagined what it would feel like to have his mesmerising blue green eyes on me as I ran my fingers over him. I began rubbing my fingers along my slit, surprised that I already felt so wet and how easily my fingers slid against my clit. I leant myself against the door frame to support myself as I started touching myself harder now. It felt so good to touch like this. I’d never done it watching anyone before, I’d usually done it in bed when everyone else had gone to sleep, thinking about boys from school that I’d had crushes on.

Just then I heard the front door go and knew that mom was home. I stopped immediately and moved from my vantage point, hiding away so that no one would know what I’d been doing. My fingers were covered in my juices and I’d ached from having been disturbed before I could release.

I’d gone downstairs feeling ashamed of myself for having touched myself like that watching him and wondered if anyone could tell the dirty thoughts I’d been having; if anyone could tell that I’d just fingered myself watching my Daddy. I’d tried to forget about it, but my thoughts and feelings about him had just got stronger as the days went by.

Last night him Mom and Daddy had rowed. She was so horrible to him; she always is these days. She stormed off to bed early and Daddy came and sat next to me in the lounge.

“Come and snuggle up to Daddy like you used to my little Princess” he said as he pulled me into him. He must have felt my hesitance as he hooked his arms round me and brought me up till I was on his lap. I buried my head into his neck and felt him stroke my hair. “Cuddles from my Princess Katie always makes Daddy happy”

I found myself feeling wriggly, something about the way he stroked my long red hair and the back of my neck. I couldn’t help but bahis firmaları relax into him and forgot I was shy and the reason why. “I’m not Princess Katie anymore silly Daddy. I’m too big to be a Princess.”

I wanted to tell him that I was getting a funny feeling with him stroking me, but I couldn’t find the words to say it. Feeling shy once again I slid from his lap and went to get a drink, my legs feeling shaky and I had knots in my tummy. As I came back and stood by the door, I was almost sure that I could see his hand slowly stroking his cock through his jeans, but I couldn’t be sure.

As I lay in his bed now I closed my eyes and imagined that I’d told him how much I fancied him there and then, telling him about how I’d watched him all those weeks ago and how I knew that all those other crushes I’d had were stupid and childish and that I now knew that it was only him I wanted.

How he would have pulled me back into his lap and kissed me, telling me how he felt the same. I wondered what his jeans would have felt like against my panties if I’d started moving my pussy against his lap. I looked around and found the pair he had been wearing last night on the floor. I pulled them into bed with me and pushed them between my already damp legs. They felt cool and hard against me, the seams giving me goosebumps when they slid over my pussy. I could feel how his hips would have pushed up towards me and how I would have been able to feel his cock straining against the fabric beneath me.

I imagined him unbuttoning my blouse, letting loose my breasts which were already bigger than Moms were and kissing my breasts as I ……

I opened my eyes to find him standing above me. I froze. He pulled back the covers to reveal the jeans still clutched in my hands, but now unmoving against my panties. Embarrassed by the situation I grabbed the covers back and hid.

“What on earth were you just doing Katie, actually no. Don’t answer that, I can quite clearly see what you were doing. Why were you doing it in my bed and with my jeans Katie?”

I stayed silent. I couldn’t tell him the reason. I was so ashamed of having been caught that I hoped the world would swallow me up.

“I mean it Katie. I want an explanation and I want it now.” He pulled the duvet from the bed, so I was left with nowhere to hide. “You’re not too old for spanks Katie. If you’re old enough to be doing that you’re old enough to use your words to explain.”

Daddy hadn’t spanked me in years, there was no way he was going to now. I sat myself up and smoothed down my skirt. “I’m sorry Daddy, I just want to go to my room now. I’m so sorry. “I felt sick and could feel tears starting to well up inside me. The confident Katie left me, and I just felt stupid and childish now.

As I tried to stand up, he flipped me round and dropped me against the bed. He lifted my skirt and pulled down my wet panties before I could react. The shock of his hand meeting my bare flesh was breath-taking and I yelped in surprise.

“Right, let’s start this conversation again shall we. What were you doing when I just came in Katie?”

He spanked me hard once on each side of my ass. The spanks made my skin burn and I knew they were probably the same colour as the burn of my shamefaced cheeks. As the welling tears started to pool in my eyes, I knew I had to start talking.

“I was playing with myself Daddy. I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean for you to find me Daddy. I thought you’d be out for ages.”

“That’s a better answer Katie,” he said as he ran his fingers gently over my burning skin, “so now tell me who you were thinking about”

In my fantasies I had imagined telling him how much I wanted him and how much I had been thinking of him, but now, facing the reality I found that I couldn’t.

“No one Daddy. It just felt nice” I buried my head as far as I could into the bed now. I’d never been any good at lying to him, even as a child he had always been able to tell when I had a secret or had told him a fib.

I knew he didn’t believe me when I felt the spanks start again. Hard and sharp now. His large hands showing that he meant business. I’d never felt anything like it. It was relentless and it hurt so much but there was a part kaçak iddaa of me that started to enjoy the fact that he had his hands on my body.

“So not only are you a slut, but now you’re a lying slut too are you Katie? I want the truth. I’ll help you out a little. I’ve just found you in my bed, with my jeans between your slutty little legs. Who were you imagining was fucking you Katie”?

My entire body was now braced against his ongoing assault on me. Every time his hand hit the rawness that he had caused my body leapt forwards, catching my pussy on the side of the bed. I wasn’t prepared for the way this was making me feel but I did know that I longed for him to touch me properly now. “You Daddy, you” I cried out, needing the pain to stop now, needing him to either let me go so I could go and deal with the shame I felt, or for him to touch me and make it all better. “I was thinking about you Daddy. Please don’t be cross.” I sobbed violently now, trying to hold onto the hope that he wanted me too, even when I knew it was hopeless.

The moment I admitted my dirty little secret the spanks ended, and he pulled my panties back up and pulled down my skirt. I didn’t think I could feel anymore ashamed of myself.

He didn’t say a word for a very long time, and I felt all my hopes for him wanting me too, come crashing down around me.

When he spoke, he didn’t sound angry like he did before, but it wasn’t his soft voice that I was used to either. “Get back into bed Katie.” I was too exhausted now to object and I just wanted this to be over now, so I did as I was told, still sobbing as I did so. He pushed his jeans back into my hands. “you were right last night, you’re not my Princess Katie anymore. You’re just a dirty little slut whose only job is to please men if you’re able to. So, show me how you were playing with yourself. Let’s see if you are able to please me.”

I lay there shocked. He surely didn’t mean it. I couldn’t do any of that with him watching me. “Daddy, I can’t. I’m sorry I just want to go to my room now. Please Daddy. “I looked at him pleading. He’d never been able to resist my sad blue eyes in the past and I was usually able to wriggle out of any trouble I was in. But this time he didn’t falter.

“I’m not joking little whore” he said as he placed his hand over mine and started moving my hand up and down. “Show me what you were doing before I came in. You’ll regret it if you defy me again”

Continuing to sob loudly now I rubbed his jeans over my pussy. I felt ridiculous. I closed my eyes so that I couldn’t see him staring down at me feeling the tears roll down my bright red cheeks whilst I did so. I had never felt so humiliated in my whole life. I’d felt so grown up earlier but now I felt like a silly little child being punished.

“I’m disappointed Katie” he finally said. “I thought you said that you had imagined what being with me would be like. I thought you said that you had been playing with yourself imaging what it would feel like having your Daddy fuck you, and now I’ve given you the opportunity to prove yourself you’re not even trying”

His words stung more than the welts I could feel on my ass. He was right, All I’d ever wanted was for him to want me and for me to make him happy. I knew I didn’t want to disappoint him. I knew right then that I had one chance to make all of this right and to get him to want me the way I needed him to. I wiped my tears away with my hand, closed my eyes and concentrated hard on the images in my mind.

I felt myself pushing my hips up at the same time as my hands moved and gradually my panic and shame started to diminish. I opened my legs wider and experimented with the feel of the fabric and the speed and depth of my strokes. I started to moan now, quietly at first as I enjoyed the feeling of the harsh fabric against me, and then louder as I realised how much it was turning me on being watched by him.

“That’s it” he said, his voice sounding huskier and gentler now. “get used to feeling like a dirty little slut Katie. You’re enjoying acting like a little whore, aren’t you?”

I was acting on impulse now, “Yes Daddy” I managed to say breathlessly. I felt so close to cumming, but couldn’t quite get there, squirming kaçak bahis around on the bed now trying to find the right angle and pressure to push myself over the edge.

I opened my eyes now, silently pleading with him to help me. His eyes had softened slightly now, and his jeans were undone. I watched as he slowly stroked his rock-hard cock between his fingers. “Do you need Daddy to help you Katie?” I nodded, continuing to watch the way his huge cock moved skilfully through his hands. “Do you need Daddy to put his fingers somewhere Katie?”

“Inside me Daddy” I breathed. I was beyond caring now. I needed more. I didn’t care how pathetic this was, but I needed the knot in my tummy to explode and I needed him to help me.

He stayed still, “Where in you Katie? Tell me exactly where you want to feel your Daddy’s fingers.”

My hips were bucking hard now as I struggled to cum. “In my pussy Daddy. Please Daddy.” I was writhing against the bed now. I was desperate to cum and could feel the tears starting to build again, but this time in sheer desperation and frustration.

“Nice little girls have pussies, Katie. You’re not a nice little girl Katie. Nice little girls don’t play with themselves imagining their Daddies would want to do that with them. So that makes you a dirty slut, and dirty sluts like you have dirty little cunts. If you want me to help you cum you need to tell me what you are Katie, and what you want me to do”

His words were harsh, but they didn’t lessen the need in me. I knew he wanted me, I could tell by the hardness of his cock and the grip he currently had round it. I needed him and needed to cum, and I didn’t care what I needed to do now to make that happen “Please Daddy I’m a dirty slut and I need you to finger my dirty little cunt.”

He pushed my hands aside, discarding the jeans which had felt sodden in my hands and pulled down my panties, his one hand stretching my lips open wide and the other sliding deep into me. I gasped as I felt one, then two fingers push into my wetness. I could feel him exploring my folds, as he watched my face intently. He was gentle as he twisted himself round me, pausing when I moaned to increase the pressure. I couldn’t speak anymore but I could hear how wet I was between his fingers and I moaned and screamed against him as he quickened his pace inside me.

“That’s it Katie. Let me help you now, you’ve done so well Katie.” Show me how much you’ve needed your Daddy Katie. Cum around my fingers my darling girl.”

His fingers now fucked my tight little pussy hard and deep. My hips rose above the bed trying to push his fingers as deep as the could go. I needed more and he responded by pushing a third finger tightly into me. I felt my pussy stretch and ache to accommodate him. I felt my entire body tighten and my pussy clamped tightly onto his penetrating fingers.

“Daddy!” I cried out as I started to feel the beginning of my orgasm. My eyes shut tightly as the warmth of my climax built from my legs and raced up. I let out a deep roar as my mind and body exploded around him unlike anything I’d ever known before. The waves of feeling and emotion lasted for an eternity, every time I thought I was starting to calm I’d feel the tightening inside my tummy and I’d find myself riding high on the crest, over and over again until I couldn’t say where one ended and another began.

His fingers slowed and steadied but never stopped as he helped me cum again and again whilst I cried and moaned against him, until eventually the waves started to subside and all I could feel was warmth that radiated out over the entire of my body.

I could hear his voice as if in the distance, telling me what a good girl I’d been for him, how proud he was of me, how much he needed me. He climbed up into the bed next to me and pulled me into his strong arms. I felt so safe and so sleepy now. I couldn’t focus on what he was saying but I knew that this was the Daddy that I knew and loved.

I woke with a start, not knowing how long I’d been asleep. He was holding me tightly, watching me sleep “Shhhhhh Princess. Daddy’s here” Despite his soothing words I found myself starting to panic. He’d been so very cross with me earlier and I was scared he still was.

Seeing the panic in my eyes he pulled me tighter into his body. “You’re my very good girl Katie.” He stroked the hair out of my eyes. “I’m so proud of what you just did. You’ll always be my little Princess Katie.”

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