Beauty of Friendship

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Kyle and James are just finishing up a project for college in their apartment. Both of the guys are wearing a tight T-shirt and short gym shorts. They are sitting on the couch. Their other flat mates aren’t home.

The two have been friends since high school. They aren’t best friends, but that is soon to change. Kyle is white, and James is black. James is ready to do what he wanted to do for a long time.

“Finally, finished with the project!” said Kyle.

“Yeah…. you know, Tim and Will don’t come back for another 2 hours,” said James.

“Cool, so what do you want to do,” Kyle asked.

James stared at Kyle’s lips, then went in for a kiss. Kyle quickly rejected.

“What are you doing?” Kyle asked.

James quickly replied with, “What, you haven’t thought sexually about other guys?”

“No, and I don’t plan on it,” Kyle said.

“Well why not try it with me? It will be fun, trust me,” James insisted.

Kevin slowly replied with, “Fine, but this does not make me gay.”

The two began to kiss. James began to make it more interesting. He started to push his tongue into Kyle’s mouth. Kyle accepted his tongue. Saliva began collecting on their lips. Both started to French kiss each other. James and Kyle both got a hard on. Their shorts bulged out, revealing their hard cocks. James stopped to take off his shirt. Kyle followed. When they started to kiss again, James slowly started to slip off his shorts. Soon, he was fully naked. Kyle looked down to see James’ beautiful 7 1/2 inch black cock.

James broke the makeout session and looked down at his own dick. Kyle followed his eyes back down to the erect cock. Then James stared back at Kyle, signaling that he wanted more.

“No, no, no, I am not gonna suck your cock,” Kyle shouted.

“Oh come on, Kyle. It will be so fun. You will like it. I promise,” James said.

“…Fine, I will do it,” Kyle said. “But once again, this does not make me gay.”

Kyle slowly brought his mouth to James’ rock hard cock. His lips rested on James’ bulging head. Then, he slowly opened his mouth to allow James’ cock to slide in. James waisted no time, and thrusted his cock into Kyle’s mouth. Kyle took it in, and began to suck. He acted as a bobble head, lifting his head up and down. James’ cock gained a shiny coat of saliva, and reflected the light of the room.

Kyle started to become possessed, and he yanked his shorts off, revealing his 6 inch hard, white cock. He sucked James more intensely, acting as if he was enjoying it. James looked down at Kyle and smiled. Kyle began sucking faster and faster, and he jerked himself off as he sucked. James started getting closer to coming, and so was Kyle. James let out a loud moan, which enabled Kyle to lose control of himself. Kyle came, and 4 shots of cum flew out onto the floor beneath James. James soon followed, and moaned once again, letting out his cum into Kyle’s eager mouth. The cum shot straight down Kyle’s throat, and Kyle enjoyed the taste of hot, black cum. The two collapsed onto the couch.

James was the first to speak, when he said, “Wow, that was incredible.”

Kyle responded with, “I know, I never would have thought I would have enjoyed it so much.”

There was a pause, then James said, “I want to do more. I’m getting horny again.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Kyle.

James quickly said, “Do you have to shit, because I don’t want crap everywhere when I’m done with you.”

Kyle smiled. “No, I already went before.”

James smiled back. Then he quickly ran to the bathroom to grab a bottle of baby oil. His balls and dick flapped as he ran. When he came back, he opened the bottle and started to pour the oil all over Kyle’s body. Kyle stole the bottle off of James and quickly covered him. Now the two of them are covered in oil, and are glistening. Their hairless bodies look incredibly hot and their muscles are defined with the coat of oil.

Kyle got onto all fours casino oyna on the floor. He stuck his ass out, presenting himself. James knelt down behind Kyle, and he started jerking himself off. Once James’ cock was rock hard again, he slowly pushed it against Kyle’s virgin asshole. Kyle moaned as James’ head touch his pussy. James then slowly inserted his head into Kyle’s ass. Inch by inch, James’ cock was engulfed by Kyle’s ass. Once his cock was balls deep, James thrusted. His black cock moved in and out around Kyle’s ass. They each let out loud moans every now and then, due to the brilliant fuck. James’ balls swung against Kyle’s balls, making a slight clapping sound. James’ cock made a squishing noise inside of Kyle’s ass. Both noises sounded extremely hot. The fucking went on for a good 10 minutes in that position. Both of them showed no signs of cumming.

James stopped to lay on the couch. Kyle followed him. James presented his cock to Kyle, and Kyle took it. Kyle took a seat on James’ cock. Both of them faced the same direction. Kyle began to ride James’ cock, squatting up and down. James’ dick slid in and out of Kyle’s tight ass. As Kyle squatted up and down, his hardening dick flapped up and down, along with his balls. But Kyle soon became exhausted, so he got off of James and lied on his back on the couch. James got up and got in front of him.

Kyle lifted his legs and James grabbed them and put them over his shoulders. Then James grabbed his huge black cock and shoved it into Kyle’s ass. Kyle and James both moaned. James began thrusting, harder and faster than before. His groin would smack against Kyle’s ass, along with his balls, which were shiny and droopy. Kyle’s ass would jiggle with every thrust. James’ huge, shiny, throbbing cock went in and out of Kyle’s ass, balls deep every time. The squishing noise was in affect again. The sound caused Kyle to start jerking off while he was getting fucked. Precum dripped from his throbbing cock.

The fuck has been going on for a half an hour. Both of them are exhausted, but show no signs of wanting to stop. As James fucked Kyle, his ass tightened and glowed from the oil. The moaning became louder and James fucked Kyle harder. The Their hairless bodies slid against each other. James squeezed in his final hard, fast thrusts before he pulled out his cock. It left Kyle’s asshole gaping, 2 1/2″ in diameter. James lifted himself to point his black cock at Kyle’s mouth. Kyle opened wide, preparing for the cumshot. James and Kyle both jerked off faster and faster. James let out a loud moan, and came into Kyle’s mouth and face with 4 large bursts. Very shortly after, Kyle moaned with the same intensity, and came up onto James’ ass and onto his own stomach.

James collapsed onto Kyle, and the two rested there, catching their breath. They lied on top of each other, but it was difficult with their oily bodies. They were silent for the longest time, until Kyle broke the silence.


James followed by saying, “I knew you would like it.”

“I didn’t think I would like it this much,” Kyle said. “How did you become so…. good?”

James answered with, “I know some people. My brothas tell me I’m the best.”

Kyle said, “You’ve done this before?”

“Yes, many times. It is really… kinky, you know,” James said. “When I first fucked a guy, I didn’t think I would enjoy it. But now, I think it is way better than fucking a chick. Vagina’s are way overrated. And when I do fuck chicks, I fuck their ass.”

Kyle said, “I don’t think I ever want to fuck a chick now. Cock is much more enjoyable. You can suck it, jerk it, and stick it in assholes. Plus, cum tastes so good.”

“Yeah, it does,” said James. There was a pause. Then James said, “You know, I’m glad we’re friends. And I’m glad I fucked you so hard.”

Kyle responded with, “Me too. And thanks for persuading me to have sex with you.”

“No problem,” said James.

The two of slot oyna them got up and cleaned the cum off of the ground, then took a shower together. They cleaned each other off, and fondled each other’s cocks. After they cleaned up, they sat on the couch together until Tim and Will came back.

2 weeks after that day, James took Kyle to the local gym for a “work out”. The two haven’t had any sexual encounters since their first one. Both of them are eager to fuck again.

Kyle and James arrived at the gym at 9 pm, which is 1 hour before the place closes. Nobody is ever there after 8 pm. The place is located in the center of the town. Inside, there aren’t any security cameras, or employees that walk around. In the entrance, there is a sign that says, “If you need assistance, use one of the phones on the wall and assistance will come.” So that means nobody will be around, so the two can fuck privately.

James wore a white tank top and short shorts. Kyle was wearing the same. Kyle looked down at James’ crotch and saw the outline of his hardening cock. They both smiled, then walked into the weight room. Inside there was the weight machines, benches, and wrestling mats. There was also a door that leads to the locker rooms, which has open showers, lockers, and benches. James found a cabinet against the wall that had a bunch of stuff in it. There was baby oil labeled, “use for lubrication for machines”. James grabbed it and set it down on a weight bench.

Kyle stepped towards James and started to take his shirt off. James did the same for Kyle. They started to kiss, which excited both of them. Big bulges were in their shorts, so they dropped them. James’ 7 1/2 inch black cock was revealed, and so was Kyle’s 6 inch white cock. They began to jerk each other off as they made out. Kyle stopped the kisses and moved down to James’ cock. He put his lips around the swollen head, then engulfed it. The rest of the cock slid into his mouth. James let out a moan. Kyle moved his mouth from his cock to his balls. He began sucking on James’ big, hairless balls. They barely fit into his mouth. Kyle moved back up to James’ cock and sucked it very well. After a minute, James told Kyle to stop.

James grabbed the bottle of baby oil and began pouring it onto Kyle. Kyle rubbed it in, and did the same for James. Now both of them are nice and buttered.

“Why don’t you lay down on the bench,” James told Kyle.

Kyle did as he was told and lied on his back on the bench. James lifted Kyle’s legs up and put them over his shoulder. He then took his hard, black cock and placed it against Kyle’s asshole. Then, he slowly pushed it into his ass, making Kyle moan. Once it was fully in, James began to thrust. His cock moved in and out, going balls deep every time. James’ ass became defined and glowed in the light of the room. After 5 minutes in that position, James stopped to look at the door, to make sure nobody was there. No one was there, except for the gay lovers.

James pulled his dick out of Kyle’s ass. Kyle got up and lied down on the wrestling mat. James followed him and thew Kyle’s legs above Kyle’s head. James then got on his knees leaned over top of him. He shoved his big black cock into Kyle’s asshole. To thrust, James put his whole body into it. The fucking was hard and intense. Both of them moaned really loud. When James’ body would hit against Kyle’s, it made a clapping noise. The two fucked in that position for a good 5 minutes.

At this point, the guys thought they were alone. But a muscular black man named Dom, came walking into the weight room. He was only wearing sweat-covered gym shorts. He walked in without noticing James and Kyle in the back of the room fucking. But he heard a moan that brought his attention to them. He looked at them in disbelief. But then that expression dropped as he gained a smile.

Dom stared at James and Kyle for a while. There was a large bulge forming in his shorts. He then dropped canlı casino siteleri his shorts to the floor, revealing his hardening black cock. It was 8 inches when it became fully hard. He started stoking it as he watched James and Kyle fuck. Then his eyes met the bottle of baby oil sitting on a bench. He took it and poured it all over his muscular body. He was scared to join the guys, but his horniness overtook him. He walked over to the guys slowly, making sure he didn’t startle them. Now, just inches behind the two, he took his rock hard black cock and shoved it into James’ ass. James let out a really loud moan and looked back. He ignored the fact that he didn’t know who this person was, because he was enjoying the hot sex.

Now, Kyle was getting fucked by James, who was getting fucked by the big, black Dom. Their bodies moved so fluently as they thrusted. Their dicks moved in and out around inside their asses. All three of them moaned very loud. Their bodies smacked against one an other, driving the cocks deeper inside. They were in this position for 5 minutes, but James was getting close to cumming.

“OK… OK… I don’t… mmmm… want to cum… awww yeah,” said James with a pleasureful tone. “I’m fucking and I’m getting fucked… mmmmm”

After James said that, Dom pulled his cock out of him. Then James pulled his dick out of Kyle. Kyle lied on his side. Dom got behind Kyle and shoved his cock into him. James got behind Dom and slowly inserted his cock into his tight ass. Dom moaned. He began the thrusting. James followed and the fluent thrusts made them moan. Dom reached around to pull on Kyle’s cock. He jerked it as he fucked him. They made a sandwich out of Dom. Dom couldn’t stop moaning. He needed to take a breather. They were at it in that position for 5 minutes.

James pulled his cock out. Dom kept his in and continued to thrust Kyle. James flipped his body and got into the 69 position with Kyle. James sucked Kyle’s cock as Kyle sucked Dom’s. Kyle’s cock is very sensitive. He can’t last long when he is getting fucked at the same time. It wasn’t long before Kyle lost control. After a loud moan, Kyle came into James’ mouth. James swallowed every drop of it. He loved the taste of the whitey’s cum. Kyle’s orgasm made his ass tighten, and Dom couldn’t fuck his tight ass anymore. James released his mouth from Kyle’s dick. Dom thrusted faster and faster. Finally, he pulled out his cock and jerked off above Kyle’s dick. After about 7 strokes, he came all over Kyle’s cock and balls.

They all laid there, until Dom broke the silence.

“My name’s Dom.” He stuck out his hand to shake James’.

“Hello, Dom, I’m James.” He shook Dom’s hand. Dom reached for Kyle’s hand.

“I’m Kyle.”

Dom said, “Sorry about joining in like that. I was really horny and I just looked so good.”

James replied, “That’s OK, I actually loved that you joined.”

“Yeah, you made this fuck a lot better,” said Kyle.

“Well, I look forward to another fuck like this real soon,” said Dom. He paused. Then smiled. “You know, I have room in my apartment for you guys. You can live with me and my brothas.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea,” said James. “But what do your boys have to say about it?”

“They won’t mind,” said Dom. “Trust me.”

After 2 days, Kyle and James packed their things and drove over to Dom’s apartment. They walked in the door and saw 2 muscular black guys without any clothes on. They were fucking on the couch in the living room. Then Dom quickly came into the room and greeted Kyle and James. He was naked, too. The other guys stopped and looked at the doorway.

“Yo, guys!”

“Hi, Dom,” said James.

“Lemme take your stuff into your room, and you guys make yourselves at home.”

“OK, thanks,” said Kyle.

Dom took their stuff. James and Kyle walked over to the couch opposite of the one being used by the black guys. They stopped to look at James and Kyle.

One of them said, “Dom said two guys, but he didn’t say one of them was a cracker.”

The other one laughed.

He then said, “This place is a fuck house. We are naked 24/7, always fucking each other, and bringing other people to fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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