Beating Off In The Barn

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Sprawled naked in the hay, I stroked my greasy cock and tried to focus my eyes on the weathered ceiling where I had conjured up so many fantasies. I had missed that wonderful hayloft during my four-year hitch in the Army. I had spent many happy hours of my adolescence lying in the sweet-smelling hay jacking off to my fantasies. So it was appropriate that I celebrate my homecoming with a leisurely jacking session up there in the cozy loft. I had a lot of catching up to do. The lack of privacy in the Army had prevented me from indulging in my favorite pastime as often as I was accustomed to.

I heard the drone of a tractor in the distance. My father was plowing the same field that he had plowed a hundred times before and that his father had plowed a hundred times before him. A crop of golden wheat would soon be swaying there in the warm summer breeze. A burst of laughter down below had me grabbing my pants, but before I could pull them on, the big door creaked as it swung open. My beautiful mother Betsy walked in followed by two strange men. The only thing I could do was lie in total silence and hope that I wasn’t discovered.

I had a clear view through a wide crack between the boards. Mom ordered the two men to remove a bale of hay from a stall and place it in the center of the barn.

“We’ll do it right her on the bale,” she said.

“What about your husband?” one of them asked.

“As long as we can hear his tractor, we don’t have anything to worry about,” Mom replied.

“What about the door? Shouldn’t we close it?”

“No, he’s probably too far away to see us. Anyway, I like the idea of you two roughnecks fucking me where he might catch a glimpse. Makes it more exciting. Anyway, it’s a hot day and I want a nice, cool breeze against my sweaty skin while you’re fucking me.”

I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. Hundreds of men had chased after my beautiful mother like dogs after a bitch in heat, but I was certain she had never let any of them catch her. I watched through wide eyes as she removed her blouse and flaunted her unfettered tits. The magnificent golden orbs were the size of cantaloupes, the brown nipples so perfectly round that they could have been painted on. The twin beauties rode high on her chest in defiance of forty-three years of gravitational pull. Both men reached for them at the same time. I could hardly blame them.

“Not so fast, you two. Take your clothes off. Take everything off.”

Mom smiled as she watched the men undress. Both were nicely built with broad, hairy chests and muscular shoulders. They soon stood naked in front of her, flaunting their erections. I was pleased to see that I had them beat in both length and girth.

“Well, I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for a little more sausage down there. Now stroke each other’s cocks just to prove that you really want me.”

“Hey, lady, we ain’t queer.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if you were,” Mom sassed back.

She brazenly hoisted her skirt to expose the lower half of her body. My cock lurched all the way to my belly. “If you want this sweet pussy, you had better do as I tell you. I once made two straight guys suck each other’s cocks for it, but I won’t go that far with you. I’m so horny all I can think about is getting to the fucking.”

The men looked at each other and shrugged as if to say, “We had better do it if we want her.” They reached out and tentatively began to stroke each other’s cocks. “Yes, I can see you boys really hate that,” Mom said with a smirk. “Your cocks are getting harder. Now fondle each other’s nuts. Show a little more enthusiasm, and act like you’re enjoying it. It’s obvious that you are.” It was also very obvious that my mother was forcing the two men to perform the homosexual act to demonstrate her power over them. Once they got started, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. My mother had broadened their sexual horizons.

“All right, that’s enough. If I let you keep it up much longer you will bahis firmaları shoot in each other’s hands and then you won’t be of any use to me.” She shimmied her skirt down around her ankles and stood naked before them. God, was she beautiful! At the point where her long, sleek legs joined her body, a full bush of black hair hid my gateway to this world. Above it, a slightly rounded belly drew my eyes upward to her slender waist and magnificent tits.

Mom giggled as the two men descended on her. Their hands roamed freely over her voluptuous body. Her tits and pussy attracted their paws the way a magnet attracts iron. She grabbed them by the hair and pulled their scruffy heads down onto her tits. As they nursed hungrily on her suckers, she tilted her beautiful head back and moaned softly. She looked directly at me, and for a moment I thought I had been caught. Then she looked back down and smiled at her two lovers. She took a cock in each hand and began stroking them. How I wished that the hand on my cock was hers instead of mine.

Mom pulled away from her two ravishers and went to her back on the bale of hay. She pointed at one of the men and said, “You keep sucking on my tits.” She ordered the other man between her legs. He rushed to do her bidding and probed her cunt hair with his long tongue in search of her love button. Shivers ran down her thighs when he found it.

I turned on my side and began stroking my cock. It had deflated when Mom walked into the barn, but now it was as hard as ever. I felt a momentary sense of shame until I realized that I was only doing what any healthy, red-blooded American boy would do. What kind of a man would turn away from such a hot show?

“All right, that’s enough. I’ve certainly had better, but you did get me warmed up.” She sat up and studied their cocks as though trying to make a decision. “I think you are a little thicker, so you’ll go in front,” she said, as she wrapped her hand around a cock. She looked directly at the other cock and said, “You’ll be my ass-man.” I clamped my hand over my mouth to hold back a giggle. It struck me as funny that she seemed to be talking to the cocks instead of the men.

The man she designated as her pussy-man went to his back on the bale of hay. Even before he was all the way down, my impatient mother mounted him and impaled herself on his cock. My own cock lurched in my hand as I watched a stranger’s cock pumping in and out of my mother’s sacred cunt. The ass-man stood and patiently waited for my mother’s orders.

“Come here and let me wet your cock so it will slide in more easily,” she said. I nearly came when his cock slipped into the red oval of my mother’s mouth. After she had sucked it enough to thoroughly wet it, the man squatted behind her and probed for her ass-hole. They were motionless for a few seconds while the ass-man hooked up, then they all started pumping. I had a good view of the penetration, and what an incredible sight it was! Once the men figured out that alternate strokes worked best, they ran as smoothly as a well-tuned engine. When my mother turned her head to the side giving me a glimpse of her face, I hardly recognized her. Her beautiful face was contorted with lust. Her sweaty brow was furrowed and her eyes were screwed shut. Her pearly-white teeth nibbled relentlessly on her lower lip. Mom began wailing, softly at first but then louder and louder.

“Oh, fuck, her old man is going to hear her,” the ass-man said, as he clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Don’t be stupid. He can’t hear anything over that engine noise. Let her scream. I like it.”

I confess that I liked it, too. I had never heard authentic orgasmic wailing before. The few hookers I had fucked had faked it to get a big tip, but Mom certainly wasn’t faking. Then I noticed that not only were Mom’s screams getting louder, so was the engine of the tractor. Dad was coming in from the field and the three people squirming on the bale of hay were oblivious to anything but the depravity that they were kaçak iddaa indulging in. Dad was going to catch them!

They say the ass-man always comes first, and that time was no exception. He pulled out and straightened up so he could aim his ejaculation. It was a beauty! Nine or ten powerful squirts inundated Mom’s ass. When he was finished, he came to his senses. “Oh, shit, Jesse, her old man is coming. Get your nut and let’s get out of here.” The pussy-man clamped his hands on her jism-coated ass and pumped his cock up into her. The tractor’s engine was getting louder by the second. I heard Dad shift gears as he came through the gate just a hundred yards away. The partially clad ass-man ran out the back door and disappeared into the woods. Just when I was sure that all was lost, the pussy-man pulled his cock out and shot his load all over the mess left by his friend. As I watched the come-shot, I jacked out my load into the straw.

When he was finished, he rudely pushed Mom off of him, scooped up his clothes, and made a dash for the door. Mom lay writhing in mid-orgasm on the straw-covered floor, clawing at her pussy to keep her orgasm going. By then, the tractor was just outside. Dad would walk in at any moment and discover his cum-soaked wife writhing in orgasmic ecstasy. I had to rescue her!

I scrambled down the ladder like a monkey, just as I had done so many times as a youth. I frantically shook Mom’s shoulder, but it didn’t bring her to her senses. The tractor engine fell silent. I scooped Mom up in my arms and carried her into a stall. Thanks to my Army training, I was as strong as an ox; my petite mother was as light as a feather in my arms.

There was no place to hide in the stall, so I pushed Mom right up against the chest-high partition where we would be out of sight. I snuggled up behind her and tried to get my naked body as far into the shadow as possible. Then I remembered her clothing draped on the partition above us. I pulled it down on us just as my father walked into the barn. If I had been a few seconds slower, he would have discovered his wife’s sluttery.

“Well, I’ll be damn. I don’t remember putting that bale there. I must be getting addled.” Even though I couldn’t see him, I knew that he was scratching his head the way he always did when he was puzzled. He grunted as he picked up the bale and hurled it into the stall where Mom and I were hiding. I tried to think of something to say if he walked in, but nothing came to mind. I let out a soft sigh of relief as I heard him walk away. After coming in from the fields, he always spent some time puttering with his tools in the workshop just ten paces away. Mom and I couldn’t risk leaving until he finished and went up to the house. We were trapped.

I was pressed tightly up against my mother’s backside with my half-hard cock between her thighs. Her cum-soaked ass was against my belly. The musky smell of fresh semen filled my nostrils. My cock began to harden. I tried desperately to stop it from rising, but, despite my best efforts, it slowly stiffened. Mom had come to her senses by then. She lay quietly, her breathing slowly returning to normal. The feel of her soft pubes against my cock caused it to stiffen more, and it was soon so hard that, if I had been standing, it would have pointed at the ceiling. Instead, it was pressed tightly up against my mother’s warm, moist slit. I slid a bit lower until the head was at the entrance to her pussy. Moving very slowly, I worked it into her slippery hole. I pushed until my shaft was completely swallowed up by warm, wet flesh.

I took my hand off of Mom’s mouth and slipped it down her silky throat and chest. Her big tits were flattened against the partition. She backed away from it just enough to allow me to slide my hand down over a tit. Her hard nipple tipped me off that she was still very horny. I played with the nubbin for awhile, then moved lower and raked my fingers through her pubes in search of her clitoris. She moaned softly as I rubbed it. “Mom, you kaçak bahis must not make a sound,” I whispered.

I did not really fuck Mom that first time because, even though my cock was deep inside her, I did not move it in and out. I clamped my left hand over her mouth and continued diddling her clit with my right. I knew that I was making progress when a series of Kegel contractions squeezed my cock. Mom’s moans were getting louder but I managed to hold most of them in. Those that did escape blended in with the cooing of the pigeons in the rafters above us. The bursts of warm air against my hand from her nostrils grew stronger and more rapid. I covered her cunt with my hand and ground the heel into her clit. That did the trick. She shoved her ass back against me and squirmed to get as much cock inside her as possible. A hard contraction set me off and I pumped my load into her. My father was whistling a merry tune, oblivious to the fact that his wife and I were cumming together just ten paces away.

Even though I had cum twice, my cock stayed hard in the warmth of my mother’s cunt. After Dad left, I rolled the slut onto her back and mounted her. She gasped as I pumped my cock in and out of her. Our bellies slapping together frightened the pigeons, and they fluttered away. Mom dug her fingernails into my ass as her lust came to a full boil. I grabbed her tits and roughly rubbed her nipples against mine. That was all it took to trigger her orgasm. I coated the walls of her clenching pussy with what felt like a quart of cum. I came so hard that it felt like my ass-hole was being sucked up into my body.

That night over dinner, I studied my father’s weathered face for any sign that he suspected his wife’s sluttery. If he did, it wasn’t apparent. He talked incessantly about the weather, the high price of seed, and the need to repair the fences. I was very relieved and vowed that I would never take such a terrible risk again. I suppose many men wonder what it would be like to fuck their mother. I had done it, my curiosity was satisfied, and that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that awoke me the next morning. It could have been the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing, or it could have been the hot, wet mouth on my cock. Mom lifted her head off of my morning wood and held a finger to her lips. As I slowly came to my senses, I heard the clink of cutlery down in the kitchen and realized the Mom was blowing me while Dad was eating his breakfast just a few feet away. I had had a few blow jobs from whores, but they couldn’t compare to what I was getting from Mom. Then I realized what made all the difference; Mom was putting a lot of love into it. She knew that the difference between a good blow job and a great blow job is wetness. It felt as though she had taken a big gulp of warm coffee before starting on my cock. I never knew what was coming next, a hard, deep suck, or a soft, shallow suck. It was her finger sliding up my ass that set me off. Just as Dad shouted, “I’ll be off then, Betsy,” I shamelessly shot a load into my mother’s mouth. I guess you could say that he and I got off together.

Dad got up every morning at four and went to work no later than four-thirty. The Army had trained me to get up at six, and I couldn’t break the habit. Dad scornfully referred to my extra hour and a half of sleep as “sleepin’ in”. What he never learned was that I was “sleepin’ in” with his pretty wife. While he was plowing the back forty, I was plowing her. Every morning after he left, she slipped into bed with me and snuggled up against me. She always had a nice treat for me. Sometimes it was a skillful hand job or blow job, but what I enjoyed most was having her mount me and ride me cowgirl style while I sucked on her big tits. We usually didn’t say anything, just quietly let nature take its course.

Two years have passed since that incredible day in the barn. Dad’s life is much easier now that he has someone to share the workload. I have sex with Mom every morning, then put in a good, hard day of farming. On Saturday afternoons when Dad goes into town to have a beer or two with his fellow farmers, I take Mom out to the barn and nail her in the hayloft where it all began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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